Kirk & Callahan
  1. K&C - Tomase gives his biggest A-Hole acceptance speech, 4-25-17

    Apr 25 2017

    John Tomase gives his acceptance speech for winning the 2017 Kirk and Callahan NC-Double A-hole tournament.

  2. K&C- Crazy Al and one of the worst callers ever; Arkansas death row inmates’ final demands; Tomase accepts his Biggest A-hole award 4-25-17

    Apr 25 2017

    Hour 4. Crazy Al calls in for the second day in a row. A terrible caller tries to make a point. The Arkansas inmates had interesting last meals. Tomase’s epic acceptance speech.

  3. K&C- Cyd Ziegler joins the show, thinks it’s wrong that McPhee outed Hernandez 4-25-17

    Apr 25 2017

    Cyd Ziegler, of Outsports, says it isn’t right to talk ab out Hernandez’s sexuality.

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Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
  1. OMF - Magic flirts with tampering; Crowder for Melo?; Tomase's A-Hole speech, 2-25-17

    Apr 25 2017

    HOUR 4 - The guys talked about Magic Johnson "tampering" with Paul George on Jimmy Kimmel, a potential Jae Crowder for Carmelo Anthony trade, Isaiah Thomas' growth as a playoff performer, and we ended the show with John Tomase's A-Hole acceptance speech.

  2. OMF – Pedroia goes back on his word, Price Twitter issues continue, and Rondo is coming back. 4-25-17

    Apr 25 2017

    Hour 3 - The guys review the remarks Dustin Pedroia made about siding with his teammates years ago compared to his lack of having Matt Barnes back. Lou has a stern response to David Price’s “Twitter Press Conference.” News breaks that Rondo may be able to play in game 6.

  3. OMF – Patriots backfield, and Bart Hubbuch Deadspin Article on Kraft. 4-25-17

    Apr 25 2017

    Hour 2 - Glenn, Lou, and Christian review at the Patriots busy backfield and debate on who will make the team, and why they didn’t value LaGarrette Blount anymore. The guys examine the Bart Hubbuch Deadspin article on Kraft being on the board of directors of private-equity Apollo Global Management, which is linked to Caesars.

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Dale & Holley
  1. Boston Globe's hit-piece on Brady's charitable donations has everybody talking

    Apr 26 2017

    The article didn't actually reveal anything that wasn't already public record, but the Globe "expose" on Brady and his relationship with the Best Buddies charity certainly has everybody around here talking about it.

  2. Sox/Yanks get rained out... final thoughts on Pedroia and David Price is back on Twitter

    Apr 26 2017

    We spend some time talking Sox as news of the rain cancellation comes down. A few more thoughts on the spat in Baltimore and Dustin Pedroia, plus David Price takes to twitter for his "media session".

  3. Keefer Madness 04-25-17

    Apr 26 2017

    Dollar beer night in Houston!

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Weekend Shows
  1. Red Sox Review with Danny Picard: Did Dustin Pedroia throw Matt Barnes under the bus? 04-23-17

    Apr 23 2017

    Danny talks about the Red Sox and Orioles game and the fireworks in the 8th inning when Matt Barnes threw at Manny Machado. Pedroia was shown talking to Machado saying he wouldn't have thrown at his head and Danny wants to know how bad does this make Pedroia look throwing a teammate under the bus.

  2. Is Tom Brady Doing Anything Wrong With Best Buddies? 4-23-17

    Apr 23 2017

    Bradfo is joined by CSNNEs Evan Drellich, and the two open the show discussing the Tom Brady/Best Buddies Boston Globe article. Callers argue if this is a Tom Brady or political story, and Susan from Quincy gives a lot of insight from an accountant's perspective.

  3. Bradfo's Media Stars Of The Week, 4-23-17

    Apr 23 2017

    Bradfo announces his three Boston media stars of the week, including how President Trump lifted someone to the number 1 spot.

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WEEI Podcasts
  1. #DORK 11: Alan Moore

    Apr 25 2017

    Rich Keefe & Uncle Buck (Boston Sports 101) talk about the greatest comic book writer of all-time, Alan Moore. They look at his best works including Watchmen, From Hell, V for Vendetta, Batman: The Killing Joke and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Plus they rank the movies he has inspired (and refused to watch).

  2. Ever-Green with Holley and Keefe Ep 3: Celtics pull even with Bulls

    Apr 24 2017

    Keefe, Holley, and Ben talk about how the Celtics tied their series with the Bulls after a terrible start, why Gerald Green is starting and making an impact, and where is Jaylen Brown?

  3. Sports Check Up - Ep. 11: Christian Fauria and Dr Gill talk about Baseball season

    Apr 24 2017

    Christian Fauria and Dr Gill talk about the beginning of the Baseball season. Why players need as much time as they do to get ready for the season, and what they should be doing in their offseason.

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Enough About Me with Kirk Minihane
  1. Ep. 57: Garry W. Tallent, founding member of the E Street Band

    Apr 20 2017

    Kirk Minihane, Springsteen super fan, is joined by Garry W. Tallent, founding member of the E Street Band. Kirk and Garry talk about what it's like on tour with Bruce, how the band goes about selecting songs for the tour, Garry's projects away from the band, and Garry's upcoming solo tour that will bring him to the New England area.

  2. Ep. 56: Howie Carr

    Mar 23 2017

    Kirk Minihane, future radio hall of famer, sits down with current radio hall of famer Howie Carr. Kirk and Howie talk about Howie's latest book Kennedy Babylon. If you like famous people engaging in sex scandals, hard drug taking, and murder this is the podcast for you. Its a fascinating look at Boston's most famous family and the problems that took the family down.

  3. Ep. 55: Kirk has a proposal for Callahan and the Producers

    Mar 9 2017

    Kirk Minihane, host and overlord of the morning show, brings Gerry Callahan and producers Chris and Ken into the studio to hear his show proposal. Kirk is thinking about making some changes to the morning show and wants to hear his crew's opinion.

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Red Sox Baseball Coverage
  1. Bradfo Sho, Ep. 27: Craig Breslow defends Tom Brady

    Apr 24 2017

    Rob Bradford is joined by Minnesota Twins relief pitcher Craig Breslow, who is one of the foremost authorities among professional athletes when it comes to understanding how charities work. Not only does Breslow head up his own charity, the Strike 3 Foundation, but also proactively has taken the Boston Globe to task via a letter to the editor after a 2013 article criticizing the allocation of funds for high-profile athlete's charities. Breslow digs into the recent controversy surrounding Tom Brady's affiliation with Best Buddies, explaining why the recent Globe article was misguided.

  2. Andrew Benintendi Player of the Game Interview 04-23-17

    Apr 23 2017

    Joe Castiglione and Tim Neverett talked to the Sox left fielder, who had five hits in the Sox win in Baltimore.

  3. Bradfo Sho, Ep. 26: Merloni, Schilling talk getting revenge

    Apr 23 2017

    Rob Bradford is joined by both Lou Merloni and Curt Schilling to discuss the recent controversy involving Manny Machado, Dustin Pedroia, Matt Barnes and their respective teams. The two former major leagues offer insight to how baseball handles (and should handle) hitting batters as an act of revenge, with their own stories of involving similar situations as the one that unfolded in Baltimore. They also break down the decision to take Chris Sale out of his last start after eight innings. The former pitcher and batter cover it all from every angle.

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Bruins Hockey Coverage
  1. The 1972 Bruins

    Mar 17 2017


  2. Saturday Skate - Bruins and the All-Star break

    Jan 29 2017

    Guys talk the Bruins season so far and the All-Star Break

  3. Saturday Skate - Firing Claude

    Jan 22 2017

    Guys discuss if or when the Bruins will fire Coach Julian

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Patriots Football Coverage
  1. MMQB's Peter King with Dale, Holley and Keefe

    Apr 6 2017

    We had an impromptu visit from Peter King from SI / MMQB to our Fenway Studios and decided to talk some NFL and Patriots with him.

  2. Phil Perry, CSNNE on the Patriots and NFL free agency

    Mar 9 2017

    Pete talks with The Senator, Phil Perry about the Patriots trading for Dwayne Allen, ruling out a return to New England for Martellus Bennett. They also talk about the potential future of Patriots backup QB Jimmy Garoppolo and some of the big names in NFL free agency

  3. NFL SUNDAY...the final segment of the year -- 2-5-17

    Feb 5 2017

    Pete, Thornton and Price give their final thoughts and predictions for the Super Bowl.

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Celtics Basketball Coverage
  1. LaVar Ball with Dale, Holley and Keefe

    Mar 30 2017

    Dale, Holley and Rich Keefe discuss NBA lottery pick Lonzo Ball with his very outspoken father Lavar Ball. The guys touch on the Celtics, his feud with his sons' high school coach, Lonzo being better than Steph Curry and much more.

  2. Kirk and Callahan- Will Isaiah Thomas win a title in Boston? 3-7-17

    Mar 7 2017

    Kirk, Gerry, and Alex Reimer discuss whether or not Isaiah Thomas will win a title in Boston.

  3. Kirk and Callahan- Celtics lose after Thomas mishandles the ball 3-6-17

    Mar 6 2017

    Gerry, Kirk, and Trenni react to the Celtics loss against the Suns.

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