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MFB: Co-Owner of the Boston Celtics Steve Pagliuca

Aug 19, 2014|

Steve Pagliuca talks about his involvement with raising money for cancer research.

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This is the Jimmy Fund radio telethon presented by our dollar insurance foundation Steve -- thanks much for coming out joining us here and one that's great to be here it's a great dance that's what -- -- listening on the radio it's just really touching stories and it's fantastic which you guys are doing. Well I was talking my father the president CEO of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute about the connection dates all the way back. Even before the Red Sox got involved that the Boston Braves we're just talk to doctor -- care about the connection between the sports teams. And various causes -- just specifically Boston and the Jimmy Fund but the way it happens across the country in the dynamics that. Playing in their -- the Celtics decide to get involved and how are they staying involved. What we've done it for many many years and the shamrock foundation episode was set -- to help children in the certainly is you know -- major cause of helping children. You know cancer is this -- everyone personally I mean I can't find a person does know someone who's who had cancer. It's a terrible disease and and it -- as an amazing job with this -- -- who we look at the Red Sox right but it's not it's not just directs us what you should urine fall all the teams right Celtics Bruins. Patriots. Because of the cause import it's all about right guys of their you put a product on the court for children to come and see. And it's just it's about caring so it's even -- the Red Sox name you know we hear Fenway Park but we know. That the sports teams in this city it's everybody including yourself have so well what I love about the city even before we bought the team. You -- and Bob. We're big fans of of the of the teams and we welcome into the group and long term ownership that we do lots of things with the Red Sox and patriots the Bruins has joined charities so. It's powerful on her -- to see more powerful -- kept trying to help us like this. Have you -- vicinity of players to lose data already in a clinic -- -- -- -- those guys that are it's been amazing I've been with the players. Couple years we -- Christmas and Paul Pierce has been in there you know Paul Paul -- great picture of Paul and people with cancer just like the third day. And and and you know -- -- it's really closed on my my knees. Has been saved by Dana -- she got cancer clusters are -- tenure all. The cynical the rally for -- -- she still battling she's fourteen now and they don't sustain the art treatments and and got this master the blown out of there and it it's an incredible. Implants a doctor Gephardt chose to implant that's a brand new technologies secretly. She was hitting golf well so. It's it's amazing what they're doing that lineup -- Dana -- Initially saying -- I've seen up close and personals so the Celtics cells of the Stanley you know we're we're way behind this and it has to access. Don't feel like that days like today are going through with what you need is going through that it's. Need those things to kind of keep things in perspective and realize what what we're doing here on the serve you know what you're doing your job and and there are tough times we all know these guys have some tough times but. Put things in perspective and it stays like this meeting kids like this senior -- go through that the -- -- does that -- -- world very lucky and and there were lucky to be here in Boston where where people come out for the pan mass challenge for the Jimmy Fund. To help the Dana Farber and that money I saw I saw your father speak in and basically. That money's going to great use the research has been incredible they need more chances in the last ten years I think they have the previous forty years on cancer -- -- -- farmers and -- and -- yet. And to underscore the point that you're making there's so much money that comes from grant funding that set up already but. The progress that needs to be made comes from days like this and this is where the discoveries come from today. So if people are listening right now and you know someone who's struggling with a form of cancer that hasn't been beaten hasn't been conquered. Hasn't been battled well yet this is the data help because the funds that we raised today. Go to help people like your -- -- you can do so by calling 877738. 1234. And understand the Celtics are making contributions today. As it's ever were to make it 101000 dollar contribution and a very happy to do it. The final thought -- -- search this -- beat cancer we can kind of do our lifetimes and Dana Farber Jimmy funny and be right the next make it happen. Well I'm real happy to be in Boston -- Part covering your team in the future it's great to be back to be around the Celtics and the Red Sox in all the teams that are. Help and to move forward thank -- -- that contribution we're really really excited about the new season we've got you know -- -- guys are working out right now get -- young squad is going to be an exciting team. Marcus catalog here again -- I. -- talk about how markets Smart looking out the first pitch do you have an idea yet the the and he didn't bounce it in the mile -- and I run. -- -- -- -- -- -- fifty senate and now note none of those -- he's a great kid and you know their their credit reports coming out of Las Vegas where they had the USA basketball select team. -- sports marketing got five threes play against the the Olympic team and coach K semi texting market with the best players out there so. We're really excited for him to come to Boston. I think -- great job he has squad and and he's very confident kid he looks like the bright and so it's fun. You know it just for a quote no one that I don't want I came here from Seattle says the freeze and I remember one of things like he was telling you how you know mister Kraft was you've just -- guys that were. There were willing to you know you know I guess to you know. He worked into the community you know assimilate themselves with the people around him in the community give back is that one year. Prerequisites when you look at -- guys to draft regularly state they may have that make up so we don't represent the Celtics. Absolutely and I think you've seen you know listing yours you know we really have our players embraced that community and mark misses another area just. I just got back from the tripped into the lake park this week with -- with Kelly. Atlantic which we got you okay after the I don't know how tight it's -- too is if you are right there and everything helping Dana -- also it's fantastic when it comes to dealing with wrist injuries yeah. Of those before that kind of thrown -- -- The it was it was amazing to Hutchison would I go down that that's like I was in front of them. I had had breakfast at its luckily luckily escaped with the Brooklyn kids that they're so. It is you know it's on -- off the court it's character and that we're very proud about the team and they really really have got their breaks that Rondo were in -- -- all of our players and adopted charity very active. He goes up your last year he got still packed house people come out and appreciate the effort that you guys gave and -- there was some you know talks of fireworks this offseason. And the thing about it a lot of people look at Danny. It's a you know what I know -- out -- trying to who we've seen this before from dating to it and it be acquiring of the assets it's it's a you could say impatient northeast people I think a patient fan base and seeing what's going on and seen the building and what's the next step in acquiring these assets and and going in the right direction do you do you feel that from your -- You hear that from them would absolutely were blasted both the Red Sox and all the teams here -- Celtics are blessed to have such a Smart fan base and that stuck with us they saw us go through last kind of rebuilding effort. And erection probably hit what we've we've purchased the team. And with players like Smart committed and and and and Jeff Green to the back in and editors and signing drafted number two in the draft and we get this great young coach Bret Stephens. We're really excited and -- there's -- stick with us so it's it's it's it's fantastic and -- Danny. -- price had -- millions of fireworks let off but. As you know you have to do good traits he can't just make a trade -- -- mean he's trying to win a championship and you know I applaud him for being patient and he's awake he's gonna do something good and transform it and when that one comes along we'll be happy that we have to be patient and that we can be patient because we have so many great young players -- James Young is his back right now he was the only team leader of the nineteen but. But he scored twenty points in the national fine. -- -- one stars of the national final. And that we had him rated much higher than treatment to seventeen rated much higher -- Smart rated higher than he was. So the nice thing is watch great young talent. And we have great coach and I think we're optimistic about the future we have nine draft for -- takes over the next five years Steve Pagliuca Boston Celtics Conan thanks so much for coming out to them when joining us today. The British amateur and yeah. Thank you very much -- you're welcome it's it's well deserved and and and and hopefully keep on -- All right this is the WTI -- -- Jimmy Fund radio telethon live from Fenway Park middays with an -- presented by our ballot insurance foundation.

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