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Red Sox Baseball - Owen Perry

Aug 19, 2014|

Owen, a 12-year-old from Nashua NH, was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. In September 2013, Owen had severe pain in his stomach. After a visit to the ER he was diagnosed with a bowel intussusception. He had surgery, which went great but with tests run on his blood he was then diagnosed with cancer. His treatment consisted of 4 months of intense chemotherapy. The first 3 months went pretty smooth but during his last treatment he developed a couple of infections. This landed him in ICU for 7 days. His favorite part of the Jimmy Fund Clinic is a tie between the special care he receives and the cafeteria. His hobbies are PlayStation 3, Legos, iPad, and laptop. His favorite sport is basketball.

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Not now the second inning coming up Red Sox with a one nothing lead we are really happy to be joined by -- Perry. Nashua, New Hampshire -- granite -- just like me -- you're sharing some notes on that. On who's been battling acute my Lloyd leukemia and get the right yes OK. You're twelve usual. And in September of 2013. It's severe pain in his comic pitches up and in pro ball here. On Howie Kendrick as we get the second in underway needed surgery. Which all win great. But tests. Came back the show that you had this formal blood cancer right yes. 10 pitch swing a little -- back to the foot of the -- and picked off by the pitcher went through throw on first base and funny it's time for the out. Sold. You had people performance intense chemotherapy -- -- -- of Deco pagan. The first three months went smoothly. Than you had a couple of -- yet been able fight through those. If you look great and -- you look like you're terrific shape and love the red here. No matter at all so that's very. And -- favorite part the Jimmy Fund clinic at the time between the special care you get in the cafeteria. -- look at at the it is outside pro ball here on Erica I've are so you're feeling great. Yes and are you continuing treatments at this point with some of them year old son yes good for you. When you look so magnificent. 10 pitch coming in and outside for ball on my part to 66 hitter and you hero hit a home run in the first inning. That's the communities up and the monster seats is your sister Julia here. Yes. He's fourteen and starting high school. Pretty soon as the swing and a miss by dive bar. Now how about yourself in school. And they did you know him going -- great opportunities grade. You like it a great student good student. Yeah that's the -- -- to tell me -- -- -- -- -- be broadcast -- one -- It's my line drive base hit between thirty short I've bars on the basis as we -- don't carry -- your summer on the if you've been in many respects you. -- -- and one that the Sox win. I don't think it's been a lot of -- What your basketball player yes we play. Then your school. It. You you point guard you Fortson -- would you play her playing her anyway you like to shoot. That was me I used to be a shooter -- and -- and amiss here by freeze David freeze that matter. 2596. Homers and forty runs batted in and among the hobbies that -- listed here. PlayStation 3 -- no big time. Your work on your -- line eat. Feel one bit. Inside pro ball but your big fan of Legos and all my kids are and still aren't you build some just today yes. Louis building today Nancy police got there. Not a commodity done yet yes tennis is pretty -- on the ticket booklet. Colleen now or maybe. Earlier your fast -- it would take me six weeks 11 is inside for ball on freeze two balls and one strike and been a Lego land. Yeah yeah. Hopefully soon -- -- -- -- that are listening the Legos and help but believe me and they know they know that's true. You can walk into some stores in new sold many great things Legos. And and and and the cars and Star Wars stuff that's amazing. To one we -- miss players freeze even count and two and two. And I we took my granddaughter came near to Lego land in New York City Rockefeller Center. Just incredible things you can bill. And -- think mom and I -- -- if you bills lately all of your room. Not exceed downstairs and three full it opens. Three bullet yet. It's -- it's amazing stuff recently commercial from like. It is -- for -- did you see the movies yes movies great and -- -- have the little digging into all ultimately you're you're really. Good for you then have to get through some of the treatments and some of the time you -- you know taking easy now. It was a really tough and he went through and to be terribly terribly difficult I mean that that included. An attitude. That helps to it and the public. Probably goes -- and a high fly well hit deep right center to the triangle bounces back. Near the bullpen -- -- Railing and now they're gonna get a double play the front of the royal bank to first double play and that's because not violence taking -- I think that one may have gone out of the ballpark. We'll -- -- was able to reach up and make the catch just the Ford Escape. Into the -- the owner of the great visiting within. Continued success do you among men and if you looked magnificent. Cancer messed with the wrong guy and say that. Colin -- at Nashua, New Hampshire we go to the bottom of the second one nothing Red Sox nearly Shaw's star market WB EI Red Sox radio network.

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