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Head Coach Bill Belichick with Dale and Holley

Sep 2, 2014|

We check with with the HC of the NEP on a Patriots Monday on a Tuesday as the Pats prep for the Dolphins this coming Sunday. Bill touches on Gronk's desire to play, the departure of Logan Mankins and more.

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Patriots coach Bill Belichick is on its way down the hall will join us here within moments. When he does our conversation with a coach as proxy by as always by SP ally to a Teddy Bruschi didn't get affordable dependable like insurance from. SP ally the company that's protected over one million Stanley since 1907. Visit SB allied dot com today. Coach Bill Belichick also brought to buy the all -- 2015 Mercedes-Benz C class raising the bar yet again as the benchmark in luxury sports sedans. Visit MB USA dot com or your nearest dealer today. And by climate design systems hello coach -- I -- it all the readers are only as you were on your way through that ourselves as a pro he's -- the timing was perfect -- It it is finally the regular season it feels different as a fan it's got to feel different as a coach or player than what we felt even a week. Oh absolutely absolutely we're. Do a lot fewer does and a lot more specific. Game -- situations so. Yeah absolutely I mean I think that we that a good. Good pre season employers who worked her team's work hard and and announced on the turn our attention opening day so hopefully the year ago -- -- SKF philosophical question to start. Do you go into training camp with a general concept of how you want your roster to be constructed. Or is it fluid depending on personnel and availability do you go into it saying OK I want. X number of offensive linemen -- X number of defensive backs how do you approach it. Well I'd I'd say that I've learned through the years that you just can't. Orchestrate a squad. You just can't control competition. Players have to go out there and decide that themselves so that. I don't know how to gunplay and other gonna compete against each other and how it's gonna turn out so. I think you wanna try to you know set a good competition. On your team and then let the players decide it on the field based on their performance and given an opportunity and and let them let them make that decision for you really is what it comes down to and that's on that's always tried to do so. As I told players at the beginning of the year whatever you get here is what you learn so. You know. What's your role on the team when it whatever you wanted to be whatever you make it that's some need to decide that's not to me decide that's what do you decide that as a player so. That's that's really -- we try to approach it and as we see how it unfolds and then how how players reform. Relative to each other and and relative to the overall team than we try to. Played -- strengths and Annan and do something to where we think maybe we have a deficiency here potential weakness. They're bill I love I love this time a year opening. Opening weekend and going toward opening weekend remember. A lot of openers things that I think I remember things I should remember I remember your first game in Cleveland the two guys play. Dallas. Your first game as head Coach Brown is obvious your first game here. A crazy game against Tampa -- in the 21 to sixteen something like that. It's exciting to prepare for it and I know you guys prepared but. You also don't know your team in week one is there a bit. Maybe nervousness is not the word is there a bit of uncertainty even though you're prepared for that game when you go into. We -- -- too because you really don't know your team is until. Maybe halfway through the year. -- African agree more that that's exactly what it is -- problem. And mid season form is. The cliche but it's very true that it is opening day is opening day and all the teams are gonna improve a lot over the first half of the season I'm sure. So. What's the rate of improvement where this our -- and improve and get them to. Were they through the middle to the second half of the season. You know that's -- long way off from the you know right now it's. Where we relative to Miami on opening day. I know that every team finally won approval on as it -- it goes through the years so. Nemesis no finished product for him. Everett quote from you today and I hope I got this right that you liked playing in Miami early in the year why is that. Well amounts cell likened -- -- sometimes so. And in a lot of special things these -- go from. In the training camp heat in Miami Heat than it is to go from December 2. Miami Heat in the summer so it's more contrast. And I feel assembly gonna directions to your your team that plays. And -- warm weather it's a -- either play. You know in the north in September October than confidence in December and there's so. Witnesses normal but look in the end it's about conditioning it's about performance and and and your team has to being condition. He rated playing whatever the situation is. And in Animal Planet pressure and the pre season games just don't just not the same pressures is not the same. Game plans of the same. You know detailed preparations significance that we're gonna have this -- so little ramp opened -- goes. Grunt says he's ready to go he's gonna play in week one what's the status of ground from your perspective. Well it's never nice to hear that robs confident in what he can do blood that. I really can't. -- his -- coaching staff brought to the -- how goes during the week we'll soon to condone what his role as a all due respect Iran that's the civilian decision that we make them not -- the Phoenix. You acquired Tim right on Tuesday. On Thursday he was ready to play forty somewhat offensive snaps warrior. I I know you've said after the game it was indicative of the worked at the position coaches put in. Helping get him prepared but what's it say about his football intelligence that he was able to pick up enough of your offense to be that involved with just 48 hours notice. They're good and good maintenance Sharpton him. Announce. Football and counts of sin and obviously learns quickly we -- so my innocence -- about him problem. They don't obviously and again like fell last week it was pretty pretty basic. Offense per basic assignments but still he he did a good job Amylin. And win then and played very competitively and Motorola's forty someplace. You know watching you over the years we know that what the roster is on Tuesday may not necessarily be the roster tomorrow or later today or certainly by. Sunday -- anyone ask about a couple of roster moves. Ryan mallet what went into the the decision to. Trade Ryan mallet to Houston and essentially make Jimmy drop -- this number two quarterback. On. To say the short end of that is that we thought those those those of the pulpit so they Jim's got a good future he needs to play he needs to get reps. -- -- -- on confidence and run. That transition was gonna happen we've all seen that. I'm based on a number circumstances. And and you know feel like we have fair fair value for Ryan from Houston so. I don't know runs and excited about the opportunity so many things that fills. Kind of worked out for everybody which is what a good trade -- how would you assess grapples development from. Say the first time Islam when he was here with the rookies to. September for September's. Well Jimmy works hard he's Smart kid and he's improved every day it's still a long way to go as far from perfect. He's. It's a lot better than he was and he's -- doing things better there are still a lot of things that he'll need to. Improve -- a lot of things that he doesn't even know that he doesn't know because we haven't gotten into the regular season -- preparation. That the tea Dolan and along the situational football that it is. We have to prepare for that we haven't been really do -- in training camp on the we did it but not. What we're doing it now so. There are a lot of things that he has -- -- exposed to the -- have to. Paco but again ambiance that I think he can he's got a good capacity to learn and he he really works hard on and off the field. He's been productive and he's got it seems like is -- good. Good feel for the game on instinctively so we'll -- -- it goes but he's he's got a lot of a lot of work ahead of him. -- season. Is in graduate course football now. Was the the trade of Logan Mankins to Tampa Bay facilitated somewhat by the fact that. People you've worked with and have been in your organization are now running that football operation -- well. On one minute and is it worked out though I don't know if that was some driving factor and I. Didn't necessarily make it easier to get a deal done because you knew all those people -- the -- use that sort of thing. We're in we've we've made traits of people who have worked here and when they -- interest of people and so. I don't think that's a big deal. Have you had to. Bottom line and you know what went into that trade of of Logan and and how long had that had that been in the works -- something happened quickly was this something you guys have been talking about for a few weeks and were able to consummated out of -- Well just in the room that they don't need any conversations between myself and him but he ultimately you can. And in a team would you know should remain. What they -- -- which is private conversations so during Indiana bottom line is that a we look at the Logan does a great player was a great player here is a great person. Look at Logan Mankins on on this team. But the overall circumstances just didn't work out for that to it will happen this year so. Those results don't do we look at the trade. Is. Not necessarily an indictment of Logan Mankins but is it. More of an endorsement of some of his peers and if you have a guard group. You felt like not that you were mad at Logan makes me think what you felt like you could. Make a deal for Logan Mankins and still have. Good corps the guard position. A little oil -- I think that's really pretty independent of the -- -- situation. Middle and I talked about his situation mobile phones. We tried look at different options and that in the end it was just. Were you working out. As you get ready to play the dolphins this Sunday there's always a certain knowledge base with divisional opponents easy twice a year. How much has that changed though when I look at -- at dolphins offensive line for instance it is entirely new. You don't have the same knowledge base that you would normally have going into -- dolphins game. Well I mean every team in the league has new players in and probably new coaches on the staff from a year ago so you know. Don't think that's anything unusual it's. It's a really the most common situations so we have new players they have new players. They have a couple new coaches we have a couple of new coaches so that's. Miguel that's -- normal. Have you seen. Out of Bryant Tammy -- that type of young development. That a good quarterback in the National Football League normally would give it does he look like a guy -- on that right progression track. -- -- and play well against Lester insulin and then you know lead there in London led them to a you know -- two minute drive the end of the game. When they beat us down there and I thought it played very competitively appears so well a lot of us respect for. About ten hill's ability and her on the team ability to make plays and then. And neither offense so. Planet -- their respect for him in this corner. Finally ready get things go -- and finally back to the regular season I gotta admit. It's easier. Look at games on the weekend matter a little more than pre season games. We appreciate your time as always we'll see you next Monday all right sounds good thanks -- telecheck a conversation with coach brought to you as always by SP ally. It would Tedy Bruschi did get affordable dependable life insurance from SP ally the company that is protected over one million Stanley since 1907 visit SB -- dot com. Today Tedy Bruschi will join us in just a couple of minutes Sports Radio WE yeah.

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