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D&H - Former Bruins Forward Shawn Thorton

Aug 20, 2014|

Former Bruins Forward Shawn Thorton joins Dale and Holley to discuss his involvement with the Jimmy Fund and reflects on his time with the B's

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I'm happy to say. We tried to tell you all the different ways that you can make donations you see the new updated tote board 1681162. Dollars. You can call 8777381234. Or you can text K cancer the latter day. -- cancer the 20222. You can make a an immediate ten dollar donation brought to you by AT&T. And you'll be automatically entered to win one of two dozen autographed baseballs. Whichever way it's easier for you whatever way it works for you. We just hope that you continue to make those donations and continue to make the numbers rise on our tote board right now. Jordan you're -- and we have David -- However there and I. I told -- -- Now Shawn Thornton is with us you know -- it hit me for the first time. A -- now on my eight a paper here though say it's -- -- that it says. All former bra or Arnold. I mean I've been thinking about it Lisa made an impassioned plea to Charlie Jacobs to rescind the deal dollar -- -- Mean you know I don't want to let you go if you and -- it also activist. I'm got to. Got tons of support don't get through it when it was announced that the Bruins were not gonna resign you will not gonna resign you. I would say what you say 90%. 95%. Of those approval ratings -- bolster. The people that nobody -- 90% of rural England experience then. Partners supports. -- it came. All came together for me yesterday actually my equipment showed up. -- there's -- close. Practiced years. Sent the pictures. But it's official and -- -- -- really but this. Excited though. I can't ask how it happened -- news. You probably visited Dana Farber more than any other athlete I know I mean you were there all the time how did happen the first time. For so what's the Dana Farber at first I was through the Bruins. I can't remember exactly when it was. They're more than Iraq some around all summer or not everybody's here all summer so I try to make a conscious effort to. If possible hospitals and grab some free time in the offseason so I think that's -- there what else tougher. Well we don't see you there because you say things. We see that you're there because Lisa's tweeting out a picture. -- I'm trying to -- other in Ireland and now I'd like. Who live. -- kids have people. All the news. That's Cameron will -- told told -- it worked for him because he's a big kid I'm guessing networks for you to act it's. I said it every time on it's remarkable. -- these kids. That are -- they're going -- How upbeat and positive they are now the stuff that we -- -- -- completely trivial so. I I enjoy it looks like it there everybody works there's grade. -- news. Second time. -- talk about your treatment now that never house children's the city's. Remarkable -- Hungary. A greater -- And Elena of one of follow up on that you know you talk about the city I remember an interview after the Montreal series. I did on the station. And you said this is going to be home no matter what it is whether you come back here or go somewhere else you want to go somewhere else. How did that happen for you how -- Boston become. Your home. That we made it costs on justices in the wake island we -- -- -- eight years ago Tom. Now we're gonna stay here in the offseason and kind of embrace trying to receive we've. We didn't get to do it -- and a lot of other places. So we supersonic -- Canada we got to put up the winters get a couple winters are Muslims in this summer's record every everybody -- You guys I know that work from here that would culture for two or three years and turn pro always end up coming back here. Austin is going to be some to listen. There right so. I think just being here and seen what what it's like year round. The away -- treated us the whole time we did hear it. I told the story a couple times I can't ever BI and but. Toronto was sort of rumblings of being bald. Before July 1. Thoughtfully that you know trauma means it's their home towns like back that was the only place you could see possibly it's you know by at least they're not -- is there -- then. Like now all love Austin. Who knows only unit activity -- And I went curse that said we're coming back here as Arctic necessity -- said -- wasn't as much as I do so I -- how much I enjoyed it and knows. Like that both sides of the coastal also at home -- not -- not allowed to leave now behind me I've been around this town for a long time and it's been my experience. That sports fans in general -- Bruins fans in particular embrace guys who work hard if you do your job and do your best. They love to find that was the case and it's blue collar and also don't want to -- it's -- the head for a living here or punches -- and F fidelity but no. I think it's a very knowledgeable. Hockey days I think that people. And as seen through phonies and does that kind disclose their angle -- business -- -- 10% in. -- know that. We were when I was here a fairly blue collar team Ellis. You have really skilled guys superstars. You know -- kimonos pampered superstars might seals. Charles ignores every year thanks have been here that. Every superstar birdies only. Ardently about two -- world. -- think that's superstars just trying to. It's a very blue collar team very blue collar city and it's. I think that's what people -- Job thought on franchise last so here's. -- there -- interest in -- and joked about it you know guy gets punched in the head for a living you do yours you're -- -- into. -- how how do you prepare for an upcoming season I know Peter surely said. After. That 2013 2014 season the fighting is is is. You -- diminished in the game but if you're a fighter. You can afford to think that we can imagine -- I don't have to train for. Right after her because it's going to be diminished in the name of Jesus that's a -- more outages from jujitsu it's not up. -- -- court like I. Do you personally do you agree with that statement I artists so my meeting with Peter and he only speak this. And my view was right before. -- goes one last guys we exact same conversation. He had with the media but the context. I that we had that conversation. Was. Com yes security exploit. It you know it's probably honestly that's the start. You RTC. The visors. Read it to your helmet off by the by you can -- sort of certain trying to way. But we're both in agreement it's not going work that expires two years now. When you're a year and meeting you're talking about who's coming back and who isn't coming back in the historians. Said that we think -- probably trending on the way I mean. I think the state was taken a little bit of context and was ran with a little bit more than it should have been. I'm. Like I said Peter probably maybe -- you're playing DJ being from the ahead. Tags are not I and I can see why would be taken that way and you know as you once one person jumps on it it's gone so. I wasn't. Even after -- press conference I still close to fifty dollars back and had nothing do this common it is more about what is -- -- here. The guys there and develop the last year warriors and commend and push for the spots. The million dollars fourth -- That's a lot of money European captain Tom. House guys that are rated -- it is so. Usher. Told it was a decision but this is the franchise. And that process. Not them amateurs beat the tree so. The way -- that. It was more about that diminish. I've asked that question at times because. TTP tweeted that -- no more fighting there revolves on that's what that what are the dotted the -- or get out -- and I. Elvis but I know you'd joke about the fighting part get punched in the head. She sort score some goals here happening a penalty shot goal that I still remember. And I remember vividly interviewing your post game 19 on NASA and talk about some goal you scored and you said -- you sound surprised. I'm not surprised but I think sometimes people are I. That's -- -- we surprise people are now and it you know like anything else get. It it was something in this -- made by. Living the last eighteen years does -- but. Not just as it does outline of worked hard to. But the cells exist contribute other ways. Organic it's -- -- head and have a little bit but you better and it's then people would think I guess. Not -- enough wire around have their hands in the days that. We're not quite ready to -- by the yet -- really -- we get a chance to visit with you now and I think we might see one more time so yes thank you could -- you know former Bruins forward John -- -- used to say in that. I get to 75 dollars could help fund Dana Farber lifesaving clinical trials calling 77738. 1234. Or go online to Jimmy Fund dot org to give now. Now let's return goal of 75000. Dollars by the end of the show. We hope you'll continue to donate your listening to the WEEI nets and Jimmy Fund radio telethon live from Fenway Park presented. By the.

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