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Chris Price, WEEI.com previews the Pats-Panthers game 8-22-14

Aug 22, 2014|

Chris Price joins the guys to talk about the upcoming game against the Carolina Panthers.

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Chris said the question was -- out here heard at the Christian was posed the question be aware who brought it up. Chris Christian -- ESPN ESPN -- which player in the NFL would you least like to get -- fist fight with -- I you know I gotta put to rent out their fair to get dark that Stuart Clark puts you JJ watt. You know I might put spikes up there in the top ten. You know it could talk about guys -- New England in in in May be medium. It used to be in order at all but I'll probably put -- -- -- -- -- -- group. As a guy can really move that while I don't know -- put bits and category of his -- alone must weigh about 250 -- -- built the main guy you'd be scared retailer Joseph let me Skype -- through -- -- -- -- I -- against his brother's I mean he's he's the baby so he had no choice but the fight his way it is to get a meal ate the -- Chris answer Christians other question to your -- you know that you you -- do you live for being high behind the Whalen is that -- we lost you yet to -- did you have to pull over to hide your -- -- it. You're the only time I've ever had a problem like that the under DiCaprio level in my bloodstream would wait you. So I I I I think that's the only time of urban Indian group it would you block hypocrite too much reached out and about letter quote. Looking back -- are you surprised that ala Garrett once stayed on the straight and narrow as long as you did your New England. Yeah output I think it's great you know it's a -- pockets of windows and dug a guy who used to work. Win -- in in camp. In used to -- to occur and a lot of camera on the dirt in the and he said he wanted to break it guys you'll ever meet but he also big knuckle. It I think we may have -- that this week with what happened. My expert would have to go greater knowing who don't really Clinton would not -- drilling -- really got to look. But the talked to really insightful but you know -- -- conflict -- lessening your removed from it permanently but certainly -- -- level. Our chorus though there -- pre season game the most important pre season game of the entire year. What are we look at that you what's agreed -- Michael what should we be looking for who shall we be looking at what's the most important thing and escape or which particular player. Stay healthy public -- stay healthy is it not to get any injury you know I mean -- -- support obviously to get the guys. One out. Get some work in you know you'd want to have pretty deeply buried forty encryption could be that I think what they wanted with a start that went with someone earlier today that you want to have them. -- our first. Come in and out there and they arrest in late the first series of the second that he wanted to put much as possible to simulate. Overall game experience and that's certainly helped. It becoming cold out in the -- -- back up again for the first during the second -- It bore hole. Should play roughly thirty to forty now that we've -- the -- you yourself. Autumn in into what started in the US I think really that it took a couple of things from John Paul first double. I wanna see the combination of enough sense to let water seek won't play in where and how much because what you started much of possible. -- -- -- -- I was protected and possibly what has your number one guys and they're pretty good cockroach in her clinical work so award so we could play center. Late -- specifically go to the area of urban. You know a little bit influx over the course of the summer weather. Currently it's fair weather toward window whatsoever whether or Debbie. That regard -- can't explain to -- -- pretty well -- those -- position. The boat left guard that the question mark I -- ever recur again what the public preview played. What is your Ridley called on all churned out you'll ball security always going to be with the local court in -- -- How quarterbacks in the other quarterback beat you with a new point -- purposes specifically grievous around. Christopher pressed for this here from WEEI. Dot com he -- -- patriots beat writer to amplify that first second Chris give me guy on offense -- guy on defense that you think might be playing for their job tonight. I think again layered defense to probably -- into -- and welcome CP Packard turned the level. Of we've seen an awful lot of a lot of -- and -- -- over the course of the summer float highland. Who have treated him for being that what order that extra -- in two more strong safety rule. Over the course summary and so those two guys that think we could be. Really need to get a lot of good stuff until two. Cute to ensure that the character count stupid because those the first cut you know that in the big tall order that it because of forced him. Aren't you doing yesterday ordered to need to get some good stuff until now. Going forward so that there -- no issue on offense I'd like to see more they think might be playing for a job that would instruct or. Point to the guy you report perpich archer tremendous technical skill. But has should note for whatever reason not -- so far in this so I think. Who would be well served to show defected to get some separation of the open. Argued tremendous kick returner a when he got the -- he's usually very well -- -- there and beat that guy collecting. Who would separate himself from -- if he's able to put -- look good returns tonight in continue to build on that going forward but when you consider the patriots sister when it comes to keeping. 56 have a wide receiver. -- back into that their church in a little places and they think when you look at the emergence of garlic -- here I think he puts. She put 42 future into question your New England so that you have some. Decision to make it back into the -- article what you wrote the -- three out of four stroke it by the Wilson dot. -- hobbled quarterback situation so obviously Brady. Is gonna do his thing you know and a third -- who comes in after Brady. I think right now would -- I think that we need to take last week with a with a grain of salt because Melo was out to practice that you know Christian. A lot of that is dictated a lot of the link at least the preceding human secured by the fact argue there over the course of the week and I think -- -- -- All of all I -- three -- practices leading up to that Philadelphia dual -- -- couple games curb the couple paid because what he called me considering -- -- the first guy. Little ball and a lack of Bertrand drink well below and the clean it -- I lastly Chris before -- binary we need to weigh in on our debate that we had to start the program and kind of carried over from yesterday at read the quote. From Tony Gonzales where you're talking about the Broncos go on sixteen and now. And I kind of slipped in along the way my prediction for the patriots which was win the division go to the AFC championship game with -- eleven and five record animal C. Against the Denver Broncos. And Christian -- of our tweeters some of our -- -- -- Thought it was more outlandish and insane for me to say patriots with five losses that it was for Tony Gonzales to say. No losses for the Denver Broncos. Is eleven or five really that outrageous -- although -- prediction for me to say about the patriots. The start of the summer I had the patriots in the all important -- that the court that look there's always that divisional game. You don't expect in the loop that in the losing no matter how good they are certainly it is that we you know we've seen it would packet that you thought would happen weathered the jets -- -- -- whatever so. The -- one of those games. We do have a proper schedule and not the toughest in the league when you talk about strict schedule that we see action from your your. I I do I think that the twelve and fourteen. If -- out it's healthy all sixteen game I think that particular. Can -- at this point so really here for being brought out in the different broke -- -- because the guy who can get Christine. Boost -- extra mean it -- eaten yet last year so I think it. Probably if you could talk about eleven written over under certain that. I'm going to look a little bit over that. -- that's fair enough I think that's fair I think it's even fairly Christian says thirteen and three which is up from. Waldman or -- I predict to be fourteen in two before the regular season starts and then. All of the patriots have been before the regular season begins Adam and -- -- hire an expectation I don't think it's outlandish. It is that people are reacting to be -- eleven wins and acting like I'm saying that they're gonna go six in ten and be contending for the number one overall pick her something. Yeah I think it again for meego. A lot of it is tied up in the health and that he. I think -- that you you can talk about guys like Wilfork entirely in Mayo Revis. -- -- they complain that they can stay healthy vacancy in the field for sixteen game I think honestly the sky's the limit for the -- and all goes something that. -- for -- -- that -- but I think this could be if they help keep it to the best featured in some cute dump it all comes down to help. Thanks Chris appreciate it will allow reach your coverage tomorrow out the game tonight okay. So good kicker -- I that is Crist for price from WEEI dot com.

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