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It Is What It Is Cast: Tom Brady, Shane Vereen and a big Patriots win

Aug 23, 2014|

WEEI.com’s Mike Petraglia and Chris Price assess the performance of Tom Brady, Shane Vereen, Chandler Jones and the Patriots in their 30-7 preseason win over Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers Friday night at Gillette Stadium.

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Welcome back inside Gillette Stadium everybody my name is Mike -- had joined as always by patriots expert columnist for WEEI dot com Christopher price of press. The shortened suite of it is it could have gone any better for the patriots in what is called their full dress rehearsal pre season game. Number three they beat the Carolina Panthers by a score of thirty to seven. Your takeaways I thought the biggest take away with the way Chandler Jones and Rob Ninkovich who were so disruptive along with a pencil. Line they got this team off to a great start Ninkovich his first sack was the very definition of a coverage sack but I'm gonna go on the other side of the ball I think the offense what they currently do offensively. Right out of the gate they had some. Some sputtering -- on the variable to clean things up they're able to take care business Brady was able to put together a couple of scoring drive Ryan mallet. Stepped down -- they kind of shook things up a little bit we've seen it before the pre season. He was able -- leave them on -- scoring drive. I offensively -- did exactly what they needed to do Shane -- had a big night -- out of my had a big night. No Rob Gronkowski if you don't you Rob Gronkowski the regular season that is the really the foundation of the New England offense right there. Brady has such a tremendous level respect -- in faith really. For -- For marine those are his two go to guys when gronkowski is not -- -- The biggest thing really does pre season got three pre season games none of the regulars get hurt so I think those are the biggest takeaways for me coming out of this game tonight. I was in with Tom Brady his post game press conference he went seventeen of 21204. Yards -- 138 point nine. Quarterback rating and two touchdown passes to -- brain -- the reason I didn't start with the Patriots offense first. Chris was because what Tom said and I think what a lot of people on the first two drives. Not only did they leave a lot of plays out on the field they were bailed out a couple of times. On a third down pass for I think it was brand Danny Amendola there's a flag called they got bailed out it. A new set of downs there so the Patriots offense as great as Brady's numbers were and they were very good could be a lot better. -- war alienated your to your point to Tom's point they did leave a lot of points on the field that's something we saw an awful lot last year with this team. In the early going he struggled to get going you stroke the gonna get a jumpstart. And I think that is still one of the points of emphasis for this team going forward that being said. Win the offensive guys that they did not have done it we talked about no gronkowski no Sebastian Vollmer. -- didn't have any -- depth again it tight end here Justin Jones Steven aryan in James Devlin playing that kind of hybrid tight and roll. I think given all of that given the circumstances given the situation given the fact you're going up against a team. That was a playoff team posturing know that they don't put a lot of stock in -- that kind of -- -- I was a very good night for the knowing an office. Let's talk special -- to talk defense and offense Stephen -- Stephen just tells Q I should say a sixty yard. Feel goalies never kicked one like that before ever in a game situation and got the chance tonight thanks to Tom Brady connecting with Julian element over the middle. I actually asked bill -- checked Chris after the game if that was a good play by cattlemen. Two. Catch the ball over the middle and then raced out of bounds and telecheck said maybe maybe not. Because what he thought element was gonna bill even with no timeouts is but about fifteen seconds left packs a ball. Race directly -- -- the ball and then go for the field goal make it a shorter attempt. All in all though that is some sort of special teams execution and a great job by Stephen gets -- Look he had a botched kick off last year against Miami down in South Florida he missed a field goal down there. Other than that you're looking at a kicker who has gone are pretty impressive run over the last year plus really. To put together sixty yard field going even you know you can acidity suggest the only -- -- -- -- them. Greg goodnight you know he's any had a very good pre season. We've seen him out of a very good camp. This is a guy who is in new -- in really good situation a lot more special teams' notes during the clean up some of the problems they -- last week when he came to the punt coverage they had a couple of botched snaps out right now I knew who. Like -- -- right now and I think it had a great spring a great summer reading these points are very good yours well. I think the one special team question -- I still have about the patriots. He's kick return. We didn't feel a lot of it tonight because the Panthers struggled to have to put any -- the other much -- to the ball me and don't. So the only kick the ball off twice we saw finch we saw a white we saw boys back here. I think that's still a question mark for this team being need to get nailed down going forward. All right that's -- gets tells you about that field goal after the game and he said it's like a golf shot I was able to too broad and using the win. But the also the interesting analogy to golf that Kozlowski made was he didn't over kit and sometimes when you are -- facing a fifty plus yard field goal attempt. You try to kick it as hard as you can and you really lose accuracy and gets Belsky said that that was a great lesson to be learned there. You don't like it it's like a hitter in India has that baseball background and I think that there's something to their. You know if you -- swing as hard as he can more often than not as a hitter you're gonna miss that ball you know it's it's almost. But the six slowing things dale you want a slowdown in U wanna make sure you have your mechanics right you Mon may treat every technique great part to kick before in that's really. What you wanna do in that situation your hurry things up you don't wanna feel like you ought to swing as hard as possible I think he's able to connect and was a purple expert like. We would be totally remiss if we did not mention the night one Shane Vereen had. I thought it was spectacular. Using his speed we saw the wheel -- right behind us. For thirty yards that is Avery Brady -- -- staple of this offense certainly thought a couple of years ago on the bought fumble game. On Thanksgiving night marine had a beautiful wheel route there for a touchdown. But and we saw a couple times last year. But even more so that the second touchdown that he had Brady take him in the right flat. He contorted his body stood in bounds reached out for the pylon and got it they have actually gave -- the touchdown after further review but. Just talk about the night Shane -- hat hat and what he means to this offense. With or without Rob Gronkowski. He is -- most dynamic offensive presence this team past I think he missed eight games last journey were still able to catch more than 40000 rush more than forty times. If he can stay healthy. So much today as I did did the success this -- right if she marine can stay healthy for full sixteen games. You're looking at a guy who has the potential to put up Darren Sproles kind of numbers he is an absolute matchup nightmare you're not gonna get a linebacker in -- who's going to be able run like him. And you're not gonna get a defense to back league who's going to be able to have the same size as him to be able to pull down. If they can keep him healthy you're looking any phenomenally I don't care if they have -- out here I don't care payment those healthy I don't care for accounts he's healthy. He is going to catch a lot of balls in this office he's gonna put up big numbers again if he can stay healthy. Julian element that I had an electric night again he had back to back actions. -- twelve and 34 yards to set up that touchdown that we were just talking about that second marine. Touchdown catch of the night let's talk about some other things some players who did not play tonight Jerod Mayo. Suited up so did Donta hightower but their ankles -- -- during pregame warm ups and they did not get in the game neither did Rob Gronkowski or Sebastian Vollmer. Yeah I think that I wasn't surprised not to see gronkowski out there we talked a little bit about over the course of the week I know we did a video earlier in the week saying. It feels a little early to put him out there. I'm you don't wanna risk there was -- you wanna get those offensive -- to as many snaps as possible kind of they're they're really working to mix and match and find a good personal comedies we saw Marcus Skinner out there. At first glance we got to looking at the film and at first glance -- appear to hold a very well. Male and high tower I think it was more preventative than anything really at this point I think when you're looking at health but this team we talked about it before. This team has been healthy over the course the pre season over the course this summer really too big injuries from -- come to mind. At least as far as I'm concerned Chris Jones and Syverson linger and that's really the only two injuries that we seem to disappoint the patriots have been very very fortunate. When you put them up against some of the other teams are putting the colts losing Vick Ballard Donald Thomas -- the patriots have been lucky to this point the pre season this point this summer to stay away from. Also on hard -- we obviously saw what happened with Sam Baker it'll help tackle the Atlanta Falcons protecting. Matt Ryan sell those injuries can be devastating in the pre season their devastating any time but certainly devastating their first round of cuts on Tuesday. And Josh Boyce did not get into this game until very very light. Is that a bad sign a bad omen for him making it into the last pre season games. I think Brian Tim estimated expendable quite frankly when you're talking about what they do on offense I think Tim is. Being out there showing us what you've been able to show us over the course you know he has a bit of an uncertain future too because he has that four game being to start the year. So what they can hide them on the broccoli ticket item on the roster neck at all to really work -- -- the other thing to remember about boys. He gets the end under the new practice squad rules all so he does have some options with nearly gave it its. You hate to give up on guys orally here relatively early in his career the sick I was a fourth round pick last year how his season ended early because of injury. And so he may be one of those practice squad candidates and I can't imagine that a lot of guys out there would be interest in picking him up right but. You know. It seems tough right now for -- is it's just not clicking for him in this offense he's not get the reps on special teams -- to -- an interpreter would be a good shot form I think. Kick returner might actually be his best chance to make this team but as a stand right now he could be one of those practice. Like guys all right it will be a very compressed week for the New England Patriots they likely have the weekend off though I'll practice Monday and Tuesday walk through Wednesday had a New York. But the final pre season game Thursday night. Against the New York football giants and then the final roster cut down. Down to 53. Will be on August 30 so a lot that happened here in the land next couple of our next week eight days herself. Followed all on WB PI dot com the final again from pre season game number three here at Gillette Stadium the patriots thirty and the Panthers seven. With Christopher price some like the -- inside Gillette Stadium WEEI dot com.

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