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    Rodney Harrison on Russell Wilson 10-24-14


    With wake up with farms. Farm house when coffee and with football legend Rodney Harrison Kumble on or about one copy so malicious it's too good to put down. Just 99 cents any size and all we Cumberland farms and we should point out. What month assists and what day is this this is October this Friday what does that mean. Pretty coffee crop ever cover arms. Farms hot coffee for free every Friday this month anybody can go to Cumberland farms three. Any size you want Robby joins us on the eighteenth the line good morning ready Harris and how are you. We're pretty good are you where it traveled to a pro stock at an airport right now. Now from our Almonte are not so good good good they talk a bunch of football subjects with you Peyton Manning. The Broncos probably improved over last year but the better defense. The mystery that is Jay Cutler. What a hot subjects we don't all over this today is Mike Freeman. Writes on now Bleacher Report. Talking about the a little discord. In the Seattle Seahawks locker room. He says there's an element of race that needs to be discussed my feeling on this and it's backed up by several interviews with seahawk players. At some of the black players on that team think Russell Wilson isn't black enough. You said it's an issue that extends outside of football into African American society. It's gotten better recently well spoken blacks are seen by other blacks as not to completely black. We have had bull all lines all morning long about the Rodney. And your comments about that. Or pink. A notion that you about black enough because. You or your selloff because you talk a certain way and because dressed a certain way if you marry outside to rates are sustained and speak to be ignored cannot I think. I think when you look at you look at someone obviously you have to judge about most and Tom welcome. We cheered himself but you know that is the problem. Most a problem. Two small section of our community where they think if you're successful or if you are part of that if you talk a certain way people come beyoncé. You know is most Wilson is black is here like what we know like what would you trade just because he's he's you know he's very intelligent guy and trust certainly. And they because he has ex wife was whitening now that doesn't make black executes it very ignorant. And I think it's as well. The album very close minded way of looking at people. Robbie have you ever been the subject of comments like that you were well spoken you make your living now talking on television you're well dressed well groomed. Com and if you are the kind of comments to you personally. There. Is a lot of golf. Patrick our I haven't. I personally but you know who knows what other people might shake. But you know really I've updated the rule of that it's not even just this subject would talk about you know black and white culture or anything like that but I think. You know you talk about the sea water all the equipment that's one of the reasons why so hard to repeat them aren't as. Not Super Bowl champs because there's a lot of jealousy in a locker room a lot of people won't object to a there's a lot jealousy and you have success. Well some got you more tension and others and Lotta times certain got to an end to that certain got you can't extract it maybe you guys. You know they talked about him receiving the monster contract appearance with. People can't handle it gathers in his neck you know I contributed to what about the Abdul and it's up to about let's get the quarterback gets to change you can. You know when you play in this league a long time you have to understand that no matter what kept you ask that the quarterback played well you've got to all the keep its its its. And I think that's what speech. Volumes to can operate along with the patriot because even though we have a lot. Success and Serb got got attention you didn't see that jealousy that we will gel he was hit. I think that's what they are and special are you want to give importance of the locker room talk about talent lies in speed. But aren't telling you didn't become our secure during the Conchita that you keep guys together that give the law they are wont be tell. Why not just on that patriot payment in the locker room did you ever did you think Tom Brady was black enough to. I look at the the problem that'll do work you know he just he's so old and he was with the it was just a good god and I mean we. I honestly didn't look at. What one can meet black and makes widgets we would pick randomly and it won't care about each other yet bibles that he gathered just yet local replica. Do you think it could cause permanent damage in Seattle mean. You look at Seattle efforts ever Cisco right now two teams that we were certain would be rolling right through this season head into the playoffs and they both got real issues. Could Seattle. Could could pick a 500 this year could that mr. playoffs. You know I don't think they are local 500 up because ultimately. I think there's a lot more good god in the locker room and figure out Erica I think Pete Carroll peoples they won't be too much of a player's coach battle each year up big. You won't want to make a decision like you can read of course Auburn he bit. That ball back some respect. From the got not a doubt may not like it's a unique be opened or are they get political got a pretty creepy uncle money to put this track talent. And they've had our locker room was more important in 11 individual got up and that opened up a lot of got a lot but I think that seems highly armed. Ali athletic. And very talented but I duke. Think it's the big test for the leadership helped kill all the loose. And and also speak to the leadership Arnold is young but young got like rich sure he'll talk about the struggle with being the ball well. And if you don't onscreen and in an Indian national spotlight are and other got like Earl Thomas to step up and really take control of that locker room. So terrible message so doesn't that mean if you're if you're young guy raising kids in your read stories like this and this idea that. Some guys that he might want Wilson to be something else other than a year as it sends a terrible message. Here it is and that's unfortunate because you know we don't understand how he. Everyone's great the different ways to meet some people that's nerds some black atlas are rocks and can't listen to classical music can just because you don't loose and get Koppel. Or or certain I'll rap music and you should be viewed should be touch me but. It a lot of problems that we have an idea of saying was that we have in the locker room a lot of cops riches it's just came because. You know people put us on a pedestal would you pay a lot of money protecting because we're always wait for Republican and people don't know what like. So I think a lot of times you look at the issues that we have a party movement in everyday issues there are a lot of those issues. Ruddy back to proceed harbor for just one question Michael and I end up could be completely off base because I've never been a player in the National Football League the obvious teammate. It's one thing to have a high maintenance diva kind of teammate or a bunch of those. Even fight with a teammate or two is it something I think I might be able to excuse. But I find out my teammate. Healthy will not go back into the game in the fourth quarter of a very close football game or that would be a deal breaker has my respect of that guys agree or disagree. Well I think a lot of guys I agree with you but I think a lot of guys understand that there are a lot of it is should people understand every single detail. All you can do what you got based on. How he performed cardiac but I think your mind has already programmed to say okay. They've gotten even though we heard that he's a primadonna and so he can't hear any heat shield you at the reality though that it's true. Thought they'd I think. You already have that. Their preconceived notion that he liked that which still. You know be in the clear you still want to give him an opportunity coming approval so I think what being that he's got to give the jets he's gonna give Mr. Spock because they need as our Guinea tribe they try to substitute Michael Vick in here. God didn't work. He's got to interject. Some energy in to disarm this football organization and we'll see what happens but he's not that cannot figure meaning episode the issue of so many problems. All that they're trouble right now. Have you ever been in a locker room and the in the NFL or in college running that was. Divided along racial lines. No I haven't. On the subject I got there that I should come and have conversations with because you know that's one way ticket. Although this is black so this is why all this is how. You go out there are Christians are and stuff like that you have a lot of those conversations on the plane and bus tried. But for the most part of a pink. You know as a professional being a lot of bullets got spent so much trouble than you know most of the guys that I've been around market all on the street and respect. Would you his sitting here on October 24. Will you be stunned if in 1233. Months that the Broncos are not in the Super Bowl and do not win the suitable. We'll never know who were looking up learned that Albert Howard actually do it's it's it's you know every week it's so predictable we look at their vehicle and we were described in vehicle and talk about our great import would lose two divisional games. And then they talked about cowboys the game industry out terrible ordered the front lot how much more proved they are now. So not a little pot in this league the one thing about eight net. So it all it's gonna put up great numbers they're gonna show you they're gonna use show 200 Dorn year. But it comes out that can win the Super Bowl and that's that is that you would feel right now so. You know if you look at it the most Kryptonite it's one in that second Super Bowl they'd managed all of these numbers and all that stuff is great if you double and another super ball. Then on you know people gonna look at him legislature can say you know you just can't picture. If he wins that second Super Bowl and sort of you know blows her but he does it gets past the patriots again and doesn't he put him ahead of Brady gun and historically. Well it's it Alter the what you're looking for I think this circumstance low load different Brady never really played with. Armed got a call to war that we're charlatan as eight its patent RP name and most complete team. I think you can move on our team we have those balls up they would want. Applaud double what one would create you're just seeing it in all their books like chocolate chip cookies old local or no cookie but they're both quarter great quarterbacks. I'm I think Tom Brady's been clutch on the to be a lot six or graft or what he's accomplished in life I mean it's just been tremendous up people go got caught out this note to the great quarterback complex. Ruddy based on what you've seen so far this season are the Broncos better. Then they were a year ago I mean the offense is still high octane and rolling it got to run defense now they allowed 61 yards rushing last night against San Diego. Are on pace for like 36 for 37 sacks so they're playing defense to go along with embattled it got pretty good. Under yard rusher in in rod Roddy goma are the better team a year later. Yeah no question about it the one thing I noticed defense which is speed of the defense and a lot more athletic they're very physical. They forget about the quarterback position they're very athletic a cross border get to decrypt and tech rushed it little he looked back at the cult. You know about rebel leader paying almost what an awful lot of while they won't give up forty and fourteen point two scores reproach in this situation where you have to go away from LeBron. And not think you can you know they can just on the coast at crushed it quarterbacks. But they've done a good great I object your real John Elway gave out but the knicks. Up and you're kicking the can flat outplay him. If you look at their cue that up very completely but it's a lot of Herschel because you know you play well right now gotta keep that up. That would apply Nelson as well suitable. Final question Roddy with Halloween a week from today opposed the question this way have you figured out. The trick or treat mystery that is Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler with a patriots see on Sunday. Markets are being it's it's gotten out of you know everyone is back in their talks about Cutler having this occurred quarterback in the league you can educate a lot. Specialists who if it is what appear to me what your game be brought more UT TP. I think people sort treatment that out because we have such a great arms are really really got actually got treatment is excellent athlete. And look scoop he looked like order best when you look daddy look like one of the worst. And it's hot and cold and now unfortunately you have a quarterback like that there's no immediate ground and up and people didn't treat but how how great of an aptly be as strong arm kind of reminds you evolve. Jeff George and laid out Oakley just a big strong arm can pro ball seven yard. But the one thing that. It's it's not a question he's just not a great leader Eric steps and Rockland woman that's in about Coca person teaching annually and a lot. They got rid of them not Denver you don't you critical quarterback like that that a deal and athleticism and arm stripped. If he is the leader and obviously that's an issue so I'll Chicago Bears are one in the Super Bowl with him. I'm not a pure public stroll of people around the world. It's one of those things where your quarterback is strongest leader on YouTube each school and a great chance when. A very quickly Jerry had a list yesterday of golf thing musicians and stage performer with their handicaps obviously you're not a musician state performer your name didn't appear on there. I think who. Vince was that this culture it was like a plus one supple yes he was asked if if your on the list where would you be with which are handicapped run. Right now probably wanted to Obama. Father secretly kept and so I'm berm pretty good golfer are obviously want to he doubts and so football season's here but in the office conducted out she popped out and stink so that's only thing that keeps you back. You'll you'll along better. Not go to social part is that about her got you. He's confusing me with Ben's. On the air some Dennis and Callahan wake up with Cumberland farms farm health when coffee. With football legend Rodney Harrison Cumberland farms farm output and coffee is so delicious it's too good to put down just 99 cents any size to only at Cumberland farms. Are all conversation or brought his Paltrow brought to you but the Lansky insurance and Bart Miki and Lamar get. Brief coffee Friday hot coffee at the farms Wednesday. A lot of art and the U do European record in five all asleep. Now I should some pretty funny Dino left running left and use nor what the Brady criminal pre loaded up the radio is enough it was you give he'd it was worthy of this article is not black list available chuck it is not Nazi joke and you know chuckled to see is a good partner and yes actually and you were. Represented the district if it was little to no phony did not find it slightly for values. Far. Anyway a Texas Chiming in and here's the question you know you know you're you know you are two white win. Blank yeah. He goes at alls well again I was gonna tees that we get back you know you're too white went win when you play water polo. It took its funny that I've never done that you know put a picture of course a vehicle into prep we do go to the opera when you. There's no government of the opera. Public would be a lot of peculiar from what you like opera guy I used to be Dead Sea a lot of on ball brother got a no no not when you duke a question like Springsteen's kids just isn't great question yes yes. Or when you go to with fish concert that's like currently 21 did. The drop acid house error show goes long. Yeah jazz jam session he. Understand a little debt crippled dead is similar you know their song she could sing along real you know the this sonics know not one. You know Grateful Dead song sure you know kind of thirty and ten movement yet you know your two white when US for extra mail on your Turkey club sent him to wait a breath. I am when you play the violin accurate.

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    Devin McCourty breaks down Pats-Bears 10-24-14


    I was until our Friday pictures Friday interview guests DeVon recording is brought to us by Samuel Adams Boston laser and drop him. Ottawa and ask for it about Lisa and Monica Abbott all right all right you got it. I'm not asking about Lisa and is eating go to Notre Dame DeVon anything like this happen rockers never streaking at Rutgers during the offseason. Who probably and we can make to do us. Earlier analysts. It's nice to do this purse say necessarily but DeVon not tanks were gone and thanks for joining us today I don't want to ask you first and foremost. As Gary for the bears we just had a conversation. Before you came on about last night the patriots next out the Denver Broncos and everybody's focusing on that as a huge game. You guys are normally very very good about staying on message staying on point. And I'd just paying attention team in front yourself for this week is that still the case of the bears even though you saw Peyton Manning the Broncos play last night on Thursday night football. In our focus on the bears we thought we should definitely not what a lot in common they're. From there on the weekend before and actually coming in America quote. Under. So policy of this this Chicago Bears offensively they are they got our power they got big wide receivers great tie it and a running back Matt Forte would use it a bunch of different you know ways. What's what's supports the need to look at when you're really trying to stop this offense is who you who we gonna pay attention to most. Are you wrote that we got to go in the game that we lot of folks are stopped and. You know we ought to be keen enough Forte is making sure. They can't get off. In a run ball and the company on the wheel on the part you know entered. You know we could try to get control to dig in defensively put. Our coaches around the books that you actually like. Wrote to all the electrical over America that it no one there should be able. The two dimensional and do really anything at all. You know there I was sure he knew an up and Alfonzo did you know his last college Gainey played in. He gets thrown out of bull in the third quarter for a luncheon Al show on Jeffrey the tool will get thrown out. If this that secular law. Actually you know we were brought video and that and a liberal or not game I think college. Now when you say we all laughed. Is he part of the we already taken a wanna get a piece this guy again because now. And besides it. He unilaterally wall lateral. Abacha devious. And Maria Helena task against these guys at tight end here I mean there's a lot of size is a lot of talent there are so is this is the biggest test. You're defensive backs have had so far in the season. I think and this beyond our our biggest threat not far so far and she's. I'm just because he said that yeah how terrible they aren't group. I'm so that you don't order a quarterback. Lecture throw the ball he likes to throw doubt feel. English really spread it around all the god so. I think it would definitely that dish out so it's at this season. You know I woods I would call this a trap game guys think you guys are aware of how. How good this team can be in a really good on the road but it but as bill addressed. Just the challenges that you guys face especially going against a team that. Feels like they're your backed into a corner of the to be pretty dangerous. It's saying you know liberal user dimension to how we wanna play it February and you don't wanna go out and you wanna jump out early and click on I think you know that won't change his game. I think the biggest failures got to be aware what they like to do it and you know not let them do studies were. You won at things a Brit Browner came over here though is that we says and what that attitude that he brought from that seahawk defense has been out awhile this water used. You start to see that now now he's been back keep little bit this week maybe every wicket it increases but you see that attitude that he brings. Yeah he wrote that circle where doctor Lee was saying. Simply time very you know that's how he put the ball. I just talked more about our political means they can not strictly in Seattle he's brought the same thing here. Not this has been a very important stretch in the schedule for a lot of patriots fans to look at and forecast ahead to six games against six quality opponents it looks like. During the next month and a half have you guys as a group looked at this stretch of games and said you know what the fate of our seizing to arrest here over the next month and a half. Given the competition they are facing. And on the reader focused on the net and it you know right now and will be. In this content in and then dimmer and then. Will have a great and between their what about weaker a bitchy you know. First as president got to push you know he pushed ahead and then we can go a little break but about Lee he's taken Brittany get back in the works well. Other than we ever let any stretch of our CSA. Are all these independent owner. Ali Condit take a look gamma Thomas Angela Perez and you know we keep Clinton could gain ever gonna learn together that'll determine RC. You know just wondered if UN talk to. Mister quick Chris Dwight stone Jones at all and asked him what his middle name and and ask Jack called him. Not hasn't got on him yeah. I got a lady Eagles once vehicles regain trauma care and I got to make sure he's not too fragile out. I feel that there was a Comcast has said governor Feldman in the keystone. He knows about it you know an extra are rightfully so it is not wise what his middle name is here. AA out Devin what about Iran missed practice that there was that a distraction native state game planning or anything like batters just head to Dallas in there and given that. Oh I heard that too well Terrel said. Was set. The media reports yeah. Our this year and I got to pay more attention to the media moves. I'm on slackened. I don't guess somebody got actually Marleau might not be at London's. My W your business all right and that's a did Rutgers ever have a sexual activity goes to conduct. Well I guess we decided at. Did you and your brother ever you know messed around states you know hey you know you know you got the ball page yet. You know two girls you guys ever sloppy night seeking get away with that are matrix like that he has never did. Well brother I don't know it was. Down in that slot for coming on and we appreciate it out later Eric I just have according depends exactly doing that pays all the information and.

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    We Hate Dwyane Wade - Ranking the Best/Worst in the NBA


    And it. You didn't hit it did. Painfully. I don't. You're young men down hotels same Packard. You jumped three and did that. Your number one best teams and hey is still the San Antonio's sparks. Yet they've won the championship last year they had the best record in the west days. Didn't make a lot of changes to their team there's no reason they should be any different there until they fall off they're still number one in my book especially having played zero games. There's no reason to rank them any lower iso you you're going off the premise that they're defending champs and until they get knocked off there at the team to beat. That's one of the premise they're also the spurs they've been good for fourteen years there's no real expectation for them to drop off now there. Coach pop as a system and it works why would it why wouldn't fail now. And just when you count amount they go to back to back NBA finals was one of them when one IC number two team. Is. The newly formed Cleveland Cavaliers and I got to assume that the biggest reason for that is LaBroque. LeBron James. Ever heard of him best player in the world's best basketball player. Ever I'm known not sure if I'm going that far but he is damn good he's fun to watch he's instantly makes them a title contender. Oh and they got Kevin looked yet the number two team. Let me quickly ask you do you wrote in there that you now have been grudging respect. From LeBron why is it begrudge minds and not just flat out respect. 'cause I'm still hold were at heart and I still remember this series where like pierce battled him and then when Rondo battled him. And he's not he's. He's disingenuous like the whole cutting back Cleveland thing and it really by. I like his game I respect his game I begrudge in the aids respect the man. Are your third team. Which I find is actually interesting bring up 12 is to Chicago Bulls. What wires the bulls the third team when you think and you said here before. That they might be the best team in the east. Because I think in their regular season they'll be the best team. But in the playoffs LeBron kicks it into another level and bull. Now when that series but over the long haul the season I think the bulls can be will have a better record I think with Derrick Rose coming back he looked very good. In his last pre season game any score thirty points against the cats. They're very good team attic assault the guy's name McCain pronouncement true rich and argument but it's oral think solid players on the team. But still think they'll be very yet. So just sort clearer Cleveland San Antonio finals for you. Right now yes OK now your fourth team fourth best team in the NBA Los Angeles Clippers. This is where it gets Dicey and I had a question myself. If Kevin Durant was not hurt it would be that the thunder were sliding right here are right now I'm doing these rankings just as the teams that exist currently right now. So with two ran out the thunder fell out of my top five and that's right here at the clippers Clement. How do you think do you think this is finally took the percent we talked about it for three years I guess now ever since Chris Paul came there that. They might be the best team in the west there. You know we hear in there between the spurs in the and the thunder. Is this the year they finally put the distractions behind them and breakthrough. I don't know if it's the year I think if they had it's the best chance they have out of any of the years I think Blake Griffin continues to get better he was the third best player in the NBA. That's another year to in the system of Doc Rivers they actually added some bench depth which they desperately needed some bigs off the bench Spencer Hawes. Who can shoot and makes it's that you don't have to play Blake in Deion trade during crunch time which is kind of what crippled them last year as the some Doc Rivers said. And you cannot claim in crunch time especially with a spell shooting so adding kind of another big they also big baby Davis. Adding those pieces off the bench will make make their title runs that are. How long is the clippers window open court do you envision moving forward. I'd say it's one to two. Maybe three years but I think Chris Paul is an eighteen point guard and eventually just his athleticism is going to breakdown and there's young younger point guards are great princely coming bleak every single year and eventually does not to have the atlantis' and to do it. Are your fifth best team. You cheated achieve it completely fit best team is actually three teams the mavericks the warriors and the trailblazers. What the hell are you thinking why couldn't you narrow it down to one team Sam because there's no difference between those three teams. You tell the difference they're great they're at teams with great super. Stars and at the top of their rosters and then a lot of question marks the mavericks have Dirk they got Chandler Parsons. And then they lost a lot of pieces they lost Sean Mary in the las Vince Carter that lost Dalembert they brought enticing chi and their guests and Raymond Felton. But they have the stars in the top. But not much else you can see the same thing about the trailblazers. If Aldridge they have little heard. That they have questions on the bench they have is Thomas Robinson to become anything is CJ McCollum do you really trusted Nicholas Batum Robin Lopez like there's. Not great in in the warriors. They of the splash Brothers I love watching the road warriors play. But it's just not. They still have this issue of whether or not Harrison Barnes and decide I'm real NBA player organ assault about the coming off the bench. And Andre Iguodala has taken a step back there's they'll have they're all talented though complicated rosters and no one can really. Separate themselves from at a teams. Okay. Bob you have all of them make in the playoffs and yet they're right there. Basically they're competing inferred the force but in my eyes. Again it's a complicated with I didn't know how to exactly deal with a thunder with a to rent injury but you left off for tough final again. Yes because I think if to rant was there they be fourth but right now at their team they're like one step below these teams. I'm. Your. Fifth worst team. Is that team and I think he. As we've talked about before will be very entertaining and there will be a lot of eyes glued to this team. But they're still. Their terrible but they're gonna be awesome because I am in love with a degree just to clear up retirement the Milwaukee Alyeska forgot to say Milwaukee Bucks. I'm excited about the Greek freak he's gonna play some point guard. If you look at an article there's a fine of him going the full floor in three dribbles at 611 I can play point guard. And he's still growing he grew inch last year. That's crazy that's would Garnett was doing when he entered the league and arguably point guard and pass the ball and ball handle that's a talent that we've never seen before. As Jabari park into this the most NBA ready player from the draft at Larry Sanders is down in a bar fight at any moment. And ultimately it smoke some weed and play some fantastic defense that's in entertaining team that's not a good team but that's an entertaining to. I am. Well women let me ask you yes. I announce the Greek freaks and it. John S a contempt dole. Both of let's go do it okay turn the tables it's yeah Imus. Illness yeah comments on the resign over its dominance is because he's sort of repeats of what it's about to Greeks. Though said it's you don't announce the G it's counsel why he's such Adonis hero. It's a year ago yeah one time I was in Greek up pizza place and I yelled at for calling it's yet to execute. Hi Jonas unto tempo. On two tempo. From. That's when I'm going with calm no one corrected me because you know. No can pronounce it for the can't correct freaks enough for me your fourth worst team in trying to salute to be a little bit of a surprise but first I guess it really shouldn't be too surprised. They do have you experience fortieth best player in the MBA. Kobe Bryant. Now you've got Kobe who's coming back from injury you got Nash combat for a hundred grand Nash is 39 now yet they had me hold DB like that. Short thirty for thirty about how old Steve Nash's in his body breaking down he's not doing it for the team here but they brought in insurance. Jeremy lay in the Carlos Boozer. Boozer is the most frustrating big man I'd seen this side. Anti Obama doesn't yell a lot when stuff happens and played terrible basketball. I I watched him and I ago. I'm pretty sure you don't know what Hilliard do. There's a clip of him in the Prius is the other day he was the team was down 22 and he got in and wanted to start yelling and screaming like come on buddy. Case in point right now yeah exactly that's perfect Carlos Boozer situation you're getting your past warped and you're still jacked up because you individually did something good this four spots on that I had a little bit of problem with like for time I consider putting the magic in there but. I thought the magic had too many young pieces and I thought their actually might put the other run I think this might be the first article in the history of sports articles. They used the word. Showing product twice in one paragraph are you should read my other NFL picks are close look at the cowboys are in my shot and Freud team. But yeah I'm a big fan of that word you're the third. Worst team in the NBA is power. Boston Celtics are you guys ready for some terrible basketball because I know I am I'm ready and I'm actually really excited exit. They're gonna play great perimeter defense and they're gonna shoot a lot of threes they're gonna make a lot of threes but. Like god they're gonna shoot them. I think they're gonna leave. Early in the top five attempts and be bottom five in percentage yet they will not the they will not shoot more threes than Golden State. They've not probably not oracle secret Brad Stevens is commences like they had shared sellinger develop a three brand of us shoot the three everyone shoots a three. They're gonna keep shooting there are all about the keys lead analytics man. Three for you three for youth through for you thought Q3 Korea. Your second worst team is just probably the most boring uninteresting team. Maybe in the history of the MBA two years or their interest three years where they were interesting. And that was it. So incredibly boring I am not going back all the way to the seventies when pistol Pete play their but you've got the Utah Jazz he knew him playing you type it in New Orleans. Yet they stole the jazz name which I still have problems with but this the team this year. Could they at they brought back Gordon Hayward when Gordon Hayward the best player on your team that's problematic. It's you're not gonna win many games Traber didn't do much as rookie year. I Derrick Favors these as high potential guy has big potential guy but he hasn't. Really developed into anything. They can do arm. Dante Jackson's eighteen years old and has never played any competition at all like. That the what is gonna face in the NBA I just don't see them winning any. I just wanna correct myself on one thing I did you say about Pete Maravich heeded by half the season. In Utah after removed and then came to Boston. Lucy he could even deal with Utah. Says he's not even have to simply seventeen games in Utah then you retreated to the Celtics and said screw this I wanna drink alcohol. Only have one life to hit it. I'd say your worst team in the NBA it should really be a surprise to anyone. Even the city of brotherly love completely agrees with you I've seen all you know 700 tweets that say yeah we agree Sam. The 76ers are the worst he 76ers of the worst team in the. Ambient we're talking Emmys in the excitement energy and Sam and yet proud of the fact that they're the worst team in the NBA that's what he's trying to do. And I hit I. At this what I love ice has medicine hate making the referenced NBA two K this were a lot. If I was to join that team that's exactly what I would do you trade away all your parts and trying to think there's no reason because I think the Celtics should try and trade away their players and try to be worse. There's no they're doing exactly what they wanted to. They're doing what Danny did. We don't see 78 years ago. Which it's tried to do last year he just didn't the draft him pong balls didn't work out into his favor. ITF five worst teams word the box. La lakers the Celtics. The jazz and the 76ers. Of those five teams. Which one will be the first team to make the playoffs. Ever occur like in the upcoming seasons. That the tough question. Because I I'm a torn out there. The 76ers might be the first team to make the pile ups. Oh yeah if they add one more piece they. In two years if they both have Noel and impede that's great Frontline if they develop as we think they will. They added like an elite wing player that's a playoff team especially in the east. I'm leaning box just because I Greek freak just totally off. OK fair enough fair enough it's definitely not the Celtics that's the thing. So we just looked on the article which doesn't mean you shouldn't read it. It is up on WEEI dot com it's on the green tree blog at Sam Packard obviously there's and a whole city is in there. And there are some cool videos I ask important questions like why was Bon Jovi ever cool. Com we'll never know that because we are intimately report 1990 yes I was born in 85. He was popular then but the Thomas Austin music the coolest freaked him. It makes no sense those eye institute in Boston College next couple BC football games. Fans. The whole crowd starts singing acting career just to Toronto and your all of want to lose the patriots touchdown zone is a bunch movie so. Is this season. As a law house and it's infuriating the middle of the ruins my game experience or atomic listen we. Refused. You probably since an attitude yes that was ever Rosen. A thorn in your article exactly that's how I've wrecked you know this whole subject why it was like to slam that. What was people like that he. Quietly in the wary of what to make up there and tight spandex pants for blowing analysis. It makes those kids like when things didn't school. Prince can get away. These guys are trying to Drudge is they're trying to become world. He's locked so again thank you Qaeda. That so elated that good. Yeah don't.

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