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Taylor Twellman, on Wes Welker and concussions. 8-26-14

Aug 26, 2014|

Taylor Twellman, who had to end his career early due to concussions, discusses Wes Welker's most recent concussion.

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Our first and ends here on the there's -- program but -- Became a huge worldwide star -- his work during the World Cup he's also in my opinion one of the best advocates and best spokes people. On the subject of concussions in athletics and unfortunately he -- of which he speaks because his career was cut short by concussions. Our body Taylor -- on the line Kate Taylor I don't. -- -- All right thank you unfortunately it seems like every month their cell. Something like the Wes Welker situation comes up and people like -- call people like Taylor and say Taylor what do you think about this I I wish it didn't happen as often as it did but it does. Yeah it's the nature of the business I would argue -- -- -- Because in 2014. We don't know the injury now though the ramifications of playing with the injury and symptoms and signs so it is deposited dale and I tell everyone that -- at the number and a lot. That actually means we're diagnosing your rent -- a recognition and improved. The real dilemma is the rehabilitation. And how to get that happened back as quickly as possible. And that's the most difficult thing but for me. To number one issue right now professional sport at the recognition in the diagnostic. Advocates advocates the of concussions in trying to figure out how to figure it out and unfortunately I think what smokers in the difficult spot. -- options in less than ten month guys. I'm sure I'm not a doctor good -- Childress. With two concussions and twelve once you're at the line three and in more than you. In twelve months is mandatory rest period of all locked in with what -- means -- is -- -- I mean (%expletive) out no chance to contact so. -- what in the Denver Broncos and a difficult spot. Taylor you obviously shared -- workplace with -- Wes Welker for a while at Gillette Stadium I'm wondering just for background purposes do you have a relationship with the west and have you when was the last time you see you spoke with him would you reach out to a player like west just to give your own personal perspective. Not -- that's -- and I walk. Our great front who work. Obviously in Boston I'm -- You know when he was playing -- Junior Seau and myself almost kind of you know we went out at dinner time and you know here in the -- -- sale and I we're actually actually -- -- neighbors. Arm but can be quite honest those conversations. I've been in those conversations will repeat -- because. I owe that to the aptly and injured many -- that reach out. Trying to get the answer it's now gotten a point and I laugh and chuckle a little bit that people actually -- don't want to hear from me and my whole point this is just to give. Perspectives in -- give them an understanding of what they're going to also give them -- -- shall cry out so. Let's Welker all tomorrow no one's gonna know whether or -- he called -- that that's space between what but the answer is. Any athlete Marc Savard I reached out to -- and 1520 times he never got back to me there's an example of an athlete that didn't want my respect that but. There's money out without their and it's funny because that ruling goes. -- talk to soccer partner there bailout split. He's the reality of the situation is I liberty entry in and day out then I can help these guys get tourists and really dark dark page. Taylor you know you not this year you're not to get -- cover stations specifically with west or any other athlete but. Do you get the sense that as we see more and more of these sort of situations that teammates are discussing this in the locker because some has been said may be somebody needs to suggest to west someone internally within amber. Beat saint west hey have you thought about retirement or is that sort of sacrilege. Given the sensitivity in affected Wes has been a football players entire life. All it could very question -- people what people forget his injury -- it back and 8008. There. You know -- We're not talking back into it so you can in 2008. And I know how has he -- only when they -- my struggle that I go to and stop its leader biggest regret their entire career with a -- -- It's 2014. I'm markets that there are I'm not naive enough to think that there's not a single aptly trainer personal that someone in that locker room. That hasn't had a less. You need to take care yourself first worry about the -- that I'm not naive enough to think that hasn't happened. But it's 2014. And what do we do I keep saying that you think they'll end up. Garrett how many concussions in the NFL they get all the credit in the world the bunker protocol how many concussions miraculously disappear. After five to an. Just in time -- -- during report to come out into that have to deploy. It's remarkable to me because science tells -- that and maybe seven that and that fourteen days you really get rid of the true symptoms of concussion. Immediate result even of -- benefit. Yet the numbers go but how many of those athletes -- -- -- -- You know -- I'm not saying this about the NFL. Because I I do think they are making a sincere effort to address what could be a serious issue. I think about fifa and the World Cup game where we watched a guy get knocked out. Sent back into the game and five minutes later they're basically carrying him off the field. I watched the Red Sox and -- -- to first base after he got hit in the head with a a Felix Hernandez pitch on Friday night and then the next -- get put on the seven -- concussion. DL. Our our sports taking this issue seriously and up in your opinion. But they're doing everything. Politically correct they're saying here the protocols and here. Here's what we're doing -- how we're given awareness that out they sort out every -- it's gonna try to play that ended my number one goal. It -- athletes young enough. To realize. It's simple one injury you don't play true you don't fight through it's actually more demanding more -- roguish longer person. If you don't play with his -- you'll you'll thank me when -- You're old enough I worry that the professional happened because -- dirty too late if you get set that the reasons why. The fifa World Cup -- a -- and how it should be ago. Think of that debt that the medical personnel and that crystal Cramer was not on par would handle perfectly insured -- and the concussion. They're full of all who's written in 1983. Taken that 2014. What's gonna happen with CI is one -- athletes that can make eye on the field due respect and impact girl and then the manager at. Baseball -- all have been he's an apartment that's all gadget is remarkable to -- big effort and it ought to go to like well. Taylor indicted by Tyler Hansbrough can it can actually -- recovered -- there's an -- that we here. They anyone can get it to wanna you -- on that rate could all future. Not -- here and indeed that's like symptoms it's an Internet everywhere need to be aware. I know you're not a doctor but you're obviously very well connected to this and talked to a lot of experts in the research. In terms of the science of understanding not on reducing concussions but then treating them. Where are we are you know do we know 20% of what we're gonna know down the road you know where is that percentile how much more is there to be learned about dealing with concussions. What we have noticed in this world over the last 34 years is that you. Have basis station on the concussions are traumatic brain injured the proper terminology. And you stick that aptly now man or woman. Their likelihood. Of recovering is much greater than if they exert themselves and try to get through. That's what we know -- and that is why the education and awareness is so important that the issue because it's. You're gonna get -- it's what you do right when you get. And that's the biggest issue because it's not the first concussion there's plenty of concussions are always going to be either what do you do when you get it. And the biggest thing right now it's educating your athletic training staff your culture -- -- -- Players because I think you guys brought up the most important thing is -- now start getting involved. Imagine it's nineteen minutes put it until we need to get off to -- I don't know I'd still be playing about player right now I wouldn't be deal with the -- predicted that -- -- the so. Do we know 20% 30%. I think we know a lot more than we did when my injury occurred to each. But I think we've got -- plenty of room to grow particularly on the -- and growing in professional sports because -- -- Charcoal. That some of the action that's still happen like it's nineteen at least. Joseph would you think that's perhaps athletes in the competitive drive that they have that leads them to become professional athletes or perhaps that. You know what's between your professional athlete -- competing for your livelihood in your salary and to take your your family do you think it. Those two factors are perhaps more. Sort of critical toward the players' willingness to return her to think it's more that the infrastructure in terms of protocols. He's just not adequate so teams are allowing players back onto the field because eight. According to a particle you're good to go even if he may very well not be. Question lament that a great question and I looked at the athletes -- just a much bigger. Just as much a part of the problem that the political wanna make it very clear that I about the yours and all the leaks all. The athletes need to be educated but from me. In my state where I am now why when I go talk to the pro -- -- dirty air. American and make any ground -- and help them get through their post it that's fine. I -- talking to -- ninth annual soccer. Football hockey players right now that's my goal like we'd like they get that it's because when they get older. They're gonna remember they're gonna remember the one thing that will be QQ any kind of them -- any -- sensation. Stopped you'll be on. -- you really believe that you didn't see any great city it's hit on the shorter -- -- -- those pro athletes anymore. I can't converted gotten to that point but there's going to be an acute and hard to validate that took that makes any sense you -- A morbid abdicated to halt the professional -- PP you're right the athlete -- -- border between sports Wes Welker right now we can keep thinking about. If I make the opening day roster what is it like three million dollar salary guarantee they're the only thing he's thinking about it. The only thing so for -- to call him. And have a conversation. In the trying to convince him to lead to a given that would they're I've been part of that. But also the reason why I have permanent brain damage and -- -- -- that sort. I would be remiss if fight did not take advantage of the opportunity with Taylor Twellman on the phone to ask about. The newest addition to the New England Revolution Jermaine Jones introduced. By the revolution today unfortunately it went head to head with the Logan Mankins -- story what is Jermaine Jones addition to the revolution me. It means that the revolution. And the -- hamburgers here they'll -- you guys know that -- So often were referred to be ugly stepchild. Of the New England Patriots we always work. Egypt debate -- predicament for the New England Revolution where you've been finger in that we don't have a specific stadium we know everyone else it's going that direction. But we still care to send a message. That Jonathan Robert are willing to and from the right eat the right puzzle on the field Jimmy Jones is on the destroyer in the midfield. And and tortured and one of the backs or. My only concerted I don't know you guys all agree that Twitter is a party in which Charlie Sheen for the last month the World -- I I wanna make sure accused. Don't say they'll halt the the -- -- he may be the peak at which is the registry on -- Taylor it's always a pleasure to talk with the and and next time hopefully it you know won't be about the concussion issue may be well actually go. A couple of weeks without it and I hope I see and hear soon. I'll be understood and appreciated -- -- the discussion thanks Tyler thanks so that is that Taylor Twellman former member of the New England Revolution former. US national team member.

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