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Butch and Buck discuss where the Red Sox go from here & what their roster will look like next season 8-24-14

Aug 24, 2014|

Butch and Buck roll on with Sports Sunday and get into what the Red Sox will look to do next, how they can improve the pitching staff and potential trades they could make. The Bogaerts debate plays a huge part in what the future of the team looks like. Butch also briefly gets into fantasy football talk as he prepares for his draft.

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Look at that Loper -- How appropriate song could -- assigned to the Red Sox and you ain't seen nothing yet. -- -- -- You can always on the game you -- putting further Matt likes the signing by the way Matt Simon do you like this and of course what's they're not -- I know your credit it's -- done any. But seriously give us one take on why because they went after a guy and beat everybody else to the punch like that question match you know yeah slightly over taking it to the -- Oh stop it mark what do you like about it match. Are you serious yeah. I'd just like like bush said that they emit a move they want their spending the money they're making a move to improve their outfield. The 21 that you're right that's all. Go right back and cause you concern that this -- -- out of pocket that show. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Of course. I mean it's like they're really breaking the bank. Okay that's that's actually that's the key all of it. Team to match it's -- to -- It should be the matchup because 72 point five million dollars is nothing if this guy can play even decent field on base. So that is the -- point in other words the Yankees took much more risky even -- elderly at home commodity. And committing twenty plus million to a guy who has -- at who is. But the Red Sox are taking less risk because even if he's a bust. They could eat that 72 million I don't -- to beat up by Els registering they overpaid him and we did learn a sobering lesson this year sobering lesson. And how important Ellsbury was this point price. Sobering. Let's go right back to the phone to get a few people wearing an honest go to quit in Connecticut on sports Sunday which he -- imports -- so quit. -- a lawyer and I good. I mean today I am -- I like I've dining -- EO however it does create a lot to him in the outfield and I was trying to get your take -- We think will be moved. And admire and on the -- down cracked and it purely because -- well -- boring that -- act here yet or at EA. Bernard is warranted this so I mean right up the batter like -- I didn't really want acuity can do it -- Well let's. Let's talk about about the logjam quick buck -- me ask you yeah all things being equally keep five outfielders start season next year. Com. I got the look at the roster means that when you think thirteen pitchers -- and you've got. Nine starters counting the eight that's 22. And excuse to be. Back up catchers 23. Backup -- 24. And then you've got nine at -- So I'm not five mr. Kerry told it -- so that I would make them happens again you've got it is starting nine. -- and PH correct. And then yeah that's thirteen pitchers have another starting niners' three outfielders considers three. So that's. Nine starters in thirteen pitches is -- why are you assuming thirteen pictures of the unitary. Also so the question also will play Euro or alternate. Here's my point if it is four or five -- -- your right you're going fitter at another position I was going this route. To -- point of the logjam. I would make the argument right now fight depict the top four Red Sox outfielders. They are -- to discus -- -- victory you know when Allen Craig would you disagree with that. Says it has Kristi oh Victor Reno and -- Cray those -- didn't get popcorn. -- I think it concerning that they're very right handed in on I think Ortiz. And all backed off label wore a moment there'd be accurate and -- -- does not think all we. A you know now I know I think knowledge now will be -- he -- it the fact that he had bought into thank god. Art thanks for the call where I don't know about not his job being safe. Because he's left handed out I mean I don't think it's safe as the words in doing a novice vocabulary today. After him Jackie Bradley junior -- -- debts and Brock -- Alex house and all got the news today that the Red Sox committed seven years. Two and god -- projecting as a possible lead off hitter and starting center fielder. I don't think safe is a walker its first and foremost and any. Of their vocabulary coming again to the logjam in the outfield -- I mean we're making some assumptions -- misty knows a starter Horry. In the rotation in the outfield this year and that's Aspen as is also and -- Victor Reno is and he shall be going forward -- and it leaves you. With who's gonna be treated who should be traded who's got the most value. And who are the other outfielders for the Red Sox again my only point is I'm looking at this right now and I have to pick for best Red Sox outfielders offensively and defensively. It says but as the -- Victor Reno and Alec Morton. Rock hole again is the whole enigma and all of this and he's brought up a good point there all right handers. Says it is is DO Victorino as far as we know left the game hitting -- handed. And Allen Craig to brawl right handers that does make them demonstrably right handed in this lineup if you take Brock hole. -- -- a lot to think about with. What their -- could be and then of course receiving -- on August 24 -- 33 games to go. And there's a -- and collar state thing looming. You know. Over all of Major League Baseball and despite -- from Florida calling up and saying the word is down here that Miami Marlins fans will revolt. If if he's ever traded well. Go by history. They've treated. Guys in this situation every single time. They've yet to commit to a guy in this situation Stanton might be the exception he wants to stay there which clearly taken hometown discount. He's not maximizing his contract if he's staying in camp. That's the case Munich -- nothing brings up just so many different ways you can go with the discussion. I'm talking about this morning if you'd like to chime in at 617779790%. What's the point you made your column that you wanna. Touch -- it comes to studio. -- -- that. They don't have them once started as a -- -- few minutes ago that means the key element to this. It's the first real teens -- evidence we have the -- like sisters but when he next year. And you could assume that they would series that you needed. All all you saw when they traded Lester they traded Lackey they get rid of a whole bunch of key players from last year's Walters when he team. And you couldn't have any clue how this team looks for next season. Well let's talk about not you don't nice okay this is -- right that they've done something for next year now. Right so it's I agree with you. From a SharePoint. That this might be the first or at least that's the largest. Indication that -- could see what next year might look at the let's go to the number one starter. The sort of three routes are sort of true roots this offseason. That they're going to get that number one started reading assign somebody they gonna trade for somebody. Com Chris sales names and broaden and there's other guys like him that you can be go. -- two body image training sale because I did in event with John Ferrell the Red Sox manager. At -- high school couple months ago and it was a QQ and -- it was a fund raiser for the baseball program that the graciously agreed to go to Roland. So on the -- the Q a name and person in the audience at which. Opposing pitcher he'd take one pitcher who would you like to have right now and John -- -- -- in deference young guys and kind of -- and hide. Two to be diplomatic. And then mentioned Chris Sale so on his wishlists. He mentioned that picture its own interest. To the phones we go let's go to rob interesting shipment at at at -- Robin Chelsey -- Europe -- what I -- Actress you know -- you just mentioned the bad pitches -- a lot of baseball about stroke which is seen this year. Game or -- -- thought or bigger course -- and global quickly. That that that's just against against the Red Sox you mean. Not -- an. -- that some -- these are other teams you know all. As an art movement on all the time -- from different messiah pitches out like that that it was a. This is guys you've seen at the park personally your CNET TV year what I want. Okay that was gonna take her shot in the news in the class -- thought. Actually church but bet that the and -- but. But anyway -- -- get the impression that can steal that took place senate bill you'll the only -- -- -- can't -- the. Not a power hitter I think you're correct on that and I don't think he'd like it real well you'll. I -- it checked that the senate -- all they tactic I don't think you know. I don't have -- I don't have any I is in fact I don't have any knowledge of where he played in Cuba and I made that point Michael today. Not so -- out all his stats because. I don't know how -- stats transfer. I know that there is that meant that some people used it yet hearing QBU -- there in the big leagues. That that stuff that's beyond my scope I choose the credible when I can understand and. It was will what was suppose you project that it could be a girl or. You know he -- He got that's a look. So what's your what's your overall point that he's never played center fielder or whatever. Out late that there are callable what's the date they got another big -- but just to make a -- I -- did you consider him a big bat. And that that there's a puppet. Show respect is there a big bad in -- play. I consider it to steal a big that if he can put up the kind of numbers again that he's projected put -- not every big bad as the hit thirty home runs. Jacoby Ellsbury was a big -- Ellsbury was a big bat and can be a good. Agreed I would wrote the name of I Hamilton of the reds out there's a potential big -- -- projected him because of his speed as the leadoff hitters taking his -- this year but if you take a good look at him with the reds this year. He's going to be projected as one of the best we operators potentially in baseball heading into next season and that is not a -- so I would agree -- your premise. Balked at a big that is more than -- -- it's thirty plus moment David just nobody knows he did place and are feeling Q thank god I was just looking at a appreciate David -- rock -- all Oreo. I don't like it. 8888. Point. -- might reject it out. -- -- Jackie Bradley that are Russian -- right. -- that it in the -- and Allen Craig third -- and where is Victorino in the last year of a deal on the match. On the bench. Thirteen million a year I don't think so out polygamy you did not -- your fifth outfielder and your scenario. Well it happened you do it checked out too. Dependent on dividend -- I'm just -- with your. I'm just going -- Jackie Bradley what he says. -- -- -- -- -- Besides I haven't seen anybody. -- in play so well actually going -- you know it short neck swings. It can just go back to Allen Craig. I don't great in my opinion is going to be eight. Izzy our idea I have no was with he played in four games at third his career. -- -- -- -- some some third or April but is no other place that I can put it you're not trading -- which we did -- back on track. Let it would be less. Stress on you would that what. My third in radio and. Yeah -- told telling Craig because I don't know that Allen Craig's played more than a couple of games at third day I'm looking at every year our veterans and and if he has it was probably a few years back in which case you wanna take a guy. Who has a played only limited time there and beat. Maybe not quite awhile and and suddenly put him at third base and let them. You do it spring training a look at. What -- instructional you know. I understand that byte you just can't imagine them here four games at third base and his career. Q I think you guys play four games at third -- in his career and just anoint him at third baseman. I've wanted to see in late. Either you get -- either opening up if not an outfielder. You get a picture and let all these questions about the I'll -- I don't know what you're gonna get a top notch. Picture. We didn't and we stuck in politics is we get. But did you you're gonna have to block prop it up BD I prospect but what it. I don't know about that particular school that -- arguing caves in an oil and Craig at third part yeah I know it's also go to year. -- Jackie Bradley junior over Victor Reno if if that's your case if you're seeing that you're starting a year -- Jackie Bradley junior for his quote. As good defensive outfielder and the Red Sox uniform since Freddie when and I understand that logic however. He's as bad an offensive outfielder since Paul Blair. -- and he's not even his good offensively as Paul Blair was. So. I just don't see in this mix that did you definitively I don't know what Jackie Bradley junior couldn't do. Either the rest of the season this offseason. To -- him as your starting center fielder for next year he got a yearlong experiment and so parts failed. -- it play on Craig did play a 108 games at third base. In the minors in Springfield double way. In. 2008. And thirteen games in 2009. And it would seem and that's it it would seem to be a decision was made he's not a third baseman so I don't know if after five years in rewrite history and decide that he is the third baseman. I this is all new to me so. That's obviously at that. I did little -- eat because I -- dvd could -- it. Play over there and sometimes organization up different opinions on where -- -- placed. I understand it yet this was sleep this was the hole went up what Youkilis at shortstop in a couple of years ago but it it is. You you wind up with a hole what you guys out of position today because it looks good on paper up and -- But in the end of the day the defense well. Again. For the sake of David's argument if Allen Craig Craig. Could play third base if Mike Napoli is at first base if you own assessment is is in left. If could steal it turns out to be good in center field in victory knows -- the a that's not bad that's a -- he deep lineup. Of some proven hitters in baseball again -- -- not prove it. That's a pretty deep -- we take a break we're back with more sports on -- after this. Please center fielder -- a lot of skills. We think -- isn't a chance to impact the game and a number different ways. He runs well it's a good solid average self throwing arm. Solid power is getting good track record you can play defense get to get us as a track record in Cuba in international play. We see him as a very good Major League player and part of the a winning team here in Boston and so he's a senator killer as you guys know we've all stalling. In -- -- -- because we need to center field on the team so good but he's senator feelers from it even assuming we get through a we got to secure a work visa for him that process we'll start here this week so we can get through that. You'll get -- -- work -- try to get as many games. This this season 2014 season. And out in center field. I'm intriguing comments by bench -- there. On the one hand talking several times yesterday that. Roost because Steele was a center fielder but also making the comments. That we've always consider ourselves a true center fielder team. He go back and start thinking about money won championships. And they had Jacoby Ellsbury and Johnny Damon. And 07. I'd go back to think of Darren Lewis and Johnny Damon he think of Fred that's. -- that's like saying we've always had a backup outfield well that's what I understand that this is -- what we consider ourselves. A to center field I think part of it was in deference to Jackie Bradley junior that -- what I'm saying it is saying it's it's a solved. To it's it's -- rightward. It it they get them not to senate -- the team what's butts. Let's rid ourselves to spend words we always consider ourselves that we don't have it can range from this script is what I'm saying -- That that's what that's what he's labeling -- And we don't have to buy it. They're not who sent a field a team that's nonsense that's all thank. Most nonsense they have been to center -- team at times. But I would say I would agree would you -- president we've always consider ourselves too cynical okay whether they have or they haven't they have had times where they've had. A center fielder combo almost like catching combo two guys that can play center field to deserve to be on the team. -- -- circumstance when they had very like you don't have disagreed because I'm agreeing when the Red Sox had Varitek and her delicate they consider themselves to catch a team that's to act against similarly I said it's different. All I'm saying is that when he -- we consider ourselves to center field the team icing on it Jack I -- an opportunity here and I -- one ever. That's all I said. Let's go to. Lot ever go to Matt in Fall River whatever Matt. But come on guys chill out tonight to date argue over the how has the -- that there fielded his center yielded. By the way -- the position that -- Jackie Bradley junior he was born to be at designees feel there is such a thing yes. I'm thinking about I would suggest that you -- haven't talked about I know it's one of books at -- Have you seen enough for the exact intangible right now to realize that he's not a short stop -- up like at the yeah -- -- judge -- but I don't think he's the shortstop -- Well a couple of games. How would this fielding. And is that you showed nothing I. I would like either read like the -- an address short stop go out and yet. A decent shortstop and use Bogart as that trade date I mean I think that J. J. Hardy is going to be a free agent and I think the company going to -- -- the only active and they have a surplus of young shortstop that they got in the trade from. Oakland you know I -- -- he then by the way also I think I agree with some of that before I think Allen Craig is is targeted corporate speak think they're gonna trade Mike Napoli. Yeah that see that's come up better likelihood of happening and in. Allen Craig at third base well let me go back -- -- game's first -- premise about Bogart he actually said two things. He said -- of Bogut is not a shortstop but then immediately said to go get a shortstop so by that he's saying that -- he doesn't believe -- And that you should trade him but he's not gonna become a star or even close to the people think. So I guess on both those fronts where do you weigh in at this point is Bogut a not a shortstop and B are you willing to trade him is -- gone beyond the untouchable status would you include a -- Stanton deal. In all of that -- how do you feel Bob. -- I was absolutely include Bogart's in -- state straight not because I've given up one Bogart's I think Bogut is going to be. Solid big league ball player I really believe that but you give up to get what you need in the short term Stanton comes in. And really solidifies that line up if you gonna get another big by procedure at a Ortiz. You put stand in there with them and it says but it's in there with a nine you really start Paul Norris is not untouchable when when he -- has gotten. Husband by some considered out what you I'm sorry but USB how I felt sort. And so so now teach your other point is you shortstop several waivers and -- shortstop. And and again the Red Sox ladle out this porridge always the shorts that it -- -- AA game game. Don't believe everything they say is what I'm saying yeah. If you huge organized -- determination he's not a shortstop. Get him out of here well -- screwed around this can all season like. He's at thirty Detroit that -- that short one result messed up I would still think that that I don't think that that's the reason he's hitting by the way -- the reason he's not field. I don't buy that. Ability you know Harley was pulling this stuff and yet but it won't hurt. Mainly of any more let's just know it and it. I would tend to agree with you the quote unquote he's not a short step in this regard I think shortstop is a position. Like quarterback. In football that you kind of know you get a first impression that while guys can make mistakes whether they can do not in other words everything we've heard. And seen about -- -- aero. He's got instincts that make them shortstop I've seen some evidence that Bogart's. Has made to place it might be collectible when you learn but to me shortstop is a different position in almost any other haven't check lately that the couple weeks and look at where he was really struggling. It's okay would you agree that -- offensively nobody questions his acumen as a shortstop because they feel like it's instinctive feel like he has the range. You don't hear that same thing about Bogart's. He almost here -- -- -- they want him to be a shortstop he'll be acceptable that position him by the way when you add in a he could be power hitter on base guy and potential to be in middle of the order lineup got well if you have that patsy shortstop. Then it's great so I agree with your -- -- That he. You know if you wanna struggle I'm black and white as you shortstop originating answers now. To me right now if you had to draw the line one Aaron Johnson round he's next I John. I keep press in the wrong one madam sorry. Hi John -- accomplish. I think Barbara is right saying yet that -- and -- to nineteen at. -- right now. I got it to Tony when a distance with unequivocal thank you. And and I look J. J. -- I think you'd be a great pit box and yelled at our numbers just -- is battling an injury brought in Bogart's upper hand and short stuff. So so what sort you hang on so are you sending Bogart's to authority keeping me putting a minute trade. And regarding manager it's 800 bucks or demanding he made several like I Mac from all every -- you're treating will -- -- That coal mines Chicago though and I bet that we did located anger about the awful that the -- that they routine fly. And then Napoli. -- can't -- then last week I mean what they think they are. -- but in faculty and not much you -- get your thought then. Whether it's like to look at. Our front of the line or agent third opponent that I. -- throw out there are Johnny Credo and we've got a team options are next here are out they're gonna below or I'm. Internet activity over in Homer Bailey. And down. There are a lot of I don't think I quite -- betrayed him. And active but I don't look at -- and number -- -- number -- -- -- -- -- -- -- their patent debate you'll call almighty they're free agent after this you're gonna get you guys. Well. But in my thoughts on those three guys you mentioned sale -- go and you Kumar somebody like him I think they have block. The -- -- type guy and Joseph Kelly that might be the Johnny -- -- -- I'm not a big Johnny -- a guy. Chris -- Johnny -- are two different animals Chris Sale. Was heard early this year is made twenty starts -- second let me say this again he is second in the American League right now at two point 12. When an ERA era eleven guys starters in the American League. Who were pitching right now and it started twenty or more games sale being one of them the only guy who's got a battery area than Chris Sale it's Felix Hernandez. Chris -- is a number one top of the rotation starter at 25 years old. That is not Johnny Quaid that is not you Coleman and all that's not what the college said. I think Joseph Kelly is a guy you've already acquired who has that potential to be number 23 starter and could threaten. Like Buchholz to be a top of the rotation guy but you're talking top of the rotation guys. Chris hale is in a different category. Then Johnny -- on now Johnny Quaid went fairness to him EG RES 2.2 oh he's made 27 starts teachers pitched a 192 innings. He's thirteen and seven I do like him. I just think he's been too up and down I think sailors on the cost. Of having a four or five year run at 25 years old. Like Jon Lester is I think sales and a different category than most of these guys when he stopped and watched with barrels said. It. I think he did hold an addition. 6177797937. To the point about a Stanton trade let's go there since so many people go their -- Now that they've got can steal now they've got the QB connection and on the -- Cost certainty with a lot of these guys Allen Craig for reasonable money can steal for reasonable money. Under there may have been an interesting package they could put together so what's wrong one out there. Let's say even though he hasn't done anything yet. That they take to steal one put a minute deal for Stan let's say they put Allen Craig in a deal for -- which they could do both those outfielders. Because you be getting Stanton back and you still outfield have. And let's say they put Bogart's in that deal -- are offering Bogart's. -- -- And Allen Craig to start and then of course a pitching prospect to. Would you make that deal if you with a Red Sox and would you make that deal if you're the Marlins if you're getting Castillo signed. For seven years and the potential of the Cuban star in the making if you're getting Allen Craig. Solid outfielder on base guy signed for 34 years I believe it is. If you're getting gender Bogart's the next potential Hanley Ramirez for the Marlins have already gone that route and you're getting a -- Webster. -- -- Matt Barnes whatever are you making -- deal through the Red Sox and he's taking if you're the Marlins. TM greedy Alec that think the Red Sox can make the -- the stand without giving up Craig or to -- Woman who you who would Major League ready talent and putting in the deal you get annual nobilo who suddenly is reinvented himself after that horrible start. And you've got a bevy of young prospects in Bogart's is. Eight call Major League ready as he certainly has been ready this season right the key is someone. That you can optimistically say. Goes into the major leagues next year it will right himself I believe that I can't quantify that I can't -- static you know make everything right. But I believe in this kid I -- do you believe in -- are told art that is ideas on the shorts. Okay Liu answered my question -- questions going to be if I'm the Marlins management if I'm Marlins fans and I'm treating -- college Stan. Tell me the jam on getting back in return whether it's here now are not right and you're telling me it's Bogart's is what we're gonna sell to our fans. To me that's a hard sell the other thing is that you disagree with that point that's a hard sell. To Miami Marlins fans that Bogart says the -- Henry Owens. Maybe I'm I've got demonstrated Major League experience for Bogart's now -- it's not what I like -- amounts. Such a hard sell to me. As -- -- -- at the other every person it's what's -- actually sees things in the perspective of the team I'm a compliment. Because people receive daily -- I was buying as a candidate turned out to be true yet. Such a hard sell for me out from a Red Sox respect of a mall with yet. Among -- -- demolished and give me Henri always I restarted the future's all stars. Whose looks like he could be Randy Johnson green card. She's the bad about always -- it I feel bad about myself that I haven't seen with its spring training. And I mentioned a few weeks used to pride myself that. I saw Papelbon Lester who brought to draw -- they'll Carmen. I saw all these guys in either Portland Pawtucket. And and -- you know and yet if you you better hurry up because in my opinion in -- shut him down pretty soon because innings now let's go to Donna Milbury who's next hello Don. Big guys so why -- you good. You know I wanna collect some things that I I hear about baseball from all you people are talking -- -- I thought we have you to straighten this out. I got it straightened up and out lawyer. Okay I'm tired here people they bought cold and number two possibly number one. The best thing that Red Sox could do for balk calls -- -- -- Launch and number -- -- -- governor -- -- did this matter it won't get a random question having gone before last. But I. Well thanks greatness out on these things. You know honestly aggregate. But why why he's -- so happy they got -- less -- While I have my deputy Daryl -- -- yeah. I like lesser of the person o'clock -- I play are western it's an ability forewarned it right which is too slow on the mound and I. Okay yeah I think about Lester has. He is a big inning. Pitcher in the white -- but there -- -- and you don't show me not. 630 when he -- -- regular season doesn't do it for you right up to 200 plus innings of a thirty plus starts for 67 years in a row. Did it won't let you must give up a ton of those this I mean. I mean -- -- little way to -- 630 winning percentage. The Red Sox need to get younger they -- this modest paying. I -- I agreed and I did you -- in the morning awesome guy I love the when he plays -- He knows his baseball. Well you know what sometimes -- -- -- kick into -- -- you come out sitting like it has sparkles and they had Casey got to be. OK with your concerns about -- I just I just find it. Issue with Lester is that you're glad -- get room if you're glad they traded him because if you buy into the Red Sox thing about. Signing pictures over the age thirty long term contracts -- that's where you're coming from I applaud that because. And agree with that but I blow it -- -- finish me hold on. That's where you're coming from then that's a respectable viewpoint. If you this whole. Quite frankly nonsense about Lester is not a big game pitcher in the regular season is the only is that this pain the moment you're talking about. I again sir do you view this six point 630 whatever it is winning percentage. And the fact that he's made thirty more starts like seven -- seasons I don't know we -- product. We -- there I know we get to know. But the thing I wanted to try to make about westerners that book I would not call back up into one or because these companies. Are pretty. She need he'd be younger don't know what age did monoxide probably big current play it's a big time money there are getting involved. -- and let this she's built. But let it builds. Are likely is that -- -- -- guys -- you know locker room that are started the plate thinking they helped. While the only problem with -- Don we got around -- break is that there's a price to pay for getting younger when it comes to starting pitching in the American League and in baseball. It is the rare team. Tampa -- I would say. That goes young and gets themselves deep into the post season. Quick break we're back -- more sports on -- right after this. -- UA. Fantasy football player. -- a fantasy football player. No but I acted I have to point out that just because I don't play fantasy football I don't dislike it I don't make jokes about I don't felt the people do. About -- she baseball -- I just it just isn't my thing but I've had this argument for some bonuses -- -- -- -- fantasy baseball. Anecdote -- it and it's. Probably. -- You know later quietly and 2121. Problem with that I applaud that. The detected -- the sport's. Interest in the gain and the means in baseball in particular. And -- better on the -- of other teams in the east because the benefits based. I'm quite happy simply watching real baseball. I don't mean that sarcastically I just to rule on my plate cut. -- fantasy baseball fair enough television I have made with good my life fair enough but I bring it up because you wanna be a loser and not totally kidding. The reason I bring it up today because on Sunday August 24. The majority of our listening audience I would argue is in this if they play fantasy baseball and football what's going on today -- you're transitioning. From finishing baseball finishing four point reason transition going. Like saying -- like me I had the third worst record in baseball -- armed. And I have been number one pick today at 1 o'clock as soon as we finish in the draft and somebody's gotta talk me out of taking LeSean McCoy with a number one picked as the Mets PP -- legal whenever. You have to stood -- there's a lot of people. That are transferring. From. Baseball to football right now in the agonize. Over what they're doing today or through the next two weeks because. Fantasy football draft is real for a lot of people market it defines who -- dollar. And what they do maybe not you and your life that doesn't have time more space on your plate to be part of all of us. Edging toward that -- -- defensive unique infinitely fantasy football adapt them knowing that. I'm just telling you can I tell you the kids get pizza afterwards. You like to come to an online right Kyra stand right here at 1 o'clock for the next hour and I'm gonna draft -- winning team out in the fantasy football league with -- all my old that come Padres. I will say this when it comes in baseball for me personally since I made the leap to the digital world for five years ago with a pulse network. I've stayed playing fantasy baseball for one main reason I love it and I we have fun with the guys in the league but he keeps me up on baseball I would almost stats guy as you know. And and but and I have always been since I was a kid but I would never keep up with -- baseball. The way I do if I didn't play fantasy baseball so for me it's almost. Necessary polite I'd love it because I know who the players are doing in the National League and I would never do so. With three young kids. That I didn't play so. -- let's go to well Franken Revere hello frank. Hello I did it again man hold on. Hello frank. -- don't argue. Good iCloud last week. And I -- -- by the observation black. And we that's what you believe their so called about. That it received them out of 500 scene plays for the parade spring you either yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I would. You have wanted to thank -- -- I remember the call let's hope they don't -- it at that at that. Well I guess that's against your dreams that I can -- him through the season. Not to -- A bit of Cuban. And appellate guys that work -- -- read and don't follow them about how we want that report which I'm you know and I did that. But accidentally manager up the flag. Let you know it will bring in and out between net loss of rank -- -- And -- and most. -- I don't know what you can do okay when you go back it when you makeshift. OK when you go back Monday right the Red Sox left 32 games left in the season let's say for the sake of our argument. For the sake of our crusade to have that 500 parade down boils and -- at the end of the season. Here's what I want you to do want on the kitchen wall. At the Revere what station you're giving us a lot headquarters and headquarters at the review of fire department. I want you to put a big number 32 up there and assuming the Red Sox are gonna win today they only. In their last 32 games have to go to money for an eight to reach 500 how's that. And stuff. But. Remember that now that. Forget it. But rod thanks for the call for a buck you know I didn't forget. Frank from -- Abbott -- write this 500 parade crusade all yeah. Right though they have not won against -- Sunday they -- -- -- seven straight games you were busy reviewed and seen my map typical 25 and eight coming today's game to go 500 could happen. Quite an 805. I think it's a it's almost like to a good season 85. If we're at war. Hopefully Rick Pitino last time I checked what good is not walking through that door and Roger Clemons of Bruce -- either and if they did to -- old -- -- The negativity in this town Sox -- 6177797927. We'll get ready to take another break here. Com as regular into the break and the next Al talks and patriots this season starts two weeks from. Today we're lab at Fenway Park the sports Sunday Steve Buckley and which turns Red Sox have won 35 start to -- with Alan Webster on the mound. Patriots have their final pre season game. Things of the many things I like about watching these patriots and Bill Belichick. Everybody goes in that last pre season game box and they don't want to get hurt you don't -- do everything I would not be shocked actually that would be. I wouldn't be completely shocked if Rob Gronkowski. Goes out has. The first Ceres for the patriots. Against the giants I'd be shocked but not completely shocked because just the way Belichick does things maybe wants to get. One series and it's hoped the war -- could -- out of the way you yeah concede that we've explained to a. He always does that we think about when you say -- they're only play one series that little quarter. They do something like that does it bother you do it to the break from patriots perspective -- of the immigrant house -- columnist the Broncos -- hasn't gone on the field at all. Is it yet bothered me and Leo it not bother me no you stood separate question do you think he starts the season healthy ready to go. On the roster not on the pup list he's in Miami. Team won yes I do art of the game that you do they catch is that when he -- to -- years ago. I'm drafted in the first round. Rank in the unit that crashed at. A reality. It's a morass that reality -- Are we gonna take a break a couple of hours down couple hours ago we're live at Fenway Park it's sports Sunday at WEEI. It's easy glorious day you're trending now was coming up right after this and more sports talk with the -- and butch after that.

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