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Sep 2, 2014|

We check in with Full Tilt TB for a new weekly segment with Tedy, featuring a look at all things Patriots and NFL football.

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Well it's never nice to hear that robs confident in what he can do movement that. I really can't. All of the sudden coaching staff brought -- the -- how goes during the week we'll Sunni -- what his role as a all due respect Iran that's a civilian decision that we make them not when the Phoenix. My apologies for talking over the coach that's Bill Belichick who joined us just moments ago talking about Rob Gronkowski. Back when dale and Holley show was here before. This guy was a patriots Monday regular and I am so excited. That he makes is dale and -- rate -- he has former New England Patriots linebacker and ESPN analyst Tedy Bruschi. -- -- -- Dale and Ali my guys I do again. It. You know -- while it's not our fault we're late it was that Belichick guy who just would be kept talking and talking and and that's why -- -- -- come on coach get up the room. FF FF I heard -- guys -- always got to make room for the coach. What are you -- your tribute is that you heard and what your take on. Ground saying he's gonna be ready and bill saying hey with all due respect. Calm down we'll make that decision what's your take -- what does that all mean. Well Q and did just put yourself in robs you just spent an entire offseason rehab it and and answering questions and put it often. And yet you have the little line -- is written better to get better every day day by day by day every day it finally you get to the point where. You start to see him out there practiced these are the workplace it is they want to say it. They want to say I'm ready I'm good to go put me in coach I'm ready to play whatever it is that wanna say. That it's hard to contain I mean that an excitement in terms of who Rob Gronkowski is. I mean all of this thing and tackle play you get excited even when you're talking about football and football on your mind you say I'm ready to play. It was a little bit more pressure on the coaching staff but. I think I think Brock is right in terms of what he says he's ready to go he wants to play -- to take a -- that whatever they wanna put on him. He'll take you -- play and play well. I'm sure part of it from from bill Belichick's point of view as. I mean there's a lot of road to travel between now and Sunday at one in Miami let's make -- he gets through -- listen and is healthy and ready to go before we say anything right. And even if I mean Wednesday if Thursday practices there there's that's a heavy blow it on players I mean if you're in full -- advocate I'm full pads it's still -- four heavy load. I mean if bill -- to say right now. It's a -- I'm gonna start first this week he'd come out Thursday and say you know what he didn't respond well to the work will be put him on Wednesday may be -- swelled up a little bit. Mean that he'd have to explain himself to let the head coach. That's what he had to do. I didn't do -- as a player and 2014 and a lot of people patriots fans have some opinions on rock I don't think anybody doubts his talent. They just want him to be available late this season. I know he's not the kind of guy who can. He can change the way placement but how do you view this player and do you think he's just an injury prone guy when he's on the field he's gonna dominate. Asking if he's on the field I think that he -- I mean of course what if he's healthy everyone says that that's sort of. Actually caveat is that it say about Rob Gronkowski when he's healthy but and you don't -- players. You don't wait you only played sixteen -- I mean if you hold back if you hold back -- this week wanted to figure struggle a little bit to get within one game you lose one all of a sudden -- -- in Denver. For home field advantage late in the season. Every single game throughout the course of the year is very important. Especially with human competition if you want to get Denver here for the AFC championship game you wanna get home field advantage -- -- because. That may be the deciding factors so. They'll put. To put rob on the shelf for a couple games just to keep them healthy. I mean I can imagine the trainer and the doctor company in the heat coach Belichick and bill just wanted to know if he's physical he's going to be okay you -- -- After all -- and -- I mean if he's -- ago that look at them throughout the week I think the planned already that route and that's silence. They're gonna use him whatever the planet may have I think they use him. All over the field not just in the red zone but they'll decide that when they when they see him and then Thursday possibly in the training -- how he responds and how we feel. Then after that. I think -- gonna do very well on Sunday. -- you were a member of this team win win big personalities and important players in your locker room left. Whether it was lawyer Malloy getting cut before the week before the opener -- Richard Seymour being traded to the Oakland Raiders. What's the what's the emotional effect in the locker room when those things happen. So this is an emotional game played by emotional men and when decisions are made like this. Where a team leader good friend. A neighbor I mean he gets strip it away when you're not expecting it. And it looks like you're nodding in that you know that now that should not get out of -- routine now because of it. You feel that. You get upset. He's start having you know ill feelings towards the coaches support the organization but you start realizing you know understanding the reality. On what you -- nationally is it is sometimes it is. Organization coaches and they -- -- players they're separate entities. And all that hard because you wanna feel. Have a you -- have a great relationship with the coaching staff and feel like you trust them that. When they got -- Richard when they got real clear. I mean I even was extremely upset about that I mean I I I spent almost. Bill Belichick it kind of balance so that it -- that it it's that with him -- some -- the decisions that he had made you know you feel that the guy. But you know the guy has the job to do the thing was. Are you mature enough to take that and turn -- in the motivation to play up there on the field. Because you don't football players they're gonna take every little aspect that they can become motivated. And also we use this as motivation like when -- when they -- to a -- I mean we go out there in buffalo. If you lawyer sacked Tom Brady we lose 31 is zeroing in picking yourself on the side and that he should be here. He should be here. But then after that game's over and you go on the road to play the Philadelphia Eagles in week like we did that you're if you you realize if you don't wake up. It's gonna be a long seasons so. I know how close that offensive minded but they got a wake up. And they -- know this guys aren't whoever's mad about it doesn't really matter if you got to play despite your head coaching go out there and win just because that it. That's what you gotta do. So I know you got the nice little setup there -- -- little red zone. When you prepare for the game to watch all the games every week -- -- people know so here you are studying film all the time. From your film study Teddy did you see Logan Mankins do you see this place start to slip last year and are that are the patriots a better team without. The patriots are not a better team without -- -- -- Didn't get beat sometimes shortly to dominate sometimes absolutely. I think the more valuable part of Logan was back. If somebody came and hit constantly looking -- who would push it and I think. That would -- it I think that was all of these. It is run -- was outstanding his attitude without stating in his attitude that could kick contagious to where. When you -- in Connolly little guys also became jerks out there on the field at times. -- elegantly. You know if somebody have to play that role because. The best offensive lines I -- cheap I called -- the Denver offensive minds and I played when they touch all the time and they particularly. The patriots have that type of play it with them and Logan -- and so. Those players have to realize that they have to be that guy now they have to be that leader without -- they can't look around and say who's going to be that I would at Logan now. Lol is that coming back there and have to be that. So her job and outside of the station this morning he said hey I have my feelings about Logan and put that in the past and I'm gonna move on and get ready for the season this with the team needs on me all the things that. You would have said if you -- still on the team and anybody who's on the team has to say. What's your best guess about what he's thinking -- is just -- the linemen. Was traded and you say they're not a better team without him so what do you think Tom is feeling right now. Sort of towards toward the end your time he's certain -- you recognize and all these all of these all of these moves and how. Really you don't have any control. And really start play it and these are realizing the like I was saying earlier you're separate entities from the coaches you know it's fair job to tell you what the planet. And sometimes you realize that's all I want from you. That's all I need from the -- There was times when bill was so weak knee tradable McCain has all these guys this guy's gonna beaches. This guy can't stop this guy from doing this he can't stop back from doing that if you do that this is gonna happen. And then he put on some -- you know that's up incorporated India almost almost jab -- all week. To where we go out there and we still -- it you walk by them on the side and say what he got a statement. We've got to say that and so that's the type of that type of feeling and I'm sure Tom has now in terms of listen. I don't care what you do in front of medium still litigated and you've got it. Turn it into motivation -- you came because you sit there and you're upset about it you're gonna go out there and it's going to be. Former patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi making his dale and -- patriots Monday return. I think I know you well enough to know that you're not a big fan of how teams look on paper. Because of people look to Tedy Bruschi on paper they would miss what Tedy Bruschi the football player wise however much -- I had to have but on the field it was little different now when you look at. The Patriots defense do you feel optimistic that they've got the personnel would be. Significantly better than they were a year ago. I absolutely feel that way this can be a great defense that unit and the difference is -- real reasons and that's as simple -- -- can put it. Darrelle Revis what he'll do for their defense in terms of taking out the number one or the number two receiver and I say number two because as. Sometimes you run in my upon number to eliminate that guy and put everything else. Rotated over to the number one receiver but more than that. -- -- -- -- He was the guy that really started making -- big plays and getting in playing the quarterback position in the way you know at that championship level. He almost look at that film. And you see -- and the way he worked and how about the way he played on the field it's almost. You wanted to do that to you watch him play guitar plays he was making is that I can make those type of plays I need to make those type of play. I think really is providing that type of example when you see a player that's the best that would keep throughout the NFL. And I think all players in the meeting room on the practice field -- not benefit from -- read it especially when they see him start making those plays. So read this is the difference for me actually I think it's perfect that brown owner has to spend the first four games. And I think that is because. All that guy who left the book -- the line of scrimmage you want to jam receivers it's a line of scrimmage and let all of this emphasis on on. Illegal contact. And defense of holding let them get that out of their system the first four games then he can come back and our plan of football. Or switch gears on you and ask you about. Jim Irsay and in the commissioner's decision to suspend them for six games and -- 500000 dollars. It's a good start it's a good start I don't I don't think it should be more severe or I don't think it should be less but I think it's the start because. Do I think there's a possibility of Jimmer are they having another incident. It's possible. And if it does. That's when it starts and if it has to start to get a little more serious in terms of -- out that the organization in terms of taken away interacting and -- them a bit more serious about the ramifications of that. Teddy did you think you guys had an advantage. If you played in Miami early in the season built just talked about this. And said you know your your -- in the heat and humidity now play in the heat and humidity now as well in Miami where to go down there in December it might put you at a disadvantage. Yeah I disagree. They have built there that night I totally disagree because. Some of the players. A lot of the players but on the guys know what I'm talking about when you get this schedule in place for the New England Patriots there's two things we look for. We look forward -- -- -- because you know is an early. Is it is that perfect time in the middle of the season title by that's what you look for. Second thing do we play in my -- Because it's just it's brutal out there and then if we did play at -- at September it would -- -- Nike does maybe that would help. So yes it it is. It is a tough spot to go play in September. It was something to Wear. We tried leaving early we try to Wear sweats in the bubble you know in the field house getting used to the heat it's something that the players. Are cognizant that's what I'm trying to say. And played out in December is something I thought was. A better situation for us because that's when you knew it was cooler and possibly the baseball field wasn't there anymore so. Yeah it would would build that and that sort of chuckled about it because. You know playing down there in September. That advantage of them Israel I think. The good news as -- got a new baseball parks and have to worry about the baseball field beyond that and more right. So what and what is amazed as it. I mean the heat him that he went to school in a state that's known for its heat you played the golf world what's what's the Miami -- fact that. It's so hard to replicate. And it's it's just the difference in here you have and nice cool -- within days sometimes and I know it's sticky out there today people but. -- from training camp practices this year. I know wing -- -- that the open was in Miami when it was cool. And they were in practice. And of course I'm not practicing with him I've noticed how cool it was insane so -- and opener in Miami. Because -- is how much they need to get used to that -- so. You know. Still much of a difference now in terms of temperature and feeling on a football field from here to Miami. And Milan or bill that there's a difference in December also true but it. I mean when you're going from. You know -- delinquent date cheered them on there it's a lot different. Teddy I can't wait to do this every week it's nice to have you back on the dale and -- program and I'm I'm sure our fans are looking forward to hear from you as well. It could be back thank -- That's former patriots linebacker current ESPN analyst Tedy Bruschi making his return to the dale and -- program you'll be with us every Monday. We got big Vince Wilfork coming up at 345. We've got time for your phone calls as well. -- as the afternoon goes on its dale and -- live from Gillette Sports Radio WEEI.

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