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D&H - Maeve Feely with her mom Molly

Aug 19, 2014|

Maeve was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in September 2012. She has been receiving chemotherapy since her diagnosis, and is scheduled to complete treatment in November. Maeve loves to play cards and sports.

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That's Big Papi David Ortiz -- be playing tonight here at Fenway Park with a Boston Red Sox our next guest will be at the game. May be -- here along with -- mom Mollie and brother salmon -- dad Dan now Michael when every the biography of our guests and I look at their interest -- -- like maybe like that. Place soccer she likes. You know moviemaking skiing water skiing and then at the bottom up but it says and playing poker playing poker may have. Your sixth. Much poker do you get to play when your. Six. Tips. So. Your -- rampant teach you how to play poker he did. What's his name it. That. There via so it had no wins between you and your grandfather who wins these poker games and -- -- -- You think you win more than he does. And he talked to the game but now you've learned to the point where you can you can keep up with them right. And Sam radioed -- every what do you since then you're good man a microphone. When he got -- And me. Charlie Maura and Charlie were doing out here a few minutes ago it's time. -- -- charge Charlie. Not now maybe you've been undergoing treatment for awhile now and I even know how to pronounce what is it you have to. And in the other part you you say I'll let other staffers leukemia enough. Yeah the the whole rest of it with the acute -- plastic and all that stuff. But the important part of this is I was reading your treatments going to be up soon adjustment. November. You're looking forward to it being over -- Molly what's it been like this whole process and what the whole family has been going through with the Dana Farber. And spent a long process but and certainly like changing but. You know we know. Everybody there at the hospitals in grade the family and I are friends very supportive. -- we just taking one day at a time that silly stunts from the beginning. And I'm looking forward it like to be no better. Have if it is is a family thing we've heard from a number of people -- days. Who says it's not just the person being treated but it's everybody else its sibling -- sibling his parents and and -- I wonder if you can speak to any of that in. Just talk about the effect on you and the effect on on sand. You know it it's been it's been all -- spent a long -- were coming up on two years now and you know both kids who was that are extremely important and -- -- can tell you you probably won't that. Sometimes made it seems like in the lion's share of the the attention but. You know it it it's really -- Modernize parents I think a lot stronger you know may just be prepared to be encouraged. And in my opinion in and Sammy has read on there as well with lots of bases for a certain time. -- can you water ski without falling down. That's one more than me he so yes you can water ski without falling down Mueller had to do that what last summer. So you water -- years place I mean you do everything don't ship and you'll be a third grader this year. And Sanborn elementary. You looking forward to school starting. That's all kids feel about this time of the summer a little. Connecticut -- -- can close to Sam already used them. You're five years old. What do you like to do you play poker doing is that a fairly poker thing got going on tour. -- -- He'll -- -- ration card game it did help your relatives you guys have a car colleague Galen -- -- fairly -- thing rarely. This is good stuff. Made thank you very much for coming in to -- yes it was great to see you and Sam and Molly and Dan and everybody. And and congratulations. That's come November this is all going to be over with for. Great -- and -- you guys thanks guys very much that is made Feeley who has joined us along with their family. Your generosity could help Dana Farber bring education screening and treatment to. Boston's neighborhoods and surrounding communities a gift of a hundred dollars could help the -- family resource center. Van reach. And that band to reach more communities and provide access to lifesaving prostate cancer education and screening. Please make -- now help us reach 75000. Dollars by the end of the show you can.

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