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Mikey, Joe and Mut closes out the 2014 Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon

Aug 20, 2014|

Mikey, Joe and Mut closes out the 2014 Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon.

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We're back here live from our center field studios. And in the waning moments. Of these thirteenth annual WEEI -- and Jimmy Fund radio telethon brought you by our balance. There's been so generous solid. The corporate folks have done their stepping up to the plate smashing a ball the wall forests. I think there's still some individuals out there that can contribute to all of this like I passed -- ballot up there and hall on the way to the suites. And ever as he does every year has been twenty dollar bill I found the exact right person the Jimmy Fund. Inside the group to give that to so I did my duty there -- passing the buck if you will the twenty bucks. The middle of all of us like that it's white college you know it's like people reached a part of the -- that. That adds up in such a judge you -- way huge when you multiply times thousands and thousands of wonderful people. Who worry given what they can't and I said this last night Joseph B plus mark your Forte but yes you can't. At the 99.9 percent of people listening right now. Can't afford to cough up ten bucks and feel good about themselves. And help us feel great about all of you for the Jimmy -- While it's certainly been a marvelous two days once again Mikey and that generosity of new englanders in Red Sox Nation just overwhelms. Year after year. And of course the stories are so poignant and so emotional. And the whole bit. I think -- we passed along from. These people who work at the Jimmy Fund every day -- just adds to this and I think it when people see. How much progress has been made and still what remains. To be done then they respond. Yeah 'cause there is no way this one of those never ending wars really the end will only come when Nolan died of cancer. And I very much you might give her chilling today and only did her to live this morning and his guys who you know -- -- for the side of right. Site he sort of commercial for a four truck was Ford -- I promise he's trying to keep yeah. I'm here to break the commemorate that was that was the commercially didn't TV commercial assembled there to break the curse that's right and -- remarkable met him you know manner which you did that. You know the amazing bloody sock thing in new York and a you know having him part of this team. It cancer affects everybody in every walk of life one way or the other or in your immediate family. As it you know and it was somebody you know it's somebody you even think you know or feel like you know like a Curt Schilling a player who's been on the Red Sox -- it it's its in its home. Dave Roberts another example yeah. And course of the players step up so -- they all came down your growth photo today with a marvelous scene that was this came individually. And you know former players Roger Clemens coming up with this fantastic idea and he he pitched batting practice 141008. No -- don't -- thousand. That's a good when there and of course all the corporate guys that are you know heads of their own business or corporation sponsors on -- radio station. Dot heard dot -- on review for northeast electrical now you know he's. Matching donations at at being involved in all this and it just becomes. As swelling tide of goodwill. And what we got to do -- get to people right now these last few moments. Kind of dig down deep and and again whatever you can do is going to be appreciate it needed and put to good use in trying to strike out cancer. But we're not here to tell you you know it's gotta be this about it that about I don't know. Any amount you can do. Because it all adds up and you'll go away from this feeling better about yourself. Speak take cancers were detects it's so easy 220222. And and the ten dollar donation will be there and that really does -- Now when you call 877731234. There are some great volunteers you're taking your phone calls and it is very simple what do you wanna do it. The credit card when you monthly won one time you wanna pledge sheet Willis sent it out to UP feel like yet they wanna do it. It is so easy if you like you to your point. It's those donations that are not the big corporate spot which we need we want we want or those but it's the people help out and give 25 and fifty whatever they can. In these last couple of minutes to help let's get over three million dollars that's a really pushes you over that's -- generates those research dollars and pushes people. To make those great finds. In this field help like cancer. And don't be afraid to make it personal I get so my absolutely young boys in here. Court again you know they anticipate somebody. That the data -- cancers do they saved my dad. Make it personal. Ten bucks or more make -- -- thousand if you want but make it personal because you never know someday it might have read your family and Dana Farber Cancer Institute. It's saving. Took a -- on the hall of fame voice that size in a house. And my. Canada a number for you we just that was handed despite the hard working -- Sabato a cage over the fish. We just officially passed three billion dollars. Just review that. Act -- dueling Joe's ready and you believe that. That's unbelievable that. Thanks everybody and keep by donating all night long. This is the WEEI in this Jimmy Fund radio talk about my Fenway Park presented by insurance foundation. And -- everybody.

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