Kirk & Callahan
  1. K&C - Tomase takes on Callahan regarding Islamic terrorism; Callers attack Tomase 5-25-17

    May 25 2017

    Hour 4: Gerry and Tomase go back and forth on terror in our world today.

  2. K&C - Michael Holley thinks Tyronn Lue has a better resume than Brad Stevens; K&C's office podcast is in rough shape 5-25-17

    May 25 2017

    Hour 3: Michael Holley has a crazy Celtics take and Gerry is pissed about our podcast equipment.

  3. K&C - David Price is getting a free pass; Brian Williams is getting a promotion 5-25-17

    May 25 2017

    Hour 2: David Price has it easy in Boston and Headlines with Kirk.

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Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
  1. OMF - Tyronn Lue won't let GSW distract him from the mighty Celtics 5-25-17

    May 25 2017

    Lebron could pass Michael Jordan in career playoff scoring tonight. But that, among other things, will not pull coach Lue's focus away from the Celtics. We also get back into Tom Brady concussion talk.

  2. OMF - Don't expect to see Lonzo Ball in green 5-25-17

    May 25 2017

    Despite the top pick in the NBA draft, don't expect to see Lonzo Ball in town any time soon. Father Lavar Ball shows that he may understand this business thing after all. And we get a phone call that is shrouded in mystery.

  3. OMF - Chris Sale: The Red Sox new girlfriend 5-25-17

    May 25 2017

    We explore John Farrell's interview (on Dale&Holley w/ Keefe) to kick off Hour 1. Naturally, Lou had some follow up questions. The David Price rehab tour continues. And Chris Sale continues his MLB dominance.

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Dale & Holley
  1. John Farrell - My players know I have their backs

    May 24 2017

    Dale, Holley and Keefe sit down with Sox skipper John Farrell for our weekly State of the Sox chat live from Fenway.

  2. Good job, good effort? Celts put up a fight but fall short against the Cavs in game 4

    May 24 2017

    Dale, Holley and Keefe discuss the Celtics loss in game 4 to Cleveland and the series overall.

  3. Is Ty Lue one of the NBA's best coaches? Plus Keefe hates Lebron and Michael hates Marv Albert

    May 24 2017

    We discuss the place of Tyronn Lue among the NBA's elite coaches and compare and contrast him with the Celtics' Brad Stevens. Plus Keefe still can't suffer Lebron James, and Holley isn't feeling Marv Albert at all.

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Weekend Shows
  1. Mike Mutnansky delves into the struggles of both the Red Sox and the Celtics -- 5-21-17

    May 21 2017

    A rare Sunday appearance for the Mut man who is riding high off his Preakness prediction and he gets into the struggles of the Sox and Celts. He talks about why it's time to get Farrell out of town and how demoralized the Celtics look as they head into Cleveland. Mut also gets into the Isaiah injury and one dumb thing written about each team.

  2. Bradford and Drellich discuss the Brady-Gisele-concussion fiasco that blew up last week -- 5-21-17

    May 21 2017

    The boys get into Gisele's interview with Charlie Rose in which she claimed that Brady has had concussions during his career and had one last season. What do we make of this claim and does that make you question Brady's desire to play for five or so more years? It's funny how Pats fans automatically assume she was wrong.

  3. Rob Bradford's Boston Media Awards of the week -- 5-21-17

    May 21 2017

    Bradfo gives us what we came here for ... the three Boston Media stars of the week and the winner of the Giardi cup.

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WEEI Podcasts
  1. The Real K&C – Double birds, fart noises & picture days 5-24-17

    May 24 2017

    Ken Laird and Chris Curtis are in after a K&C Wednesday show for the post-show gossip.

  2. #DORK 15: Best Sports Video Games

    May 23 2017

    Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey discuss the best sports video games of all-time. They break them down by sport and then ultimately crown a Top 5. Plus This Week in #DORK and the Pick of the Podcast.

  3. SoccerCast - Have Revs fans stopped caring about the team?

    May 23 2017

    Ben, Russ, and Alex talk about the European leagues coming to a conclusion, the ridiculous end to John Terry's time at Chelsea, and of course the Revs are heading to NY on a mini win streak but the fans don't seem to care about the on-field product anymore.

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Enough About Me with Kirk Minihane
  1. Ep. 59: Kirk’s Mailbag

    May 25 2017

    Kirk Minihane is back after a brief hiatus and answers questions from listeners about various things including WEEI personalities, the state of the K&C Casting Couch, his rift with John Dennis and more.

  2. Ep. 58: Mike Finkel, Author of True Story and The Stanger in the Woods

    May 4 2017

    Kirk Minihane talks to the author of the best selling book "The Stranger in the Woods" Mike Finkel. It is a crazy story of a hermit leaving in Maine. Mike is also the author of "True Story" which was made into a movie staring Jonah Hill and James Franco. Mike talks about how the movie came out, his thoughts on Jonah Hill portraying him, and if it was true to the book.

  3. Ep. 57: Garry W. Tallent, founding member of the E Street Band

    Apr 20 2017

    Kirk Minihane, Springsteen super fan, is joined by Garry W. Tallent, founding member of the E Street Band. Kirk and Garry talk about what it's like on tour with Bruce, how the band goes about selecting songs for the tour, Garry's projects away from the band, and Garry's upcoming solo tour that will bring him to the New England area.

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Red Sox Baseball Coverage
  1. Sam Travis Player of the Game Interview 5-24-17

    May 25 2017

    Joe and Tim talk with Red Sox first baseman Sam travis, who made his MLB debut tonight going 2-4 and scoring a run in the Red Sox 9-4 win over the Texas Rangers.

  2. Manager John Farrell with Dale, Holley and Keefe

    May 24 2017

    Our weekly check-in with John Farrell from Fenway.

  3. Bradfo Sho, Ep. 32: Partying with Mike Napoli

    May 23 2017

    Texas Rangers first baseman Mike Napoli joins Rob Bradford to talk the art of hugging, why some clubhouses work and some don't, and some previously untold stories about his time in Boston.

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Bruins Hockey Coverage
  1. Bruce Cassidy with Dale, Holley and Keefe

    May 4 2017

    Dale, Holley and Keefe interview the newest coach of the Boston Bruins for the first time, Bruce Cassidy.

  2. The 1972 Bruins

    Mar 17 2017


  3. Saturday Skate - Bruins and the All-Star break

    Jan 29 2017

    Guys talk the Bruins season so far and the All-Star Break

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Patriots Football Coverage
  1. MMQB's Peter King with Dale, Holley and Keefe

    Apr 6 2017

    We had an impromptu visit from Peter King from SI / MMQB to our Fenway Studios and decided to talk some NFL and Patriots with him.

  2. Phil Perry, CSNNE on the Patriots and NFL free agency

    Mar 9 2017

    Pete talks with The Senator, Phil Perry about the Patriots trading for Dwayne Allen, ruling out a return to New England for Martellus Bennett. They also talk about the potential future of Patriots backup QB Jimmy Garoppolo and some of the big names in NFL free agency

  3. NFL SUNDAY...the final segment of the year -- 2-5-17

    Feb 5 2017

    Pete, Thornton and Price give their final thoughts and predictions for the Super Bowl.

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Celtics Basketball Coverage
  1. LaVar Ball with Dale, Holley and Keefe

    Mar 30 2017

    Dale, Holley and Rich Keefe discuss NBA lottery pick Lonzo Ball with his very outspoken father Lavar Ball. The guys touch on the Celtics, his feud with his sons' high school coach, Lonzo being better than Steph Curry and much more.

  2. Kirk and Callahan- Will Isaiah Thomas win a title in Boston? 3-7-17

    Mar 7 2017

    Kirk, Gerry, and Alex Reimer discuss whether or not Isaiah Thomas will win a title in Boston.

  3. Kirk and Callahan- Celtics lose after Thomas mishandles the ball 3-6-17

    Mar 6 2017

    Gerry, Kirk, and Trenni react to the Celtics loss against the Suns.

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