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Chris Price previews Pats Eagles 8-14-14

Aug 15, 2014|

Chris Price of WEEI.Com joins the guys to talk about the Pats-Eagles preseason game.

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Chris price WEEI dot com joins us right now amid days with an FB at the Allendale country club Chris to be a reporter for WEEI dot com and our patriots coverage hikers so -- There are relative to be your tour. Good then. But does it we're just talking about us of what things were looking for tonight anything standout Demi and is at the backup quarterback -- it was gonna play how much they get a play what is it for you. I think we'll look at order so Tom Brady or no he's played in four of the last 62 pretty even game. A no no he didn't play last week we are you know we are -- -- -- be record of -- but it -- -- last week with a good week for that practice like this week it was still pretty good but I think your area that -- -- -- -- -- think. You know -- report before why I want a drop below to see him build on that performance last week outsourcing welcome public over the performance electric a lot of food. Played well pretty -- opportunity in spurts but there I think it's all about -- dispute those young guys stacking success in building up that in continuing to move forward with the. Yes you know it when you look at the some areas others as far as competition's. -- that the secondary the free safety position the sausage position is one of those years there's been a lot of different guys play in those two positions. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean what do they -- -- make a decision as far as. Who's gonna play those respective positions as is gonna be eight you know job by committee. Hear this David I never thought I would be Patrick -- had a chance to make this thing. I really believe that he had yet to make -- -- right now be a terrible we've seen over the first two weeks ticket because. -- it's -- that quote speaks -- -- Christian I think it's important at that point. The raw and often with a guy who I think a lot of people and deleted at the -- based on what we all over the course this would work out. But you've got to -- to this point arm. You know the guys that they moved their Patrick chose a -- how we're going to play a little this seat Q well I don't think decked out there but I think the other. Really fascinating traditional group right now. Is it that interior offensive line I think Logan Mankins and obviously that it left at left guard but. Look at the senate position you look at the right guard position. They're probably -- of a lot of epicenter no I don't know that's just wait for them. You're right it would go a little bit of a break because Bryant store workers sit in our article last week or so so. Still a lot of different moves in there I think -- I think -- probably makes this team even with these huge it's. Part of the versatility he bring about roster I think. The -- regards effectively play very Q -- W politically tackle. You know it you'll be old phrase holds true to talk about the offensive line out there would be the more you can do more do you think that's important -- dramatic Alex probably won't let go. You know. -- are important to have you begun a young guy who have been mixed throughout listeners from Europe -- -- a -- -- as well so I think -- -- be fattening his feet won't let them. The most reps gold for the article you offered to put. -- fresh from WEEI dot com with a -- -- with -- be -- -- you're echoing a lot of what I was saying before about the offensive line -- things wanna keep an -- out tonight I'm also wondering from an injury standpoint. What you're hearing about Jerod Mayo where things stand there. Its latest game and it's -- period at this point I -- -- that you all who work. But I think that of the first to the second -- killed. In he said that in light with good mobility because of -- It's I would be surprised if it is absent was somehow connected to that. Because to look at a guy who was injured over the course picking up north and carted off already being so. I think it might be tied back to that but it's my understanding at this point it's not an earlier than socially maybe get -- peace accord similar to what that -- stadium this morning. So I would be surprised if we saw him. I don't others saw it wasn't really into that little thing you can play because you look at practice so we thought I would but we saw him we knew we have a Bible intimate. What what restart -- -- on Monday afternoon. Chris late last year you know that relationship between him and -- Brady on the field you know look like go. Whether due to injury or just trust the judges was a targeted often now. In my overstating sale port has been here pre season at CNET connection back against you know cohesive those two look -- -- something to look for tonight Brady is in the game. Two guys -- -- -- Brady hit it settlement I think that people are sleeping a liberal adamant that it was in Tokyo but then you run. -- -- I think you're going to be a good year I really do I think give peace it help you're looking at February catching your gut it. I'll even -- no return Gradkowski and you'll -- that you increased chemistry within a -- The goal that would play well over the course of progress over the course it's up -- You usually you'll see. New guys committed. It bring you have to work -- -- kind of -- Used -- when he needs to Baghdad we've seen that over the course we have are some of the young guys that are never judged sport and an issue with it last year of endorse -- Is that the look at my prediction for a -- and in the first receiving. -- that available at this point that I would it would go another without American -- you guys again. Felt as though it's going to be the issue with member of those two guys to help get pulled from reported -- per year. By Chris the most support question of the day what does hell's gonna the -- imposition. Ramirez the right now you have James Devlin. And a former tackle turned tight end Stephen very those two guys two guys are going to battle tonight I know the preceding game but she's very what do you do -- deposition. Isn't there weren't there don't know reporting a credible threat -- Yeah. Yeah he's placing everything mainly -- today got -- yardage just know that the equipment leaving yet. I've been very big guy who you know it. There aren't here before you -- -- the kind of mood in the tight -- and so I think you can get a real cute and they control what you can do I think it's an excellent opportunity for them. To really get the most -- -- -- all of -- -- -- that -- that seem to evaluate him to whether or not he can contribute. -- team this year are that would that the guy who -- -- tweeted if you expect a little bit about it well. You know bickering between Devlin has taken him. You know stretching you're you're going to work with the tiger -- not the running back you know what it would particular stretching before we have -- -- before practice itself. I think he's a guy who who would do is pretty well at that position. You know he's kind of what -- -- broke out of a bit about hybrid but it -- -- -- because now I -- -- that I don't think the other thing that's important to remember here too we don't know about itself because you left practice yesterday but over the course of -- summer. We totally sold her work as is that there. What's the critical look at port here as the -- in order tackle eligible. A. I don't envelope -- started to gave last week as a tight end. Yeah it is so in no way I would be surprised if you will have to go we don't know it's obvious that the gulf but. I wouldn't be deprived of peace talks all the kind of work in the mix very well so yeah I I think at this point they know they're great symbolic of the tight -- spot but I think you'll get affected pretty cute that it will be the C. You're getting a real good chances to what -- can do but look real good chance to see what Devlin can do while working at that tighter spot. Chris thanks a lot that time really do appreciate it thanks for calling in joining us and it's such a concept as possible tonight. Enjoy the pre season game -- brokered. All right Chris Chris price here from WE. Dot com.

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