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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Philadelphia's Phinest Edition - 8-15-14

Aug 15, 2014|

We tackle four topics as the Pats prepare to host the Eagles tonight in Foxboro.

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And Hollywood. Okay yeah. -- like eight feet. Philadelphia Eagles tonight to let them patriots. Here though it. Gave us an idea our our love letter are -- Publicity that was built on -- are and their hands that maybe sort of the -- Butler. Here. Those spots exist anymore or less time itself with -- flies to. Not what they -- -- the idea of what's this for more. That brings us right. The Santa Claus and the Philadelphia Eagles fans. It's a bad game it's a cold day they're sitting in their rear ends -- snow and here comes this lousy little Santa. Running down the field so they start to move as I was starting a war back I saw the snowball starting to. Com and and and and I started getting hit with him. And all of a sudden Sam's -- is dodging and ducking and there's a full stadium full of people just wailing away at San. I actually remember. Feeling blue -- Twinge of anxiety that they might really hurts him. -- -- So some of the back story behind that -- was it was 1968. The Eagles stunk. And then they started winning a couple of games at the end of the season. And the fans didn't want them to win games because they were losing to get OJ Simpson. And clearly they did not get the Jews. -- It with it was today I thought that hurts. So to speak it -- person. Only if all your. Policies. And talk about it how do you levels than explain it earlier that the guy I was like 58 -- May -- a 130 pounds and he was really skinny and really short. It was a normal -- that was apparently. Out that day because it was a -- Fairness back anyway. -- believe everything you read mrs. Claus -- you. If you liked the secrets this nobody Lexus Jimmy's. The wrong man. -- India's second -- The Philadelphia Eagles select Donovan McNabb. Way to go Eagles fans -- global browser view -- arguably one of the most successful players in franchise history. On draft day out here you know back story there. Young -- With that they wanted to Ricky Williams for the -- -- draft and a Philadelphia Daily News. Had a had a story either -- they overdraft or. Table for. You should not on the front. -- -- Pick -- and they all wanted Ricky Williams. And they wind up with this farm. Donovan McNabb. Who along with any degree helped turn the franchise. I mean let's be honest to vote anybody would make -- -- I've written what they picked Rick Rick Rick -- can upload any body. And it just -- everybody went crazy I know they did -- like you know when when that draft. Is it as at radio city music -- -- the jets and thought get all hot and bothered when of the jets victims up. But the Eagles fans were a little upset with an -- to -- now. The the opposite of the Philadelphia -- comes to that. Commenting on what your team does the opposite of that is the raiders. You want to raiders fans that those drafts. It doesn't matter. It takes Darrius Heyward faith seventh overall no one of them even have that record third round pick and they take -- -- right. And they are still support that but that may be living I don't know what is it that they will never order that Philadelphia. It's the right -- Three he. Another Philadelphia sports fan is in trouble for behaving badly at a sporting event but this time some say it's gone too far officials say that they an intentionally. Bomb it on a young girl father. -- what led to this disgusting behavior let's talk about it. Well in trouble but out of jail on Philly dot com asked the question in its headline this morning. Is this Phillies worst band ever and a lot of people on this very street say quite possibly yes. Being zillow says Clemens purposely put his fingers down his -- To force himself to quote. Project I don't vomit -- and yellow and his eleven year old daughter and a disgusting display of bad sportsmanship. No that's pretty bad about that no more calls we -- that made that indicate but what is the worst thing you've ever seen at a sporting and Boston intentionally throwing up at all. Hi -- The question. The worse. That is. Absolutely. I mean how do you get lower than that. I mean it or even lower than spitting on because if it's gonna has this -- that is because there does that. But in this case. Work it -- today himself saw -- lot. In the direction. Of a man and his daughter. On purpose. Now that we were doing this opulent W -- We need politics you know met this story -- you know well that little girls that some bad things to that guy whether or the reporters that. Quite possibly. The worst thing that. Although Philadelphia has clearly worse bill that's got to. That's nasty. Time now for the AT&T horrible Philly fans of the day -- That brings us to our friend our new best friend Mike Miller and. Tell you switch posts and -- doesn't know what when I went to the hospital bed tonight from an owner came. You know it Eagles ordinary of -- walked him rule is you can just sort -- groups shaking and tears there's guys. He was apologizing. To you know I can almost tell him that. Are you need to apologize. Understood that this -- prepared girls rough like Peter just passionate people play with passion. -- there's mutual trust. Short you know he's a big man for taking the high road not give them credit for that but. Reboot the man his career was -- ended. But he got injured so badly in Philadelphia his career was over now give it they're not doctors they don't know. But it was pretty obvious you know this wasn't a you know a sprained ankle or some. The carted him off the field. As a carted him off the field. The fans cheered. -- shared the injury death if they weren't sure Jarrett our players like like when Steven Stamkos got hurt here at the garden. Broke his leg when against the goal post and when they finally got him on the stretcher. The fans at the garden stood and gave him a standing ovation that it was hey you know get back in and heat wave to everybody and they cheer. That's not what was going on -- jeer yeah yeah. Of Michael our last game of its career October 10 1999. -- when he was injured. That it was so bad. And they'll always our Veterans Stadium I remember I did if I did game down there patriots Eagles game. And I was down field before the game walk around like -- -- does and as Irving Fryer said they'll definitely got to see this. Any showing me the scenes. Any saying you have to walk the field and know that -- can't run here he can't do pattern here any -- on the east you've seen some bumps. And he says you know we call this place is so we called the green driveway. Because that's what it feels like when you put down on this day it was all the guys aided by him. It's an amazing no overall how far we've come since Astroturf. All of Astroturf is is it is a nasty things and it was terrible to think about how many guys. Are there their careers ahead. Just what Irving Fryer was talking about remember -- the other Kurt Warner -- to see the running back for for the Seahawks. I remember him. The -- they feel because he planted it got stuck his foot got stuck in one of those -- And -- found it doors ACL I just think about getting tackled on that stuff through it was a phonetic you know or -- hit up the hits. Because they. I guess defensive players have always complain the quarterbacks that protected. But protection in 1985. Or or your 1984. A lot different than the protection in 2014. Imagine if you get hit you get thrown into the ground. By 300 pounder in your round your helmet hit the Astro turf. This -- -- drowned out that being thrown down on that program. You go back to the story of the guy who made himself throw up on the man and armed bandits and -- if your. Get ready to hit happy hours on an but I techsters says that I think the techsters right 'cause I remembered as well Dexter says that I remember right. The dad of the eleven year old was a -- And I do believe that's true you know obviously wasn't in his uniform he's a football game -- his daughter. But I do think that's true or not that's when when -- the ultimate loser when when you make yourself throw up on a man and his eleven year old daughter. And you just gamble -- just happens to be a police on the -- yourself for a -- Another guy said don't throw up guy and I got -- months ago yes. Is that true yeah I just read the story apparently died of some kind of heart failure. And they and in another. Another textures there's -- we have to check this out that Texas has had a murder in the stands. Thought that can be. -- I I summit wouldn't architects couldn't be it wouldn't shock me there's been many snowball dances all lots of them. They graduated from the Philadelphia stand here dodge icicles -- local high schools. About a 45 which could -- a good group of the last three minutes. So there won't they won't do that -- Chip Kelly like Chip Kelly that like is innovative offense they'll dispute supportive and and that just really happy they've got it at upping coming out. -- Innovative. Coats and Kelly and -- main -- acerbic. They they expect the Eagles scored twelve for this year 115 let's say they happened that have a major injury in light of five and eleven. The fans can be only disappointment and end up with Mark Sanchez that they are bailout nick -- they won't do anything. All W five extra by the -- -- not a fake how to spot a fake Super Bowl ranked are in an eagle's logo on it. Simple match 6177797937. As telephone number AT&T text line is 37937.

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