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Steve Buckleyon his Old Time Baseball game 8-27-14

Aug 27, 2014|

Buck discussed his old time baseball game and the money raised for ALS in honor of Pete Frates.

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That's called pulling and -- -- used to humans via tight end Tony Fernandez right yeah I -- shortstop that was close yet the bullpen and Z. -- -- Robbie Alomar -- -- Natalie as other AI II and how he but perhaps I should not have waited an hour. To congratulate you book on the old time baseball game a eight a rousing success by anyone's standard would you agree I would agree with that. Because. -- all the people we -- working in the team Portland willing to -- she's the mother of the Red Sox advance scouts the lingle and twice in anomaly in Tennessee elite. Right on Kyle lawless Alex the other right on down the road but we had a rock star at him Monday night. Alou broadly know what we had the ability we have Mike Timlin yes which irons which turns out we what we we had a rock star -- -- race. Yes and it is he is without doubt the most heroic person I have met in my life. This is a former College Baseball player. Who got this guy I remember being with him maybe 23 weeks after -- diagnosed I called -- opposite I want him wanted to historian and you -- net. Pete usually done at Mass. General he he at this point he just walks into the room and sits on AM you -- That he's just -- -- writes he's just relief feeling beginnings of this and it was like OK what are we gonna do to beat this. It was like a math problem it was a it was another team with the pitcher. Who has a good fastball on the court yet able got to go the other way we're gonna do this it was like it was like a sporting event and he's still that way. In in that powered that he adds. To bring all these people and his circle in the circle grows and grows and grows at the game Monday night most of the home players. -- form a team I get worked up now most of the team. A home team -- former teammate of his from the while his life I am BC. From saint -- purple Little League and all he's got three guys flying -- elsewhere in the country Mike Timlin. Who got who's gotten close the -- from the US is Mother's -- Ellis group. Calls that the -- -- flying in. He flies in from Colorado Texan hotel rental car drives the part we got him. Mitchell and -- meet him -- donated a probe backwards such uniformity is number on the back you still fastball. -- -- about that Danny -- embolden and part time kitchen sink which against the protests and then -- figured it out it worked out great. And all these people show why we bill our game is a celebration of baseball at what we've been doing for twenty years. This year and showed up it was will be called the first annual peach trees reunion. And this is the guy if you -- the all of -- -- charts and all this stuff about where the ice bucket challenges came from it all came -- trees. Well see the example he sets I I think is say is a siren song to people who were facing and this is the worst props to possibly face. I would say that the vast majority but the majority of people -- handed that diagnosis. Would you know as I said yesterday get in bed pull the covers over their head get in the fetal position is wait for it to happen. He's just the opposite. Just the op is the opposite about a weight right behind him on the road scale I would think would be his wife Julie oh. No family -- in drew his brother. John treaties they they are tandem and and you know having a baby elect in two weeks. I don't know and we write and talk about any story or -- a comps comparisons to compare this player that player. There's no I can't think of anyone who has done what races on repeat praise and as and the economy created this international phenomenon yes there is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is the definition of hopelessness I mean there is no cure there is nothing. He -- happy ending he he is dealing with the exact same. Disease. Symptoms as -- get it in seven years ago. It's we've made that little progress and yet he thinks you know I can do some about this and what does he do we created this thing that. Gone around the world -- -- now. It's like who hasn't on the ice -- child who hasn't donated and you -- -- People that they just can't imagine would get you would get the memo. In other you're on Twitter you on FaceBook you see people doing this. Always guys in Spain the skies and you know whatever and tiger in an age yesterday tiger -- that's a good one and you know it's it's in in every time you -- to say the guy who did that -- that started can't even talk. Now getting to talk and we had introductions Monday night and he was introduced after all the players in the penalty -- uniforms lined up when do. And then -- is introduced in and while his own accord. He has that wrecked that thing. And the places is going nuts and I talked later on its popular Kyle Wallace is an accountant Ernst and young and he said he was very emotional. And and and Kyle didn't know Pete trees he was just one of volunteers. And everybody gets worked up what what this kid is don't write. Look values chosen to leave his life look how he has chosen to take this and and save screw UAL us and got a fight that's. Who should have been in the stadiums. That game. Tom Kean thank you Boston Globe -- would have just dies we showed -- showed because I guarantee you. Tom -- as has some regrets I hope I mean he should. This -- -- -- write some regret later. This would be the greatest example while this rule. Who who has a big problem with the market challenge you know this gimmick. That is raised what's the total today I'm the only presenting 8080000089000008. And nine million hits like ten -- 89 million. To find a cure for this incurable scourge in this pool. At the globe has a problem with that. And you just read the column I've read a couple times I'm still not sure why I'm still much or what his problem is it's so senseless so stupid. It's almost hard to refute that argument I suppose just because you have a byline just because you and you have a column in -- newspaper. Doesn't mean you're necessarily Smart guy. And Tom -- proves that you know this -- I don't know he's a former Boston -- council lawyer -- -- -- challenge a gimmick best not repeated by Tom Kean. Globe columnist August 4 2014. You know running off the rails would just lead. For Rocco up well that's you know additional left it at that yeah Estes you know and that's the only thing that makes any sense if you. Can write something glowing about Obama the globe they say well done is that if you would not presidential. As -- yes Ian Unionists yet yes. While vacationing on Martha's Vineyard Obama refused Ethel Kennedy's ice bucket challenge. -- read this just in the last couple minutes read it earlier he ends with the ball yeah ice bucket challenge. Adds a new and troubling twist charities have always been comfortable using guilt as they motivate her children poppies in danger team to work especially well. But the ice -- challenge. Crosses a line. Those issuing challenges are not only telling others what cost to support but also saying that they don't they must suffer a penalty. Threats to -- giving it seems the opposite of what it really means to be charitable. Opposite. Even by globes. And I have to admit that that idiotic and say you know throughout the history of this country and beyond. Fads have even before the word bad. Was in evidence people he caught up in things he was solution -- -- -- high school streaking with -- -- and arrests now working at some of being at some high school assembly entry -- streaked across the stage -- was all rates why are they doing it because. Free social media it caught on yes and everybody was doing fine. This is basically. Beat Tony fourteen equivalent of streaking but. Via social media end for good cause now -- modern media I don't know that every single person. Who is partake in the -- Specter challenged. Has done so for Philanthropic or deep in the belly emotions I think alike cases are few cases people just on it to go along and be part of the crowd there. But that's a good thing because if you do which is to be part of the crowd. David the three people -- challenge it invested emotionally. And there's no denying that millions of dollars being raised for charity because of the ice bucket challenged in this no denying. That the years but the challenge is gone viral because of Pete Brady's which makes Pete -- Get this one of the most important people in the fight against LS since -- Gary no question. About that right. Jonathan I co wrote the biography. Of the -- it was on the phone with him last week. And he was telling me that when Garrett took the fuel on the Garrick in 19391. Of the biggest bonuses. Very few people knew he was dying because nobody knew what -- Ellis was back and they'll putting it polio and he was gonna play again he'd be a coach she'd still be around. Even with -- people didn't fully understand the magnitude of what this disease is all about what Pete has done is gathered us all around the campfire and said. This is what this is this is what we need to do if for somebody like Tom -- to take this in turn this into. What whatever it is is I'm a columnist -- is a columnist. Hate the sin love the sinner that's the attitude -- take with columnists I don't always agree with what they write. But you know people fail hopping and which area opinion in a -- I -- these guys are friends of mine like I separate the column from the guy. I have a hard time in this case. I can't understand the motivation with this now right in his -- I'm gonna just hunt deeply deeply pissed off about. I I high grass I find the most nauseating. Portion of business. Is as balls why the focus on ALS according to the center. Disease control are more people die each year from heart disease. And cancer or alzheimer's than a LS -- 5600. A year. But somehow the -- LS association is now. That charity. That is that is not quite post world yes and look at it -- -- you know praise you should point out to him that not that many people die. Analysts say he should yes -- layoff. Suck it up we're busy putting Heidi in London -- he'd just. He would seriously like people like treaties to goal way you know -- die quietly does get out of our our faces with ice bucket she counts. I wonder if his family's embarrassed for him his colleagues -- -- -- -- Betsy don't. Don't come over for Thanksgiving. Just one week ago donations total to be -- that's society. Only two point six million. In the seven days since that. Donations have skyrocketed by an average of nine million dollars a day now totaling 88. Point five million dollars nine million a day. This puts the pan mass challenge which is mentally she got out of -- yesterday so by now it's probably overnight brilliant. But the pan -- -- uses social all -- -- threats the use kids. Sick kids gimmicks. And I discuss the money goes to help those kids that I'm wondering -- I'm sure that Tom Kean in the news in his private life -- done lots for charity needs met people and so forth but. I would really love for him to sit down with some it was fail us and and I I didn't know anybody to bail us before Pete came along I -- Dick -- from DC and and in. I've met people with -- us. But not to the degree that you get involved in I was with Pete at a -- Kendall Square and PO ST BI couple weeks ago. But I hadn't seen him pride of that since spring training and you and you see what's happening here. And when year when you see someone every cup but three months and you see what's happening. -- you'd you'd deeply moved by. And the fact that what he is able to do to raise all this money it's unprecedented -- whenever if Wheaton gold. Wouldn't time in pinpoint the date when curatorial yes around yes I can get just leave the seed planted what -- big daddy is right. Ads like twenty years to a because that's what and when it would've been Great Britain had not been for -- poppy has a -- -- GOP. They got -- mourning -- I'd like to live there aren't you know on the cover it to orbit and -- the other or very appalling bottom up -- -- note yesterday the company network war. We have sent out he nil -- almost two weeks ago. The entire company to say we're doing the ice bucket talent guy or. And that he always everybody on down. We stood outside and we didn't just great great Arctic ear while it. Absolutely perfect and everybody went there yesterday. It was thrilled to know and it and we got a spot in -- if it was an amazing to me. And I wanted to get an ordinary -- appreciate what you guys are are talking about sport. I have a concerted effort to get Tom -- -- told. Currency was traveling travel could not -- honest travel involved so like when you're in an airplane or you're an airport earlier by our you don't have an ability to. Phone right is that right I'm around him he's hiding hiding under the bed. Within the next figure diploma market best source with travel a lot of these big market basket go away from us at -- -- -- got. I pray that should make the market baskets story and today make the deal get it done. Bill is on the -- before we take a break for Billy. Mortem and I got really -- too quick point -- ago. -- -- adopt the rated in the what an unbelievable thing that's been on the art guy and the globe. I don't know someone needs to give them. Is addressed to Justin Bieber got a couple late that without a lot but that had to be operating on I can't -- and -- re right right off like that. -- Logan Mankins. You guys think that's more we need a site and vote at -- that we let him go out the door or adapt more. Contractor and I know its annual contract pretty high every year the economic team all the Tom Brady yeah arm. I think it's a financial thing build us an outing that I that's the driving force a financial one and the need would be too right. And and most GM's most coaches wouldn't do this. Which is why we have even if you don't like the do you you have to respect that wouldn't you say that you know that. I mean most coaches attack and music and he's really has the guys over Thanksgiving it's not all of us. He's got balls and he is absolutely. Oblivious. To any backlash any Rihanna doesn't gamble doesn't care alerts in the locker room or. On the talk shows he just doesn't Kevin and Hudson before you break Kevin. They got that -- comment on the jacked up wrote the article this -- about here last -- phrase. Yeah I think people on -- detail that's because campaign fund raiser because you know illnesses disease it just does not discriminate. Whereas you know the heart disease cancer. -- -- lifestyle. But it so it does seem to have more it does give me more functional what does a minute Nate does this from. To put it to supplement. What went -- prioritize and when choosing one over the other was simply focusing on. One particular person with one particular cause beat every one particular disease that has made no advances. Ostensibly since 1939. EEE hear about them identifying certain proteins are sort of zeroing in on the I know how to fix the -- right one way of putting it. And progress has not been made in terms of okay well people living longer it would doing this but but -- -- closing in on how to solve the -- and I I know that's. Sort of dimming the progress with faint praise. But I think that there really gonna figure this out and I guarantee you the -- no faster because the -- Question the recurring theme on Tuesday and Wednesday of last week at the Jimmy Fund radio telethon was that you need to throw money at this problem yes research is expensive research scientists are expensive. And there is a direct correlation between how much money they get. And how much money they can throw at research to finding various skewers various treatments targeted treatments all those kinds of things I think the very same thing applies here with mail us. Take a break this box to rule by the way I don't and I don't think he does know. Note the new -- Always is the headlines site I listen to your show if you're if you're an -- -- thank you. Can I do like Terry though it does it I gag is it Downing Street. But it's gonna do --

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