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Sox send Jackie Bradley JR back to the minors, should Xander Bogearts be next?

Aug 18, 2014|

Dale and Jackie MacMullan discuss the demotion of JBJ, and whether or not the same path should be followed for Xander Bogearts.

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We mentioned. What in my opinion it's a bit and a I opening move for the Boston Red Sox. There was a time when Jackie Bradley junior was mired in the midst of an all for 35 -- Couldn't buy a base hit with with each Adams platinum card. Over the last week or so he looks as always kind of -- -- yeah around a little bit up 81 last want it looks like he's swinging the bat better. Today the Red Sox recalled rookie bets from Pawtucket. And option Jackie Bradley junior back to the attack -- Red Sox it's it it just the look I was begging for them to send him down a month month and a -- who want to dollar. It just seems weird now when he seems to kind of gotten its act together. That they've sent him down to protect. And I wonder how much input he had if at all if it's one of those just were -- UN and you know they've been talking to a mile long about. Hey we want to send you down the city that if you're he's saying no no please just give me another week I had I would like to know what the dialogue was behind the scenes it doesn't really make a lot of sense for team that's clearly out of it. Don't you want all you young players out here trying to work. The -- here in two weeks the September call though right back but but what does that do to you but I'm I'm just guessing because -- I'm not done at Fenway. My guess is they wanna seem -- that's play every single month since they senate backed out of attack and he's -- center field every day. Yeah they're gonna stick it in center field tonight and every single day after that. Nancy they were gonna give you two weeks of of solid center field. Before Jackie Bradley junior comes back up with a September call ups. Show us you're the guy for next year that's just like yes I'm not emotional involvement that I'd like you do just as a built in cameras than projected revenues -- -- -- it will close your -- don't like the -- here for -- -- -- yeah. It's a two terrific kid in handling this all the way through start to finish -- for 35. Member when he was. In last year's spring training -- -- you know made the team probably shouldn't I shouldn't have made it -- that with a poem. And it sent down you know that well I mean it's been a real roller coaster ride for him and he handled it very very well. There I don't know only talked to a couple of occasions. Seems like to carry -- an idea very to even -- if you listen to some of. Though scuttlebutt about them that they want him to be more engaged with his teammates more involved more emotional. I was -- of -- them. To Jacoby Ellsbury stole home there at the pictures Stevens is Ager and stand there with you know no expression. You know for whatever reason that it's it's a tough sell in this town to be. Now the other part to remember here is. I think they're trying as best they can reward young people who were doing good job that sort of a medal long right and will keep that is tearing it up at the -- sure. So you know and that's a written messages and yet got performing on -- job player around off you're gonna get -- play with the big club when going anywhere anyway. It just it it almost seems weird that Jackie Bradley junior finally. Kinda gets it together a little bit short term chemistry something we're gonna find out here like us. Well I'm I'm just guessing that's all that this has much more to do with -- that it does Jackie Bradley junior and is and that's saying something. That's -- -- -- was the second baseman in Portland Rodham Pawtucket and said you know what were we really need that help right now is in the outfield they shift into an outfield position. He is down there then and you know plays really well and continues to play really well so. I got a feeling this is probably not a bad idea then. I'm sure I'm not going to -- all in my diet Jackie Bradley junior doesn't agree with me. I'm sure there's is not a bad idea but I'm -- so that's what's going on on on the baseball front. All of us are kind of half watching it now an -- just sort of. Well I guess but I'm I'm kinda curious about -- like I'm and sensed this has gotten totally mesmerized and I knows anything and probably year fairly long probably only one year right. Too well at at best you're gonna see through the end of next here tonight's and then then artworks -- right so anyway I just. So I he's got to get me a little mesmerized I. I know I can and Farrell to me is such an interesting figure he. Came from that debacle in Toronto came here won a World Series and now he's back to all this it is enough story lines and that's just a reporter and -- coming to town. By the way -- been reading the quotes that he would he was at Fenway when they got there OK and around so beautifully and again exactly like you would expect. One of the quotes I'm paraphrasing here but one of the quotes I soft from Jackie Bradley junior west. I'm not disappointed that they sent me down I'm disappointed that I didn't play. -- perfect now it's exactly the response you want and it's exactly now interestingly enough. John Ferrell also -- media availability today so there's no -- -- Bogart's -- And he's another guy would of might have seen the struggle once they hit once they had played themselves out of things and I like that why is it that some guys can go down and some guys can't go to. And if barrels mindset of -- was never question 21 years old and that's like the twenty year olds get here at stake here I wonder how much. It's a psyche thing that's like we were talking before about the curious timing of them sending Jackie Bradley junior down after he was over 35 which was the longest hitless streak in the meat in the majors this year. And then finally start hitting that and then they sent him down. We made there's your answer right you don't wanna syndicate down when he sentinel for 41 feel good about himself get himself going and then send him down when you know you're gonna bring about the two weeks. Here's what I think is the situation and we discussed this briefly earlier. I think this is -- that's try and so that an accurate I think this is his opportunity to east he's going to be in the lineup basically every night for the next two weeks. And it's show us that you can do this both offensively and defensively. And and you could be center fielder everyday here next year. I I think that they feel that it will be -- but this and and Craig the two outfielders on in the quarters. And I. I don't think in victory is going to be here you go home. And I and and I think that they're giving will keep -- the opportunity. To show them that he should be every -- -- so and now assessments honest we know he'll be here next year and then. After that tickets don't think it's summer. What does he just tears to cover off the ball and one happens Denny's probably increasing its price to such degree which can't keep right because he'll be hobbled. 37. It was over that he's you know -- Now suppose it is not. Battled to note that but he would be at the end of the contract that -- -- -- I'm looking at yeah right where they get to yeah okay I'm and because he's gonna sign up for a five year deal. He has he's got -- -- -- so -- when you sign a player if this new this new philosophy of the Red Sox. When what when can -- Iverson a player over thirty in and still have the okay. Although it was issued a layer in a position players again. And and you know pictures you just don't by the way ironically about David Ortiz. -- wrapped up for the next three as they've got a couple of team option years and -- ten million a year that will make him up bargain. Putting up the numbers that he's putting up. I mean given what he's doing. The kind of things that that he's providing it's going to be a bargain at ten million a year at the age of 39 or forty yeah amazing. Mason and where we're -- about whether tampering complaint in sport and it is a different world go for athletes and it really -- and an analyst at forty is the new thirty is that silly of course it it isn't. But with nutrition and training and I Euro cents in McAllen -- -- performance enhancing drugs. Just. What they CH is just tell me what it is someone about to get some -- can explain to me exactly what it is and I don't believe there's been any. Proof yet that there's it's there's a downside that there must be right but I. I'm just curious it's curious that must be some medical issue I don't know 6177797937. The big news from the Red Sox perspective is smoking that's called up. Ensconced in center field I think he's going to be there for the foreseeable future at least the next couple weeks. And and Jackie Bradley junior sent back down I can't imagine there's anybody who didn't understand or doesn't understand why the Red Sox made the move with Bradley. Yeah I mean I always try to turn it around here a little bit -- for his last twenty that was after an all for 35 streak. It's the exact same reason I've ever since at a Bogart's down to. I mean of paper -- this kid has had defensively the vapor -- yesterday. It's just a loss uniform he just needs a chance to start over time I felt that way about Mel Brooks this year and then he got her right away and who knows what his future is either. 6177797937. Our -- on the cellphone about. Hey are -- great. Good to it I think they can call I just going to talk regarding the NFL rule changes at all they are holding call. They know a lot of people are upset about its -- down the game etc. My big concern -- what you're not a bit. Now the end of the game seems like in that being determined by a great -- by the player. We're awaiting -- -- judgment call for the -- -- I'm just waiting for we already have the roughing the passer call increasing but now it's kind of like. We're just you know we're depending on this judgment call it's going to be a lot. So I'm just words per day you know the big player in the playoff game it's going to be you know did determined by one of these controversial holding call. Well and and of course bill was. As as a politically correct in his answers you'd expect we just have to we have the learned to be more careful we have to learn what the rules are. But I've also read quotes from him saying the rules are in the rule book what it -- what do you mean by. You know it well we're gonna put an increased. Ups are great we're gonna look where it increased emphasis on missile -- emphasis if the rule says you can do this. And you can't do that just call. We need an emphasis the emphasis means -- Well until -- you know his cancer was politically correct but you can also you can him you know you can see the frustration. As you know I think what -- say well what some games we get seventeen penalties called me play the exact same way the next game weekend none. So that that's that's why I asked the question of uniformity of the calls because to me it's not. It's not the consistently. Seeing as much as a uniformity. What is the uniform. This refereed calls the -- at that refereed all right what's what is what is the. What is -- what are the guidelines to that and it contagious and so murky to me and that's why I just I really believe. And and parry says. I think he said you know the first -- he's in danger this year 24 penalties to when he down to seventeen and and by the time the regular season starts -- feels like it's gonna work itself whether that's true or not. Interest so far -- the first two pre is still pre season. It's still pre season they can't was in the NFL -- not stupid they can't afford to have a colitis and in that. They do they know that. Some dumb things they do yes they -- for an incredibly successful and and you know machine like. Business model they do some dumb things well and under a veil of secrecy and feel quite a bit of the time. There's not a whole lot of. Culpability there there really never there really never has been. But I think going forward you'll see it really. Major League Baseball was I was like that for me and I -- gave the NFL credit in this regard. You know they would have the supervisor of officials who would come on right on Monday it's -- you know what when we missed this call in yesterday's game. You know although we we got that call exactly right in -- and -- believe them when they say it right as they also say you know what this one maybe we we kicked a little bit. It in Major League Baseball for instance they've never missed call ever other than Jim Joyce Whitman and rightly you know it's it's like umpires never admit anything. It in a way it's what replay does replay now takes them off they don't have to say I missed the call. Are some guy New York says I missed call -- says Imus. Right and it in hockey member they made some changes in hockey and they were supposed to be some guy that they can call in New York to look at the plane right the Fed. Matter what was the rules in the NHL -- me on your Dell Dell today it's in Toronto and they're up there isn't there is that an office in New York as well. Ironically. The other sports are trying to build the NHL. That's what they're doing -- Major League Baseball. It's the central office in New York that there on that that stupid -- phone when -- -- the NFL now you know has a guy available to them. They go under the hood and they look at the play but they now have the ability to talk to a supervisor of some kind in New York. You know they have video replay officials in all the NHL Arenas but they don't -- None of them make the call that you all of the plays are immediately viewed in Toronto. And then they make the call in Toronto sometimes in New York -- most the time in Toronto and it. They say that the video replay. Here is what it is it's no goal the puck was kicked in. And then you know they related activities to the official -- then announces it. Favorite video replay officials and every recently they've never call the that's so that's. They are. Purveyors of information I guess for lack of better term. I know I while I'm not necessarily disagreement there six point 77797937. Its telephone number. The AT&T -- line is 37937. Jackie Bradley down -- -- up have a feeling this is his position to kick away here. And I wouldn't mind seeing them send -- Bogart's down I know that manager John Ferrell said no he's not going anywhere. I'd prefer to seemed down and he said a couple of these vapor -- moments remember when he. When he he struck out thought it was the third out of the inning in a few weeks ago and took off all of his his pads and left him in the batter's box and it was only two outs. Just you know he's just scuffle in right and it's just he needs this season be over this lady needs a replay yesterday. Yeah the -- throw the ball before it touched the base yet that's good play -- always work it's just there's. There was an expectation about him. That I think in retrospect was unfair I really do he came up you know last year during a World Series run here -- some magical magical moments. And I and I know it sounds crazy but I always think guys come up in those situations they almost don't know any better. The pressure isn't the same as being an everyday player because nobody knows what to expect from you and everything you do is it delicious surprise. And then you come back -- next year and everybody's. Get you know anointed -- -- the -- next great star you're going to be -- the great shortstop that this team this this particular organization has scuffled and finding all this time. In your gonna be -- and then you know you struggle a little bit. And then -- movie of a million a third base and and you see it doesn't bother you put your average plummets in a lot's happened to him. A lot's happened to this Tony when your -- kid. By the way I got -- a quick email from bill -- losses the superb PR guy for the attack at Red Sox. Andy's at just an FYI Jackie Bradley junior arrive to attack at this afternoon will bat lead off by -- the -- sucks tonight the comments that I was reading and I winner. He gave to Alex spear and other media members came from the McCoy clubhouse. Pretty classy that he's here already when he -- taken it -- to report. And then you know date to have that right to do that -- up right the car and headed down 95 and got to the -- at some of the quotes that I gave you from him. Are certainly you know accurate. But it wasn't from Fenway it was from -- clubhouse and McCoy because he's done again ready to play center field for the pot. So easy -- easy kid to root for -- work for hander Bogart's Jackie. Let them down there and just chill just calm down and just you know it's okay I I can play this game again I think it would help him not her. I don't descend down I don't disagree with you but it again I don't know. I don't know the daily conversations are having with these young players because they do understand it's their future they do understand these players. Are important in their sit in their psyches important. And. I mean it's just and a this is -- -- isolated nothing's gone right this year just nothing. It's time now for the Putnam Investments play the weekly the first quarter Friday night's win over Philadelphia New England quarterback Jimmy drop below. If fullback James Devlin -- slash. -- and slash H back James Devlin for a fifteen yard touchdown strike give the patriots a fourteen to seven lead. Putnam Investments pursuing performance excellence through new ways of thinking. Broadcasting live from Gillette Stadium we've talked all whole bunch of football but we'll talk some baseball the rest of the way dale holly -- McMullen and for Michael Sports Radio WB yeah.

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