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Red Sox Baseball - Ron Duval, Eastern Lexus

Aug 20, 2014|

Ron Duval, Sales Support Manager for Lexus Eastern Area, joined Joe & Lou Merloni in the booth at Fenway. Lexus made a matching donation during a portion of tonight's ballgame.

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Are we have a moment is Rasmus warms we want to welcome but -- defaults. And sales support manager from. Lexus eastern area -- great to see you here thanks Joseph -- to be here. We just talked about that the challenge cities -- Lexus is the issue of between now the third inning at. You match up to 5000 dollars any -- that's correct. That's correct that's all going to a great great it's one of Boston's greatest charities should. When you don't know about your -- to be funded. What it means Boston Red Sox -- down the street right yeah actually I was one in Austin Lou and I used to take the -- -- you have done. My dad and I would sit in the bleachers and watched shots -- Williams. He was a really big Ted Williams generally because it was a great great baseball player but he was also exports went that was forced off. It was great to your daughter Claudia did he wanted to telephone talking to both of those stories of over dad you know and how much the Jimmy Fund meant to him and and how much he gave really to a great great fears of vote. He certainly was but the prime movers if they give people once the Red Sox took it over 1953. Right. About the future of he was you work for the Boston Globe so -- moment -- -- pretty newspaper you know I would sit there watching from the sports page so you know. That did that day I was batting average this. Particular season -- met him. I know I have not. And I was -- -- close couple times and we've gone down a museum and in the future start to get sick when those edited down to meet him one of those things where you. And it's that those few who can -- that life having met him and hurt him. You know booming voice here's the pitch to Pedroia two different strike -- Rasmussen takes over the agent Gary Richard. The Lexus dealers have been proffered. Long time for the Jimmy Fund their -- -- we've got to six street dealers up here in New England so what should be funded non. Really active in new communities. No one views over the outside that you call strike and no one is that just the bottom Lexus from her chambers and nor well. Let's groups that would story. He's doing very very well over the years also as a group came to him on. And now this looks -- Watertown. We're very close to -- here. 02 when it goes to first is -- foul pop behind the plate this'll make the seats. Austin to. This goes back to the early eighties with the Jimmy Fund of Alexis. Yes we've been supporting the Jimmy Fund down field you know the deal is here in him. In Boston are all local guys really really remember the whole you know evolution the Jimmy Fund which. It's helped children with cancer. I was so happy to have you -- a part of it. -- they could make a difference and again the challenges but he shoots -- brawl between now the third inning and make your pledges it. Lexus will match. We've also got a great -- around in the western market and I know it -- my experience out there. As dedicated as anybody is in the -- when let's just north moment. Route nine near the Greek Greek -- -- Manchester, New Hampshire. Alexis and I'm Alexis in Manchester and another Lexus dealership in -- north. GOP swings it -- strike three to retire the side. Iran we want urge people that are right now offered any counting up and meet the challenge. And we thank you so much for joining us thank you know that a cause. We've come Enron I run -- sales support manager for Alexis Easton area. After two it's to having Red Sox have a Shaw's star market WBUR Red Sox radio network.

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