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D&H - Hannah Levine with Dr. Ann LaCasce

Aug 20, 2014|

Hannah was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma two years ago when she was 27. She was treated with chemotherapy for 6 months and now her treatment is complete. • Hannah started an art project during her treatment called “Hairless Hannah”. She was chatting with a friend who is a videographer and they came up with an idea to send people photos of Hannah hairless. Participants sent back painted, colored, sketched, collaged, and decorated “new” Hannah’s, which Hannah posted in an online art gallery.

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Michael we're very happy to welcome to our studios cannot Levine from Somerville. And doctor and -- who is a medical oncologists. In the lymphoma program at Dana Farber. And and when I when I read the the biographical information information for I guess yeah the one that I like the most the one that I like the most it says quote. Her treatment is complete. Favorite part of this whole thing isn't it Hannah asks I've been done very year. -- great thank you. What I liked about it is they both of them said before the human here how easy this is and how how if I had an open. You're rated girls actually with they simple I wanted to overthrow the and it -- about this art project. That you get over spoke before we get them dampening them so accurate but the project Telus. What you have when you were diagnosed. What you have. Had hodgkin's lymphoma and is diagnosed in November 1 saint of November of two two 2012. And so during that time he came over an art project which I find extremely interest and tell people about that. I called our project how perilous had a project -- -- Sent out pictures of myself with no hair to family and friends and they had to decorate the picture and sound of -- me. And so they decorated and all of a number of ways he had. Some people probably gave you purple hair. Also learn lessons -- that there is. It like as some I'm in that gardening and eventually. -- cucumbers here yeah the identity of macaroni project for this -- how it. But they'll remember your payment yeah. Know that all through doctor Le case we had an opportunity to deal with Hannah and treat Hannah. With it that attitude that helped get her through so easily. I think. Her sense of humor in this project was amazing and see her creativity in getting reference to contribute. It really helped her a lot of other patients -- think get through this is when you lose your hair becomes obvious. Something in her approach was really amazing inspiring. Am I can't really relate to losing. I really you know -- I don't -- that you up with -- art project my little. Maybe it took but I but I am I'm curious. I know for a lot of women in his day with a very personal thing to very traumatic thing. Two to lose your hair and add them to close it that -- conceived you choose to have short here. You do not choose that what was that like for you psychologically. I thought it was gonna be really the most horrible thing but once it started falling out -- so gross that rate assigned to get rid of it right away. I had up. Am party at my friends actually and -- -- -- had. I got really good advice about a positive attitude and what to do from another friend who had -- in -- years before me and that really helped. Plan but throughout the time with not having -- it was definitely the most visible aspect of being sick so it. I would feel like funny and like people might be looking at me play you just get used that you're not looking O'Meara out there on the -- -- actually -- it. And one of the things -- in the case that we've learned over the years here is the advancements in treatment for lymphoma. Are so dramatic and life expectancy numbers are so dramatic. It's it's probably one of the areas of greatest advancement. Oh absolutely -- -- is one of the diseases we do the very best with the majority of patients are -- we have some very exciting new drugs then. And now we're really focusing on how little treatment we can give secure the most patience and have a few long term side effects as possible fillets are really the great needs to treat. So for years now and now that your your treatment is complete. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Forward. At this. -- off -- me about every three months ever for years and then at five years. That's a sad moment for. The business of concern -- is that for the guys that are keep in touch for awhile in that thing that really that it ought to have a great connection. And Al Levine doctor and the case thank you both very much for coming in here visiting with it was a real pleasure visiting and meeting both of thanks thanks very much you. A -- 25 dollars could provide our patients with subsidized parking in taxi vouchers giving them better access to care and even more importantly peace of mind during treatment. Help us reach our goal of 75000 dollars by 6 PM. And give not a support our patience. And our families the telephone number to call is 8777381234. That is 87773812.

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