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Another great Old Time Baseball Game 8-26-14

Aug 26, 2014|

Dino, Gerry and Butch opened the show by discussing the old time baseball game.

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Today as they -- I could what do Saturday should go to what -- Red Sox have traded Koji. When they had the opportunity yes the issues Tiger Woods should've stayed with Butch Harmon issues Wes Welker should retire. Right now. At this very moment. Ryan -- should pack his bags. Well this is crippled I should've. Made my way to -- -- baseball. That's -- they should -- would jump in anywhere in public should I've stayed in bed today has a gas assets at -- I should estimated -- today you the game last night he actually took. -- three daughters and my dog cocoa and it was a phenomenal yeah. -- game they do such an unbelievable job anyway all of us have been involved in a million different fundraisers. We have our own -- fund -- my. Dad's name and we sponsored a thing last night which was proud to do and represented him but it was. I mean it was amazing and above all else Mike -- -- Maloney. Jack from win was there -- -- well Billy -- was there -- blocked Dan Shaughnessy and his family. Nancy Euphrates came over you -- erroneous yes and gave me a big hug said frank -- look at her like you kidding me. And and Pete was there with a smile on his face the whole time and his pregnant wife and -- shot in cedar. Yes -- -- -- either as there are sure Holland has strict then yeah. And we dared do it in my home two weeks yes yes you don't really struck me John Jerry was that we know this from our foundation my dad died a week. Started hey we're gonna do something an arm and we had people come to the tournament that we give money team. Always worried much in my house where did they we're gonna feel like a charity case and how do you do yet. It is the 180 complete opposite and I saw that the free speech last night. They have so many as you can imagine I would imagine horrific days tour last night was not -- yeah. Anybody -- estimating crowds by the way yes I so somebody said just a quilted -- you -- you know I follow my face in front of 2000 people someone you think that yes yes I think there was 2500 through it yet. I do that wasn't what what is it -- line the left to right field lines with lounge chairs and old time baseball is you're actually there I was worried and timlin was a little while. Will came walking up to and so it's funny -- -- gauges all. Got -- But -- -- what he had some you know lying to a screeching line drive in the yeah but that was it that was Lisa's. And once a month -- -- -- correctly I used to do the Angel fund and and he was used to instill that he's an unbelievable. We've met a lot of athletes he's just one of those guys he he paid his own way out here and for America's he had to be here. And -- want to be apart of it and -- system and I bet he's done that little gimmicky thing you know the ice -- channel all -- and Tom King thinks that he had a horrible. I was thinking of that. Last night as soon as I walked up -- really. Really when she's coming -- last night and take a look at the -- yes good -- that's good points but take -- me it's he's said to me I said this is -- -- -- -- -- She said you would not believe I am sure she told him in his name to yesterday. Should you would not believe the letters. That we continued again and what that's meant. To us. You asked a question about -- as we walked in this more and we were talking I said John doesn't indicate everything you need to know about the ice -- surely people are raising awareness a sudden. Awareness of the entire situation I mean you knew what was you knew Gary you knew it's a death sentence when you get the diagnosis but very little else about it. On it if I haven't won -- today I'm sure it's 75 today. -- no question. We can get the number it's amazing and I think with -- Pacific and one of the problems was you averted your yeah people just said. Oh it's such a nasty nothing we can do make them and comfort just don't even don't talk about it -- don't make me think about it I don't wow. Wonder what would happen if -- got excellent and the fortunately I don't have a -- Leave those people over there which is what Tom -- from the globe would like to do yes just put them in a dark room put a blanket on the make them comfortable. Don't let me know make me think about this only 56 under on the you know who -- every year and none of them survived so let's you know let's. Focus on other happy things -- From the Boston Globe would have you believe that -- -- -- are the modern day leper colony -- -- about right yeah yeah I want a bat or their I don't think it's communicable but you know they might rule on me yeah I'll keep them out of my life and out of mind. Vision that would be the Tom -- solution. Would Peter phrased and you mentioned hopelessness. Being Peter phrase to mean just like. You would -- and we -- wheelchair from the train and just laid there and what do -- do just the opposite yeah I'm gonna. -- the upbeat about this -- the spread the word I'm gonna make. People aware. Well what we go throw him via UN word try to find a cure use the word hopelessness -- if you walked. Dominic street walked on that field last night that was the last. Emotion a description came through your mind I mean. To see all the free T shirts to see all his friends there but -- doctor Charles was there I think he's gets up my sleeve. Area coming weeks -- days. And a pregame thing about what you mean I just think he's gets opposite he'll head coach out and he you know -- a stroke in the range of fly over last night come on doctors are like yeah. Don't matter he said my eldest daughter Lillian cellular college we exit Curry College -- what he wanted to -- I'm not sure. Think communication goes well I wanted to be a debt -- He wasn't you wasn't it. But yet I mean hopeless this was the last thing. There was -- had a smile on his pasting entire time and and I was just -- taken aback by them you know the fact that I've never met them before in the I've I've met Mike -- you know in the BC crowd they all came up. This was just a celebration. That was a real celebration last night and perhaps off. To not only -- and his crew but it who. The -- each family and all that's gone around it would all that this is taken normally from that Sonia but the challenge. Last night was just a New England celebration of the freeze like it was -- it was a mean anybody any -- puck -- -- and united seat. I shall never let my dog cocoa with it and everybody's there was and Marty go and buck along comic right. Even Matt Damon dated the you know his his school wants -- is to -- water right. He's clean he did with toilet water now. Slate clean to. Yeah I was like -- to -- wasn't he made the point that the water in our toilets in this country. Is cleaner then what most people in developing nations drink and do it points to make yeah I mean well our dogs trinket is cocoa drink water idea course -- Or is it possible. -- -- for women and house had to go get a boycott. We adopted him from a shelter in Manhattan neutered so he doesn't know which way I'd just assume Coke was girl -- -- well and what they should recruit a dean all -- executive team will -- -- -- you what do should look at what the bucks game you know what. That the afridi is attack mode on this does beyond raising 71 or 75 or whatever the number ultimately will be. It makes you eat -- individually think how would I handle. Adversity like this jury made the point you know five minutes ago. A lot of people win they would get this diagnosis. Would curl up in the fetal position. Get in bed pulled the covers over the head close to drapes and just lie there in their old. Morals misery until. Grim reaper -- got -- And and and seeing him take this kind of positive approach and seeing this family. Embraced this whole situation and create this viral phenomenon. Unlike we've ever seen in this country. Really sort of set an example for people say you know which what you want ago went women when the you know what it's the fan in your life whether it's LS whether it's cancer. Whether it's in all the death or wife or husband or child -- -- case may be. They have to ask yourself how am I going to handle this I think the phrase Pamela that certainly set an example for that well. I think one of the things after all these years that the WEEI. -- and radio fund does and you guys seen this firsthand as it -- to two days is overwhelming isn't it yes in some regards. It's a cult but -- right yes it's a great way to put out on so to your point about imagine you know there but for the grace of god go -- and you know. We've experienced drunk driving my family GeMS kill bugs on track and fortunately we haven't experienced LS my wife's uncle Joseph attempt past the died of -- last so. That was in our family but. I think. Pete's dad was talking about this last night about the diagnosis and when he heard it wasn't this wasn't cancer was now while. And then heard -- that he just stopped talking and look at it but to your point since that moment you have two choices rule over a curl up in the fetal position. Or you called it -- tackle racquet out and end but black. And we all sit there and say yeah there but for the grace of god go lie down and how can they do that but again that dole overwhelming. Feeling I left there with last night was the community the support a smile on Wright's face up. Excellent and all of it was -- -- -- and they passed -- partners -- correct I I don't know what the -- last had to be a record field -- what was your other whether that's could've -- Red Sox should have traded coach that's clear this year at a politically ideology but that's the bad news the good news is there's no more talk while paying him fifteen million for one you know -- up next here. It's good that Koji is getting old now and not waiting until April. That's Drew Neitzel not not that this would be topic number one today with the -- -- -- -- how many games do you know seventy point 0007 they beat the Bobby down yet right now -- at Clark -- up so if you have so let's look at these silver lining if you will not trading -- at least they're not body Rollins they're championship driven are they not. And from what we hear and see it -- so meaning that they're gonna need a closer next year yeah. So they didn't Draco sign Andrew Miller -- his and Koji that we all just accepted that their new philosophy is bill pay and not long term and short term lot of money in Koji fit that reform he was going to be forty. He's. One of the best clothes in the game and one of the great years ever last year. So it was like -- finishes. Reasonably strong this year that you automatically given that -- Olympic team 1000001 year and then worry about it 2006 -- right. It's still too and that. I wouldn't think so. I would hope not I mean no one's gonna do that lattes and personally I don't think will be a great market -- -- Bounces back but I do think they believe he's tired he's he's one out maybe they give -- the couple that he is sick and. Or in spring training this year was that he would -- so many innings and it was going to you know build up eventually take its coal. And it did not all season long until right about now. So I guess Koji it's at the wall may be I think it's more of that really what we saw last year the magic is off. -- like Wakefield in 95 when he had that stretch. Was -- -- -- -- was last after coach he does does not magic I thought this might last would you coach who was not magical actually it was it was magical old but I don't think it was just like Luke duke yells yes well we'll use whatever -- I -- You got that great season closes at -- -- -- had he done that in his career before as a closer at 38 year old guy is the greatest season closes ever had a little loop. So so so -- what issued occurred yet had they traded -- and who would we be climbing over today the two prospects they got to be down a Pataki and and coming up who might be closer. Yes yes they did not land many prospects. Why deadline day -- landed yet what are prospect rich. And the idea while American ultimately when -- we -- right our resident expert tells us just like that to all the Jackie Bradley was can't medicine and and -- Bogut was going to be reporting that baseball prospect -- -- if you say it -- -- -- -- they lied to us with. Us we we these guys -- can't miss prospects and and what else we have to go out of the baseball America and XP years. Whoever jets win goes to a no it was re bravery only counts -- -- that'll ever happen to him legacy on every every once in awhile for Sunday's yeah okay cause I'll -- show idea if you mocked and ridiculed -- used to do not audited. And the text is ripped. But rate rate rate you know Greg was. And doses. -- -- yeah Red Sox should have traded coach they haven't. Tiger Woods should have stayed with Butch Harmon. You know any time -- sports who with a guy named butch and he read it well not a good not good not good at -- The ship of state softball John interesting to see how. Stubborn. Powell. Much he does not want to admit a mistake he fired tiger -- John Paul the yesterday. And I was reading about this this morning and last night. I find it interesting Butch Harmon said. The reason there was friction at Pia was because tiger never paid him eight cent. To be his coach and the fact -- quote was -- quote was. Tiger said. He thinks that just having tiger beat his student. Should be a enough. Of course I'm so famous I'm Tiger Woods mean being your student to a well. It's compensate you John -- -- egotistical batters. Yeah it's accurate and right I can't say that I mean your patent shouldn't say it did no work. -- about a career move and coaching tiger in his prime you know in his glory days. It's cheap it's we easily his consulate is a fascinating story in the golf that I just this month and we should. He knew at some point we've talked about it many many times and on tipping in -- -- who's not and and they go -- the story about Mickelson was just amazing. He walks round they laud. Hope of hundreds and -- run everybody. And it was what you is that I would I would I wouldn't be that generous he's remarkable. If I had I would be they would be just as I say I CAD. Nobody else like Mickelson but -- talked about his meltdown at Winged Foot in the US open. You know we're double bogeyed the eighteenth and -- that hadn't won a major at that point and excuse them listings crushed. And on that day he sought out all the members of Winged Foot that helped vote. And game like a thousand old -- And that was like leaving the -- -- courses come forgot that he did have electric clubhouse attendant Guerrero went back game like a thousand bucks. Story at the story of him just giving. Five and 2000. The people. Should just tweeted a link to the story we did a good and talks about other guys uh oh generous and it makes the point that. Tiger left after winning its first tournament. In I forget which terminal was an end to nobody left and Butch Harmon went back in with the water. Can't so so -- that went back to limo or whatever with tiger and said listen. You have to knows that the Olympic discus -- -- waiting what do you think their conference -- the Mickelson need to you know. Rain and rain cash and everybody or tiger not mean let's be honest the mount Rushmore Boston sports Larry Bird couldn't squeeze Ottawa. Of life I led -- and Al Gore wants any tip well that OK so that was a myth that -- at least in your own little world that was with a once it was. At the commonwealth brewery he picked up the check I watched him made sure. I felt so good in -- one actually -- what percent. Stay at least at least it is not -- seems that the bartender and he did so I would much orange. I -- -- if you don't get 20% for me at least you have yet to really bad right only once in my life have I -- zero. An -- person really deserve less -- -- left two cents ones did you really just just because. You're you're service rudeness your lead did it to send a mass exactly adds up to since there were given years -- cents a items -- we do 20% not out of less generous just it's it's easier to do the math the math got an 80% seventy and a half percent of our client will be automatically senate. Alyssa who else was a big -- -- I don't look at them right now find the tiger story about the first tournament the first to me was only what was he won nineteen yeah when he Butch Harmon at the point about Butch Harmon I'm. You know revealing a tiger never gave many money. Money he was -- took his trophy is going home was first PGA tour victory in 96 and Las Vegas. He didn't tip. And butch had to go back in it -- his own money. Which wrote in his book says even though it's signed contracts worth forty million dollars. He still lived and acted like a college student -- And X expected practice on -- hadn't occurred to him. So I gave the -- locker room within 300 dollars not a not by any stretch but all the cash I had in me after hopping in the limo would woods' arm and told them. You just won 300000. Dollars he should have tipped them -- grand as you do the same thing every week win or lose. Every Tuesday when you show up he should and a hundreds to everyone locker room. Butch learned this from his father and he was a kid and right he elected I think is there any that. Generosity of Phil and that she weakness of tiger is similar in this regard to both unconscious. State -- that Phil is. One out there trying to you know build his legend by given out it's just generosity eyes and a night I think I think it's worth it to fail. I can feel what did you think is nobody knows what else talking about the fact. And that's why do you think that's why he's doing it I think he's just in his -- tipped steps 300 dollars to hostesses preceding him an empty restaurants for handles the ballets for parking -- -- The stores have been handing small -- -- a hundred bill bills. Young girls at a lemonade stand well Byron Nelson. I didn't watch it are you doing. It's kind of like tenure. -- it's -- a little bit of after is second win at colonial in 2008 and Mickelson was loading a discount when he realized he forgot that -- a -- room dependency promptly. -- more than 15100. Dollars. Delivered to him it could get mugged yeah -- -- Harry sinden he can he -- ship they got a mug him loads of cash. And it points out that he he can afford it. He's made 75 million on a horse and a -- lot more than that off the course fifty million. Last year off the course weakened -- -- over a hundred billion a lot -- guys can afford what it would Koji got the win last I know. Culturally. Probably to the club most. And I are such 1777979837. Fault lines open and could shuttle weather. Wes Welker should retire him this morning will be right back.

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