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Kevin Millar, MLB Network on the Castillo signing 8-22-14

Aug 22, 2014|

Kevin Millar checks in to talk about the Castillo signing, Giancarlo Stanton, and the MLB's pace of play.

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Animal are with us from Major League Baseball network and intentional talked to -- Christian Fauria middays with MF be there were already. The recalls I think Kevin on the board when we came back from breaking the news about Resnick a steel coming to Boston. And all three before inning gave the phone number this is a precursor to get Jeanne Carlos Stanton and -- words they're bringing a guy on board so they can free up maybe a move keep -- is a trade option. And bring another outfielder in so they can a move says producer Craig to get stamped in here. Is that just wishful thinking what's your take -- -- the Marlins really are going to keep or moves and -- Stanton after the season. What they wanted the Marlins have kept themselves and way above float the entire season way better than people probably have them on board beat Mike threaten. Great job -- great impact. -- -- -- The one thing you can't teach in this game right and a power. Jon Karl stand has the right -- are that's -- making their Mark McGwire back today you know had a guy kicking the ball 500 feet he can't teach that. It -- or what country to deal him I don't know whether that financially for their own organization. But if they're willing to deal which is seemed like a more -- In the past going by in the past would trade. The yes I think the Red Sox. I dislike about ten other teams would love to see Juan -- you know John crossed and in the -- that lineup and you can imagine the damage he can do it -- part. That's been negotiation the kind the scenes between David Sampson and the Marlins brass but I think that you know this is where you'd get creative. And crafty to figure out try to get our team right back on the board after a miserable I'd see him 2014. You know a year from you know -- in the World Series and Turkey. If there's a hold position player that you would pay to watch -- view anywhere any park in America took the money out of your wallet paid to get and put the LB press pass away your ticket by member of the public. Is Stanton it as a position player or is it Trout in if it's a pitcher is -- Hernandez because Fenway fans have a chance to see Hernandez and Trout. And back to back series here. Yeah I mean Trout. Stanton week -- dynamic -- remote stoppers their their biggest. On the field every day and it makes you go wild and yes so he's in that category and the guy that stop and -- take batting practice a -- -- in a dugout watched. And yes so because that guy like to say that there's a dynamic out of probably five in the entire big -- just go wall and they are you know whether you wanna -- 123 of four who cares but they're -- also. And in all three -- moral and there's a ton of them but. He's a guy that if you can try to make a deal for -- guy that I want a seat try to make a deal for you others can beat the situation out. You can get a feel that our year and this year he's proven that killing not yet he's young he's a dynamic in the -- are willing to figure out a way. Deduce something after the Red Sox he must. So you know Kevin so the pace of play has been discussing here for the for the past four days especially since rob Matt -- was. Voted Commissioner of Baseball which led me to this -- that bus only for ESPN. Wrote he says the -- play situation is much like the issue -- PE deep testing. They'll not be changed and told the players union decides to make it changed now. Obviously it feels like you know that the rule guardian their target -- the party what does he mean by saying that that that the union's gonna have to did it get a ball to make this change. I don't know I don't have enough information about that to be -- would be -- -- know that basically -- -- discussion. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All current or get a garrido whether that if you don't want allowed batters to about about a buck what are you wanna put a pitch count. On the pitchers -- to stop you gotta get you can just make this role like gets up -- -- It goes through that the other cycles but like that I don't have enough information on how. Can make this -- faster we all have opinions got to make it back -- dollar outlet but the battered lead bad or you want put in the batter's box. Put a pitch count on the pitcher -- at all speculative whatever it. I don't know but there is a way to make this game a -- factor which is coming up with the right solution and we will see you I'll let you move forward. Kevin thanks a lot for coming on and you're tied up against time today we appreciate you joining us and thanks for goodness some incentive to -- we look toward to the Major League Baseball network intentional talks sit down interview with -- Davis whenever that's happening. You guys got aboard crabmeat that's Kevin maligned here on 937 WE.

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