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Mike Hazen on the state of the Red Sox 9-4-14

Sep 4, 2014|

Red Sox asst. GM Mike Hazen on the state of the Sox.

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The front office report is brought you by noon turf care to -- the business solutions. And New Hampshire Motor Speedway joining us on the AT&T outline assistant general manager of the Boston Red Sox my case and Mike good morning how aria. More or you're -- and it's really hard hitting baseball question that we were just toss around a couple minutes ago. Well why does baseball insist on having its managers Wear uniforms in the dugout why can't we go back up all Connie -- kind of thing suits and ties is there are practical reason the John Ferrell is dressed like his players. Would they didn't -- a Mac -- that the I think it looked more comparable to where three Q you talked about some of the particular area Punjab law guys back in nineteen cents. When they were in the dugout -- -- -- agree a 100% humidity helps that the I don't think there's a practical reasons or. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Set the diagonal drive to the Farrell are these guys he could tell Francona didn't wanna do -- I think -- nice nice comfortable attacking us. I think that deputy got -- and -- if you are -- what's it to work every day you do the same thing sir Robin in here. In your in your pajama like that that and in studio you gotta love. Mike you talked about uncomfortable -- what's uncomfortable watching Gene Lamont in baseball uniform that's uncomfortable. I'd I don't -- -- and open our work there -- so -- tax upright out before before I go backward this is something I need explained to me in a much whether you can do it or not Pedroia -- concussion at the elbow foresight there wasn't any. Retribution there wasn't any hue and cry I've looked at it a million times and when I looked at it like that for the 100000 time it was clear that he had already attained the -- his left hand in -- was up almost to his arm yet. It was like keep trying to get to the bag he was already there almost past the bag when he -- this forearm shiver caught dusted in the head. Was there any internal discussion as to whether it was intentional or not. In if you -- it might be intentional why the following night did buckle -- -- his best fastball right in his -- Yeah I I don't I don't agree that either I mean. You know that they debate -- game and I don't -- you're -- -- clear opinion -- -- -- -- side thinks that things -- intentional -- and the other -- usually they started you know and -- -- on the other side of the things well. You -- I'm sure if they felt like you to Largo Billick intentional. You know they'll be something that'll be remembered. I don't think went to you know last place. You know out of the other reason there's there's really no -- troops in the such situations. Well we thought we had our I'll run into the double with the rays -- the last few years and sure will continue to current -- future. And next year opening day were gonna look ahead aluminum look past this -- to this you know forgotten season focus on next year opening day. What positions -- best player he is he in the lineup mortgage bets -- what if so what position easy planned and his can stimulants that are. You know there are a good portion circle are under way. We -- a lot you can ago. I'm I'm you know -- and commercial that I think all this deal and that you marching. What position they're playing tomorrow how it all shakes out we have a long way to go. In the -- I think we'll try to do as you were trading deadline into the rest the regular season. What to acquire about the many really good Major League players because it. We know we have some redundancy in some areas we know we have a whole other areas that need to be plugged. And -- and logos all do money and free agent market going to be able to do you trade. Having good Major League players not just marginally players traded Richard -- got well having a good. -- established Major League hitters. Some a lot of these got -- power which is a commodity in the game is gonna I think set up fairly well strong position at least a trade that topped off. No matter what you're doing because in each tango on this. But we're going to be a pretty good position we think going and we are given out. And players that we apple on a roster minor -- and the financial resources that we out. Coming up the books are partly to reload fill the hole that we shall. Was a fair -- to steal frequency the plan only in releasing the play around here who's who's a good compares. I mean I think the more you know grown out a lot in our room -- let me go back a little ways -- you know -- -- pretty good power. The ability to out ultra right -- -- -- -- it is very good athlete. He can run. You know where you can end up in the outfield it is throwing arm. You're -- the center fielder right now what do that in the opposition -- police circular will see dogs and we we you try to get -- much history on Cuban players and you know gone back a couple of years we watched them on the circuit with the national team. You don't really get -- special setting an idiot watching her work -- so you know you get a much smaller snapshot player. And it's more based -- worked out -- situation that it isn't real game play. You -- -- stat coming from from -- some cases that are out there. But other than that. You can give your -- now watching him play a lot audio plays like Howard and feel -- -- about work but that's typically been. Carpet was tore up that are coming out there are. We're talking in my -- -- Red Sox assistant general manager you all your years around the game like that you ever seen too young players and referring to -- best in N and brought Cole. Be asked to do so many different things at the Major League level and do it with relative success at every position they've been asked to play what does that say about these two guys. Yet know -- I I haven't looked the other associate to it I haven't -- ordered B lautner you know they wrote. It -- that they have. I think you don't brought -- Playing that position at the mile -- you wee weed out in the play a lot of the -- are the Major League level which is something coming up the morally suspect you're talking about. I'm sure they're all well and doing your thing you know we're not -- guy around and complacency. He -- what are they that you go to or -- that you Google local ritual that. We did that completely leveled -- sky rocket and every one of those spots clearly certain top up or a few valuable member is interchangeable parts. I think where his value comes in next year. This guy -- really allowed to carry. One -- bench player with regard to specific position player in the -- that same compliment of position players but. That last guy -- now be stopping whatever you want to be whatever arbitrarily to could be. Because rock review you'll -- -- two player. Because it was so many different positions on the field and rookie. I got a transition. It will be a transition we've seen. First and we're out -- awhile ago so we've we've got on a little bit but that transition of the younger player from me well. Not ready -- transition between triple -- victory since. -- -- -- Pretty. Far in the you're gonna probably hit its stride here -- only trigger amount. And they start eaten a lot of -- summit is all that might be an excellent opportunity to that point you know he's handled himself very well he got out there formed. And he's played well both -- -- And you don't Margaret who keep barely play center field you know all the point where -- into the big league in blocks of look football goes -- you two really good players that we're out or are. With will middle Brooks only getting 289. Plate appearances this season obviously it's seems logical that winter ball -- should be in his future. Is is that going to be a hard sell for him house calls that can work out does does he see the value of playing winter ball. I don't know yet we haven't sorted out those. Firing -- -- our discussion go where a ball that you out during the month of September and we're ballclub sorcerer in Iraq are probably so far hello members we got our. Nor will we see the value that look you know he when he came into the big league level. A bust or not -- -- a -- and -- -- known throughout all out of you -- one of the best players -- clarity. We get back it up let you know he got that goes out there and the ability to impact based on nightly basis yeah we knew. We knew that guy you know -- And -- he played me really struck Thursday. He always impact the baseball we need to get back to the player. Had a billion impact it all nighter tonight out and you know we're all Biloxi got -- and -- -- and you have to do -- -- injury I think it is probably a little bit at all here. You know you gotta make up some of those we see that as a good opportunity. Turn the lights all go down when nobody watching. -- picked up another under -- bout against experienced guys that are out there -- ball. On that -- here at the Coke or that -- trading halt -- are now. Legal welcome back to September as we look forward -- another vehicle that we out. For those younger got a -- to be open to. All right Mike before we let you go what's -- you're late you mentioned some -- what do what do you what you're responsibility and role here for the rest of this month. So mostly the rest of this month we're look at our target store and return we got army and we got an organized ultimately arcs. Might we see the door and play out we always play out so much we're lately are right now. Looking at all the potential target free agent tree that we're going to be talking about starting in October and -- are out. We don't want to era over and say hey college so they'll order at the end of the year hurt would not hurting her. We're in all are we know the minority in one -- if you go work. You don't get immortal yet so truly we're doing now now we're coordinating -- working through that now as well as you know. Unfortunately with mark Miley play out there or are great so those guys were working on to that stuff. And then we start structurally start the -- in order. Noticed -- that we're gonna -- acute problem the few days after the World Series and we're starting to make the -- now her that would elements that create a market. Is the assistant general manager of the Boston Red Sox my case of Mike thanks for the time and and go to work if you will please on khakis and like golf shirts for the coaching staff that we look. Well there's yet more content and holding deal. We can do that might face with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline are out front office report. Is brought to you by noon turf care. The -- business solutions and the New Hampshire Motor Speedway Salt -- will better say yes winter ball why wouldn't hear about the Dominican and airmen as well -- an excellent -- McCain isn't -- Schwartz sun goddess of our specialist to work in the winter she usually when the season's over which to. Instrument that commitment from what football baseball starts again shall be done by January 1 launching. She laughed at CBS who -- sure -- -- the second person secondly I would go to everywhere -- has two kids together she's. Work in an east of port and one day a week they'd do they get to some reports life. They do what this other reports live for -- -- they'd take. -- you're -- high -- should I get a I got a question for you put your -- total patriots mobile all right a vineyard Jerry -- yeah -- art on them. Ron Borges. And who else would you wanna write about this writes about Belichick place in history -- He puts him as -- Keteyian and anyone teases on the -- fifth all time low cost does that. Leaves the bonobos are upset you're talking about all sports or just give up. All time NFL coaches he's number five on the all time list that pisses off the Bobo is yes yes I agree they want to -- even know. He's number one among active coaches. Nobody effect. It's only one guy who still alive and among useless yeah -- aboard. Even though Bill Belichick changed everything in Boston we'll get back about as well.

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