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D&H - Red Sox Jimmy Fund Co-Captain Will Middlebrooks

Aug 20, 2014|

Red Sox Jimmy Fund Co-Captain and Third Baseman Will Middlebrooks discusses his involvement with the Jimmy Fund.

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Our families the telephone number call is 877738. 1234. That is 8777381234. The tote board currently stands at 1645363. Dollars. But -- needless to say we've got a lot of time between Allen midnight in in a long ways that we wanna get to between now and then. Where happy to welcome in one of the co captains via the Jimmy Fund team here along with. David Ross on the Brooks in the house Casilla and should be here and you know. The one that I keep hearing from everybody is how much you and David took to this and how much you made -- a part of what you guys were. The I mean it's. I mean they're going to see how important it is you know home -- as the Red Sox in Boston in general so. There's my -- you're doing it at a the last year of salty obviously he moved on Miami's so off you know they ask me who you think -- -- get a feel when. And after the marathon bombings went to the hospitals. David Ross is in my group and just watching him with the people Harry interactive with the children. I couldn't think of a better -- now. So as a co captain yet to describe your responsibilities. Yours or or your role how would you describe. You know it's debris -- -- Tutsis that's it so it -- acute hospitals you know when they come apart and you know with them. And you know I think its offer them to us right there you know in Mexico for -- -- no no matter. Studied how to get those smiles what if you. If -- -- really get I mean you know there have been raving about. You know David Robertson -- you're involved in your co captain to some guys just get what you do with your approach. I mean it's pretty easy the little kids. You know you walk him in. Everett's doctors. It's a security of Austin. So Bob it's funny this is going to be comfortable you'll lose now just. Bullet in the group. Does have fun with them take them off. It's funny you said how it almost does more for you than that -- at the same thing yesterday. He said it it makes me feel better than it probably makes them it is true you know puts things in perspective for. Like -- we think we have it's a sometimes and it's nothing to -- with these kids these. So that it shows a salon. No we -- a lot of allies do. You know he's big write them are coming to spring training what felt like you know -- -- just to see those kids have been shot just. One cater to your music group for an upcoming in the spring training in the and they just. That they wanna be a part of it and talk with you guys and ask questions what's it like for you when you see them coming. It's awesome I mean. For one the probably have to you know the snow in the northeast and Florida they did mention that I had a pretty good -- that's the first thing they say is it's a -- down here now so. They're there a good move because of that and then you know a lot of young private travel much. You know and so you know that its -- airplane flights and wears these -- -- -- To watch baseball and you know meet David Ortiz -- you know it's. You know for any -- that's a good trip but these kids you know battle for the lives. Tournaments in a -- -- that truth. It seems trivial in comparison -- talk about baseball that is your livelihood. What's the season been like for you -- bit of an up and down season how do you put in perspective. That's meant it would put about thirty days. So last year is battling injury. You know that's. Like a ridiculously. You know isn't -- in you meet commitment to the date him tough time just that partnered. Well you know a bit they'd love to have broken finger. You know. And not detail what to do so. It's put things into perspective for those. Give -- good news then when you left the game after last night in the middle of last night's game they -- cautionary. The you know some ground had a history of answering problems in the past so. Is gonna grab milk costs in the game at the news. You know of that you know they they -- things so isn't it funny how they always know almost more than you do yeah I thought I was -- it pretty well and apparently it was. They were by which you were selling its in a little while probably about forty minutes from your whole team's gonna down here and I've been around and seen and I've seen what it was like. And I remember vividly the team with -- -- It was just a couple of months before she passed unfortunately. And you see those kids out there by that board when you guys are all here and their faces just light up. Via you know another look forward to a but the guys have been talking about duties to users you know we. A lot of guys to let's go -- routine and have to leave the clubhouse but this is something we -- look forward to. And you know word we're just excited down here you know. We have a -- from down here to see it. By the way congratulations -- -- engaged now as well they cumulative -- Sinatra and we're happy for both you and thank you. It's great CN thank you for coming down here thanks Serbian bottle it -- gives them -- enough. Americans Mary. A -- a little bit and up convert -- The order they're gonna drop it to somebody about this is a more years and he's been a lot of did you get out of I thought the only questions go to jail well it's great thanks for rightly so every -- That's what Matt Brooks joining us here and you concede tote board 1665349. Dollars. This is the WEEI -- Jimmy Fund radio telethon live from Fenway Park presented fire belly insurance foundation.

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