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Nomar Garciaparra with Joe and Dave after his induction into the Red Sox Hall of Fame

Aug 14, 2014|

Joe and Dave talk with Nomar about his time with the Red Sox, his development as a younger player that got him to this point, and how his broadcasting career is going.

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Well we go to the bottom of the third inning Houston Astros -- the two nothing lead over the Red Sox the first run. Was unearned but double by Gonzales and a single by Grossman. And the Astros another run in the third inning. At -- and I had a base running yet. And -- little Brooks steps up. -- that he won 782 homers ten RBIs. And he takes to call strike team we welcome Red Sox hall of -- Nomar Garciaparra. They'll be great to see congratulations congratulations to utility it's it's a huge honor to be inducted you know you really have no idea -- I'll -- you. No one away and I got to -- you when your parents when you first signed in 94 and -- came -- -- Recent to a college kid out of Georgia Tech it said it was for it in any you're so what. Mom and dad were here great to see them again little -- -- by a little -- out toward the mound pitcher pouches on it throws to first for the out. One down he's very comfortable -- -- set of headphones. These days you just come right in love right there I think he thinks you combine that you know it is a great marketer as an -- don't know -- I Hitler and his. With Boston's about to go in. In the enthusiasm and passion but I learned my new you know plot line of work from you there's no question is this -- ultimately become a huge hit on the Dodgers note don't moment. Dolan and comedians I know Lee is. And he's close to home. Yet that that's and Jackie Bradley junior takes a strike. -- I Jackie catch my pick if he catches everything. I was going we have to -- one really can't remember the last -- I don't applaud. Them at the effort that here. Is the 01 and he takes that long get a chance to watch -- -- his sensational catches. I just in the highlights really had solid had a chance and he seems to be on their quite often. Here's the 11 and it swung on and missed that you -- With the network you work with David ESPN now you're doing Dodgers and the daily basis that it jointly with the team every day as if you were playing I view this. Also if you can really grasp exactly I took them on special and acts. Give an opinion about -- -- doing whatever you'd be. And now you can have preference for. Oftentimes sometimes you don't that it chances I think that was something I wish I'd known claim that they used -- and -- -- whatever maybe nationally televised units come through. Understand what they need if they're not necessarily watching every single day. Food they need help. What whatever information about them broadcast -- Swing and miss by Jackie Downey goes. That's two down here in the third. I really love you guys today UN UN -- That's such a union unit take the sun -- I think the gang thing and you know and when utility joke. He already knows the punch line and vice Versa but I mean -- the friendship for you guys comes. -- yeah I it really especially now and I'm really grateful and I know he probably gets -- a lot yes live with it I'm sure people just give them. The business here over here in Boston is not that I'm glad he is really -- shoulders there's no question about it. And what he does you know I can't. Begin to take this the friendship we have and I and intimates that -- family was there and here I'm glad. It really meant that much speed and be there is there my fan really was and he's part of that them. Now I am grateful to have this friendship no question about that. Very -- to buy your anecdotes about Johnny Pesky and I mean. That friendship was it was a deep long abiding friendship between you two it was in time. You know he really taught me know what true history was about. All outside to Christian Vasquez. To really be aboard. Something special here in Boston. Was. Mind. He was it first of all you can. -- -- -- and his teammates and everybody that. He played with since learned that from him. 12 -- outside to tune it wears you attended quite a bond because I guess you passed the test the -- I I did when he dances with me says that that is the ceremony when you -- you question. I guess I answered them all right and -- you feel when it's all right like it's added I think my dad is no one had ever ask me questions like that about. It just pounded me in your life alike and then you're nervous I'm like what -- today. -- to this one have a line drive in the right center base hit by the that we have to base so. Should basket -- know what to work -- 22 count and ripped a single to right center we've seen him do that quite confident. I love that anecdote pitches and you told me this story before he called you at your apartment in the morning. And won't if you want 11 AM 11 AM you played the network and -- -- -- the Williams on the phone -- connection. Martin and had plans to keep them icicles screaming like little school girls doing it's it's. That -- and jump and how might it might sound like it obviously got to talk to him at a yeah exactly -- that no. That we -- of the old music but went to the -- he protects even. Asking him yelling at the scene to see the improvement we know -- -- and that's. -- want to Brock COLT is playing its short tonight. -- grounded out for three in the first inning. These kids really gratifying this year he can play everywhere. When I watch him he looks the game and these shows it mean if he does it here disciplined named the line. Pounding ball hit the second -- out to -- that the first thing out there retires the side. Instead of another after that you bent all right after three it's two nothing Houston on the Shaw's star market WEEI Red Sox radio network. Every time our hometown team it's on off the left field wall Walgreens vita Coco in real beans iced coffee. Donates a hundred dollars to the WEEI -- Jimmy Fund radio telethon Walgreens. At the corner of happy and healthy. Joined by new Red Sox hall of Famer Nomar Garciaparra in the Booth with. New Red Sox hall of Famer Joseph Castiglione. Joey is wearing the Blazers. No mis is gone as are teaching kids already Slokar casual he knows who is he's got to get out of here or there at some point and get ready for the Little League World Series on ABC didn't do and. Eye view I have to head out to Williamsport this next trip than. Yeah I got -- bought what the other thing too is I'm also carry my two year old around I got my my daughter's ceiling at the whole family so what does the little tough doing that the police are. Yup they were all at the luncheon today at the MC club as well John Singleton on the left side to nothing Houston here on the top of the fourth and pitches come on and missed. For strike one how many kids in the family right now and you're ever growing family. So there's just three of them right now we have premium I have three. Were my parents the experts grandkids now there's eight with one on the way in my. My seven year old or the old this. -- -- -- -- The other ones that they are the only two girls so far. One pitch another week and a miss by singled and reached on an airplane Napoli is first time off and on -- starters get to exchange American girls stories with my granddaughters are also seventy today it exactly so you both -- wrong I guess so pumped up. That's why I'm working yeah -- you have breaks like that at -- Mike got great stuff though -- to a check swing pitch in the -- the appeal. Their -- senses no swing. It's wonderful and have you done the begun a -- your ticket to new York and done that yet now on I really don't want to go totally broke yours very Smart I think that -- stick away from the main store. The what they call the flagship for American girl -- -- but it lasts forever my daughter still have players from you know fifteen years ago. Webster in the windup and a 12 to the lefty batter and that is outside to into. -- why -- dad told me Friday retired but. Michael hasn't been involved now and amateur baseball and then they have some thirty teams in their league they have my brother just my brother scouts for the St. Louis Cardinals scenarios Gallen also started help an album lessons for kids and they grew into. -- team some travel baseball teams and 22 on away and that's in the dirt now a full count on Singleton and Stetson. Tremendous success -- -- like few short years they've actually grown from like one team to the when he six I think he has under you know they called Garciaparra FaceBook groups so it's quite impressive in my dad helped them in hopes coach in. He loves it and I'm like yeah he says he's retired and I mean we got him out of retirement and executed. 32 is low for ball forces Singleton will take his base and it's three walks issued by Webster. And attend while here tonight. -- Dominguez the third baseman will begin next as we visit with Nomar. No mom of course and you get -- anecdote about that today in. Question from -- -- so it was great questions like did you ever see that coming that it would be just just the one name and that would stick forever in the lexicon of New England. The idea had no idea that it -- I'd lose the latter. It wouldn't be seeing some different planet at that and expect that become an -- -- and as a shot drill behind deep to left center. Headed to the wall that one is gonna be out of here it's -- -- of the monster seats. That one deflected off the far right light standard an outing here. A home run by Dominguez his fourteenth. And it doubles the lead for the Houston Astros now in front Ford enough the year in the fourth inning. And that was a rising rocket over the FW -- -- -- struck the lights into the base of it. Just above the yellow line out there in left center field. Mindful of some of we have seen from our. New Red Sox hall of Famer Nomar Garciaparra. Career win NC conversation because I was luckily the ball right said he simply put on blinders we came here. Even look at the long everything you know what I would do without broadcasting team here and come back and every time might come back here though I'd missed just hitting here at Fenway and it was like of course the wall so close and to know what for me it actually I'd I think helped me. It is swung on chopper to third -- playing fair territory middle -- rising up guns say strike to first base. Very athletic play by middle Brooks who actually landed in foul territory behind third base. He had to get up quickly through that in snatch that high chopper now number one. It was a nice play a bit but I was saying is that for me. When you first hit you yet you try to pull everything it over the wall. But over time I get from me when I keep -- reminds me of like a horse. And I had to have blinders on the side of these guys in our focus. That wall kind of made me feel that way -- that was on me you wouldn't that be at the blinder to stay more center field in the right center so. I kinda like -- and and I always felt so comfortable hitting. Is Gonzales in on the left side of the pitches down low for a ball did you come to that hitting theory. On your role was that a team effort did you rely on one voice who's telling you put those blinders on here at Fenway Park. No I had that kind of team on my own but I was always the guy who drove the ball to right field and rights and that was just my approach I had that. The in college and had -- coming up to the minors tunnel one adapt but trickled file at the plate for strike one on one -- And I was in the big guy anyway so I couldn't really be so -- and so I've really had to be a line drive type hitter. Best hitting coach I have my dad and analysts. They drive it the other way stay on the ball -- this from such a young age that's what I get to work on. On ball one strike one out as we challenge Nomar for nothing the Astros in the fourth inning. Pitches swung on a -- file off to right so we had gone back in time. And looked at like at nine year old Nomar Garciaparra. Playing Little League Baseball would you swing have been. Essentially same the way you drove the ball rights and if you would that also been the way you hit then that even then. It would it would have been very similar still threw the ball to right field but I also since -- that was -- I almost had similar to rod room. -- really just flatten that just because it was already on the level playing levels. Double swing. Went to filed in the air on political left and -- -- because I would like I said I was in the I was usually one of the smallest kids and seemed so it was a really big and strong so it. Okay let's make it as simple from need to be to get through the zone. -- so I have that and right crew always had that flat back his hands really soft and so the bureau and lagged. But he didn't drop the -- who was also -- to keep the belt up through the zone and on top. But it was through the zone. You would slap it the other way and drive it the other way. You never broke a back seat to -- 12 pitch swing and high pop up first base side plowed ground Napoli drifting doing his lefties under. And makes the catch for a number two. Oh I broke the future I've broken my -- -- -- -- -- break -- whole lot but I've broken but I did who has I. That right that I give way to a fan after so nobody would go back -- Brooklyn went to bat and I got and I have no idea that ultimately is built US player. Yeah ago and only time but first pitch swing at but you had a great analysis. People say it went that you see a lot of pitches. If you hit that first to second pitch when it was there. They hammered with their but he says you know we wanna see somebody beat each and I think that's in this -- -- got a few months -- -- patient needs to swing at strikes. For me I thought they were strikes all the time but I've. Listen if there. I was last yes any grief that you right now baseball what's what are they trying to do. On trying to get ahead in life because the more successful when you're that he would strike and if you look around the league. One pitch swing and grounded file -- -- right we've seen others now these stats -- restrictions that come up -- on base percent in -- and I okay. But I was laughed at the wheel of yours that's in the stats -- what's. What -- the guys hitting on the first pitch throughout the league oh like 333. And then after the first if they like drop below two to fifty years them like are you guys missing that number picture him in a major better hitter on the first -- Did you assign one to week business discussion Red Sox are leading the majors in pitches seen. But this huge addition to respite from last place is and getting hits to right and scored the last in front -- frustrating to to talk about that sometimes swing and a miss -- a pitch in the -- Vazquez gathers at throws to first threw strike out. Retired the side normally always just a pleasure and congratulations. On a wonderful honor thank you guys always good to be here until congratulations to you thank you so he lives in -- markets that. Pleasure to be your friend -- at the end you go to the bottom of fourth and integrate Nomar Garciaparra for nothing Houston. Nearly shot stock market WEEI Red Sox radio network.

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