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  1. Kirk & Callahan

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    K&C - Gary Tanguay storms out again MANAGEMENT MANDATED SANITIZED VERSION 9-28-16


    Gary Tanguay walked out on the show for the second time in three months this morning. Here is the management approved version of today's events.

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  2. Ordway, Merloni & Fauria

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    David Ortiz is a Lyft drive, Rex Ryan is a reporter, and Jim Mora can still rant 9-28-16


    Glenn, Lou and Christian joke around with audio from a grab-bag of topics, including David Ortiz driving for Lyft, Rex Ryan joining the Buffalo media conference call, and Jim Mora coming back with another great rant.

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  3. Dale & Holley

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    Trent Dilfer - Brady is better now than he was 5 years ago


    We get deep in to some quarterback discussion with ESPN analyst/former NFL starter Trent Dilfer.

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  4. Weekend Shows

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    NFL SUNDAY -- Tanguay, Price and Curran discuss being apart of the media that covers the New England Patriots -- 9-25-16


    The boys get into the media and how they cover the Pats. It's not always easy covering Belichick and a team that will not give any substance to reporters, but things could be worse.

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  5. WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon

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    Mut and Joe Castiglione close out Day 2 with Larry Lucchino and Lisa Scherber


    Mut and Joe close out day 2 of our radio telethon, they talk with Jimmy Fund Chairman and Red Sox President/CEO Emeritus Larry Lucchino about what the Jimmy Fund and the Radio Telethon mean to him. They then close out the night with the lady of the hour, Lisa Scherber, who means as much to the Jimmy Fund as the program to the patients is cares for.

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  1. WEEI Podcasts

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    The K&C Recap Show podcast - Gary Tanguay 2nd Walkout Edition 9-28-16


    K&C producers Ken Laird & Chris Curtis are joined by WEEI intern and Recap Show host Lucy Burdge to discuss another explosive Gary Tanguay appearance on the program that featured Tango's second walkout.

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  2. Red Sox Baseball Coverage

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    Bradfo Show: David Ross dreaming of Cubs vs. Red Sox World Series


    Rob Bradford is joined by former Red Sox, and current Cubs, catcher David Ross, who admits to joining teammates Jon Lester, John Lackey and many members of the Chicago front office in at least contemplating the idea of a Red Sox vs. Cubs World Series. Ross also compares his retirement tour to David Ortiz's, reveals stories of clubhouse celebrations, while suggesting that Lester is pitching better than ever.

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  3. Bruins Hockey Coverage

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    ESPN hockey writer Joe McDonald joins Ken Laird to talk #Bruins free agency 7-2-16


    Joey Mac joins Ken Laird on his Saturday show to discuss the David Backes addition and Loui Eriksson departure in NHL free agency

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  4. Patriots Football Coverage

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    ESPN's Trent Dilfer with Dale, Holley and Thornton


    We get deep in to some quarterback discussion with ESPN analyst/former NFL starter Trent Dilfer.

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  5. Celtics Basketball Coverage

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    Abdel Nader - 7/17


    Sam Packard is joined by Celtics 2nd Round draft pick Abdel Nader to discuss his path to the the NBA and how he plans to improve his game. Sam then talks to Player Development Coach Nick Friedman from Elite Skills Training, the pre-Draft camp Nader attended. Friedman also gives his opinion on the Celtics performance at summer league and the development of Jaylen Brown.

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  1. Jacoby Brissett says he 'dealing with' an injury to right thumb

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  2. Rob Gronkowski 'can't wait till I'm friggin going crazy out there again'

    You know it's always tomorrow. Good care of them have injury. Sure you know everything about. Answering. We've got to be careful. Got progressives can hop right back people so much I was it was. I can't wait comfortable. Going. Their parents are just progress myself would have been in and and just

  3. President Obama Honors Kyle Busch

    President Barack Obama honored 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion Kyle Busch and the No. 18 Joe Gibbs Racing team at the White House on Wednesday.

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  4. Bill Belichick impressed with Bills after win over Cardinals

    You know better chance of as it Arizona game. So. But very good performance bubble flow. We. They're capable and a lot of things well birds wasn't in. Go to get ready Borger. Things offensively. There's something frivolous or maneuver and you look different. We're the best buy and receivers. All

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