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Will the Pats lose a division game? 9-4-14

Sep 4, 2014|

We preview the Patriots first game against the Dolphins on Sunday.

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Ruling decided come back because there's. Actual football talk about it and I. Going on a good get a feel it's still a bigger balls back tonight. We -- plan. We've played against. It's now -- -- and also I mean really we've been on the road a lot. Guys really get -- out. Short jail on Monday through this will be the official put our first official kickoff. Football season and our first show in a long time for all of us including Joseph doesn't develop like three weeks haven't even. Are all the studios are fools joke. Before but Spitzer -- -- that could. Well I get a good. Like there's not a slow clap. Thought I was waiting for the had to go to -- golf since the Red Sox get swept by the cubs at home. For me true false when he got to know that I best time of the year ago swept by the gonna get old. IWeb is football so we don't camp opens up but when does football -- get a game that night but we got a lot of action this weekend. Welcome back bottle I think mr. -- While you're gone -- one guy who pinch hit for you while Christa was also on the road any heart nine yes sir -- good. Bio to girl and I don't be heard and point anchor in remade. But Andy said. And I think he's partially right about discretionary visited this yesterday that there's just an inherent. Negative to sports talk radio that she can't live in the moment. Right that everything has to be forecasted. On the line and I did my best to try to defend the industry by saying well it's more savvy audience these days people know about the salary cap people know about the business and things. -- decades and decades these sports teams that we care about have been making decisions based on long term planning which is kind of note the planning is a lot Morgan is quite frankly we need stop talk about. And then there's that there. It and -- leaped from that to the point isn't directly relates the patriots their season starting. Is that it's awfully hard. You have in depth the nuts and bolts X and -- conversation about the patriots when it's a foregone conclusion in the minds of 90% of the audience that. I just went twelve games anyway that we do so the week to week analysis the week to week what's gonna happen with the patriots -- and all that interest. And Chris and I we're going over this yesterday a bit of where he got back -- in Ohio -- all the thought about it and if you look at the patriots. Going into the 2014 season. And you're at least going to acknowledge that they're not gonna go -- Christian. Sixteen and lives well pocket. I don't think they're gonna go six when you really think they're gonna deal we -- our predictions are official -- I don't know but I have to wait but they're not -- a sixty. That's not an app I'd assume we dare to say that you're looking at -- in the thirteen when range. -- in deficit and look at the neighborhood range and also fair to. Suggest that if they're gonna drop three games one of the three very well may likely be a road game in division char. Are the chip count twice there's like three of those yes there are one albums on Sunday -- The problem or is good as the patriots are historically when it comes to winning their opener. I guess the -- Jason wood gears is the patriots in the opener or there's a road game to be lost. Is it against the Miami Dolphins were Tom Brady has not been good historically going on the road to Miami Tim -- predicting dolphin went. No I'm not Briscoe and out there right now on not you can't it's fine -- -- -- -- -- -- But it landed on fire. I haven't been burning efforts and -- or finally -- eleven and five prediction I don't think the loss to Miami when -- people to come get me that. Not. I don't blame you that he is the reason -- -- -- is the cost Ali do. That we. I think that at naval losing division road game of this one to be lost that sense I said that the jets to be their biggest threat also the jets on the road. Later in the year will be the divisional road loss for gonna get specific but as -- -- about Chris price -- -- Chris went about currently -- looking blocks -- in chunks corners -- and now -- you know that the four road games that they have their difficult out of division division road games division home games home record. That's why I think he -- a craft I think your team is going to be. Year -- year but. It's a legitimate question asked if we do wanna get into nuts and bolts in the moment what's happening now what's tangible that you can look at the Miami Dolphins this year. It it's a very debate debatable point I -- to Miami Dolphins this week it's debatable point what's. What's friend is more likely to get. Brady and the team going on the road and not playing well historically in Miami. Or is it how great patriots usually are in their opener how ready they usually are more so than any other team in football to get the season -- against the dolphins. Blog detailing that this hole the one game that you don't want -- we're playing we never want to have that. First week second week wrote -- in Miami. Whether it was because of just history that that that the -- had. Before even got here how rough was every time they got here the went down there. Or for what television bury the ballgame as though you're talking gala there for that but -- over the next year. We decide lower Malloy like convince coach. I'll check that we should go down early the reason we could wind down -- because we couldn't acclimate to the weather -- results -- right. It's like audit that three hour flight knows the weather so what they decide to do that we're gonna fly down early. We're gonna have our Friday practice down in Miami so we packed up everything we had a Friday practice -- it was hot as heck. Okay. We had a walk through on Saturday and we got beat on Sunday. Even wanna -- to Seattle. We played Miami. That first game we knew we I think we knew we -- gonna lose one we got a point. Discussed that we do mentally we thought that he was gonna get to put. Forget the fact it is had a good team that it could -- decent Taylor was in his prime Zach Thomas was in his prime and they were they were good team Dan Marino still playing. No but I go back to that one time -- they decided to bring us down early -- don't make it different than it did it puts in his face the heat. You start warming up down there I know it's been hot here lately so maybe that battle -- make it to put it just different it's just heavy. It's heavy -- get an extra five pounds as soon as -- -- the plane. But again. Feel like this week one realized that was it. 2011 I think they went down their week one at Miami they went 3824. Brady was outstanding 32 for 484 touchdowns 507. Let's why I'm -- and -- and patriots try to notice looks like you can't have a trap game in week one you sort of get my point or super team that are racing is to win thirteen games you tell me Christian like in the -- in the week one. You've got pre season -- OK you got nothing basically teams change. So weak one it's like to test somehow get the hell out of here with a W right last year buffalo 232 -- -- just get -- with a with a W so we can at least. Look at some film you know the -- next week to see what this team was -- -- see media talking about right now. Was it -- orders that president of laser laser a laser new new coordinator for advance -- last year for Chip Kelly in Philadelphia now. Is it any idea that those guys at any include defensive Patricia Belichick what this off it's don't look at you know the personnel. Right the talk about speed up offense it's like okay. They're gonna throw all this speed up stuff we got nothing on film -- shall anything you can like like Philly did the year before right. Just got to get the hell out of here with a W a reality it would go back pretty -- care less get me out Israelis get some elements of our opponents. You end up watching last year's Philadelphia team that's that's appealing to look at right you can look at you know what the personals gonna be likely -- blocking what is techniques are. What is possible weaknesses are you lost a pre season. Right but if you really wanna go back to see what patent office -- the velocity might beat. You go back he watched the first four games of of Philadelphia's season last year. Okay in the also did practice against Philadelphia in Philadelphia last year -- it prices against them played a submission is the. Point -- The practiced -- -- against Philadelphia nothing. You know like they they practice to get sort of like Mike Wallace at the reviews when I was -- believe anybody but we use 10% of our playbook -- pre season. That was probably for two Cortes when his daughters need right so the pre season last year with Philly. Her Wasilla practiced with Philly and apex again with Billy and but again idea. The pre season practice against Philly in the nick -- a week one remember -- the first few weeks first two with three weeks of the season. It was like what the hell was going on in Philly all almighty god as some believe delicate that -- this stuff and pre season so the unknown of what. Miami could unveil now. Still comparable to personnel but I can't help do it -- of those running back tonight secular Shawn McCoy. Don't be exactly and indeed so they have no summary don't outcomes or from Lamar Miller look no -- Marino OK yeah it's a because they're the word is that they're gonna do some some of that you know speed option that spread option they're gonna Tryon. You know put panel in the pistol formation witches. I guess such a shortened version of the shock incident shocking is like seventy you know deep seven yards -- the missiles more of a more for an -- yards in the backs either right behind or get the ball quick it's just we'll pistols Gordon RG three year old yet that's and that's what they're gonna try to have him do so. Now you're thinking OK well. And it can be runner mean automatically start going through these breakdowns and checks in your hand like candles each week he was -- receiver. The text and numbers for the cornerback in with pretty darn good receiver Texan in him Letterman receptions one year but you just you know they don't want to run him. We kind of ran nick pulls the renowned then just because they had to but not two point -- and yet you don't know you're gonna get so. You know all pre season all the work you've done. You know the first game of the season there's going to be a lot of sideline adjustments mean there's going to be lot of you know work and lot of talking going on at halftime trying to figure out okay. And we just this and how -- -- that you know and still saw a lot of question marks on this defense. Wallet goes -- point. To this degree that every year there's -- Kansas City Chiefs. Team our every year there's a Carolina panther team -- -- matter you don't know -- team is coming in which is sort of the point. I'm not suggest that all twelve when teams prize everybody when the division but. I think it amplifies the surprises that occur in week one because you just don't know where these teams are coming from such -- the lack of knowledge of what you're getting X no wiser playbook wise. The -- team is gonna -- come together in those 11512. And four teams that emerged out of nowhere they have to start somewhere and oftentimes they start the first quarter of the season. So for the patriots to go in his five point favorites or five and a half point favorites on the road I understand why. I'm gonna pick him but. I -- from patriots fans out there if they think that maybe this week when games a little bit more challenging. Than what you would. Anticipate. For him that so many people believe will win 1213. Before he said and done 617. 77979837. Or text us on the eighteenth -- text line 37. 937. And it's not just about the dolphins either. Again despite the fact that there are so many folks that think this team is gonna go unmolested through the AFC east and all the way to the AFC title game. We're talking about a team that's gonna start the season with -- questions at offensive line. Questions at safety. Questions along the defense of line how they're gonna align their fraud is the first round draft choice gonna make any impact whatsoever does the coach of any faith. It is starting running back. We're talking about front line roster questions. That exist on both sides the board. At all levels. It's interesting to really look at it would that frame that here's a team that everybody has confidence in put thorough legit questions. On the depth chart almost every. What yet do you know of all questions that that you had going in to camp going into the pre season. At how many of those questions have been answered one which one tight end. OK so -- gonna play plugs out of. Did that went from not having a tight end literally not one writes he's didn't know what was going on crop he wasn't planned. Bill would be going to bring another tight end you know everybody which that it talking about bringing in this guy bring an act guy. Well they go trade for Tim right. And looks like grocery playing game -- although bill Belichick's at all due respect. When we get an injury report -- -- did you say who he was a limited in practice limited so I think a tight end right at least every week I sit back up quarterback got answered do. Well back -- quarterback OK but I'm talking about play again that was guys at a plant yet guys are -- bells and I story guys that play. -- -- You know all gays serve a purpose and right at rock right you don't look really that was a really huge question but it. Two point yet so who simply an accident McCourt whose house that aisle who who yeah I just want to get -- out. I'll go through one by one safety never got really straightened out people are still wonder how that's gonna go next to -- according offensive line became more of a question. -- release fumbling being the number one trusted running back. Got no better -- worse. I and it got worse because he had a fumble -- game we still have no clue what they're gonna do would easily and because the injury to Jones on the defensive front if they do give a 43 look. How is that work in. What they did do alongside Vince Wilfork in the report when it comes in positions of what their role is going to be that that stuff never really got up. Straighten out. Indian ladies it is you would think you know it could it should've been you know figured out based on. The fact that you're going against us you know guys who second stringers so you -- building didn't obvious indication of who was good it was bad. I don't they got an up and the line I mean Josh Klein is is is. Is penciled in -- with a pencil in as a starting left guard but I don't I don't -- bureaucracy that now I'm with you there majesty so the goal is -- the gold again it. Like forget about OK I'm a left -- -- -- left guard at the goal is to play the best five -- that you have regardless of position. So something to that point they were talking about it. Earlier in the week. The whole Ballmer situation Sebastian -- playing at one of those guard positions -- may be a possibility. He may be could I don't I'm not -- Josh climb being the starting left guard. So you got to find a way to. Maybe put ten and at right tackle. Put bowl where one of the guard spots are you still keep. One -- senator today dank Hollywood played the other guard position well speaking of the guard positions year Peter King yesterday -- day on -- talk about the loss of -- Americans. It's not like it's -- taken it is pride more or you know he had slipped some. He would showing that we very terrible long career. And so I don't think he he is you know one of the five premier guards in the gamer like that it probably even in the top ten. Okay that. Is that's one of the few people I've heard echo the sentiments that I've had about the -- illustrated doesn't have to be that he's got a point doesn't have to be the top ten and one of the top ten guards that could be you know as far nobody hears -- he's allowed at least twelve and all that really matters these Tabasco artist. -- but the action the longer version of that cut. We even went down for the pat I was talking about that. Yes they are probably weaker right now but by the season ending may be Mankins wouldn't be. Even what he is now because where -- -- his body and maybe whatever they do you along the offensive line. Turns into something that has a better product to protect Tom Brady to -- policies a -- We don't like -- Not a big fan of what you -- you got a big dose of it narrow the exit of the Fuller the whole thought of -- on top five top ten. It was a pro football focused you know eighteenth NASCAR I think that was a good -- -- -- staff and that I can't keep track but I said does that really matter because is on he's the if he's the best guard in this team just lost your best guard. Now what you said may be in the year not a big deal I think that is the one question mark because that's protected to franchise the effort to -- the question is safety. We started to see this transition of bill's been talking about for a couple years now. Two and it was daughter but the move on the courted cornerback to safety things like this it's it's your defensive back. Okay and it's about covering it the hard hit and say the idea that you wanted to knock guys out across the middle of the field. These are all camp saw every single corner playing alongside according at safety -- playing in nickel and dime an awful lot there's no based packages anymore. It's just these guys to cover their defensive backs that's about it. But the only thing it really affects this is we have Brady when -- Belichick you cover a lot up. But your efforts and want to mess and yell loud Brady got a cover up those problems I've been there once -- got. Eleven issue and then whats is the biggest issue with with Brady is movement is is he's not a runner he wants to step W wants to also the most important. You know protection for him position on the -- at the line you know is that. Veg garden etc. that right guard left guard right dark and got a pocket yet -- -- the pocket doesn't he's he'll slide -- -- by -- decrease. But he does not want a bill that he'd thrown into somebody like that that's just and that's going to be an issue. Again I'll ask patriots fans for as much confidence that rightfully exists for how good patriots can be this year is the week one game against Miami more of a stumbling block in what it's getting credit for. Heading into the opener down in Florida 6177797937. Taught us drop the gem hi Jim here and I 37 WEI. There you know guys are. Actually this Sunday and the rest of the state might. They get a -- writing every campus president -- -- Cilic Charlton ligament Olympic Games. That are plays that just opens up the field. Actually took actions of street doesn't like receivers. Lou Reed the so that we can do a lot of -- -- resort is secure went thirteen fourteen game can Norton about she -- orchestration surely there's. Well I think it's a revamped offense might have played before but Taylor Jones going up against. -- and Albert. -- -- -- -- -- Well I mean I know its revamped but you -- tech got to Kansas City that's going to be tough assignment in the other tackle. To -- James and it was first round pick this year right -- nineteenth overall on Tennessee so. You know its revamped. But I think they think it's mortality. -- Taylor Jones I don't think should eat up for and get Albert get -- -- it's going to be a battle -- restaurant Miami is when the tough. Yeah it's going to as the going to -- the going gets tough -- tough gig going you know with these guys what dictate I think the way Miami tends to be dictated when it comes to wins and losses outcome is the difficulty of the circumstances difficulty the circumstance usually beats Miami. That was a gutless performance down the stretch of the regular season last year I wanna see if they've toughened up during the offseason you. All he touched on some and actually get to this game and -- to a probably Morse morsel on Friday but. That's isn't that the one thing that we wanna see what the defense looks like with Revis. I go pre season -- and -- Just everybody cover everybody you know pressure -- -- in a blue moon whatever it is but now you have -- and talking so much about how we can affected defense right. You can just leave him alone on a guy whether that guys Wallace Mike law whoever it is. And bringing pressure from different areas I'd give him bringing different look something at this team hasn't been able to do because the lack of confidence in corner play. Nissan open last you were to leave the last couple years he's an -- I should say when he was healthy. You know it they'd look more aggressive. What will they look like. You know with Revis out there I think that is the one thing that I'm I'm going to be kind of curious and looking at a lot of people.

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