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Red Sox Baseball - Dan Trombley, City of Boston Credit Union

Aug 19, 2014|

The CEO of the City of Boston Credit Union joined Joe & Dave to express how proud the Credit Union's members are to support the Jimmy Fund.

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And then Jimmy Fund radio telethon day one we welcome. -- Trombley. Who is CEO of the city of Boston credit union. Mark great sponsors to the Booth with. Part of the Jimmy Fund radio telethon the -- is outside. And great to be with you thank you great to be here. And your organization. How he's gonna sponsor for the great back for the Jimmy Fund. Something we really believe and happy to. Be here representing the 22000. Numbers look pretty. Exactly I think they want us to be doing on their behalf. How about a play so what you wanted to. Even Red Sox fan my whole life on the B 65 next month so that'll be almost 65 years -- that span. Growing up in Berkshire County which was. Yankee country back then. Round ball the shark grabbed by Bogart's throws to first for the out. I've never wrote this summer job -- western mass. The station in west view we carried the Yankee broadcasts. -- like -- it is time this. That's -- the pursuit. Pretty unions and has been around for how long. 99 years. So operator under attack here. And so by the members. Owned by the numbers and it's a not for profit that we turn all of our earnings and to. Savings from numbers. Here's how little has been a big factor tonight. And takes ball one he struck -- singled to tie the game and that was minutes after he dropped Brock called to the three run homer. He's also grounded out for three. Which will send in relief of the starter Webster gets a no decision the pitches one haven't read the file down the left field line. The way you act when did your association with the Jimmy Fund began. We'd been through sponsoring. The Jimmy Fund. As long as I've been at the credit union has been there for ten years now are those that before that happens it's just something that. Like it's that we really beaten you. Tremendous lead out here we need everybody that we can. Get to help. Which this great cause. 11 mrs. -- inside to win one. We -- the phone lines will. Continue to -- not. Doing pretty well at this point but. Still a long way to go to reach our goal we have invited to midnight tonight. Where these games people. You might end around them strike called over the outside water. That we get these two teams recently -- nineteen in the game against each other six hours 31 minutes. Probably give us a lot of time for people to call up -- it's always silver lining isn't there. It's marketed to -- the Mikey Adam's time that he does such a great job after the game. In those phone lines. Working there's a ground ball hit the second base but Troy has it throws to first for the out. And this then we'll let you urge fans to. Call us. In many ways to donate. Call 8777381234. Tax. Case -- cancer 220222. It's the best way to do it that's for ten dollars automatically. Here's Mike -- routed to the shortstop triple off the wall outlet center and struck out. He takes low and away from Alex Wilson who's come up with a pretty good cut fastball which really helped him. And another. We happen. And right hander was born in Saudi Arabia was that was working in the oil business there and file to the right out of play. So it is one and one. It's an exotic way to grow up -- been. -- working in the oil business in Saudi -- that you looked her in key West Virginia which is just like Saudi -- At that that. No culture shock there whatsoever. Tommy -- loosening the patch -- Mark -- backing it I think Kelly Johnson world's -- -- spell out at first but why that if you're not. -- Mike Napoli to retire the side excellent defense. We were excited. Field tonight. While they're traveling from the Boston credit union thanks so much for joining us threatening to do there it's going to be very having me good luck with everything gentlemen thank -- very.

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