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    Rodney Harrison on Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice 9-19-14


    SA patriot Friday as they gear up to take on the winless Oakland Raiders on Sunday. Wake up with Cumberland farms farm house blend iced coffee and with football legend Rodney Harrison. Couple of farms farm nice coffee is so delicious it's good to put down. Just not nonsense any size and only on Cumberland farms Ruddy joins on the AT&T hotline good morning mr. Harrison how are you. During world war. I guess we need to establish the ground rules here at the outset based on your Tuesday appearance on the mid day show are you still maintaining shall we say. Radio silent regarding Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice. Can't talk about it all week I don't know what the big deal was not a like a about talked about it all week last week you get to a point where one true. So many different things about it I've made my statement also under and I want to let people back and forth would. Well it's it's a topic conversation all the country and you didn't talk about Peterson Peterson happen after that administrative and you did talk about right. Market talk about are we recruited here are. All go are just best we've seen Bill Polian 180 we've seen Chris Carter 180 who did speak about Ray Rice and now refused to talk about Adrian Peterson. Did somebody Rodney anybody from the National Football League reach out and various commentators to kind of hold down the rhetoric on this thing. reporting there are wanted to. Well bill it was was as an example was very. Incredulous. That this tape could have been sent to the National Football League the inside the elevator and National Football League and and said so in a live interview. And he's I can't believe that if it was there it did not make its way to a commissioner Goodell desk. They took a commercial break him back on his second at 23 minutes later he did complete one that there's no I can't say well I got lost it's organization so my question is is anybody from the NFL reaching out and trying to control the message. All of our Internet everyone else let's it's funny story right here but I'm sure that involved in the world. Have you seen the he said the guys on Tuesday to haven't seen the Peterson. Pictures be seen the pictures since. I have. And I mean she truly unfortunate because you you know object and Albany's. Talk record dispute and and on the to a sick because you got to guy called they called the and you know unfortunately. Or what does take away the body of work that went out and order it's unfortunate it. There's never a little more great. If a woman currently handled a child like. From what I hear commute at its heart You know apart brick for the victims are breaking because of these young man in there and there are put their career on the line. The reputation and everything you worked for. You know and it's fill out the best and obviously don't but I would feeling about is doing the show you were doing Sunday night. If summit talk with the Peterson thing I got to look at those pictures before I weigh in on now. Well I think at all what look at its local dungy talked about. True example one. What that he basically released Nick Harper. That there is no. And there are about you basically with an organization. Your resume their culture in general are very good player that certainly agree. You know as you your job Google sports as a player that locker room do your job and that's basically college. Question here is what coach at a junior yeah it is is this avalanche of violent incidents. Different that was when you played or is probably about the same we're just knowing more about it because of security cameras and cell phone video and that kind of thing. You you know I don't really know armed. I think obviously with. You know the emergence of social media and cameras all the different things I think they have the chance that you're not a lot more. You know Karabakh when I played when I first came the league. Think what happened in and you your car were based in the locker world. And players with certain things about what on a call. You know also got to say hey man you know you shouldn't be in that situation a you're meant by she'll walk away. But I'm obviously would go social media finger recover everything out front that are you know what the public. You know I have to admit run I was surprised because the reason we enjoy you so much I tune in just here. We you have to say on Sunday it's just me because I know there's no filter there and I thought you gonna come out with a flame thrower. I thought you'd be like what I what people. Look people the what people want people won't negotiate some cops or should keep lawmakers are up that. That they can just stick around we're in the final say that doubles all levels yet a lot situation they're gold law about that. I talked about this and are just open god as they that's awful awful lot of great things going on and football world and what won't sit back and focus on the bag and a lot of pop that thing that focus focus all summer. Publicly the former everybody wants oak summit later. And I don't hear what apparently you're not gonna make you focus arm. There's been negative now I'm focus on a lot of positive Ingraham and certain the team vertical well. And that's about excited about. let me just ask this last question that will move onto the football situation we have heard from everybody about this almost everybody anybody any kind of form social media television radio newspaper columns whatever the case may be. The only person we haven't heard from since the Norah O'Donnell interview. He has commissioner Roger Goodell you think Roger Goodell needs to be out there and and and and say something like today tomorrow sometime soon about this. Very good leader mean he's he's good. Probably most importantly a football. You know outside of of and of course American couple opens as someone addressed the sand Linux so community. series trying to gather all and before you come I'll make a statement but that arc architectural control out Mahan. You know what there's probably control and the way come out answer would be what you want to say communicate. I can't control I would just sitting back like it one out late. We we I think he should sit between you and dungy and Sunday night. Obviously the ratings are sky high huge that would be the most pry high profile forum and I wouldn't be surprised produces a trying to book. If he were there what would you say what would you ask him. I would estimated there should there be where the court. It's not believe that we need to change you know he knows exactly what's going on and you know you that you got a couple of circle. There aren't present complete disclosure. What happened and what porno is also when you're the commissioner and the yet to crest not track if we asked Bill Belichick if the Oakland Raiders this Sunday can possibly. Beat the doing patriots he'd say that's a dumb ass question of course they can. You agree with that and the Oakland Raiders beat the New England Patriots and if you say yes to that probably accomplished that. Well Premier is one where. And there's still professional opinion that not a very they make a lot of great. The veteran players out there have a lot of side but you know you see the same mistakes and girls get the fumbles. Kyra because you know he can be called out about come back any let me it's just some really bad plays. Cabinet in Oakland they'll put a lot of the local Wal-Mart you know don't become here. About and at play in it together and the rookie quarterback he played well at the church or instinct just because they're patriots. That they're gonna win this football game it could be a tough football game but build property years he knows this. It seemed to be included on any given day and it's one of those things come you. You know break out momentum latched last week beat Minnesota. I'm not good very disappointing Starwood army. And it's it's one of those things that they're model because Chandler Jones and a million other people always said when you're the new and patriots with this kind of resume in this kind of reputation we always get the other team's best effort every single Sunday. Hey is that true and B what form does that take Rodney. creative very true and let the young players realize that because. You know when you manager certain spot Billy accountability yet. People expect certain things from the talk about New England my economic public people prayed that we eight got the always have a level respect for the New England Patriots in that organization. And I'm glad young young young understand exactly what what console that. What you gonna get very bad because they feel they could very important state in the car. Oh Balkan problem the lecture when you talk about looking at it constricted as well coached at New England patriot with great players that come through that. That they com got you excited and get excited about matching your program and the page or. it is a segment of a of fans and media who think. Tom Brady has slipped and they say it like it and it's. It's a fact I'm I'm not I'm not one of those people say that a front do you think he's slipped and do you think that that drop close here to it to be the heir apparent. And and take over at some point. You know it's funny people say that because you know It's it's funny because they're all understand the only few weeks you'll Fabio understand all work Everything that goes behind the scenes I'm not put up a lot of great number. It's the third week of the fees. And one based on the third week of the season especially got and that is how the law. that it competitively on the talk a got a bit overcome so much like Tom how you ever how great. Not think that they have. A big they sit back and look at the number certainly it will homily at 479 yards whatever that number was. And they and they it's like they start panic the third we couldn't even sit back and relax. That's why Europe should not a football player Europe and sit back elect promptly. Played football you can't children from lead you to about seven months Tom Brady Law you do hit that. We this in a conversation again the last few do you think it's changed do you think that gronkowski back to a fellow hasn't done much so far and a dull as second season we haven't seen much these rookie guys do you he has the weapons. Around him to be good enough though to be the player he was statistically two or three years ago great. It it compliment that they are put a mystery to bilk. People anything because you bring in a great player all of that now equate. That military are to build that truck that would four. With Eagles player are you over how and be enabled truck that receiver people curl out come back. Yard. It takes part the open and probably not a 100% it's gonna take him up you can people at the rock and they'll get rob looked like gold eagle the other where. He's not a 100% cut come that week. And the build painting he's probably not a 100% but it takes time. You know looked thrilled he's a big receiver he's John in the game and eventually. If I'm here I'm Tom Brady are all the way all of a radio that you say what you need to do. Let's get out it looked like extra work out walked direct route shall we let's watch real I'm a and com. And and and that the being that you have to do our young player if you wanna you'd better it's not com's all trust me. It could combat if you're open comp gonna fight that you either think being the chemistry in a report that he had with Julian battle because the war. Julian works are getting better he wore the speed that up that despite what people. Well you are decides he got the bad like all wheel got it's a primadonna. It doesn't want that. finally I don't know why I wanna know this but I do out what player in the National Football League not wearing a patriot uniform. Would Rodney Harrison pay money to see if you weren't in for free. forward Polamalu Islam. These big player out got Brady and and you know I love Julie and he's become one of my favorite book. You know we talk about a guy that just played for all the ways you wanna pick up like football. Troy Polamalu and any in here not you know it obviously we get older we get property we are now think about Troy. You know he still played extremely hard still great leader great. Instinct and took place in the late or to the whistle you can't pull all the treatment can be one got to click harder than Well really admire respect to wait here so the way he played in it we get older we what it But he still feel Rodney Harrison thinks the time enjoy your weekend we will be watching Sunday night and we'll talk to next week. Rodney Harrison at the Santelli on the AT&T hotline a conversation with rod has brought to you by Cumberland farms. Farm house blend iced coffee the Lansky insurance and Mickey and

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