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Danny Picard and Mike Giardi talk Patriots

Aug 23, 2014|

Danny talks to Mike about how he feels about Brady and the backup situation.

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61777979837. But -- we'll get back to some patriots right now because as I mentioned in the trend now the patriots last night. They win. At Gillette Stadium. Hey I know all that it is just a pre season game and we should look at the result if you look at. What the ones did in the first half and even a little into the second half I think he should be very excited. About what you saw last night to talk more about these damn man. How the patriots look after three pre season games -- bring in Mike G Gotti from Comcast. Sports net New England joining me right now. On the AT&T hotline Michael I don't connect. I'm Margaret -- I'm good and they whenever I have you on at least did there in the pre season we've polled said it lets not overreact. -- to positive things in the pre season let's not over react to negative things but if you're a patriot fan. Not today after seeing what they did last night or at least see what the ones did last night and -- -- players on both sides. Of the football what they did you should be pretty damn excited about this about how -- -- last yeah. I I don't think there's any question I think we and I think we went and this year you know obviously you know -- like a they were loaded and ready for another comment not he would he championship again back to rule on the -- in the Lombardi back home after ten years without. And what I just took a lot out. How would the offseason and what I do it now out of lap I was the performances defense. Very apparent Arenas finally you open. An official catch while I'm watching him up close and there's no room he's all over guys and -- you about -- undrafted punitive. It's an opportunity and Brett sitting -- that what we're bubble burst and it hadn't happened and I'm watching him cover guys he's all over guys you want it taxable. And then bring in energy fitness for her work but you're fairly sharp considering you know the belated start is pretty even and corporal according to read it you start on on this list. It's that they've put together in the back and now all of a sudden he got hurt that apple last night where. It was strictly about covered more the -- on Tuesday. On a consistent basis of the -- Richard Roberts back. -- 2007. When teams are forced to. That pop up again and content and that's what the secondary front to back I just. It's a different look on and I just think that they've they've got so very well I mean did -- return to almost -- -- personal fault in. Yeah and you know what almost sacks he mentioned coverage sacks but it doesn't hurt to have a guy like Jim Jones being -- guy that's coming analysts act. Artillery and -- you've been you've been real good first years on and -- and I'd like to see him do this year. Reduce. The big time left tackle in the league you don't -- you can do what. I don't know is that dominant throughout Latin I didn't spell put. And they know it's. Second level third level left tackle Richard but that's not what I wanna see him this year it's. You know big games against it only left tackle or didn't do are you new dominant in what -- but I wanna see him have that same sort of impact on gains. But certainly last night and I'm not I'm been a huge scandal. 34 because I don't like the idea of having dropped coverage to use that he's going after the quarterback -- -- want to do. I realize that just because they're running a lot of effort worn out and got him back -- -- -- -- to -- the regular season but. Bart I'll -- he didn't they put worker or you don't like that Panama. Put down permanent cut from the outside of the matter and it just looks like a guy who's poised and ready to take you know that next up and become an all pro player. He's taken that next next step for Gemma Jones and the comment all pro player. Which which read to me and you means getting to the quarterback as much as we mentioned him dropping into coverage -- it means getting to the quarterback Rachel. How can we could talk about the coverage behind about how important Kevin guys you know like -- -- in Kelly stay healthy how important day. For Jones to get to that level or are they at all. I think they absolutely -- you don't recruitment. Yesterday where. Will work just right of shoe dropped the ball. Oh on a -- in place. He's been penetration and that you did everything that or the quarterback Tom Newton more mobile got it up -- the quarterback to get out spots and men. A vote but left tackle don't know what happened behind them all -- -- of -- this guy particularly quarterbacks don't want to change the angle. Changes potentially attack planned. On of that sort of penetration. Whether people will or -- or whoever else and there are -- cute and I. But it does happen every cut but are the terms of the utility that but he's been. Every bit -- -- -- -- for -- curtain back you know obviously last year -- struggled yeah you're anywhere. By now we're on it and tried to into the top of the what about the utilities so you know looks a lot more like you -- you're collecting data it's you're benefits of the patriot and I'd buy it for money Q and when you look at how they sort that you know that's a one year deal and you want all healed he's gotten to yet all the intent to them. Money can be very motivating factor for us. For professional athletes especially one in there in the third went out. Speaking -- Mike. AT&T hotline looking back at the patriots. Pre season win last night over the Carolina Panthers at Gillette Stadium in and Mike right. Out of the gate you mentioned Malcolm Bartlett and you mentioned on the bubble and will look at roster cuts here coming up. But but -- as of right now all I mean where does she stand it in your opinion. A -- would you you know it when you look at what deft shot that you'll make up where do you put. And I know he's been starting up the reader I'm not sure I would go that are. And I think you better tell you -- probably that I can earn that spot back in the slot. -- -- Competition. You know I don't think Dennis. Under today a law. Lot street player on Logan Ryan and a nice year I don't use an outlaw does well -- again. What is on here would -- kind of emerging -- create more competition. For that spot and Belichick. Tell you a million times and pretty much and they -- They want I scorched. That's actually happening right there were -- Butler and Ryan of course brown on the outside looking in dynamic suspension but that's another -- -- when -- on the back. I look forward to spend -- year. And we don't look offensively. -- We know how good Tom Brady is and people have a conversation during the offseason in the lead and not a leader a top five whatever. We dogged Tom Brady is last night and even -- was pre season. He was -- throws that. I would sit nag on you know while this guy is sitting there in the -- region began as motivated as he could ever beat these refinement panel man thread the needle find -- on -- -- a deep pile up the left side. He seems to love to go throw the ball to marine on the back field. It back today did the idea of overreacting in a pre season game I don't think -- overreacted how good Tom Brady looked last night. Yeah and I you know I'm Aaron and I'm really worried about not this time a year you know start to do about it. In January because we included. Them not to -- on this from man but you know for now. You at least outlook we know how -- you know he's capable we don't -- don't we teach you can be a major reason why. On an electorate that loved the way that they kind of addressed the and -- Are a lot of years now he's so light it's been on him. Now. I'm on the guy -- -- it happened that I don't have gotten the people on the ball but I believe gonna make it happen now I'm a playmaker and a credible maybe. Yet and enough remark that throw you when you're look at a situation for a last apple love it because settlement. I've been tarnished from -- one monster can't. Are showing up every day. Embarrassed got really embarrassed I watched it and he's embarrassed in his own guys. Great competition Revis -- -- -- -- On the Internet and how nice it is it's real so. That relationship is rock solid you know you'll see it's like -- -- -- this clearly. His roots were welcome to this clearly that sort of comfort level. I know we're going to be the talks that are put the ball there. You can -- -- -- -- our and it seemed that there -- to him the target -- -- built up space in -- chemical and I stopped in the at a remote camp. I'm an arena that there were targeted. On them like eighteen times between two -- and I know I don't ball at -- -- -- -- -- Three guys but he believes in right now and trust. And then we're not even talking about when lockout in the laps and the people who are again in place an order but I want to upset about -- I'd like -- but to me an opt in. Dobbs and and they -- you gonna do not catch that that spot that the other guy LT. An incredibly -- up. Com. Can taunt -- the other guy on the outside I mean look like I've seen not a pumpkins and western at the end of the year sort of disappeared. But he had a good stop to the season it seems to me like Brady wants him to be. One of those main guys may be back on the outside can he beat you think. You have the I think he had a cure to regain. To me. No. I -- when you were talking about where Jack got that -- like. Number three guy in Providence but that's that's fine when you consider the fact that they -- the throw the ball. Between the numbers between matches. And that's rattle him and brought out into the work I'm broke out obviously -- -- and kill and actually. So we're truly an altitude -- restrict dispute nearly -- a lot like getting up being a prime example of that so. It open how to beat. It doesn't happen here anymore and -- want that you don't want FitzGerald who wandered up completely and that and that mole. But it appears that it just -- to be. -- -- -- -- Or option wherever getting apps out there to do and that's the one thing that most popular position last year and it's quite pretty -- struck in late last year. And -- saw that might know who really might catch our and I sort of cover Q -- used. Beautiful throw first down. Bring back the next play ball but with no one premature on -- and that kind of up there yet the limit but what I loved about lap that was. Are you are right back in the next one -- -- so. Tom has been our problem -- to -- while work ethic. -- and I am very good player out and I and that includes. He did you imagined everybody wants to see this team of the Randy Moss from the sideline you know put their hand up and called for the football Brady going deep. And you know they don't have. Bad guy but doesn't it help the deep ball to have someone like marine an you know coming out of the backfield and -- -- and whether it's three ordered Devlin. The fact that Brady continues to but it really love that -- I think my favorite play. On this last year in this Patriots offense was Vereen taken off of the left sideline. I mean doesn't that aspect of the guy coming out of the backfield beat an option help out the deep ball potentially. Are really unit that we talk about ridiculous plot and what they did it with the cleared -- that side right collaborating. On a linebacker and I was short it's attached. But the renewed dispute. They are not not what your -- on like that obviously could hurt the carbonated yards on the court running -- you that the current partner remember jet. He's not going to spot on it and Mark -- had a similar moment you know not on the outside the ball and I'm just off the reasons. So. It really that pretty. And it doesn't matter where I can comment on that they have the ability to do that you have the ability to do it. Shift in different ways to operate properly we got some alone in 2000 there are ways to do I think there're there are showing that they they're better able doing. Speak on -- Giuliani from Comcast sports that knowingly joins you right now and AT&T hotline we talked and patriots. Pre season football and and while we talk offense and receivers in what we love -- this. Offense last night which still not talking about -- -- still not even talking about someone like Dobson. And I know it. You know yep yep it's probably driving -- -- -- people ask you -- gives -- Donna training camp every day how many people ask you know when do we expect these guys -- but I -- -- yeah I mean when do you -- what do you think we're we're gonna -- -- and it. His week one is at the last pre season games that week to one. What do you think with him. I think it's required records and the target all offer -- cal connection from everything I -- -- out there. -- From the increased reps that he got lucky you don't target -- impunity setback whatsoever. I'm adoption acuity he came back he would be cleared for contact I would expect. -- -- You won't be clear this week I would expect that you'll see -- one person -- committed to god wants Q. Very much give him some repetitions you don't know won't -- was liberated quarterback. You know what he's. Keep in its second year. You missed all of the opportunity -- oh yea this committee can't commit all of training camp on the obviously you're part last year as well armed so you still. In any worries. You still a rookie in the system I'm so they don't wanna get reps -- -- at the target and I I would I would be some if you do not play -- and. All right so getting into the fourth and final pre season game. What what what will you be looking for me what's the one position if there's water is still were you saying you've got to keep your -- NASA keep your Ryan this guy -- of that. All the battle between these two play as. This is it this is what it's got to come down to this final week do what what is that what is that spot and and while those plays if you if you haven't already in yet. Well I mean I think everybody looks -- quarterback right now arm I know some people are out on her. I believe they got to drop -- the idea that there are very comfortable you can three guys actually Jimmy you don't know the last. To reach it put pressure on the -- so I expect that I'll start on Thursday night. Com and we'll get the reps I think there's some pressure on them to perform because look this is built it themselves. -- maybe Ryan Harris you know that the three plus years of experience the offense and grapple we have the five months. However the gap close between them significantly. And you know what. Quote not like -- day I can use this rock opera -- -- -- I think there is little pressure on ride to orbit that. Look internally at BP Nolan Ryan is now aren't we obviously know what they project or problem to be someday so. You know I had -- -- a little bit more consistency. I'm have a nice performer on Thursday night I I like would develop the running back -- Jonas gray I'm not a good night on. You know I think in order opened up usual term but what they have noticed about -- his is off the radar guy much like followers. Commune. And it got better and camp has gone along I'm expecting -- to that point and period now I think that -- complete -- for a spot -- -- 53 and a guy that. I don't know I'd be completely uncomfortable -- up and happen -- days Steven Ridley it. Greg got ten carries an NFL football game one night you know so that that's another -- again and I think last week that he know who. How that can check out next record you've got you've got all these bodies which he quarter placing it -- aren't here and and Ryan. On which I liked because -- typically you'd gone more spread out you're trying to. Get more guys to cover but the wage should Allah I wouldn't comment first and second down and armor on third. You know. There's a there's a political logjam there because he got special ethernet adapters to see you aren't they Ronald on the second or -- years ago who got in very late in the game. From -- defense standpoint what was all sports specialty per contestant he news so there's a competition Erica again it's it's about. Where -- on the roster spot I think that they don't have to make some tough cop -- Think always a welcome. Opting per for a -- coaching staff and front office when you're out. With the ballplayers you have a -- two waivers or or out about it because you've got depth and I think it's that it felt good to your over the course of the offseason and training camp. And you mentioned the backup quarterback I was gonna tell you I've been looking for is this is -- -- -- -- for the backup quarterback situation and always are a little last night -- -- mallet grown men at. In late in the first quarter. And then Brady goes back in after that -- right on foot down heads the panel being that they've finally and have taken at the next for Don but they sort of thrown in there and some people say oh that's telecheck. May keep -- honest hallways and situational football just in case something does happen to Brady wants to make sure already mallet is certainly send that message. I still seem to think that there was some sort of showcasing going on and like crazy is that was that not a showcase a little bit last night in the first court. While global economic say about that -- he did it was horrible fortunate. -- -- back up that randomly just -- middle of appreciate your game. Urine and you talked a lot I -- about the fact that. How over the course of the game I want people to be ready so. If you're on the -- and I'll meet -- -- on the roster. And called and that the moment where you probably Syria shall go about your situation there because you guys -- -- not drop -- on. What that night I took a domino effect if there's there's some difficult decisions to the image. And -- continues to put pressure on now in that spot so that's a spot that you really do I am because. Can the can go to -- -- -- was that for the last five years don't two quarterbacks on that note to -- gonna go to. She should they go until I mean I just seem to think that that's don't most likely option that they only go to. I don't I you lied to I don't necessary love it. From the standpoint though. How young grapple it and how complex -- -- to will be Tom once. The regular and start and we talk about the game three being addressed personal and there is some game plan but it's not. As Belichick sent last night you got nine guys out there and he and watched it on my guys are not a breakdown these guys. It's -- that you would get -- regulars and obviously. You -- to get more and more complex. So. Of the from Bryant standpoint he's eating and all of this talks over the course of time and what you may not be. That you -- the problem -- Yet seen and that's where I I didn't know that rich are not real cute on a certain amount ago. Not a counter argument that would pretty. Well you know it's a guy out all you who are the veteran guys that are obsolete or ten years. You know got out additional spot grappled with back up but anything ever did happen to Brady -- outlook comes in that game. And then on out on call. On the short -- quarterbacks do you have any parent you know not a pretty -- and without stop now but some of that guilt and who's been around -- and seeing things you know. There's there are you not got -- him too much bureaucracy not going to pop and talent at this point in -- intranet or some. By Mike -- -- a lot of great job as always we'll talk to against him. I'd I'd like -- -- from Comcast sports net New England -- you right there in the aid. TNT hotline at get his take what he saw last night you have a backup quarterback situation. I know Belichick -- before the quarterbacks and and she is sort of rolled amend or that pre season game just to keep -- always see if they're ready just in case. -- -- And little example of something does happen to the the Tom Brady you gotta be ready to go and this would be situation we destroy you what. But I think he can just go to quarterbacks and there's no way to drop all movement grapple. I don't -- would be to -- And I I think there might have been alert and I know is that one possession but maybe there was a little showcase involved. As well I'm not gonna rule that out.

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