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    Tom Brady on Peyton Manning's touchdown record 10-20-14


    Joining us Ali AT&T hotline the quarterback of the patriots Tom Brady our conversation with Thomas brought you by AT&T. Northeast electrical distributors lubricate her and digital federal credit union what can DC UC view and by the doing and Cadillac dealers Tom Brady how are you and your thoughts about Peyton record breaking history making thing last by the way into the literally a 138 touchdown passes behind. That. It's they it's pretty incredible. He. And it's hard to serve its its target for a touchdown passes and he's done it. In the last few years in my case Americans like itself. It's pretty it's pretty incredible if it's a great it's a great record it's incredibly hard to do and he's just he's been very durable he's been very. Are consistent beyond consistent. He's just spectacular player. How much of his excellent how much of his his performance. Is cerebral lead based as opposed to strong arm. legs all that sort of stuff is in 08 page ahead of everybody else is looking at a defense for example. Well he's got great recognition great instincts. Mean everything that you see. you'd think be best and and you know with the mature a lot of receivers have been that he should cut. It's really got great command. You know he's really feel general I think that's part of the best description I think that's kind of thing that comes to mind when you think about enemies got. He started great command out there in the end. He's just he's been great player for long term use of the colts and about to become the Denver and you know meets. He he's just he's had an incredible run there so it's it's been it's been incredible to watch. In that it makes storm touchdown passes look so easy spot but of course but courier or do we know it's not. Hey I know you've one MVPs Super Bowls and all that come but I. I can't help but think that some Tony Dungy said has to be. Flattering for you dungy a couple weeks asked who's had a better career. Tom Brady or Peyton Manning this is Tony Dungy and he said quote it's all about getting the Super Bowls and winning and Tom spent 25 of them. Right now I'd say Brady's definitely in the lead. He thinks you've had a better career and again we saw last night who was. Faded a celebrated by the whole world for his 500 and whatever 508 touchdown pass. Well I think it's. I'm sure Peyton looked patent has incredible career I've been here for sure definitely. It is to think that I would have depth and development is you know start now is it's crazy to think of them still. You know part of a great team as a great opportunity. You know too to achieve you know more so it's. I mean it's. You don't think about these things and your answer I'd never did. And I think I just and so fortunate over the years. You know be on a great team great teammate and broker relations of Trenton currently the winning because think. That's sort. And that's our team apart from a lot of other teams is just. and our ability to win it on a consistent basis here and year out about what the circumstances or situations where. So be a part of our organization. That's. And that's what we've been able to accomplish is to just has been unbelievable so. I wouldn't wouldn't. You know I'm a lucky Yet it's still going. What if you're lucky from the beginning Tom what if your father was an NFL quarterback what if you went first and drop what if he started all four years. At Michigan would you be the quarterback you are today when you've had the career you want today if it just came a little easier. You know I I I think there's. I wouldn't change anything the You know Mike first privilege bean shaped and I think that's it's helped me a lot. But I think there's a different set of challenges here. You know the starter for years in the first pick in the expecting that that's that's very challenging to and get. This far and achieved in that amount of success in the NFL. Without. It's been really hard as usual out of bed in Oakland. Play in the NFL and Really well consistently for a long period of time it's just it's a grind and it's sports decline. The mental toughness to take. Really the commitment you need to make. You know for twelve months a year this is different than. You know. It that he can be really you know an above average player so it's I think it's just. You know really for. I wouldn't change anything that I certainly wouldn't change. my career with anybody ever had to go to a doctor played five Wimbledon. Played one or you know from one organization is you know is this you. Cablevision those things and an artist says it's still gold and so it's. You know I think hopefully the best is the best is yet to come so. It'll work we're trying to. You know accomplishing. And get better in. This is this season is what is going well there's always capital I think we can control and and you know to be sitting here five to feel pretty good too so. You know it's it's. single. Commentary Thornton do you talk to patent the season. You know we exchange. Text message from time to time so. had a look credit Torre you know last night you know I just think they're accessible they're watching it. You know in and out. Britain you know not I would say we talk now would we really maybe change a few messages from because the next time it yet talked to army can you can. You know bolster his career with this that if he plays 34 more years it is current pace he'll that you are record for a Super Bowl touchdown. at nine he's got three. You've had two picks he's got four picks or just send and that message for me please. Our approach eight I know this is any morning to in anyway impugn or denigrate what he did but as best you can quantify or qualify this how much of an advantage is their free quarterback. Playing half your games and he controlled environment indoors. Well I think for. You know I think controlled environment they're looked like everything was positive there's negative thinkers. offensively it's it's like anything he you know as you play golf and controlled environment for those also says figure great if you play golf and it's. You know twenty mile an hour winds in and rainy it's you know you scores are gonna be is good but. Like everything both teams played and in your anger competition is against. Your particular opponent try to get the statistic so I would say that the statistics. You know in great conditions are typically Kennedy and take on average better. You know that they would be if there was really inclement weather but look what our government using Green which is also. You know pretty. You know tough whether there's probably only. You know 58 places that I would say a significant factor over the course of the season. We act of play one of them but I think it's great fourteen football which ultimately. In a team sport in. You know dealing with wins and losses in. And when you learn to play and as in those environments and under those conditions it can be a great advantage your team. In the playoffs so. and we got a lot of those gains were we've been you know I was at a lot of power play games over the years have been. Inclement weather and because I think we've got the ability to practice and played I think the prime wanted to quote one of the best include whether teams ever you know play in the so. I think of it is. Made from a statistical sample and I think maybe it could be harder look pretty although when we play in the snow. You know there was a game against Tennessee where we scored like 59 point and so I don't know it just. It's. Obviously income whether it doesn't hurt. You know I'm not sure helps of them you know. You really keen football which is that's what Altima Our Thomas my final Manning related question I know you don't like to look ahead any any further from the Chicago Bears coming in here but looking at the big picture. Do you believe that standing between you and the patriots and another Super Bowl appearance. Ultimately that roadblock that's speed bump will be Peyton Manning in Denver. What do I mean I don't know this is look it's a long way ago and there's a lot of things that are gonna happen here of course the next two months. You know we got to be a team that. Make improvements gets better put for a great position we have the opportunity. the try to do the same thing to they've built their team they got you know a lot of really good players. mental toughness we'll take a poll. Injury will take a poll. And how it shakes out who knows but it's still early won't have an opportunities and now they got a great team obviously that I would. It'd be hard not to think that they would. You know win their division and not based on the way to play when they're division its. Two. In other due to the favorite teams but it's been thought that does that matter much either so. You know the teams that make the playoffs the twelve best teams in the league all twelve of those teams. As we've known you know to play in the New York giant what you get there for the first you to succeed which they've done in the sixth seed and won the wore a few occasions. You know he's got to you know watcher in your hand and then it's how you played so. And then each of those games are really just one game match ups and and you know that's how they unfold but you know you gotta put yourself in a position to get there you Put the working and you got to improve your team as best you can't we have the opportunity to eat when you get to those moments. Really try to take advantage and you know that's the process for the peace and we're now we're grinding through it we fourteen and eighteen days we have got a rough start. We're five into. Get a big game against Chicago firm. And we got to try to take advantage of those have been playing at home in You know we agree up to this weekend to get let's of these bumps and bruises and again at Chicago so. You know as Clinton is when you know it was really starts to feel like football season. And he he about. Doug did you have watched TV is that you watch the red zone you watch the games on on the network broadcast. Or do you just watch coach state. No I watch I watch some football yesterday. And so the reason I ask is the Chicago Bears are fighting. In the locker room after the game Brenda Marshall slash noted everybody including Cutler. Kyle were in the fans. And it seems to me like that is the the dysfunctional team but I'm not sure. That means that they don't come out and play harder than ever use desperate team last Thursday. Give you all he could handle we thought the jets were did and we thought they were a mess and they came out and almost knocked you off this isn't a good thing or bad thing. The Chicago seems to the just off the a little upset right now. Yeah well I I and Gephardt I didn't You know blocker and stuff for another lost discordant watch that particular game. No question that the coaches tape today. But. You know every team is going to different things in and you know it's it's tough when lose and I don't think. There's a lot of good things are positive things to say when you lose so it's it's actually a pretty tough hole record which are curious stuff on them and the whole thing and then. I think they've lost all their games at home this year. And they locked padlock on last year or so you know their. Now they have been able to play well but you know they're still big in the third. They still want like so that when Obama wrote and so you know maybe foolishly played it at all but they they have Asia. They like the players very talented team. How to on defense. It is great leaders have been over the years and then. Offensively it means those receivers for today your appetite and you know advocate year or so. You look at their best we don't seem to get everybody's best it's it's just the way it is plain here and I think what we've got to do Certainly what we can do last week was we got ahead but we didn't and we got to get ahead we got a relief. You know keep keep. You parliament dog kennel I put Denver did last night they I thought they did a great job once. They got him kicked it down they just piled it on their they're just grab a little opportunity to come back classmate they scored. Late in the second and a quarter going to happen in Denver comes out and two touchdowns to start the third quarter and that's really games so. The when you get teams down and you gotta figure a way to to really knock now and you know if if we can hopefully Chicago down that's that's the mentality you have to have but they got a good team much from. last year loud and all of it from this year and there for the best teams senate so it's it's certainly not going to be an easy task. Tom and kind of broke a related question Jerry's three weeks ago the national story was that you are mad. Com. It got my theory was yet you are mad because your team just got blown out all three phases in Kansas City but it wasn't. You're mad you coach you don't like your teammates you know you're disgruntled with the situation I. My theory was that you're everyone was mad because you weren't playing well. It you'll get a work card in and solve the problem. He you confirm or deny that I was on the right track here. If in fact it. Well I think the good number I don't know word year old. But what they like responsible person is is what I say and and and offer relive what other people may say you were saying core rate that's that's okay for them to think that I. I think. as I said earlier in the conversation here there's nothing positive when you lose. Haven't felt like you come out you say. You know allow you that we gave though we could you know we just couldn't get it You know that doesn't sound greater you know you're you're never gonna criticize. You know you don't you don't report criticized making a really a lot of criticize yourself a tendency to do a lot better. You know I think we were. A few weeks ago that it's via. There's a lot of great things to say. And and we've been deal with that loss to Miami we lost the feet. You know when you win fortunately win you know we've we've been able so she not to lose multiple games on the road which we've been very fortunate to two over the years. That it did not have to deal with that but there's a lot of people accept that struggle we need to deal with losses that it just. You know it's it's it's it's it's pretty tough so. You know for for our situation it's. There's we're Q2 yet stopped as were you know we lost a big gain more money Knight didn't look at were playing some great teams coming up been. Fortunately we found a way to turn things around that's what we need to continue to do so. I think everybody's. We're you know much happier around Gillette Stadium or winning games and and I am sure fans are to him and we have individual such. Well we shall we try to do every day we go there with cents per person. To try to go out there and put our best on the field when it our best and we go reevaluated we try to be at a press the next week. Tom out Thursday night after the win did Bill Belichick gather everybody around and say see Monday. Durbin stadium responsibilities between Thursday and today. We have to work to do Friday and then we had a couple days. No we didn't have to go into that we're back today so. It's Syria you know this coming there's not much. It's actually great to just take a little bit of Brett just because looks over at four games and eighteen days. I would say it's. You know break its. It's just a little bit to get bigger body a chance to just. How did he little single football players to be the bumps and bruises and and don't let a few those fuels feels pretty good. It doesn't have anything to do with the bears and you're already put them behind you but when the jets make a big deal like they made over the weekend for government. Do you read about it trotted figured out this make any sense to you. I mean yeah of course I read about it Narnia. Yeah I mean he's he's phenomenal player it's obviously. You know big trade he's you know very explosive player so. There's no reason why demonstrated. In the you know we've had a lot of You know Randy Moss and Corey Dylan and you know it's. In some some teams think you know a player can be more effective in their system. But whenever I tell you. You know he's been either force a player so that's you know really whole career. At Florida you know that attitude toward a little bit. And then when he first got him up so just for the bikes and and any play lot of positions for them and then. But he's an exceptional player and exceptional putter. Tom and the jets had kind of a curve lawful on the field the other day. Fair to say that you didn't mind Jordan picking up a fifteen yard. Personal foul for a mistaken Yeah that was you know that yeah right and I was you know Jordan said right after and I would eleven you know. You know provable McDyess showed your regular what McConnell let them. You know get away with that so I don't think he's a great guy. and a great you know as stepped into a great job for a so. That was great to see our list of fifteen yarder. Do we get that can you know we we had way too many penalties this year I think we're. Got to first intersected. In the league in penalty if so we got to try to figure a way to eliminate penalties but it'll be aggressive and plaintive echo of the whistle and and it'll protect your teammates and all the support of You'll follow up to that is some it whose names rhyme with warrants sap. Suggested that you took a flop in that. And that We're aware of first got to hit. I think did you get your feet and then hit the deck again when there was like the pushing each other and I think that's specifically what was stuck about itself. Did did you flop we trying to draw our penalty. No I don't doesn't turn of the I got hit the first. When I got hit I thought that they penalty on the other half that's what I really thought the penalty wasn't any sort of cardiac. It would have been together to be late. So. You know it's bit surprised. Okay I'll try not to let it destroy my faith in the integrity of warrants that right now our quarterback question of the week Tom brought to you by your New England Cadillac dealers visit when that Cadillac dot com for your exceptional offers what's up. With the sudden involvement and the embracing of social media by Tom Brady in particular FaceBook. Why have you jumped in with both feet and do you have a baseball guy who does this work. Well yeah it's I have worked with you know what might my great friend audit. Who's really. Got a great job and he's. That's a pretty important thing to do today we talked a lot about it over the years with social media and really I think the best. I think the word realistic whether straight or be like control the message also you know have an opportunity talked your fan and so. You know I'm a little bit old school and I never really approach I think the younger generation guys playing now. Are much more in tune with that in the you know try to do better job of that certainly over the last six weeks. You haven't jumped him on Twitter though correct. Now are you you should take a look there's a fake Tom Brady who just says outrageous stuff by the Thank Tom Brady he's he says stuff you would never say would even that. What about Arnold X complex it's OK guess. Our conversation with Tom has brought to you by AT&T northeast electrical distributors how lubricate her. Digital federal credit union in DC UC view and by the New England Cadillac dealers he joins us AT&T.

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    Art so yesterday rob Bradford. Your buddy rob Bradford always yeah okay asked me to list my top five coaches so overdo it on the air to guys think about this for us to limit order that we did not ask me to rank them he said it would be possible to give me your top five coaches in and in the end up all right now so. And it wasn't really specific at the city's my personal choices for my coaches my top coaches are I think doing the best job now so I took it as. I like the best I was storied team who would I want coaching my team and this is the order I have number one Bilbao attack memo to John Fox number three Pete Carroll. Or for John Harbaugh and number five Chip Kelly and I Allah I wanna. Say to him it's gonna. They left somebody very import now for serious Bruce areas yes I like him to. I need to do a great job and Indy what is the interim coach there and then. Courses and awesome there's no cardinals for the lead in the division all by themselves Barbara wanted one. The father I have the show. I do I had. John bock box yeah the I love fox equality only head coach ever had. Who actually showed his personality allowed himself to be a normal guy not just the coach there was no. Hey I'm better than you way we can't in Iraq we can't hang out like he came to launch at all when you were eating or whatever he was right next and you talk football you never at BT. You have Carol because they know I did not put it based solar Steve bass you know from what you rather hear what he did it USC just has personality. Good guys that he acted as a Ewing John. Fox you've fared on each other like you definitely yes I could enjoy his her bosses he likes to point out all the time yes this ritual that started just make it clear he start there's no matter who started it well and higher good a lot of trial and guys are a little bit yes you're calling me out a New York City right next to me like blowing your hands they'll. The crop dusting that your do we come up enough bills really. You're calling it child is liberal and I'm in America Euro now be approaching six on purpose of just coming our enemy yes that's old news. Guess he's not more thanks Utley tell. He's not getting any bigger or stronger. Why he's taking steroids and all the sheets and everything else is taking its you have blood donors. From Knight idea that you sold them yes not working and gamblers but he missed it but instead it's got to Arizona.

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