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Merloni vs. Minihane (Kirk won) 8-15-14

Aug 15, 2014|

Lou was mad for some reason during today's crossover.

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Lou Amarillo is at Allendale country club is that right that. It is true we are going on eighteen holes for cause solar that dangerous. Yeah Rachel enters this year Mike Adams Lyndon byers the final -- bulletin -- for development and -- oil can -- the Red Sox. Should be. I don't know we should patient level canceled we can put one year that's you know the minutes ago and but it is nice to talk you guys would were bursting yourself you know just go out the hard stuff -- those guys weren't on the three guys right. What do you mean well you guys that starting questions like what well I -- you would have to slap in relativity I would have -- lasts if that's it. I thought it we we didn't we didn't knock you. Would innocuous guy I know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But that's on me but I was -- if -- -- Democrat and you've already got his catcher which doctor -- meet. When he got to -- on the guy and the guy who asked him these papers on lower on the guy who asked him you should be doing his job. You've got an astronaut class -- -- asked him if it or you forgot about your old story that I wrote that has been a year from you have not heard word one for you -- an effort to accurate balls high. I think you think you want that job on the -- -- real discussion about I really don't I don't. At all it's better wrecked our economy a couple of times that turned it down but when he brought up distillery. As far as what you you know. What you what you wrote in my a year ago whatever it was a detailed sit quiet and sought the retreated again you know exactly -- retarded talking with a sort a couple of years ago right yeah I haven't right now said no that's not -- -- back there was too it's not quite accurate but that's what's your immediate credit currently suggest questions having Jerry -- left in Rogers -- I think he beat all the blame on the girl and all match it would Jerry was go through he did everything he could just I put all the -- -- -- have a relationship with an article. Just to have a plan -- Gerry India for years Pakistani. And how it works in it to call others. For like you know people immediately -- yesterday it was just a may believe event is very wisely -- -- uniform totally want to take it down as one this month. School. You're paying attention as we I don't credit cards and I don't know I don't know what you hear in the second hand elect a white -- player. His criticism the second item that -- -- -- during the I have my -- I laughed. It -- I said that I would have -- if I was in that you know you guys think what you got here a discussion about it or not -- here we gave you credit we said you've got guys aren't questions. And he said when music explanation for his performance -- in his career was it is Roh's body responds to ice. I say it Roger commodity on the line I I sat. Out that there overlap I don't know how you didn't present to you or was that the press -- what it was that was lost but you come back I wouldn't want you lying to their whole life I know I never said that I said -- in a tough spot just like the arsenal was Randy was -- he was. The Red Sox at this whole. Charade -- set this whole production up. You're a tough spot I said we didn't credit I think I asked the steroid questions are fed to us is that you find that laughable little that he said the reason could pitch well in his forties was because he bought in response to these. Yeah -- comical. Yes I do a good and well yeah our so called out -- for an interview a couple years ago you it's me but it. If if club and party saying it's I don't and this this this idea that everybody just ball losses everybody except for you know you guys would do. True that's tree listeners who say if you press conference you pushed harder coach Odyssey and it is time to do just that it isn't just the opposite because. And you get there without -- Possible tip it it's not -- that's not a -- about the time -- and it's just it's just don't go in manually to open the door open and it's like we're used to this point. Nobody is magic players and why is mad because it was on the horse who's mad because we didn't treat the Red Sox hall of fame with the proper respect that's what he's mad about -- -- it's something it's that the EMC club I mean let's not act like it's for Cooperstown I mean it's opened it. Eight guys get together and vote one of whom got in last. But summit delegates a big deal I mean let's have some personal perspective about the Scott yet. Tampa Bay -- -- Tampa Bay ray hall of fame -- wanted to do it's it's a typical -- difference is the difference is an. All rights hall of fame. You wouldn't find any kind of pride and that is this operation at -- but. I thought I'd say it but that was the -- that everybody should shred all each and every one of the deferential governor and -- for four hours a sick thank you from the memo -- here next year. Don't worry don't know -- now we get -- -- says that the -- we get the Red Sox -- from moment -- we now know how embarrassing now in the world and how they'll iGoogle and I don't know all the -- show no -- it and thought oh million voters election and not showing more about it I guess it's right let's -- fifteen well done next -- hopeful about our little Maloney and Allendale rumors out of that right. -- I don't mind if you if we actually criticized. We went through it and the public do. -- -- -- house in music catalog would absolutely. But I'd listen to the whole thing. Expecting. It to be. Remembered. Remembering manager art management is told us to take it easy on other shows. Just -- remember that now other shows are going after us. And now I'm out why does not Zahn let's in my -- if we're guilty that's fine and we do take our share or about to deal. I -- those guys credited I said that that. They asked him about it again again it's only been asked him about steroid assist him in a very tough spot what is Maloney -- debate this is it. Fourteen -- to read -- all the -- back -- I listen to the table and go back and you know Manama which can talk about this Monday because you know if -- guilty. That's fine in the case we're not in this case the missed remember -- remember these friends with the most sensitive about the history this -- imagine that's kospi was and those who -- around -- that I notice talkies in Kansas City -- I -- a big bodies that -- -- I guess is on his boy yet but Clinton's interview additional element realist do. But the Clemens didn't you tell us a -- like -- so just get. And that. Whose ass -- the advocates today FF BI is up next Horry and bends and and -- title five the last time I give them credit for anybody else there prepared text on -- Joseph Andruzzi foundation. Extremists and those guys FB coming up.

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