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  1. Kirk & Callahan

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    K&C - Damien Woody thinks Rodgers is more talented than Brady, thinks it will be a Patriots-Packers Super Bowl


    "D-Wood" Joins the show to talk Brady vs. Rodgers and predicts a Patriots-Packers Super Bowl.

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  2. Ordway, Merloni & Fauria

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    O. M. F...B? Tim Benz joins OMF to talk Patriots-Steelers, 1-20-17


    Old Friend Tim Benz joins OMF, and while they regale tales of dysfunction, Benz manages to predict that the Patriots will win Sunday.

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  3. Dale & Holley

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    Patriots host Steelers in AFC Championship - complete coverage and analysis


    Dale, Michael and Rich Keefe spend the day discussing the AFC Championship.

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  4. Weekend Shows

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    Saturday Skate - Firing Claude


    The guys talk about if or when the Bruins will fire Coach Julian

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  5. WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon

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    Mut and Joe Castiglione close out Day 2 with Larry Lucchino and Lisa Scherber


    Mut and Joe close out day 2 of our radio telethon, they talk with Jimmy Fund Chairman and Red Sox President/CEO Emeritus Larry Lucchino about what the Jimmy Fund and the Radio Telethon mean to him. They then close out the night with the lady of the hour, Lisa Scherber, who means as much to the Jimmy Fund as the program to the patients is cares for.

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  1. WEEI Podcasts

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    Boston Sports 101 - Patriots History in the AFC Championship Game


    Uncle Buck, George from S**t Pats Fans Say, and Jerry Thornton talk about the Patriots history in the AFC Championship game, the big wins, the bad losses, and what it will take for the Pats to win another AFC Championship game.

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  2. Red Sox Baseball Coverage

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    Hot Stove Show Hour 2 - Hall of Fame candidates losing and gaining support


    Mut, Rob, and John are talking about some of the Hall of Fame candidates who gained or lost support within the last year. Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds both gained support, while Curt Schilling lost a chunk of votes he had gotten last year.

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  3. Bruins Hockey Coverage

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    Saturday Skate - Firing Claude


    Guys discuss if or when the Bruins will fire Coach Julian

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  4. Patriots Football Coverage

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    Devin McCourty talks to OMF about covering Antonio Brown, 1-20-17


    Patriots Safety Devin McCourty joined Glenn, Lou, and Christian, and talked about covering the Steelers Wide Receivers, and how he's helping the players who are in the AFC Championship for the first time prepare.

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  5. Celtics Basketball Coverage

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    Celtics Podcast - Isaiah Thomas' flagrant foul, and it's time for the Celtics to fill their biggest need 12-20-16


    WEEI.com's Mike Petraglia and Ben Kichen of the 'Dale and Holley Show' talk about Isaiah Thomas' flagrant foul against the Heat, and also discuss why it's time for the Celtics to address their biggest need.

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  1. Tom Brady wants to talk football, not President Donald Trump

    And I ask you about Donald Trump president prosecuted set out last place Washington vote heard about it he said you called him just wanted to do it tells little bit about hall. We're just for the new president you might come away whatever one's. How much does say. You can call it. He's admitted.

  2. Tom Brady says week of practice important but comes down to 3 hours Sunday

    I think. What will ultimately come down to it we'll three hours. We direct download groupings and inventing things. He's great games great reason great games this vs them. I don't always do better going into the game after I could be preparation. And I think teams. Don't understand. We're playing

  3. Mike Petraglia, Ryan Hannable preview Patriots advantage over Steelers

    Welcome back inside Gillette Stadium everybody my name is Mike per try had joined again by Ryan Hannibal. Expert blogger and columnist for WEEI dot com the it is what it is blocked. Ryan we are just over 48 hours away. From the AFC championship. Here at July stadium. The fifteen and two New England

    tony brown found at 6:33

  4. Bill Belichick focused on AFC Championship, not Donald Trump praise

    Doctor. So when. Everybody knows so much success against. Is it all the volunteers plays you studied that very few games for him through. Moved him over and voted to coordinator experience and what it was those differences that. There doesn't really noticing every game I don't know what you can.

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