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Wes Welker suspended 9-3-14

Sep 3, 2014|

The guys opened the show by discussing Wes Welker's suspension for use of amphetamines.

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Jerry Kirk. Look me in the eyes because I want you to believe me I was drinking cranberry juice at the haven country club in -- -- Saturday night -- some. After I went to the bathroom. Port about two grey goose in -- and I'll good I swear to god that's what I can it happen thirteen -- with -- I believe that I need each I don't. -- -- -- need to -- -- a new adventure nail polish. The cheek and dip in the drink in if it's -- did yeah he opposed changes color really about the -- now. To put Opel and and -- And then you stick your finger injury prevented -- man recently -- local guys leave your idea. And as a group against YE. And about the ACL sure somebody's somebody's it's not sure what these guys to support though. Brilliant idea you just did you figure in detail great idea is so you need to get. Is it just or drugs or is it like 100 in cranberry Jews who and that's what -- watch and I'm not look at him now but you know when -- put Plotkin and yet you take this hip hop and -- can taste all -- enough that that -- must have been distract yeah it's threatens them all right. You know. Football is king in this country I'll tell you one region you know. Red Sox and yankees are engaged in -- little -- that ruling could get excited about down in New York. But -- three statements of fact and observations and they all deal with the national football. Backed colts owner Jim Irsay suspended six games observation now what the hell's -- supposed to do. It's going to be impassable right now third -- that that with -- always is asking what's changed prediction he has the colts go to the Super Bowl hole. -- is out three of thirteen Saturday -- winning agreement Indies Super Bowl pick up. Against the pack up against the Packers so that's yes so they can't go without Irsay. Also start like one of the five best at best of another five victory yeah six games whatever that is two months. Smell this Cologne come and and I you know about him you know get emotional and yeah today is my dad the man hundred. For the players pretend like he's making sense of provocative act. I spilled more than you drink putting them okay you know -- I don't -- that -- all all right fact Wes Welker suspended four games for substance abuse. Observation I guess that explains a lot about the Kentucky Derby by the way did you get a cup. To know that he was high as hell at the -- result I guess -- just -- news is wrong about blush looked to -- and that was mommy there's not a war and what that look I think oh. -- can finish up at wide receiver meetings with that logic drinking and doing drugs that brain how much I I don't know drinking and well peppery don't know I believe it's guy. I really like likewise likewise yes personally but I don't think it's -- and well no I would I and I hate. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Wins again the question is not the and you went -- -- -- -- So what he's human -- -- -- it's not -- and -- lots of -- is -- and will -- Justin Bieber Lindsay Lohan but just Jim -- respect Justin -- as a player on the field just like the radio last longer and in better shape Wes Welker does sure of course sure -- against him it's amazing he's -- Henry Kissinger. -- -- I wanted to say you know the power of Belichick compels me. -- At the line -- browser issue power -- Christ compels me -- the power Belcher compels me have the expertise and put the sprinkling. -- holy water power Belichick compels the power. I'm never gonna question him again when he -- some veteran I was so Adam I thought discarding Wes Welker. Was forced this was the most reliable receiver this was -- head -- all -- this was the the men Brees had a few big east this was his. -- -- -- And for a few dollars for a couple bucks -- as we move and on a thought it was foolish but that was one time. There was gonna buy him in the -- and last year he was OK played thirteen games made 73 catches. This year he doesn't even get to play. From the first quarter of the season and now we know. When an -- so you're extrapolating that Belichick knew it had a bunch of inside information on this guy that was as -- just says I could be -- going to end badly franchise problem -- -- after that that was that blew up Belichick's face he didn't -- -- except that he thought it was a way to get in the negotiate right that's why he held a grudge. I'm not saying it was a genius is just he's worked out it just works epidemic. It workshop. As -- between outweigh because this week is gonna. Get the bullet -- and it is that it would gonna find out first NFL player stricken with a bowl. Logan Mankins yeah I have no doubt that Mankins will crash and burn in some form -- hurt. To -- maybe Google 313. You know maybe whatever is -- their earnings I mean it's not that it just always works out for Belichick. And maybe he's -- To the moon screw up one of these moves to open one of these veterans and they will come back to buy them. But this doesn't appear to be the case I'm not saying he thought it was pop Molly. Thought he was on borrowed time. You don't seems unfair to me I'm sure that if indeed the multi in the amphetamines mixed together at Kentucky Derby was the place where he ended up testing positive. -- I know first time he's ever done -- absolutely just bad bad luck the first on this but he -- some multi into his. Mint julep at the Kentucky Derby but it seems unfair that just because he did at one time. -- find 882352. Dollars -- three million dollar salary. And he might have to give back a portion of -- seven million dollar signing bonus that was a lot more expensive and handed out underdog would -- -- Good bugs in his defense they look like a good time. Lightly at funnier. Again blast the good jokers on Twitter at last someone was a couple of weeks ago if -- just hit a girl named Paul. -- suspects yet drug or to punch Molly ball and right up -- -- that's -- -- -- no more emphatically Ray -- -- if I'm lucky if some of the space of -- yes yes I would face is if he did it last night. This coming weekend last weekend. It you know Atlantic City casino. -- -- hole while he compelled the rule change yes it's like the Ray -- rule -- and Ray McDonald. It's going to be the first the victim -- technical. Well the first recipient of the Ray Rice rule. But we got to get to the Mike Wallace stories in the post as I think people are. Waking up to this people what -- bad like I did that and Wes Welker you know was optimal guilty threaten the and it was guilty just looking for a good time. Wake up this morning -- just running out. Was all misunderstand. He Welker who will Wes Welker. Was framed yes the music for this I think we do -- -- ads and the funniest part -- -- and we would sit at the end what is hard is it that yes. Say it was just not Kalus closes and this is the day and -- markets is the guy and I know. I know we know we're all have our moments and -- and on the some guys and -- in this market who might fall for this one in nonsense but. -- can -- why it. The right from the host is Bob. Wes -- sent the email to him. They run the transcript of the email and Wes Welker clamped. He doesn't know that -- guy system now at the Nicklaus story. That's close yeah yeah -- accountable -- his luck is as a sales should top out around you're out of cute as ever brought it and it's kissed on clay listless. -- who buys the got to make fun of last year remembered with a well what was -- writing. As part pretty far right can I got made fun out items -- now was on the -- which on fox Spartan that was mark just geez yeah physical discloses the -- For the lists -- is by which is just economical all right if you just waking up and you went to -- taken. He took Malik he was trip -- he was party and he was in response and he's gonna take medicine you can take his medicines that got me like what's his name did. He would defensive back. Olindo Scandrick yes who said. I popped that I was in Mexico I was on vacation. Took Molly and now -- have to pay a price if -- thought Wes Welker was going to be. That kind of a standup guy you're wrong I was wrong. He is it's. Dogging this is one of those old time lame excuses we get to those of traffic. Liked the lame excuses you bird obviously law's cousin up -- This this is up there that. After so would you very dog ate my homework the list this is on it yet I don't -- replaces but he now becomes top five. Lame. Excuse makers cue the music. Wes Welker. Issued a statement an email to the Denver Post and it goes as follows. I'm as shocked as everyone at today's news. I wanna make one thing abundantly clear I would never its capital and capital. BER never. Knowingly take a substance to gain a competitive advantage in anyway. Anyone who's ever played it down with me. With any weight with me even eaten a meal with me. Know is that I focus purely on what I've put in my body. And the hard work I've put -- year round to perform at the highest level. Schools on July I -- say. I have never been concerned with the league's performance enhancing drug abuse policies because under no scenario would they ever apply -- -- But I know now that the drug policy procedures are clearly flawed. And I will do everything in my power. To ensure they are corrected. So other individuals and teams are negatively affected so rashly like this I've worked my entire life to be the best that I can be. And I've encountered many obstacles in my career and this will be no different thank you for the outpouring of support. I want bronco nation to know that no one and -- -- nothing will get in the way of marble some team to bring the ball on the trophy he and his. Great region deserve. Now. Does he actually say it you're never gonna be my favorite yeah I wouldn't have any idea where to get multi. Or what Molly is that's a joke I don't know marijuana I don't do drugs I don't do. -- drugs. -- -- not sure what exactly flag is positive test. He's incensed at a report that he took multi at Kentucky Derby he does wonder if someone put it in his drink. At Churchill. -- out west west stats don't go down that another Roger Clemens -- Is this. Performance enhancing. You amphetamine -- yeah you'd probably and Molly also in -- in May in his performance enhancing. Because performance enhancing you get busted you get the suspension for one positive test and it was recreational it's too. And we don't know in the -- managed combine both right generals considered perform it's great yeah it is is that what he's claiming. To disclose that before. Why don't know what he's reclaiming anything at all amphetamines or not the same correct and Molly is essentially Ecstasy bright but Molly is what he's saying that's saying that's not true. I think -- performance enhancing because it includes -- right yes MD MA we can go to the hole. And it. -- substance abuse. Hayward is on the idea of it yet this is the policy holds -- abuse policy which. West violated I believe it's one failed test because it is performance advancing the causes and that means. But how does that and it's your performance in May. That's what I don't care if I'm -- I'm a little frustrated I don't go down that road I don't say -- somewhat. What it might -- would you like a little theory year. I love the short yes I don't know what this is true but tell -- if this would be on the -- possibility. He was using some form of amphetamines to train. I heard a couple of people talk about that in all right under grind it out work and after work out -- -- -- and heals all that sort of stuff. Gets to be a drag it to be a grind and thus the use of amphetamines. There's a secondary thing that that. Combines amphetamines and -- that lifts you up. And also make you vary for them it makes you like what's called -- -- make sure ecstatic those -- don't work out minute trip know. But maybe there was -- he was doing amphetamines. And that also that one out and about an up day on Saturday derby day. Percent may. I have this other thing that has the amphetamines little tired it's possible. Only be fielded as well sure. Believe anything this this this amphetamines the gateway to gateway it's all that -- The with the walkers that make any excuses don't sharpening we beat them. Now let's think you're so right now a rise. Undersized guy who's going to hell literally had -- has brains beaten ads say god if he says yeah I'd just trying to make it to the day that's why. We don't treat football players the same as baseball player. His football in on the -- gladiators in the coliseum. Fight for their lives that's why Rodney Harrison. Is viewed so much differently than Roger Clemens is Ryan Harris was an obviously. A hitter and ballenger and he was hurt and he was trying to survive another season in the NFL. We cut him slack least -- do and and I do the same Wes Welker tested positive for what ever. And set I was just trying to make it through the day. You know kill the pain yes I'd be like a school -- four games you needed anyway this is a lucky break you need those four games to get your head straight. So take Q4 games C -- knocked. If indeed there was smalley involved in the sample because at a role is amphetamines if we're just at a Rawle. He can go the -- the accepted route and say you know I've got a pension deficit disorder. A given -- -- get suspended he still would get suspended you'd say you'd have sympathy you have a little December before I realize that maybe a ball you've been in the sample. None of you know whose expression paints that whole concept. Right I was wondering these guys sit down and Welker thinks this thing out as much doesn't Sam has said that he really think anybody's gonna eat him -- -- -- news while I'm in all like. I say this all the time the -- Roger Clemens really thinks we believe him because he spent. His whole life he's been for thirty years. Talking to people who write down what he says record when he says listen to what he says -- -- you know nod and smile and when he's totally you know. Speaking in gibberish it as a matter they still write it down I'm guilty you're guilt you've done it in these guys in this some great examples Isiah thomas' one. Sugary lemon it's another who think they're Smart because. The whole life has been a bunch of people listening -- your idea and talk and listen to every word they say writing and I put it in joining it down. So yes Wes Welker thinks that because so many people interest in what he has to say that they believe. The essence of that in a nutshell with Roger Clemens is the following statement. I'll go down there and take care -- that Bryant he's been going down there and taking care of things for years and years and he thinks it applies to the situation now Wes Welker is so up to news. That he thinks that he is old the nation -- Pete Rose think he's old anybody. So honestly he's fooled anybody. Then some people not not everybody I think I think you know bonds is not stupid. Roger -- Rogers. But I think in west's case here put them. You're in his position you love the derby horse race in that week and there hang in Alamo -- is Brady's there and Aaron Rodgers -- -- that goofy. Suit on and you pound in the mint julep -- Or whatever. And you and someone says it -- a proper Mali. It. It did and you do I believe Mike Florio's story. From pro football talk that that was this is the result are so caught up in all amendment by and Wes is version. So it may write music and I'm party like skipper is doesn't get -- said you're in Mexico -- -- Where every -- aka poll proposal -- the -- through the rules are established right yeah we're talking about guys who know more crazy to be right. And could cost on top of that. Their parties and made an -- and off I take this drug. -- -- -- quarter of the seasonal lose two million I agree that's but the rules are establishing the album for summaries and legal in only -- legalized I don't care but Welker -- the deal going it means -- first time he's ever done it of course not but do you think he thinks things through at all. Orlando Scandrick thinks it's obviously not to do it. And and you know it probably offer to Brady and Aaron Rodgers who would they would laugh and say he's not -- that would welcome melts it's crazy. He's he's -- basically -- at this point in his you know absolutely nobody should say is my cognitive and my reasoning has been a little. Yeah SQ. Recently and I might remember on how to command a room jury does emirate he might not -- -- -- of the parties probably done it before. And timed right I don't know along -- stays in your system. But that was one theory on Twitter last night that the at the scene at the at the Kentucky Derby -- current and pass and does that -- in this frantic leak. You know he's had to undergo bills the cops stand there he's wasted. That compelled the NFL to call out and say we're sending a pastor yeah over. -- you have to pee in the cup and then get busted. He he appealed went to New York last week. And pleaded his case and they weren't buying it now he gets the four games which in -- if you're if you're John Fox -- Europe. Whoever -- -- and I thought Manning kind of relieved 04. Games I know they were he was part of the game plan going into this week. But doesn't he need more than whatever it's been a week and a half -- That's being that's the unintended. Good fortune yes in this deal at least for him medically -- or Ecstasy use one to three days a year and -- -- -- your system for three days. He let this be the last definitely done -- before and and timed it right let this be a lesson to NFL rookies with you're gonna do Ecstasy do it. Quietly behind closed doors not at the Kentucky Derby right Roger Goodell says. Man this guy leave or when you can pass into the cup and handed the tester that -- right from the -- dealer. And you pop Ecstasy he's got three guys a couple days not this question Adam -- Adam do we know what on what grounds that Welker went to new York and made his case -- -- Again those things are always are confidential spoke to what coach and GM and for all people and condemn a lot of these circumstances remain quiet confidential again. Maybe some of it will get overtime my understanding is that something to do with the weight. A specimen of -- had been collected we've seen other patent argued that the spent the past so that succeeded most arrogant and in this particular case Wes Welker. Didn't off the only witness this I don't know how it got into by a streak. How it got in my system would be to take Ryan on approach say Somalia -- question in the collection sent out like never gonna write that colleagues asked me and -- we win. Brian Ryan Braun brought a lot of light as you got examine halt testing process. And what went on theorize what he charged. Was literally impossible. It was impossible that war. -- he -- due to dealer and it was it was impossible -- -- as they do. And the only people who believe Ron we're just idiots. Who didn't read a word who didn't look -- at all mean brawn was lying we now now. April while but he and he got off of that yeah it does not get us there are David -- and so he pretended to -- But eighty brewer fans if they just ignored all the news ignored the story completely exit he's my man. -- If you looked -- you know and -- it's. Obvious I'm a victim of a process that completely broke down. And failed. In the way that it was applied to me in this case. As a liar so -- -- and number one last little higher. That's left in that Tupperware on his desk in the sun. Where -- -- -- The -- when rivers and the will be read this flight took what comes as he took some like. Artificial testosterone in like -- drop -- In peeled back the Saran wrap it in there and drop it and I don't get that you know beat him drop that smokers drank. It's a look at that guy is somebody that's a guy who lives in in the -- They're talking about that should help the -- and he lives in a bubble thinks he can say. Someone put something in -- -- and it will fly. Bricks -- we go to the break I can almost guarantee you that over the course of this day. That's the four week suspension Wes Welker we hear. More than several stories about well -- brokers department. And conduct. Your New England may be some out of Denver like it well at them last night and again a couple of tweeters yes -- they know who is often deals here they know. We want co hosted that with Kirk and when they let -- ago. That he was why we are or are -- well crews. Trouble. And showed up for meetings hung over which is not legal stupid not quite -- stepped before and I'll still -- well yeah yeah sort of yeah and get those until you know left right right to the war right now right -- third statement of -- and my third observation is. Public back cowboys will likely hire Michael -- today. It's my observation it is. -- ziglar is probably quietly disappointed. Because there's no adjusting at Windmills and -- false outrage acquired today no because his guy has been -- Take a break all the fault lines talk -- 6177797983. Separate. I would bet my life that the substance never answered -- -- at any point.

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