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Bruins-Senators Game 4 reaction with Ty Anderson, Scott McLaughlin, Josh Dolan

Thu, 20 Apr 2017|

The Bruins couldn’t do anything offensively Wednesday night and fell into a 3-1 series hole with a 1-0 loss to the Senators. WEEI’s Ty Anderson, Scott McLaughlin and Josh Dolan reacted on Facebook Live after the game.

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Welcome back to TD garden. Bruins tough spot now down 31 after one nothing loss to the senators in game four. Star in this game is they just didn't have office can score. Didn't get a whole lot of get chances went about twelve minutes of the third here if anything getting shot on goal. Really. It's the bruins' top line of martian Bergeron next score this team is in huge trouble now is the case tonight yes. That I had some chances didn't bury them. No other line really brought anything else today. Yeah how has been a pretty terrible for days heroics he yard consultants in the Bruins now know viewing mandala say. And you're right on a percent I mean this was sort of from early in the season where does Foster not not Backus but if that is for the roses four and Hulu is so so. It's about time the Bruins turned back in that team I think you can live with an October. But she's at an end in February when they were struggling when they part with Juli and they were getting anything. They rebounded from they came back from the dead to to clinch a playoff spot and now disappeared again this is not what. The Bruins expected to what they needed it cited as the defense anymore cassis tonight he can't get out of the defense need trees that they haven't fence because. They're doing their job to one nothing game he goals and you cannot find them from any of the guys that kind of carried you at this point. I mean Ryan Spooner has has been visible for far too long now think the trial has been visible part too long now I ages it's catching up this team and our. Yes and and David treats he has been back the last two games but it. Not all the way back he clearly is still found something he just doesn't look like himself. And it's. Bruce Cassidy after the game you wouldn't really use anything as an excuse when asked about it he went comments and preaches health but. Clearly he's he's you know. He's lacking. The labor typing game that you should play is Andy's got knocked out the part pretty easily at times and when he's not gone never his entire second line down because he's the driving force outline. And then he mentions Gruner underperforming. They're trying to you know those guys have obviously you know they're fourth liners who played seventeen minutes a game. You know you get that more passion char line. Answering yet as as a dealing what you expect them to view an antigen pretty well but ultimately. I'm a really good team their fourth line that isn't me being used as me. Third some things in its second line and that's. You know that's aligning your secondary line you need scoring in those guys just aren't really going to do that and I am what does he has that he doesn't speak. Whole idea you know controllers your second Lima where your time and thought and a great fourth liner and great action body kind of came out of nowhere has seen a lot of ways. He's never going to be your second time winner he's a defensive minded forward. And you like that for support but you need a score then it's worth exit. They've had a yearlong black holes left wing map Alaska has delivered wrecked economy and outlined his injuries and inconsistencies. Sicily have some problems there and they have rectified in south. Drew Stafford was a good fit for a little while. He's got to come back down to earth and the return back a player he was Winnipeg really a third liner for finally you really can't trust to produce a consistent enough basis. So so like like you said I mean crazy being injured. You can tell Perry hit this guy looks like he's playing through something fierce. I can't put my finger on it I don't know what it is I think it looks like shoulder times and back at times. You just can't figure it out you're talking figured out into the season is over. Which may be coming allotment and I'm sure we all thought. You find out all the issues on closing de LA when we last when the Bruins lost Chicago papers obviously had one long and. But I we touched on that last game. Dean and Joseph Thornton and her trip she Christopher yes there's there's been different teams darkness though. And Joseph both Jill Hersh on this Jokester there obviously it sure. I assume you mean it's time to learn much. I just sent me sort of touch and after the last game I say now canceling nine. I think assets in this news this team needs offense there it late Sean burn is not bringing costs and you know I don't think. This team lacked that effort or energy tonight at thinks right now they're just not enough team to win by Afghans because they're basically a one line team. And that's not going today. Sure. I think you know you you do need. You need hard on the team and you need. You need motivation and I just don't know if they got more motivation. Like they don't have that in. And I think it's more they just don't have town down. I'm not one gets going there wasn't so you're saying right thank I don't see them lacking effort. You know they lacked direction right Bergeron martian seem to be giving you forget half effort I think actors in you get effort. More necessary lions giving you effort. Charlie and I was being great charities giving differently and efforts there and this myself and talented enough team. As things actually talked about a goaltender Craig Anderson's tonight it was really back to what he's been this season. I you're gonna need that you guys ordered Eagles that he didn't games and games to injury. But it's someplace if he's playing the way he has he's seen everything you're gonna have to channel skilled guy there and mark counts on that guy and prospects on that guy and they weren't tonight. It's it's going to be tough fight bulls eye about martian had a great companies came early on. Had two great chances for spirit 11 timer went just wide and that has breakaway against you breakaway sect one Andersen the accounting hoax elect. So it's one of those situations where. They needed easy it's all about either here than attending church and have a couple. Yet if you're down by a goal and you don't you put a shot on net yacht when the game simple as that in into the bail this team out countless times and no I know Rask under fire. Basically forever. But especially the series games to a three wasn't that are realists game one tonight is on get back to that level. Made some huge stops all throughout the game especially that third period for the big part please stop on how authors keep this a one goal game. But the brewers are not available to single shot on goal until they have an identity he's carried the team for. A big part C. And it's very hard to him alive on. Two because you can't win it gains years. I had Aniston name and it's time to somebody just brought up the the outsider view and a call that's called back this guy and then the comments there I think but it perfectly. That and you don't have a problem with that Colin and of itself because bilateral look it was the right column. The chart is clearly outside. But the comment or mentions that you know they got to change that review process. Which absolutely lately and it felt better doing that season because. The gold team and league literally a full twenty seconds after that injury. Ends. And by that has no bearing on the play like there's times already been established. You Terry being outside of six inches team. Drastically Alter the course of events there. Yeah I think outside the view you need to keep Pittsburgh goals where. It whether it's outside our outside directly affects the play and easily goals like. You know com coming in on a Russian. Guy Tressel hold up when heavily short that's fine. Fine these these are user you're dialing back the clock 101520 seconds yes it's over did. I like these challenges rules that are here it's like threw for high sticks and legs and her for basically anything along those lines I do nothing and he's on entries Beckham. Well well before the goal is scored adding that's so stupid and because at this point how far are you want it back you you can really do two minutes if you really want to. And it just makes sense to me so I was so I'm I'm with you I don't like like the process that if it's somehow I don't know high you go about doing that. If it's one of these situations where I don't think there is a perfect world this will this. You know and it took an act forever to get the the cameras on the blue lines as they had he not do that. At the yeah I think that's that's sort of the first that the news still painfully beginning this reason it's so I mean I don't know I mean I IE I hate the challenges and it takes part too long. We had a gamers here where. We're all sitting up here while waiting for the call it took a full Marky mark and funky bunch on that is entirely too long. Purview process in my opinion itself. They got to fix it out and away I don't know how but it but he needs to change because it's really started to take away the flow of the games. Really don't want our offense this thing Glover offense right yet we think he played goalie Patrick to go if that's too big again and again that's they're going to be Pat's call it. But we have these ridiculous challenges almost every game it's it's become a certain point of well okay we're losing and that's a big goal let's challenges that's the minds of these coaches in a lot of ways for me they want to just add to elephant let's see Ian let's see we can figure out here. So I don't like some had expected and I had the same time it's just it's slowing you down and and it's it's really playoff hockey in a lot of ways I'll give you hugged. You do. So. Parents still looking ahead now. Bruins and tigers like this degree certainly has fired Bruins have never come back and won a series trailing 31. Are we are thrown in the towel TVs. Think Bruins are done or is there any hope it's over perhaps the lights last turn off lights this one has done too many changes in the back end. Going Otto you're gonna happen out for and against you got to see a lot of air Collison on on your fourth line. It's not going to be a fun fun at the brewers maybe they win one game in that awful went in game 5% of back here. Do not think they have the bodies. To pull this off so have a slightly different saying I. Obviously if I were betting money right now I'd atoms and excellence here it's no question but. I'm not rely on the Bruins because they keep coming back to the fact that I am just I don't buy that the senators are anything special. And I just would not be shocked if the Bruins to find a way to win three straight. It's highly unlikely and probably won't happen I'm not expecting it. I don't think the senators are addressed the better team in the Bruins these of all of them one goal games. Maybe the Bruins got a couple bounces into account the call goes their way. Something happens they go out of Friday night they pull out of that game I. And then coming back home. Maybe they actually went home game you know who knows they haven't done that. Maybe they think they managed. Super Bowl 51 and fight till the end threat I saw that they are also I don't care that they've never done it before because you never know in hockey the Bruins the year they won the cup never won three games Evans. You're talking about it but we're talking about. Vastly different teams have an apartment healthy Bruins well then when he'll have been great on dancing on the greens are much to prove he won. But then you can't say the Bruins have never done it before because those are different teams every got to look at the elegantly merely that you may be very true makes them miraculous comeback again not yet people people saying buyers that inspires the team does that huge lists you know I mean it's the situation though I mean it can't happen and we we. He all he almost side. When he. Doesn't mind. It was kind argues Boston bruins' second rounder it went down 31. And those treat those games 34 losses were ugly losses they were not pretty is very sort of what you teams and went to these last few games here. So we thought we thought average seen forcing game seven or else they lost in overtime game seven. If the Bruins finally had to make that happen this season becomes successful lot of ways because at least eight went down swinging. I think you think about game five and they get smoked and this is that the battle for the team I know it I know it's that we we talk with injuries but. This team is good enough to win. At two games against our senators and if they're not. Why or why are we all hear what is the point of this in Europe was better off missing the playoffs have cancer at a higher traffic that's the case yet but I mean. Angela obviously correctly points a victory tonight skating yet has been partly facetious cocky about it and making a miraculous comeback. Don't expect that there is off crutches. Yes that's one positive thing. The promise that the head of seven series even entertain handed and being able to come back so Lessig did that mean. You know things crazier things that happen but I'm I'm not spinning that. The closer one of of all the injury all league defenseman Brent Karla brown Crowley has been skating these last few days. I do not believe that he has fully cleared to resume full practice activities. But he never enough. We suck a feel good test it out maybe go from there but right now it is his not looking good in terms of the health line. Well I say you never know what's gonna happen in hockey and sometimes things that never happened. They have yards and a desperate fans off when the senators beat the Bruins and they lose four games vikings sent today Canadian history which which will happen. Because those teams are far better than senators I believe senator the worst team in the playoffs. Which I think if your roots and makes us all the more frustrating that your whose series average. Which is why it was frustrating against Toronto when it was these gang initiatives wanted already. It was a must win okay must win and then gained seven down 41. Is places Angie and them. Greatest comeback ovals and super long dark rooms. You know our Abbie and I like he's a crazy crazy things happens that this is suing the playoffs it's always it's always tough to predict. I think there's some meetings were against the Bruins right now health being the chief among them and what terms of the bodies missing the point. And gated creeks and being at what we call 40% maybe 50%. I haven't tried them slightly over 50%. Clearly nowhere even close. You can see. Yes he's not. If rob watching him and yelling like we've got what he's laboring and he's. He's not alone I think one of the frustrating parts when he watches insiders telling us that back. Bruins they they have been fighting they have been finding ways yet the middle of the ice creates high quality scoring chances. Tonight they are getting this means there must been a thousand offside whistle before before the Eiffel I'll background outside. They were not on the same page you're not seeing. Their best chance came in the first period than it is spiraled out of control there I only know for them to stand in front of the net. They get can't get there can't get be getting get into the find a way that you know I mean that's that's that's the problem my question guys. Are we all back here for game six on Sunday night. Yes. Things out at saint. Here here's my I've been mr. negativism tires tire so I would say this is Bernstein. They have teetered on the edge so many times here but they've never truly fallen off. They they teeter gonna have put you in as a coach crowd laugh through zero cast becomes and they win some games you lose five in a row they're back on that fringe they might they may be in the navy out. They will they rattle off humans around there they're here so you haven't seen this team fall off the cliff entirely you've always had. Three out of four wheels hanging off and they found a way to to extend their life so maybe they find another way. I just don't know it. For them they need to score first period goal of the series it was their bread and butter in the regular season especially under under Caspian they don't do that it's over on Friday night. Yep yes that's that's a massive uphill battle. And to do it on the road is not going to be easy. It's. We'll see what happens they did they didn't win. Game one Ottawa. I was expecting lots and Alan and I feel. Home ice advantage it has Gary police late date any date price had a better idea of who they are innocent and with injuries but it seemed like. Think all those injuries have piled up like back to back to back going into game one and it's like how are they ever gonna have this thing they figured out. All. Famous poet off heading home ice for this series to set to close at yet ask ignored every single game to this point find the one thing that really killed them and that's and and visitors has been so close game to. It's Olympics and Erik Karlsson entangled in the title game probably not at its day but it's its mass chaos for you lose stop comic war. Right now throats when it basically an act on that Carlson I prefer going out across the best probably does itself. And he looked game three that the penalty I mean we can beat that horse definitely don't want you tonight. And then tonight it's it's marsh had not scoring on the if you break with the effort period just. These little things that that are adding up to a 31 series hole and just it's just. It's a nightmare it is death by a thousand paper cuts in afterwards and yet and. As far as matched him against Charleston tie was especially frustrating because. The Bruins got the match of that line alive which was the marsh and bird turned back to sign Charron actively and defense. And the Bruins for the most anti got the better of that matchup in. You know Karlsson got nice rush and it's 11 very early in the game and for the most they kept them relatively in check and then he just. Jumps puts it up under the centerpoint. Makes a great pass down the Bobby Rhine. And it's like on the news that one over it now and it's in the back of the net gains Bobby Ryan that's that's why it's. Yeah ya mean Bob Graham has three goals it but it has obviously been. See you. On two of them he's been a major beneficiary. A great pass by Erik Karlsson and yeah so. But this is sort of this. As a player come back from the dead. There's always won every series with a bruised right player who is. Who is steadily the only comes back and he's torching you Buddy Ryan is I slept through the entire NHL seasons and he's gonna play in the series. And he is finding ways sports and being able yes an economist Thomas and a memorial award of course yeah yeah Scott Walker memorial trophy. And are now I forgot it and it was on the answers he's. Just goes about when are we gonna get them. What he's forty years only yes it says they'll they'll they'll that was an Orleans that's what built it your careers it. Come on over now come on over land I think X games we we get it not India PT shirts. I think in Iraq and yet money in my guy can't win the same color off against yours any sort of stuff so it's if there is. We get a bigger get to work in right stuff or progress for us it's iiroc. Arid viral I never aren't.

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