WEEI>On Demand>>Tom Brady misses practice with a calf injury. Cause for concern? Or more Patriots injury report chicanery?

Tom Brady misses practice with a calf injury. Cause for concern? Or more Patriots injury report chicanery?

Sep 4, 2014|

We discuss the news that Tom Brady missed the entirety of Thursday's practice, then popped up on the injury report with a calf injury.

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-- got from Miami oh and Miami puts out somebody one of their guys their put out the sheet that's also got the patriots on it. Did not protest the patent practice quarterback Tom Brady injury calf. Really. That actually worries me more because there's a specific injury. I calf injury and her why you missed practice today according to the patriots injury report. If so look they put calf injury down yes and and you know. You know -- the patriots do business what do you think you really. Well if I had read shoulder I said okay you know business as usual here. They got they went a long way from the of the from the shoulder and remember when he was on the injury report all comedy has got a good weeks here you know shoulder their per year -- but all of a sudden today. Did not participate in practice Tom Brady. -- What -- that -- he was -- the facility as we said Chile's men's and young tweet about the issue was in his street clothes were in his locker. So he was and they're getting treatment that's why you didn't see him. Missed all of practice today. Thursday before the opener Sunday because of a calf injury. This song that he misses bearer of going down stairs that he get up and and and overnight global snack and those stumbled around. The expansive. Condo mansion whatever is Garko one of these days town house. What happened -- that he had this injury all along. And they decided to lose. Just mentioned and now. But if you had -- all you like what all of that wasn't an injury report yesterday did it listed at all. I mean what's in the so when Dominique Easley wasn't listed yesterday showed that he did. Did this happened last night slash this Moore did it for her -- yes Tom Brady. Word. He did something crazy -- did something -- at practice yesterday or after practically habit to be re aggravated yesterday. Somebody called us off the year and so to criticize. For hey you're not no no no let's call -- Tom -- Tommy current McCoy -- You know people like you. Because these guys. All as I atlases and hoping. You -- street -- benefit. Why are we talking about this drives me crazy. Is something it's your job to cover the team. So you tell me. Wanna see as in any dot com to read Tommy cars on patriots -- write something. So I won't talk about write something so I can say like you do is not a big deal the one person at a Nevada is a not a big deal and -- purple. One person who wrote something like I forget his -- -- the man's name but he's he's cute he works what Mike Reese from ESPN Boston just said -- play. On Sunday what his -- will be ready Obama ready for glory -- foreign source these things say. He's flying there's no injury. It didn't say anything like that just said she'll be ready for some. That leaves it wide open. Well now the question is an -- I've already gotten at the text messages from people out at 3737. Are you guys falling for this business as usual for Bill Belichick act. Nada not -- practice yet -- not on it you don't want this one Thursday practice the entire Thursday practice for the sake of messing with the Miami Dolphins. It's a large amounts of them I mean they've they've Miami knows that they've known for a long long time their first game is against the patriots. Schedule came out a long time ago. And if you wanna mess with the ministry hole. Let's make them think that Tom Brady is not playing even with -- a calf injury. Even with a calf injury for Joseph Philbin you're preparing to face Tom Brady but now that the commitment from the fantasy football game tonight. I am over it I'm like you -- I like I think is gonna throw for 400 yards. Two or three touchdowns no interceptions in the patriots win going away. No absolutely not ultimately that -- lightly placed -- yes because as Ron Borges at to a -- -- -- -- -- always does short when. His -- meant he couldn't even walks -- much going out he's always there and believe -- -- yet site. But the fact that he missed the entire practice on -- -- No participation in practice. Because of a calf injury. At least gives me pause on the Patriot Act doesn't concern you -- east bit. You hang around west while Josh court because you're smoke and some words that element six -- out and I wonder which one. I like Michael a better prepare. Where's the trainer friend of mine used. A six 7779737. -- Alley Sports Radio W. You know what I thought -- retire I don't play -- but improvement but if probably didn't plan on having a calf injury either. I I I know that there are a lot of folks out there and we've seen him on Twitter we've seen among the text machine who were saying c'mon now this is just this is ballot check messing around. He did -- Tom Brady on the injury report literally for years. Shoulder limited participation in practice. You've missed practice. This is missing an entire practice. Because of a calf injury. -- to I think this is some you know career threatening debilitating calf injury course not. Do I think he's gonna place Sunday gap because as Ron Borges says it always shows up on Sunday. -- that he missed the entire practice first week of the season. At least gives you pause doesn't. I'm going to drop below. Am Jimmy at the Republicans say first day came and at a and I. Applaud the starter. On the road in Miami. Match in the panic around a star's -- star is born drop below is panic around here now -- -- a match in the panic. If it was still Ryan mallet as your backup quarterback. Just think of of all the jerseys that they'll sell down at Gillette for McLeod Bethel Thompson. This is great for new backup quarterback opportunity for his family that befell -- hash tag them Bethel. Hyphen hyphen Thompson. I want policy but now that you mention -- -- the NFL player with a hash tag hurricane. Has stack on his and here's a tip -- -- Ochocinco were totally he'd be the first one do it. He probably make hash -- part of his name. He would it -- could. Well it'll be interesting to see now obviously now the questions going to be practice tomorrow. Missed the entire practice today according to Chile's Manzi on his clothes were there are so he was there. And now we nobody had a calf injury of course -- was errors in treatment. Missed an entire practice. With a calf injury or is it as simple process of a bill Belichick's and for crying out loud just stay off the practice field you know with the you know the offense we've installed already. You know you know were -- Sunday. But he still up there for the stretching and it'll be out there plus you know he knows it but it's you're you're. Your team so it's fine yeah he he knows. Essentially what the Miami Dolphins are gonna do and he understands where the pressure's gonna come from outlets that -- You're preparing for a game -- percent just Tom Brady preparing a bunch of guys preparing an offense. -- was some questions on the offensive line you've got. Some some new people like Tim -- Well yeah I'm still haven't played a pre season game not a single pre season game with the with the Rob Gronkowski and support from to be a practice. I mean let's be honest that that the good news here is of course Tom Brady can't lose his starting position due to injury and because that doesn't happen. Men. On the national Ana FL week. 617779793. Several public that's. Tampa doesn't really have a quarterback his body Logan Mankins down a -- Mike's on the cell hey Mike I don't know what. Mike. What's up Mike is our -- that Brady practiced probably want another you know classic Bill Belichick metal top that preparation. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know he doesn't do that it is starting quarterback but not on Thursday they yeah well it just I just don't pay attention -- much of that until Sunday morning and you know. It you know you never know what -- and especially Brady. I expect him to be there to return nobody else is now -- and it's because Belichick learned dial back a little bit humid -- no you don't talk about. Telecheck coach -- and not having any. Solid coaches come out of it I think that gives him more credibility to a head ever coached. I think that makes him. Look like a better head coach because he didn't have. Quality head coaching material under him where did you pick out parts album -- -- ourselves. He had he had Belichick hit Coughlin. And you know I forget who I you know you get the picture right yet and followed head coaches under him. You know teaching that they're rich did your defense and -- and do it to do what he needed them to do. And all you know likely it probably didn't have equality under him. Yeah I mean part of that is as you know and we've always talked about coaching the coaches. And and Belichick is as had a a history here of bringing guys up through the ranks and and you know you start as a defensive backs coach -- You know the next thing you know -- the offensive. Tight ends coach did the likes to move guys around a lot these things. It just hasn't produced any really good head coaches. Yes it. Well NFL head coach autonomy. And it's. -- really viewed even if you go back. Go back to his Cleveland staff the statements on this staff. And Ozzie Newsome was on his staff so. I think the people who were running programs. -- Ozzie Newsome -- Is one of the best general managers football pinkie and wanted to grow best talent violators of -- -- the people were running programs -- he got that you know -- -- Ozzie Newsome. She orbit look at some of the coaches. So Jim Schwartz on that staff. Good coordinator but. Jim -- of the head coach. Not so much and you could just go you can keep going you know Mangini was there keep going down elicits Israeli. Such call I mean you mentioned yeah Kirk's parents and other Arkansas Iowa. Pat hill's another wanted to say these -- the guys at the presidency was okay what's the presence there 6177797937. -- telephone number it's dale holly Sports Radio WEEI. Fourth and final are dale and Holley Sports Radio WEEI our buddy Greg Dickerson is in the house with a says well. Like to I think that this is via the end of the patriots season of course not -- I think that Tom Brady won't play Sunday I doubt it. I don't know the packed the Tom Brady didn't play. A second a practice today the Thursday before the Sunday opener because of what the patriots now say is a calf injury. Gives me a little bit concerned. I think he doesn't practice tomorrow will you be surprised if you. If he doesn't play on Sunday he missed two days of practice Thursday -- I would be more likely than that he missed -- PP if you missed two full days and I don't know how much practice and other gonna travel after practice tomorrow. It's not it's not a walk through practice they'll do that on Saturday but it's it's not this outlook Wednesday Thursday the big practices for the week. He was there yesterday. We don't know what it listed on the injury report yesterday. Nothing not limited participation nothing. Today didn't participate at all DN PE because of the cap interest. About plea deal was that your -- to work during the break you have interest and don't really -- -- -- -- -- just. How much I love and how much -- all of our -- Fraud has asked me because of that Ullman as that would it was so that's exactly what I don't it's and you'll it will go and I'm sure that pitted that got back up. We'll still be stay at the divorce proceedings that a when asked by the judge godaddy ear phones over in my -- sort out the drag of watching your travails through. I thought I thought they did I thought well I'll tell you what I set goals somebody's under -- but these folks a text machine. You know they say and and on Twitter as well I'll come on -- old lady this is ballot check messed around this is what he always does. And I said it's like arguing with my wife she doesn't listen to what we say sometimes. He doesn't keep him out of practice completely does he messed around with the injury report absolutely. Tom Brady limited participation shoulder. And when they get to a status probable. They don't keep amount. He doesn't miss practices. For the sake of messing around with the dolphins in the NFL he doesn't miss entire practices on a Wednesday or Thursday. It doesn't happen. And again we said this earlier. There are times during the middle of the season where he sets out on -- Wednesday Thursday or Friday. To give his arm a little bit of -- he has -- may have easily guilty and this thing -- think the -- case before week wanna be an apple season and also. Arguments with wives is that the deal with and sometimes. That's fed up. That's your wife's not listening -- right now I'm a union are still get arguments with your wife. I'll stop or not you're plot no no yeah totally I went out all right years ago what happened to Greg Dickerson -- just get I arguing that nobody else but with our. I actually had to -- like Dillon you're right got a guy on you right -- -- point built upon Iraq in particular better marriage -- a sort of thought of that. Can't light up and Texas as they did was able. Even at Texas has again you wanna stay in my place -- Might need to place you don't know Steve's in Chicopee hasty I don't. It go and says the about Brady and Belichick. Speak you know play pretty. -- not. He was happy. To replace any other only to -- left. That -- can hit the ball what are they still. Time to time it didn't straight out of our round it is Margaret you were doing that why people. What will -- -- -- -- a try to beat this speculate you're right at all I don't blame him tomorrow. Or at Bronx. -- did or didn't like what was OK yesterday Steve and it has not met today I was going to build up towards this bell. Cuba. -- all. In -- I don't know I don't blame her for a blend so well straight. Are you. Buying a player -- player now Darrelle Revis sees little. -- -- -- -- I don't know where to start and out of here here's where I'll start went for you okay. Last year the Denver Broncos -- the highest scoring offense the National Football League. 37 point nine points a game. The patriots were tied for second with the Chicago -- got enough. Without Crocker and out of the season by the way tied with the Chicago Bears for second. What was the biggest Achilles heel for the patriots last year aside from injuries or most of it was because of injuries with France. And I think Belichick get a job during the offseason I'll try to solidify their teeth. Not only were talking about practice. Which from a Tom Brady faking. Position out of business these mats and gonna illustrate yesterday -- you this guy like Tom Brady respect Tom Brady. So do you think the guy you you like and respect. Would face -- Would fake an injury. To make a point -- what great -- to say it it gets they would I don't know I don't know I don't know he realizes from storage does. Can say whatever he wants. Without any retribution from the head coach he's the one guy one thing going bill Belichick's office and say you -- you -- nothing without me. You'll be you'll be nothing if I when I leave this organization. You know -- crew. And nothing happened. So you think Tom Brady is gonna happen a fake hit a fake an injury. Once you do now -- -- -- I have an average of I you know it I'm not the brightest guy right. I'm significantly dumber now. That I was three minutes let's please just started it started when he was talking about how they pissed radio by trading away Wes Welker. -- that was a year ago it Mankins they traded at this time to pay off but walker was entered Michael but you don't what speaking of significantly -- Now I do wanna pay the previous caller Steve from Chicopee miss this because today that is Greg pickers like. Okay it's Thursday. So the favorites. -- lightning round where we embraced but not too early we embraced mr. -- After 545. And realized it was too I'm not it's not a twelve minutes after 5540. File we embrace the stupidity. And we are asking. We're asking. Who thinks we're firm where we're humans what we need two things. Rule is gonna win the championship it was good wins to provoke it. We do remember he's taught in public this is Tom Brady faking it. It. -- or a more provocative question what is the last -- they're operating a -- it. And and without the third was the MVP league this year MVP of the league Super Bowl champion Tom Brady maker. And number eighty place. Are all out there if the NFL openings opening night version of the lightning round we embrace. All stupidity your most most of the. -- says when my boss pisses me off by elected even by using my own sick time and faking illness it's a gate to -- to. -- The letter -- Like your legs up and move it throw you a writer radio and well I'm Mike. Hey have married your engines. That sort of cute thing to an end in. The first one news. And I was driving down the road in my car their -- -- on the radio. On the personal and touched by your upstream of the Cleveland Browns. I'm really sorry. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I really poor and I really want to thank mr. -- to remind me about her line -- -- -- that there was practically and your own pinball scores through and didn't and didn't mean. Now 88 yard -- the other way. -- down the field I wanted it's much -- all over. -- didn't know him that he did the first time for the twentieth time that at bottom and Otis go to don't buy it notice. We're -- Curtis -- probable because that's what happens in sports like somebody screws up in sports. Your teammates rally around June interview after the games. We lose as a team we win as a team and one thing it is not gonna cost us the game but -- ever -- -- fumble. Nobody was around -- You're not your -- guys not all there is literally there is a fool look at him. -- crossed with money taken money out of our pockets. -- -- in Bangalore as -- -- disagree I don't -- I do disagree with all of -- Marino was the -- and it's harder at all you know the real guns here and I I disagree I think it was Dan Welch. And I think now thrown I don't think I really super 1000 yards and certainly there are alienating want. And Marino. Three years were 848586. -- like the air Corey L offense that they had out in San Diego did predate -- that's -- it's good point by. -- won't say I give this up I really want a picture attribution to this because he reminded me and I can keep tradition but anyways. And I Georgie -- and it was strong retreat value or nobody doing anything in the old. Yeah well. I'm just gonna say needed to be any favors a -- through the George planned to. And appreciate the call up by the bottle -- this tweet from somebody who reminded me and reminded us. Brady missed practice last year. Before the AFC championship game and for those of you who guessed it -- the wings they've practiced but those of you forget like I forgot -- -- got to go back and look up. It was in a homeless right it was in the shoulder was -- -- was fought it was an -- go to vote. Different than it is that a sort they have lied to use it lied to us. Said -- injury you know illness everybody feels fine public -- until I feel better yet announced whether. -- Because it's Belichick. Because of the you know months and months and months of Brady -- a probable shoulder. Of the NFL calls of up and says -- Well c'mon sick. And maybe he's -- they don't question that stuff I don't think it's they would agree on because I don't think he takes the call -- -- -- tell birds and obviously I'm on the practice field. Colonial stock those guys boxing bluster about I don't. They do you do Bob. Good good. You know ready if Belichick is making a Miami. Prepare Richard quarterback and a group that way -- doing. All. I've got some help at all and all I -- Up but I'm public -- the other program in the minority here -- -- I think Belichick very overrated. I -- I think a lot of pets alone -- pat them on a -- much. But I think you know at eleven years. You know at a I think people forget and I think -- -- -- and general manager. They are going -- you're not really cut and GM I think what he's -- -- the counter for crap that's what you see people like Welker going to. Brady came down about it contract let me and -- from -- that it Welker and what -- -- and I point out to you probably know. All well all in effect Belcher. About not and I don't don't don't play that game -- -- -- -- give -- -- up. -- let them back and forth back and forth in delicate delicate the ball back. But he has he has operated the exact same way. Every year that he's been in charge here. Yeah I remember lawyer Malloy I don't you operate -- -- The last American but come on even when Scott Pioli had the title who was running football operations. At the Super Bowl. Popular vote -- they gotten to know he wasn't no he was not in charge today they know what the -- don't Pretoria. The black women who are high enough and that title and job. Belichick has been the the GM of the patriot since the since his first press conference. Here he's been a -- of the patriot since he's been here. It will select personnel and out. Yeah some things that the only right thing to do it I think the only was working for Bill Belichick -- be but if you wanna say final say. What a literate and what they were. 01 we talk about success have they won the Super Bowl the last two at nine years -- but Ben. Well but they banned the tools some. It in which they just barely lost like they've been on the AFC championship game in the last three you know drop off. Well you know obviously epic all of federal court to back. For the last ten or eleven near that. That's the way to go about it -- general manager. I agree with that -- before -- whatever framework that would make him look at pocono when they did not leave a -- of they let the -- money. And that's where Belichick it's pretty. I ask you this one more question. And common of those guys that Belichick let's go because of money end up being pro bowlers elsewhere. Any of them. I nobody will look at -- yeah that would be -- -- a one Reynolds -- well I think it is because the money not performance I think -- showed a lecture. He had a lot of -- what that thing. And you accept Bobby Jindal Bob you do understand that the patriots offered the same money got Denver right. It was too late you know -- put -- money Bobby and I are on the money -- Welcome back that's not a -- like a typical thing. You -- -- -- get a bit more and more -- looks like the Belichick from Cleveland went 37 imported by the -- are. That's real Belgium yeah that makes him and bridge -- and and equality in the last two reporting where port four and thirteen. We know how that turned -- I think Belichick and very overrated I epithets -- weight will relate to dolphins cornerback. OK -- I wonder. And that's that I like you know you can always -- guys is all right no problem with that yet but it but it does he honestly think. The bill as you said Michael built ballot check ram football operations from the date of the press conference here that's why he came here. I don't care what title Scott Pioli had Scott Pioli Scott Pioli worked for Bill Belichick what the other way around and tell you. And he'll try to tell you that heartbeat all along. And and the idea that but I Belichick and at the title of GM now. The title doesn't exist in -- now a -- today. And it didn't exist then what he's always been the guy who's run the football operation -- what do fastball to fight thought about a mass anybody. Who feels like Bob at the patriots three side Wes Welker last year and and Britain have them and the patriots atom. Well that a change their fortunes around with a patriots all of a sudden what they've gone to the Super Bowl won the Super Bowl. Think sell their problems last year -- necessarily on the offensive side of the football based what I had all the injuries they had on the defense -- -- football I would say Michael. We'd begun to embrace the stupidity a little early here. What we are gonna do it at 545545. They're ready to -- simple questions who's gonna win the -- Super Bowl championship who's going to be the MVP. As Tom Brady plan on Sunday certificate and picking apart. This African DiFelice wanna get in the personals and does not interest him. So that taxes -- in -- Smart. This one here. Said. I think he -- there are times when you won a Super Bowl. Or or two or three callers forget that they were just lucky to win the first Super Bowl as they were unlucky. To lose the last couple. I mean it written -- -- -- great point you get you wherever you army to take it take it to New England or record go beyond. If you are a team that has won the Super Bowl. In the last seven or eight years and you haven't gotten back or gotten back and you line. It is the criticism as well. I have won a Super Bowl and took a long time what if you'd done what -- -- done. What a lot of teams and NFL I've never done. -- actually won. Not one not do not there a mean of of one and a a huge Super Bowl but. It can get to a point where sustained success and being on the doorstep. There's not enough for people and Belichick may be overrated and that's the one point. I can't argue with our previous caller on because and that's just a matter of opinion you know either. You like him or you don't you think he's got to tell the -- an all time great he may be overrated but. If you wanna say what is Belichick the GM done. Belichick GM came and took over -- -- -- team. And then mated. One of the best franchises in the NFL. Over the course of the last 1415 years. Texas -- guys I think Brady was supposed to take personal day yesterday. But since the whole Welker thing came out coach wanted to make sure Brady was there -- the media would make any accusations that they were together. At the at Kentucky Derby. You don't take personal day on the -- you install the offensive game plan for Sunday's game yesterday's game plan installation day. There is a quarterback in the National Football League who is healthy who takes that as a personal bag on the day you -- the offense so good try but now. Other somebody theories -- out of float around there because patriot fans are scared to death although what this. Could mean. And what could happen seeing a lot of inaudible play. Bottom here there's a lot of them on what is a lot London -- -- -- to divulge what -- if I I got -- I got one he's trying to get our attention. With the -- -- -- -- read the story yesterday trying to get the we -- the attention -- -- he's trying to get our attention the media fans attention with a cap interest at tech after a -- wrote that a -- he reports that that Tom Brady passed earlier today. I don't think that's out of business elderly and actually now Richards on the cellphone Richard I don't who. Boy -- let's go to -- rent. -- -- -- All I'm ready Axel -- ready tonight this is a popcorn a occasion tonight. We got Seattle we got Green Day. -- that overrated that brought about overrated overrated twelfth man factor in Seattle all that madness I'm looking forward to it. Its start in the art I'm excited about it but I wanted to -- period. The comment about a lap almost all. In it liberate their. Last -- we didn't mobile OK I would honestly couldn't figure exactly out what to what Matt was -- in all we -- All right now. Well. Anybody think that. Telecheck is perhaps being our. No. I -- cabinet in contemporary art beat that. Belichick from street -- -- -- lets it run the team he throws in his two cents here and there but ultimately all the cities and Bill Belichick. -- -- -- -- It would seem more or order a law I expect that there is the first game. And the last game return right around smacked them right back in the row. -- -- to keep in mind here -- I was trying to point out to the the previous caller. Bill Belichick has done business exactly this way. From the day he took over here you go back to the lawyer Malloy getting cut the Monday before the season opener. And and then signing with the team you're gonna play in the season opener. You know you you go through every single year of guys who they make decisions on based on this is what we think that position is worth. And Logan Mankins case I don't think they felt that he was playing at a ten point five million dollar app yet. Level anymore in the national football so liking I can have another guy. Probably won't be Logan Mankins ball won't be that far below Logan Mankins. But it's got to free up a lot of money now where that's -- that's where the argument comes in that but that you have got what what everybody says he has always just put money in crafts pockets. They never. They always spend. You might not like how placement they're gonna get -- according signed a contract extension there inmates older signed a contract extension. If they got their Darrelle Revis signed you'd all be very excited not be fine too. They'll spend. They're not gonna say fourteen million dollars in at the end of the season you know Bill Belichick called Bob Kraft it was opposite and got a present for your boss. How they do business down there while is that but it. This is where. -- -- -- revenue dismiss all of the Brady making a statement. With a calf injury a conspiracy theories this tournament -- about it if Tom Brady wanted to make a statement you know property can do make a statement. Like a real statement like I say it -- like a radio show here or is -- -- every Monday patriots Monday. Tom Brady can make bill Belichick's life difficult. He can make PR for Belichick extremely difficult if he wanted to he knows he has to know this. But he hasn't he's never done it Tom Brady is really pissed about Logan Mankins -- going to come on the Radio One thing we -- up. I can't believe we did this mean he can do all the steps we wouldn't have to do the passive aggressive out unhurt but I'm not really hurt. Asked me what's wrong with me I'm not gonna tell you but figure it out read between alliance. All that man being Camby BSE were just cannot say it. -- -- -- have to say tickets and a hate Mike -- and lock them -- here for a second let me tell you I I never told Cubans. Don't use my name on pissed. He still has plenty game left -- -- we messed this thing up bill screw this thing -- just don't give up about it items that anybody. I don't think he really wanted to do it if he wanted it to. He doesn't have to be afraid of anybody. Like that that -- the whole operation -- about it the the importance of ownership in the head coach and the quarterback. But put both of them or are whimpering if if Tom Brady is not the air Tom Brady is not happy now some are happy it's like a little remakes of DOJ gonna find out tonight. If the wife may have happened you can expect nobody's happy detail what you -- about rhetoric.

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