WEEI>On Demand>>Butch Stearns and Steve Buckley Live From Fenway Park: Making sense of the Rusney Castillo signing and Curt Shilling's eye-opening interview on WEEI 8-24-14

Butch Stearns and Steve Buckley Live From Fenway Park: Making sense of the Rusney Castillo signing and Curt Shilling's eye-opening interview on WEEI 8-24-14

Aug 24, 2014|

Sports Sunday kicks off with a discussion on Schilling's revelations from the D&C show last week. They also get into the Rusney Castillo signing, if they like it and what it means for the future of the franchise. Also, don't forget - Buck's Old Time Baseball Game is tomorrow night!

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It is -- I don't nine on Sunday August 24. I'm what Stearns we're here live at Fenway Park for sports Sunday on WB EI. Be a part of it you know we all feel. On the night before Christmas that's how my partner Steve Buckley feels. These talks proudly and ad nauseam about his hold on a baseball game forever but we are here now. I need you unwrap the presents on his days earlier nauseam. I didn't mean that as a criticism is just not how I ticketed or any other thing that a compliment -- are actually seek talks proudly I should probably first it. And talks. Consistently house -- better than an ad nauseam. The ad nauseam doesn't for a I didn't mean so. Is that like arguments when it's chocolate you'll -- everybody's back in the town on anything -- -- solitary negative view a is like the day before Christmas he gonna you know sneak peek at some of the presents under the tree. We are excited I'm going to be the indigent we're very excited we've spent more days have been written recently -- it's it's the weather reports more hours. Going to be awesome. And always a good thing when they haven't. Yeah I mean because the -- we -- one arena and we had -- within the next night. And even though everybody signs on on this meaning the next night the arena that's and you get people -- -- -- you're gonna work room. While -- he told you when you signed up as any. And we're excited. About Mike Timlin. Flying in from Colorado. And his own expense staying in a hotel tonight renting a car drive you know it's in Pete's Tamar. He's gonna pitched two innings how well Mitchell and nest uniform company Philadelphia when I told me the throwback uniform and fifty. They've made up the right section of -- so back it's a 69 pullback which means it has that hundredth anniversary MLB pat. Returns. It is that sinister picture in my in the uniforms so it's off bail us. He treaties the -- on in the LA therapy development institute. And it'll be more night at 7 o'clock Maloney will be here 34 when Major League -- in on -- team -- Maloney. Mike Timlin and adding to -- from saint John's prep Wake Forest played a little bit the big leagues the Padres and oh wait. -- but to -- minor league players went to college players -- first female player of Lindsay -- daughter of a Yogi Berra. Granddaughter Yogi Berra played softball UNC Chapel Hill and Emeka and appearances like a pinch run later in the game she's a very aptly. And we're expecting the biggest -- -- at -- planning on being here tomorrow. You might consider with the -- going to be tight with partner let's turn around the diamond so if you -- Cambridge at all go to the first point shopping center in part number of the movie that we permission parked there. It's a seven minute walk. From there all with a -- late in he park athletic and fast if I want to July I want I want like I want you you are former safeties. Only a college so but what a little festive. If at some six minutes we use safety analyst -- -- but I remember that. Running back in defense and I'm glad we're starting with real time data already about as we we often -- -- if -- -- -- Third we won mr. Butch Stearns number 41 -- we put -- Fabian W like -- always been butch only. Argue back -- -- there's ever tell you that story now people always say that did you make that came out to get -- a little rest we'll know here is didn't here's the story. I was the oldest my mother was pregnant. My father's bodies grow up in Norwalk masks. Late. My father's body used to say to him. Pay little butchers and side because apparently you went to high school with a guy -- which he -- I've never met that. All of the joke being that but it stuck out so there was some medical complex my daddy did not I don't know but I'm glad we're starting with the old time baseball game because I know you and your team. Put so much working -- And now that it's here. I guess -- I do have a question Abbott financial ms. Middleton is the product placements and by the way I've thanks for bringing in the program is as awesome you went above and beyond at all. -- sponsors you need to throw my picture on there but that's Jesse ideally that's awesome he won a phenomenal he's one of those guys that knows how to global and by -- well it's a great program to you get Johnny Pesky and here you got a history of the game in the front. But -- and as baseball should you go to baseball games you wanna get a program you have. To go with -- my question is -- all the attention to the -- sparked a challenge in all this and that and we view. On -- freeze as you've been talking about for so long ad nauseam. Had has the game taken on a different life for the people that have been to the old time baseball game now and they come there will it would have a different feel to it this year. Yeah all the attention getting it because it on the challenge that we haven't -- name of the game it's old time baseball game and as we've been saying. In our collective our crowd it's the first annual. In key to allow them to. Get as many of Pete's former teammates instinct is -- in DC is possible. And I'm not crazy about his BC riff Raff with ghetto way and rounds in -- field new mask I arguments guy. UMass is kind of shocked the world next Saturday when they beat BC at Gillette Stadium the last set faces up -- the -- we talk about that later. -- -- He has invited a whole bunch of guys in John's prep and BC. We have more players Wear uniforms worn in order to get on the game guys at the somebody on during the game which is fine. And some guys just get that bat inning in the field and so forth but at first base dugout is going to. -- that's going to be. Our whole bunch of Pete but for all the right reasons for all the right reasons and where bird very excited that so an addition to that normal crowd that we get. People come -- game every year and in addition to the players in the game who bring their parents referenced by the successes -- -- and so forth. The third layer is -- crowd. And I understand some buses coming down from the Philippine I don't know who rates to that's awesome part -- crowd down -- the games that will be pretty beat I -- Smart 7 o'clock start right everything pregame program -- to seven yes. Great. Ruth sneak past ego he wrote about him today in -- Boston Herald will get to him I think that's the biggest. Topic to talk about on sports Sunday but Jack from Brewster called him before we even started the show so let's go to Jack. To kick us off this morning good morning Jack. Hello Jack. Right well you have to project on hold. I'm here I'm here -- there you go I have to go and I don't. Good I'm glad -- got a lot going on but I wanted to make sure that you know I wish you good luck tomorrow night -- I won't be able to make it. I'm really aren't what that it is on my bucket list sorry. But dominant -- I do no friend of mine that went and -- he says it's not content. It's good it's a fun night Lotta -- really where oral buddies then why is Portland a link to own. You know you're not going to leveling. Jesse elite mean going coach who we all get together it's just that much of people sitting around dining room table it's a lot of fun. And it's ironic it's human human to India Mitchell and that's company because. -- -- watched I teach. On not on FaceBook and and the Internet are you met with you much -- Now it's it's a obsessive compulsive. Study of all uniform past present future and all all sports. And obviously not stop. You know they they actually yard. Of picking up the old uniform all the pain because you know somebody -- upon by the wayside -- out beyond the record that we have now. But -- I know you like story Spock I'm not at the storyteller you're at college or one. I 2007 were watching Red Sox play at -- Schilling -- Comes out of the game. And I I don't know you guys remember but you know when children but on the bench he was kind of like. -- really good. Camera shots you know that -- remember him hiding its date when Mitch Williams -- in the in -- World Series released him yes he watching the game. And -- -- -- in isolation on -- and they're talking about -- -- now. And I noticed he starts -- with open and I knew right away when it wasn't fiddling with a tin of yeah yet and he's doing it and I'm with my seven year old son and you know we're kind of watching I would sign it like you know it Dominican focus kind of and you see him filling -- doing a whole you know how they do what they tactic now and in the grab it he puts it in his -- and of course leads at all. Well he just -- And it was like oh boy nearly ago so was like well he's using chewing tobacco or. Let me ask -- it's not a parent and and I I always. Tread lightly when I asked these questions because I have never lived it. What do you tell you Q do you lie and say it's liquor should use a wealth sometimes drawn -- to grow up things and so what. Well as a guy who always had a big water bubble gum on the side of -- mouth could I like the way it looked on Louie Tiant went out to edit it I just said you know -- that baseball players chew tobacco and then it led to -- -- and unbearable to chew chew tobacco when you played that. -- that I would have liked to but our baseball coach. Strictly forbid it in -- -- caught using it to look like smoking a cigarette you're not but I think you have a unit that and I said it's not good. And I -- it looks kinda cool and some people might tell you it's called on the road but you know can it can be bad Tibet where -- smoking. And it kind of Democrat I kind of glossed it over. But you know you guys we all grew up in the -- where you don't -- Sunday afternoon baseball game you might shoot camera shot the dugout there's Dave Parker opened up by. You know. So I cannot I wanna ask you. If you heard chilling -- gonna play it first with the Mets got called on whether to hold on and called on all right but I pulled on Jack. Let's hear Schilling from earlier this week on WEEI. Where he talked about that. I differ about thirty years. And it's it was a addictive habit that I if I can think of shall -- time in my life where it was so relaxing. You know it's just sit back and have a dip and do whatever. And I've lost my sense is now my taste but for the most part I'd come issues that led all the sort of stuff. Out of it was enough to ever make me quit. He also went on to say I didn't talk about it for two reasons talking about there chewing tobacco issue this is on. With Dennis and Callahan during the RW BEI nests in Red Sox radio telethon this week. He said number one I didn't wanna get into chewing tobacco debate which I knew was going to come about which to me I'll go to my grave believing that's why I got when I got. And the second thing was they want people to feel sorry for me. I didn't want to pity so I think I agree with the DNC in Kirkland went chilling was gone what they said like it or not he's going to be buck I think the poster boy for this is not. Yes -- -- yes he has and I think he has and volunteer for that -- by sheer dint of his. Willingness to go on WEEI. And the other day right. Dennis and Callahan promo the back in -- That Schilling was coming on I was headed out of Alison -- it was into the car. So they went to break I get the car and make a phone call like three minutes later it's oh I forgot to turn -- Curt Schilling. I turn it on his guy talking and acting all that must have somebody else on -- right because courts voices the lack moments usually booming area. And so for like thirty seconds I'm listening -- a -- this'll be. Go get this call this person commenced with and move on to Curt Schilling and then at the vote went part thirty seconds and only got the cart. So and get a bit of a setback the other dads aren't Facebook's on the putting on FaceBook yesterday. -- had a bout with pneumonia just this past weekend so. By Curt Schilling is not the what do you he's got some and he's got some work to do so. Even though I've seen and talk to people who had half phase. Lost their bottom -- -- lost polar disease. I don't know that I ever said it subway stop thinking about it because I've never said you know. It's everybody was doing it it's a byproduct of chewing tobacco future tobacco you're gonna find yourself some sort -- I -- away. And it please Tennessee in the spirit which they say is which but that was. One of the greatest moments in the history WEEI which has went on the -- I think in 1991 as a sports station. And when you when you think showing our interview yet. Yeah -- it it it had that kind of effect that a lot of people. To degree that you and I in the previous caller are talking about it 56 days after the fact. That's the kind of par with the that in a -- Well we have take a break but I think -- and talk about boosting cast steel and more we come back. I think with the Schilling thing the interest and he won the interest -- things is if you look at any statistical talk to anybody. Involved in high school and College Baseball today baseball particulate almost all high school and college athletes. The use of smokeless tobacco is more prevalent than ever. Pinch between your cheek and gum -- Walt garrison. So -- more prevalent than ever so it should have an effect forget Tony Gwynn to an all this. It is sports Sunday on WEEI Steve Buckley and Butch Stearns where -- live at Fenway Park our first break we're back with more join us at 617. 7797937. You can text us on the eighteenth -- text line at three cent 93 cents to current. I did for thirty years -- so I didn't want to. Appear hypocritical it's a dangerously addictive habit that I would -- you know beyond I don't know -- never done. None so we can do you know came to a verbal agreement and start looking at flights mean. There is I was in number teams involved and I felt like. Is very competitive but very professional process. Felt like. I can always be for the Red Sox but I felt like we are given every opportunity to make the offers that we felt like we need to make him. -- had a good sense throwing what we need to do decide we want to sign a modestly and and ultimately felt good about the outcome and feel like we had Glendale assignments so we. We're -- didn't get a flight far. Patrick sex general manager bench Harrington yesterday if you miss the press conference -- snake ST -- the latest. Com Cuban import into Major League Baseball the Red Sox. Did what it took to take advantage of what page is called the opportunity. And wanted to get him and did what it took. A seven year deal for 72 point five million for the 27 year old. Outfielder Steve Buckley writes about in the Boston Herald today -- -- -- comments on WB -- glad you learned one line and read my column I appreciate that mom. The latest in the line of Cuban imports -- the Red Sox have dipped before similarly but not identical meaning they went and got prospect. Jose Iglesias course the reds got -- Chapman the Dodgers got Wiig. The -- when he's got your own assessment as monopolies you really upped its greatest Red -- Cuban player of all time that we team Null -- role at. You remember the Rolando a -- ever want to. Romo looked like used around 53. When he played for the -- and he might have been. Any -- until you know we always make these jokes about players and foreign shores and they might fuel than we think in the birth certificate they've never heard that he is the poster child. There there are two players more than anybody of I've recovered 36 years. That when it comes to. He ain't no whenever they say news one was Rolando a row I swear I was -- country. And the other with Carlos Quintana. Who is you know when he was accused him in 1989. When he first arrived RE ES covenant in any count walk in and and I said that he bring his son without evidence on its. He looked like it was like forty years all them. -- -- brain dump about the steel and everybody writes about it it's a seven year deal but let's be accurate. It's six. Year deal after this year in other words this is the seventh year when the season and it'll be a six year deal. Five years later at the age of 31 and 2019. He will be free agent -- -- are gonna opt out clause that he can become a free -- so that's weighed on the line it's not like. -- but as with the Red Sox are facing that now. Here I didn't I read out back plus and minus column -- would do this every time like we all do sounds simple but red would put a plus or minus column B. And if the pluses outweigh the minuses you made the move he made the deal every single time. So here's that he did have a Clarence Glover that apparently Sony also did it would -- and worked at a what he did it with Larry Bird Bill Russell Oscar is seen as the but you don't know what a great Shiite due to no avail so here's my pluses and minuses. Potential. Outfield neat and the deal for -- to fill that -- from the star potential. The giving got to commit not potentials out potentially giving guiding the top ten in a camera are committing multiple years and ten plus million a year too but he could be a start could be well worth it. Here's my negatives unknown. And if he is an unknown and he's not as good the opposite of potential -- our potential on base percentage -- seven year commitment. And then under the positives to I have on their trade. Meaning several people wrote about Gian Carlo stand treatment logic now packaging assessment as. And and talk to steal witted and now this is a better way to get misty you know could you give the mom -- a better package than anybody else. What's the first thing that comes your mind about ST he wrote about it and he basically in the yanked in your column right away. -- -- -- in my mind at the press conference was not to steal but. Separatists in net. I stat that stands yesterday for the game with a friend. Man. The seats that we had -- that rates in sections 1718. I'm looking right now right place like that. And when he made that that was a ground ball in the hole at shortstop and he came up. And made that plate the plate. And -- know -- talking about different players I anticipate which you're gonna say it usually has like. It was suggested it was yes like you were you going well I don't know which are all too well Brazil is well iris such that happened many times. Roll. Was like third baseman on the ball across the diamond it was that just like doing across -- like -- third date to run in the third base if the make that hard -- across -- time. That's what that broke from what it was like it was meant when -- arrived at the -- rise. The -- always two and a half feet above the ground and Ross was able to make the play the first baseman. It was amazing so so so aware that applies to 22 kids steal I had my head filled with the excitement of Cuban baseball. I took that counts of one player and applied to another and -- that's right or wrong I'm just saying that that Cuban baseball is played. With a tremendous zeal and a tremendous amount of -- Because and you can certainly say what about week in week is certainly at target many occasions that he really needs to play at a Major League player. Obviously as the enormous god given talent. But he's still apply himself better but. It just made me think that if -- Steele plays. The game of baseball that what's that enjoyed zeal. He's going to be too fast like you should know and odd view that if he brings that I think the two -- combine which it but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- RT I I I'm I'm confident took four years of French and the only the United States Japan Canada bread and butter so I get stuck in -- village of -- -- all -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I know window is confident. The book is -- we digress we digress thank you miss Mullen wherever you're in hands of -- French let's give tactic and you. Victory Red Sox team. With with that kind of above the board hustle and talent and five star five tool potential. And I'm surprised as a columnist your job generally. It's to have come out at an operative negative or positive view but it tore holes in. And all that worries -- to carry the column I say I I say right out -- the guys that -- played in Major League game. No replay what I just said no keyword -- with the potential. It was mine right plus column about the potential for that kind of -- In this isn't to say the reports have lacked commitment and also obviously god knows that 2013 teams that remember forever. And it's just that that the other thing is that. They have signed guys in the past when they passed a potential win most times when you sign a big ticket free agent. The guys already at its peak seasons in the book 10 crop them. While this -- 27. If he can play Major League Baseball is it that the car it's coming around the corner and writing -- The big parties and that's what they paid for yet they paid for that potentially a 27 and in. -- -- players and use them seven point five million dollars seven point 5% to two point 72 point five. Is small change. Unless he's a complete -- I'll save the year's debate for later which we have -- earlier this week about. Comparisons some so so I guess I guess my question you about the -- before we go to the calls is this. Positive or negative today. Today the day after he signed the deal the Red Sox outbid other teams do but they edited to get him he's already flown back to Miami he's been here you gave your first impression. Which is one of oh my goodness look at that throw from cents but it it -- you can be that type of player. All of a sudden not only to fund the winning eight -- -- What what is the first took the primary take -- positive or negative broken steel to -- fight it. OK -- let's go to calls let's go to -- Allen and full Marta. It's nearly hey Alan how real. -- I'm good I'm not to let happy be rid of him but you know I wanted to talk about in the -- You know I ran home last night we were out to dinner and a got my wife may have but I want to see a real gains with a real -- and the real pitchers didn't let me down when -- -- a game he pitched. You know the Red Sox with. I mean. Texas Tech Yu Darvish you know -- it shipped to America and we we had a great deal with them Matsuzaka. I hope the same thing doesn't happen with in this case. Right now. I would say this team. Without question has five pieces of junk pitching and this is great they're getting -- and who is going to pitch. I wrote that the column today I couldn't agree to more until they address starting pitching this is eight peace to the puzzle. But but but we know who will be batting assuming they don't traitor to the -- -- for all utility. School. We know the leadoff hitter and center field will be next -- assume I don't -- this got -- blame Pakistan. So we know that but we don't know the opening day starters and I grew at that point 100%. Right and another thing you know. It's easy to say boy oh boy idea happy. To have him they are worried in this city and I think there rightfully so I don't live in Miami I was in Palm Beach area but. If they held hands between different just have to go they claim they will not do it did. It's not gonna happen whether it was a bit -- lies about everything. But I'm just saying I I doubt very much. Now this team and double -- at depth. Alan Alan hang on what's on the go back to your vitriol that the basis of your call Red Sox pitching. It's warranted I agree with you to understand when I -- about say I agree with your point however. Realistically the F 33 games left in the rest of this year. You're Smart enough to know what they're doing this is a 33 game audition. For anybody who's taking the mound right now. And they don't. Know they don't all stink one of who won -- Allen got a history history Allen hold on only achieve. Mr. -- would you hold on 12. History tells us for as bad -- Brandon Workman was today. That when you roll when you throw these five guys into a hat -- re not all Alan Webster. Retailer rose and pick your fifth Matt Barnes and -- -- whoever. One of them is gonna turn out to be better than expected one of them is gonna turn out to be worse than expected in three of -- will probably be somewhere in the Mendoza. So when I'm in the model and I can you apologizing to pitch in Major League game yet. I that I I haven't seen Owens and taking them out of the picture I think he could be one but I think in the rest of the hard you know and apple Workman I'm not an apple web but it's. Do you think. Overall retailer rose ruby -- Russian anti -- have not wet your appetite for what they might -- -- major leaguers. Renato I'm not there they're crazy but Roosevelt. I'm talking about. You know in a -- EU he says well now it's hot. Stop. Got to school I don't want to let the people talked. East at five -- -- you said by pieces of junk ministered in dealer -- a piece of junk. No but I don't think he's -- alarm he's not a I have serious that it would go up against Jon Lester pitching for the Yankees. I want to ask you that I asked European with a piece of junk and trying to prioritize what you -- I think what I I've made the point at. At the beginning of your call that I agree a 100% picket sign. Fifty -- -- studios and we still don't know the opening day starter is next year Fenway Park. They do not have an -- your point is valid they don't -- got to go up against Jon Lester if Jon Lester signs with the Yankees but I disagree. And actually little taken aback by comet at the rotation right now it's by pieces of junk. Because. To me it's couple pieces -- jock in some bursts of optimism there and I think -- Rosa. While not may be an ace has the stuff to be very good Major League pitcher. Six on 77797937. It's a sports Sunday. On Sunday August 24 the Red Sox have signed -- sneak ST oh that's not to say number one elect to say I was it was a little it was. Rusty a week ago and now its roots mean what little you total electorate is trying to -- accurate. Trying to be accurate here -- sports Sunday but that's. In -- selling it. When Roscoe and by the way than most pleasant -- eleven need. Any edit audio that call but respect for detection of his career and now and you know John Kincade is that you know even two weeks ago we've missed it right. -- The first recent ketchup as a at random. It was such recast -- it was just like this little. -- run a guy Richie Garcia as into it. Critique I see it running guy Greg Garcia in a guy. -- I don't talk about Richie Garcia in the -- rate feel it a different color back with more after. -- Present what is this opportunity mean for you to play for us. Isn't because what can happen if good improvement. -- downwind. And put on. Done is done when -- -- on total reversal. Of the news story. I'm -- on the world news in the mountains on. When -- -- prudential. Really means a lot for me to be able to be a part of -- and storied organization and I'm just ecstatic to be here. That's translator Adrian Lorenzo speaking on behalf of 27 year old. Newest red sock roost -- DO details of the contract. According to several ports are -- from Gordon needs article this morning when he asked him boston.com. Is that he'll earn a 100000 dollars for the remainder of this year. He gets a five point four million dollar signing bonus and then you were received in years 1516 and 1710 and a half million. In years eighteen and 1911. Million. -- is an opt out clause to become a free agent at the age of 31. And then in his final year contraction in a Red Sox uniform for all plays out six seasons after this one. -- to be accurate it's a seven year deal but that seven here includes the rest of this season. He'll make thirteen and a half million in 20/20 6177797937. Your thoughts about the Red Sox signing the latest. Cuban import to follow on the heels of robbers Chapman -- Iglesias us -- You'll assess the -- is a -- you -- the White Sox last year he bought the rights about it in the Boston Herald today we're talking about a couple of interest and tax I think -- Are worth commenting on here's one. Says it is can steal Victor Reno quote in a contract you're going to stay in the league. Is the best -- field in Major League Baseball 2015. According to this text. The only Florida is in -- like with a he -- elect of the text is going at that but which she richter and we talked about the one who had a gold glove season 2013. The one who's played but a handful of games this season in just recently had surgery. And we don't even though he's going to be ready for the beginning of the 2015 season so right. I would have to think in terms of victory you know being a fourth outfielder at this point it's damning but I'm saying that because. It's not because of any lack of respect -- what Victor Reno can do when he's on his game. Yeah I don't know he's gonna be on his game. Reality. But for me this is hugely let's assume he's helped. Let's assume he's playing let's assume he's closer to the -- thirteen. Chain victory in the -- point pretty you know. Suspenders. Us again big assumptions -- It is -- bill. It it does lead to a larger point. You have to assume gained a knob has gone. BJ that Jackie Bradley junior is is that is that wrote today's facing -- career as the fourth opulent journeyman. Monkey that's smoky bets I I can almost guarantee. Is being showcasing -- needs made this point. There is being showcase for a potential trade -- gone buck Allen Craig Allen Craig I think is with this team next season either in right field. And somebody made the point and again I apologize there is gulping down all the different material working on the air. So make the point of Craig possibly being a first baseman if they would move now points compassion and and guess -- we left out. -- -- -- COLT is the all purpose utility. And understand and our outfield discussion he's part of the distraught he's not a it's starting out -- I don't think he's and it because in an and that sounds like in itself because he said very exciting season. But I don't think you wanna build around him as a starter for next year. Has not attacked -- -- fair to say that already and I'm trying to tread lightly on that because he has been a very exciting performance. -- the reality of rock -- two contradictory statements -- If you wanted to take the 2014. Season and start somewhere you would start would Brock hole. B is -- a starter for the 2015 Red Sox and where's he started those two contradictory statements yet we would all agree that he's been their best play her. Are behind Ortiz made -- one of their best. What is he now see that's why I feel bad even saying that because I feel myself the criticism of seeing this kid play and and I hear an old baseball saw that goes this way a guy who can play six positions is a guy who can't play one position. There's -- raising guys play five and six positions. Because they -- not everyday players they wanna stay in the big leagues they will do anything to play in the big leagues and -- are born utility players. No one is ever drafted to be utility player you look at a guy like. Like out score. Who was of very good utility player but Arabic outscored in the starting shortstop the University of Miami baseball team in the college World Series. And you'd think when they were scouting him. That they said boy -- -- -- that's gonna be utility guys seventy years in the big leagues now ways that he had. He had very good college -- as Tuesday younger brother Joey Cora was -- known commodity. And yet the big leagues -- the Dodgers I think. And Seattle -- -- yet and dodges and he gets the big leagues and things happened and he easily remorse and utility guy that's what happens. And there are a lot of those guys and -- Kennedy back in the modern day shown they are Chone Figgins. When those Chone Figgins was it was actually that's a very good point because -- bigots when he came up. Was not unlike. Brought -- in that he if you remember him with the angels he was playing thirty seconds playing right where is -- today and but but what I'm saying is he he was projected as a big -- started to know he was gonna play. And if you remember he was awful. There are remembered like to hop ground it's clanging off his kneecap at their base ball what was it in right field. But he ended up becoming a pretty good Major League Baseball player very good Major League Baseball player. And they went to the Seattle Mariners that free agent contract and just a disaster and then. He he'd he'd regressed badly but. I hope I'm wrong I you know you you -- a gala brought called the brings some measure hustle and determination. To the ballpark every single day I hope there's a place for him. Chime in this morning you know sports Sunday 6177797937. About the signing of gruesome -- -- so again. To paint the picture of the Red Sox outfield situation right now as of today. Assuming can -- always. Worthy of the contract and can play and as part of his team next year says that as Castillo Victorino. -- Jackie Bradley junior Allen Craig -- Betts rock COLT and quince he's on Alex -- and ninety. For the Red Sox in the outfield not to pass and -- all due respect has great Major League trade value but you've got nine outfielders where you have the worst outfield in baseball. For most of this he's not a tax which I think is worth reading comment before we go to the phones but this is -- Markus Steele was better than Ellsbury for half the money. The steel is better than Ellsbury for half the money I'll answer that one. If teachers out to be legitimate Major League player and as the leadoff hitter for the Red Sox last year. That's a legitimate point. ER except nick is deals that played games mentally we've -- and we agree you can you can answer every question about Kristi while just a question. Let's go to the -- stock would -- -- in west feel good morning Paul. -- -- Are you there yes sir good afternoon gentlemen how are you. Really important comment on chewing tobacco what of course and I think it has -- sometimes we. Internalized and compartmentalize and unable to enjoy and celebrate. Did you ever bring up a very good -- heck of an outfield we -- -- pension. But the thing we do you have now is another big that was an arm -- trade up ability or that starting pitcher you -- and the buildup that. Get to match that you if you got Saber metrics in a really good system. So your point about overall point about pitching. Is what talkers I think that's everybody's question -- well you know obviously we have the whole offseason to woo -- pitches for this team next year. Well this -- the saying I'm like we just acquired when we couldn't match Leicester is money we had to 4 o'clock or lose them we get a great move we got a big bat. We got another big bad and arms so what would you want to build -- up. A usable arsenal real assets applied to our low worst on base percentage we -- kept trying and what we do that usability is determined and evaluate what -- -- become available we all know that changes week to week. Yet I think. From what I'm taken what you're saying similar and I think -- needs wrote this morning similar to what they did when they made the dumped to the Dodgers they re loaded. Here in a similar fashion not identical. But in a similar fashion they've. Re loaded they were able to reload when they did the Dodgers deal by dumping so much salary that they can be strategic in the way they spent money and what they did. Which go for less risky. Guys and take flyers on Napoli Victor Reno -- -- G. And others with global media lower risk. Potential so you're saying when it comes to pitching though that they've reloaded now with a chance that they have all kinds of options. Absolutely and I think good -- to insulate your appointment. Wendy's Saber metrics ones went Shanken village and took the team from wars -- as they did it with that same type of a lot to be an ideology that worked so. About the patient given credit. We championships in ten years after the start you know what's at -- in them and be patient. I I I love when people go there though it's fair. But I level people go their buck after every move three championships in ten years so therefore. They get a grace here. I think that guys in the minority OB two it's look what's happened since. February January February 2002. Our team's. -- all the time our teams combined. Have combined war 1234 point 68 championships. -- -- the bats pretty by the Red Sox when he by the Bruins Celtics. The point being that with all this happening. Gone are the days of silver linings in the classes have failed yeah. And all of that we expect our teams to win that's the way it is around you know that that's not good that's not bad that's just what it is so. It -- the Red Sox have this kind of a season -- kickback if they -- project while. That's in the past. It is in you can't a wild in the cell use that you have to expect each new season. In the grand scheme at the end of the day all sit in the rocking -- in the front porch. Looking back it's gonna be great but you kick when any one season at that time. Giving our -- past you know what that's. 6177797937. Is the number join us here on sports Sunday. The Red Sox have signed 27 year old Cuban outfielder roost he cast steel. They beat all the other teams to Red Sox start at 135 today we've Alan Webster on the mound against you McCormack. -- Seattle and the patriots. Open their season two weeks from today their first cut down through Tuesday at 4 o'clock. Friday night they couldn't look better on offense or defense your thoughts about the patriots and more when we come back on sports Sunday after this.

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