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Minor Details Ep. 96: How pitchers develop in Triple-A with PawSox pitching coach Rich Sauveur and RHP Anthony Ranaudo

Aug 14, 2014|

At a time when Henry Owens' early performance after a promotion to Pawtucket resulted in questions about whether he'd be up in the big leagues either in Sept. 2014 or for the start of the 2015 season, PawSox pitching coach Rich Sauveur explains the value of having pitchers spend time in Triple-A from a player development perspective, while also offering insight into what he's seen from Owens and others in the Pawtucket rotation this year. Anthony Ranaudo also joins the podcast to discuss the player development value of his first big league opportunity, while explaining his progress as a pitcher in 2014.

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You may have heard Henry Owens had a good first start and to play. The 22 year old went from Portland to Pataki with a statement carrying a no hitter in the sixth inning. On his way to six and two thirds shutout innings in which he punched out nine batters it was that's pretty good no doubt he was incredibly impressive in that outing in so impressive. Then the obvious -- commenced right afterwards should Henry Owens be penned into the big league irritation to open 2015. Will he be called up this September. In all likelihood the answer is no end snow but why. To help explain that it's important to think about the development of value of learning a level for a pitcher how does a pitcher benefit from his time in AAA. How does he become better by spending additional time at a level even after he started having success there. To answer that. We'll be joined by -- pitching coach rich aboard man who's been in charge of a wealth of top Red Sox prospects who transition to the majors in recent years. Before we dig in on the subject of what pitchers accomplished during their time -- we can't help but ask. What was his first impression of Henry ons like. Being actually the first time I've been pro yeah I'd been -- up I've spent on training. But in my appear. You know -- warmly was. Pretty exciting we were in the and and I was a little upset because -- didn't see the command that I heard about. -- will be the girl fourteen or bubble. You know. I just was like or more or those commanders of the didn't -- secondary which -- -- -- average stitches. But obviously you -- -- you know outing in you know he was working up to it and arrogant velocity to improve. The and went along but. What you got in the game. It was a little bit and obviously by the the outcome but -- an extra upside. And in the forties on the mound was just outstanding units to 22 years old enough. Again striking out there this side -- -- read what strategy. The fastball and curveball changeup -- -- who's an outstanding -- So just in terms of raw stuff that you did in game this is clearly a guy who -- for you Isiah has a future big league starting pitcher. Well I can tell you you know going from just one start now. It's one story that's hard to do I think these doubts who have very good job for the road to actually see these guys. Plenty of charm and before they draft him up but oil wants to work. I I can I can say that I see this guy you know water starter. For the Boston red. What do you say that what isn't it what is it about as his arsenal that defines a -- that. Well just -- better keep myself always on the mound was ridiculous the -- is is is. He reminds me of mark the bird brokerage. I've been just a through all in the in the in the clubhouse and have a good time and when he steps between those two white line. The go down each side of the field it's game on and again -- -- with outstanding. And then talking about this stuff fastball. Philosophy was peace and the man was outstanding both sides of the plate. -- -- -- -- -- -- And really showed you plus pitches. A curveball that I heard was just average. That night I mean. When I told my pitching coordinator. Well troll. I said you have great -- purple you really -- and I'm not blindness and was ousting him and I of course that this district got nine guys they obligate. So -- so and then changeup that at all you always heard about was without any result. The command of three judges. First starter. Along with the boys. In this first triple a outing -- just it's. Are excited shown -- it will be at war starter while Europe but sort of push. So that -- that raises the next question of kind of wane -- and and I -- as I said I think there's there's a tendency or. You know a a temptation perhaps to have to look at a guy have a dominant outing right just kind of mode through a triple -- lineup the first time that he gets a crack at it. And say OK well you know that -- September in the big leagues. To you you know what is a reasonable amount of time to develop in triple -- how. How how much seasoning is is really necessary to properly prepare -- for that transition. To the big leagues and all I'll kind of footnote that by noting. This is obviously a year in which there's been. I'm a kind of interesting study in what happens when you accelerate guys a little bit. Or at least you know what what can happen when that transition can be rocky to the big leagues I'm so -- you know so in order to kind of make got to -- as possible what's a sensible amount of time to happen AAA. Well to me saying you're asking me so I'm gonna tell -- I think a full year -- It's forty years old. I think of school year in Tripoli would would do this just wonders. But again what do you showed -- today. You could Saturday a lot of people that's why I think their pocket and they -- -- this -- It's Austria I mean it's showed that the -- show there's no doubt about it. It's one out you know to me if he has you know a bad outing what do we do -- is not -- you can't do that. This right now this just needs to be in AAA EP moved improper reason BP he performed a double it that level and he treated very well. Let's see -- reform of the one game not every. But with this -- right now again he's got all the around the world. And he used I don't think he's looking to get up there this year but he knows the law as his goal. Is is that it's in Boston and and it will happen it will happen but again I think it's our table. If you ask me I think you need to get a little bit more time it at this level. What are the developmental goals that you'd like to see a guy a young pitcher like that someone -- let's not forget he's only what three years removed from high school. I knew what kind of developmental checkbox as you wanna see him. Taking off before you'd say okay yes this guy has demonstrated over the course of time and AAA that he's mutually pretty. Well there's a lot of things could talk about we talked about it in the -- program we talk about secondary too which. Oh point is it is huge I mean I talk about. In my report that right every day we talk about -- to talk about the demeanor on the mound. Such situations when they get themselves in a situation how they respond. All of these things you know. Never talked about. And and have a effect on these and what they're gonna do. In their career. Holding runners these are all things that we need to learn to -- like that again everything I can talk talk about. A million -- it would work on but it all. Comes back to one thing in if it sees. Everything is consistency. Consistency consistency exe as a consistent. Fastball down in the zone both sides of the plate throwing -- consistent secondary pitches. Always on the -- Hold runners. Carol handles himself well it's a situation. Again. That's what -- -- -- implement -- but I it will not do it after -- start. It it's interesting to me because you know you look at an organization like the raised -- -- it's on a nice job of of minimizing transition and I can't find really examples of their top prospects. Aside from David Price having gone through and fewer than twenty starts. I think -- you know I think it or at least having gone through to play in fewer than when he starts I think back to a guy like a Clay Buchholz who in 2009. Was really good for you in the first thing he was he's -- all the first half of that year. With -- AAA at a time when he was dominating consistently. Over the do you call an instance like about colts in 2009. In how he developed you know even at a time when he was the news consistently kind of Oprah for being -- competition. Well what I remember about him is that. You know. Nude scene like where he started. Understanding what he wanted to do what he needed to do to get to the next level this stuff. There's stop weapons. And shoulders above everybody everybody else and you know and like you said you felt a warming. But again. You know the stock itself is -- -- I wouldn't trade that it will -- lately it won't keep you there right thank you have to knock out pitch. And I think he started -- could learn out of there. Oh win the broad certain pitchers certain counts. When he started you know. They -- about his delivery about being under control staying conference record. That's when you saw it here or be real -- that would would stop them going and performing -- well. So you know I do remember that and I remember when without proper and go out and you know yeah. Again our all the people out I was able to put my spare apartment -- our. How significant is the transition in terms of game preparation from double A to triple -- what kinds of things are -- incorporating a protective that they might not be dealing with and in in Portland. Absolutely nothing we do the vaccine. Bob kipper. Does a fantastic job these guys when I get these directed. -- this level. There are all prepared. Of this -- -- level here. He does a great job down there and you know Henry don't -- knew exactly what we were -- we do you know again exactly thing. In the -- series meetings the pre pre -- meeting. An Arab or. And you know it's it's just I think that all of these guys prepare. Because that's what they do in Boston you know we try to do everything back in the same way. So there's is there any kind of thought incorporation of advance -- data that might not exist at the double -- level or is it pretty much the same between Portland and -- on that front. It's it's well I'd have to go back in and talked about about that I know they have video which is the same thing that we do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That it technology. You know we've got to video of gains we have the -- Usually. Watch. Watching game against you know playing with a picture Serb bear very similar it is too -- pitches. If Mike Richards achieved this in prior during the year that the game we watch and we have sit down you know during the day that there and watch the game I think that's possible I really do. Com and no I'm seeing what the headers are what with visitors strike on the weaknesses are. And how they maybe they -- them or out somebody else similar to -- so. You know they do that down in Portland. We incorporate this this year and again I think it's a very helpful tool. But I know and and these guys these pitchers know that once they get the big league -- so many more tools to work. So is there a difference in terms of kind of the very kick the cat and mouse game you know the advancement of the hitters permitting them to make adjustments of the pitchers which in terms which in turn. Kinda forces. Pitcher to have a better understanding. Of what he's doing in his plan of attack. Well you talk about from. Carmelo and yes indeed know why I don't think so because I think they're you know. But -- he goes over there -- so I don't think that there's any difference. There's this cute it's very well there again with the technology that we do. Double -- triple a level I mean. You know we've uses much as we can. I think I've loved. Have in the video of Watson these and I think in my LP and all the gains on TV. Early most or should I sure is it helpful -- the real -- But. -- -- the guys today the pitchers today. Six. I'm sorry to say but you know. They're they want they want to get that may actually level and make some money some of these guys make their work and their tails -- In any way that you can -- to perform at a higher level. It's interesting to me to think about -- Mike Henry because because one thing that really did standout was the fact that you know as as much as there's no conversation about. Who must move mob. It seemed like over the course I'm not sure how much you talked about this with a Bob kipper but. It seemed like you despite the fact that he spent a full year in double play that same full year that you like to get guys in Tripoli where you can. That he used that that entire time that there are things that he was working on for instance you know the curve ball development or the -- or the precision. Of the out of a fastball command to weren't working on holding runners this might have been easier to do by virtue of it being kind of a full. And that that full extent of time middle level rather than rushing through it is is -- the case that you know -- giving a guy. Time to settle into the level really allows for for rounding out this finer points before you move him up. I think -- -- I think it does -- you know we don't we don't put a timetable on it I mean we removed them and whether whether. You know one month. Three months six months two years it. I think the movement is made when we feel these Greta you know obviously big time but it did they ask my opinion. Our pitching coordinator Ralph. -- oil you know they asked him you know what his opinion there's obviously guys -- down from from our Boston and and watch him. And and they have their opinions we you know sculpture and we all come up with the answer and that's where. These decisions are made it's it's. -- It's it's a it's a big decision once were making nets treated to it to bring you up to the Major League level. And you know we all know with the business and you know they. They they've got their investment in this kid in and they're gonna do the right there do the right thing. Talk moderates have more Pawtucket pitching coach -- interest in talking about the other side -- development namely how much of a tool that that Major League call up can be to a guy. And based on that I'm just curious what your conversations have been like with Anthony -- since he had. The one start in the major leagues obviously a bright kid who want to use his experiences to his benefit how different of the conversations been how much more precise have they been. Bottom how good a teacher was important to have that one start in the major leagues. Well I. And I'll say this too late like so it is that one start and anything back down. I think Williams was fantastic atmosphere he has. I -- through and act out. Two almost three months here of being. So consistent what he was trying to do and when he got insisted these are confident. And you could see it in this budget news -- students out of what -- -- he was competent. And when he grabbed the ball on the mound you'd you'd you'd felt like art we have here when -- And it did seem like we did obviously having legal argument here but -- -- when he got the call the big leagues. It was. You know what this is ready and these integrated experience there's no pressure on the right now. All the pressure or pressure that was on was up but he put himself couldn't coaching at the New York Yankees. But. You know he did he did a fantastic outlook there the competence. He goes stood up to the and you know we came back either he knew that he would stay there you'd. But. Guaranteeing you feel really good about themselves because you know he should be is it because it's -- It was really interesting to me to hear him digest that start even just invest in the minutes afterwards after -- won that game because he's had. Well at this told me was that the strike -- works differently here than a dozen triple -- in our need to be mindful -- that kind of helped me to think about. What I have to work on in terms of in terms of my command and execution in to -- that was that was fascinating to hear to hear a guy for whom. You know -- -- whom -- could be such an immediate teaching tool. Well you know we -- -- column about what it's like you know I advocate and I got -- all come -- -- itself and it's all the accompaniment but. You know -- it is it's different strike zone and you know these jumper but they're -- they're doing -- -- -- gambit I -- They know these are special baseball -- these guys Major League pitcher and they should be a pro strike in the zone call so. But yeah. Again go go backwards and you know a few minutes ago about always. On them out there and real good right now. Renato. Be so important. I mean. Better than any better than anybody all season long -- and if you watched him on the mound appeared in in in in the big league. You know it showed it showed and again six innings. Of of Major League. The Italy game two was outstanding and I figured competent help out along with -- stuff that he they'll throw. Three pitches up there straight. It was interesting to hear descriptions of Varnado throughout the course of this year because he was a guy who had pretty high strikeout rates last year in Portland. And in he he maintained pretty good strike -- rates this year for you in Pawtucket not quite the same but what I what I heard a lot was that. -- this was a year of a Varnado learning how to pitch how drastic difference was it for you to see him. Over the course of that run that he had in the two or three months preceding his call up. Compared to where he was last year where he seemed the refinement of of his game this year. Well again. -- and we found the command of fastball. And it came after Seoul week that we did in the bullpen Monday you'll still wouldn't the game previously. And I would talk about. You know he just said he didn't he couldn't feel where you'd make adjustments and was taken too long to make it just. And so what -- -- -- a small little -- all we did was turn him on the rubber. And an average direction almost starting out online network plate. And talk about her shoulder then. What he says in that because you know what I can almost feel. Now I can feel what are too quick accurate chill and when -- spam back -- -- -- before -- couldn't yoga. Aaron. You know. OK that's great you know their effort -- you feel that from cinema itself an apparent -- -- but then when he went out three days later and it's like he did it. It was outstanding I think in our and I could be wrong but I think didn't walk anybody urged model walked one. Well it I mean he just lights -- -- -- -- arm it was like just ecstatic about. About it command and that was the first that was the first you know this sort of of the competence and another parent. Went really well start -- -- it's just went back and work and next thing you know. You know were expecting. Expecting. A win out of -- so. You know -- -- last year this year it was a matter of our committee. Confidence this kid got confidence and again accusing -- now. How would you describe what -- where his mix is that in time where he is in terms of his ability to kind of get swings and misses with. With two different elements of his arsenal vs figuring out how to get -- Well you know. I think worried it's going and nurses and an I've got a couple guys like that is when. -- all the years in the Anglia on the fastball. When he's down in the zone and party down in the strike zone effort to his swing and misses what he's up in the zone. There it was -- the ball or at least well at all. And that's for you -- the right pitch count because they're probably -- off. The content of his fastball and improved. Those those three months and again they were down in the zone and again that was a big plus for -- -- it was used it would go longer -- gains. Look trojans because let's bubbles and you know that's I think word of. You have volume had a chance to work with Matt Barnes -- the end of last year he recently had it would seem to me like a breakthrough outing but he's been he he had a difficult first half as the area was north of five. At the all star break. Since Denny he's come back and it seem to be seem to me like he's come back. With both a kind of different attitude about going out his business. And he's frankly dominated and in some of his outings most most particularly this last 17 no hit innings. Ten punch out. In in by the way in the in the brief video clips I saw from that game. Like a really good curve ball the kind that I hadn't heard about him having how would you describe the trajectory of Matt Barnes this season. Well. Exactly what you just said he was he was up and down. Most of the first part of the season and and in almost toward the year the latter part of and last doubting you know we've worked on on things and it's pretty much think that we worked on all season long it just seemed like you click this past armed and. And he's had actually true -- good and with this and what we're trying to do is just a compact. And that it didn't roll along and children -- trying to get his arm and a higher slot. But he's done a great job. Working on this in the tent and they carried it over to the game like you said last game with the -- -- jobs was outstanding and note. I think -- repeat myself but you know all these pictures that I have. You know they're very similar very similar so again the competence. When he has the good outing when he had the confidence in just seems to carry over and again record of and to gain gain depend and the game and it's just outstanding to watch. He is described as someone who has when he's on kind of a fastball to get strike and it gets swings and misses in the strike zone. Is that something you -- scene in the first half for you have you seen kind of increased. Increased power increased life to his stuff. As the season has progressed and I am asking because of course he was shut down for a little while on spring training with some shoulders or shoulder soreness in I'm curious whether or not it's kind of taking him a little bit to build into his pitching strength for the season. Well I think you probably have to ask him that I mean. From watching it from outside here you know I think it's just a little bit I'm negated I mean he says he felt good old I've been here. From day one and I I have personally guys that are -- doubtful that allowed them to get that regard and I feel I feel -- -- you know. Every time I have to meet city doing fine and and everyone's always get -- up in the in the view of apartment but again this last outing. I think I think the below their competence and there. Like -- mentioned earlier in the curve ball. Well what's -- curveball that that I have seen before membership last year just not consistent. But -- the other day news and outstanding and -- -- Again -- live with that -- along with a very good -- You know I pure dumb decision to repeat myself but that's what these guys have they're all very similar. Very good pitcher that -- gonna have -- careers and that was. What's the difference between him be able to -- -- curve ball as a as a plus offering you know in that one outing this year and those couple of outings last year. Verses having gotten his pocket consistently. Well it is it was the latest that we we had to make a little -- in his delivery. We talked about -- compact and when -- -- package -- seem like he's -- it now are much better stand over front side and it will be able to on the release point much easier. And more consistently. So. You know again I think three of the deep into games and treat them -- they've been very very good very consistent. I think I think. You know. With his curve ball if it stays consistent. And his changeup that he always changeup again the commando has always been. A little bit off here and there my 11 game you might have a one million does of the no wait -- paltry fifty dollar and he's gonna have out like he did last last week. The last Kyle asked about is is one who raises some confidence questions and that's Alan Webster. You know he's he was really good for you this year and I think that he made some really interesting adjustments for instance you know it seemed like he got much better command of his two seam fastball. Where is he was hitting some right handed batters with it last year he really cut down in that department a -- this year seemed like he was working much more efficiently regularly getting deep in the games. Britain's first couple big league outings he's struggled. I'm with webmaster where we're using him -- in terms of the confidence game. And you know how how much was it. How much where you kind of like you were re kind of -- those regular reminders you know your stuff permit you to compete Alan don't don't be afraid of it. Well you know I again you're right it's it -- -- when when this kid's shows confidence in the initial down here with me. -- yeah he has great stuff. He has. Major League coaches that that will give big league hitters out and he has done. Though you know. Because he's had two bad games you know don't don't don't -- commitment to not understand. This should -- here will pitch in the big leagues along are you just have. Aren't the consistency. You know look and see down here and there were times he would lose command of the fastball. But. But he did give it back. A lot quicker than you know what I saw the other day -- big league game. That's on dropping his arm on TV and in that game and I saw wrote upper body having a lot of rotation and what he's been able to do again here. And I understand the different level it down here is -- able to make your adjustments. A little quicker and you know I just didn't do that up there AutoZone. I'm sure one can have a good bullpen session -- him. And and talk about this and they're gonna go over video of the game and what used to -- a couple of steps. From from big league game last year that that he urged that he pitched very well and they'll look at video out here. It's in game it's the same game just different hitters different ballparks. And -- -- just to know that you know this stuff will play up there as long as. Talking to paw Sox pitching coach -- -- the the last question Alaska's. If it's such an interesting time to look at you know we're we're park not a lot of names and we haven't even gotten to the ruby -- says he worked with this year and kind of seemingly had a breakthrough with him this year. The Brandon -- of the world he's obviously right now on the Red Sox rotation. He contributed to last year's World Series team. A Steven Wright who's been outrageously good for you probably benefiting from your wisdom with as a knuckleballer as a left him to knuckleball particularly certain days. You know and then there's there these other guys coming behind the Henry Owens is whether it's you know if for instance -- Brian Johnson or. Or of the newly acquired Edward Escobar we've worked with a couple times. When you see this kind of volume. For the Red Sox farm system what does that make you think is you know lies on the horizon for them. In the big leagues and I don't want to presuppose that means you think -- gonna be like fifteen -- coming out of it. As a as someone who knows what it's like to have. This -- these kinds of talent in -- what what what kind of forecast you have for what that will translate to ultimately in the big leagues. Well you. My opinion. My opinion is you're gonna have a great rotation in -- actually so awestruck fox. Plus you're gonna have a couple guys that are traded. -- for a couple big league hitters because they're there's too much there's chi -- -- -- there here in this in this organization right now. That you just cannot leave. Down at the triple double. You know the names you mentioned. Stephen Wright. Doses -- via a -- where visa. Renato here I mean these guys -- have a place to go and the next level. I think we're there Albany and a human right is that a fantastic job for urban -- My wisdom as a as a as a fellow knuckleballer you know 25 years ago. I told what I know really what much as the individuals whether it. He's done a great job and I love talking the kid obviously you have arguably the talk. It. He's this and this guy has worked very argue -- what part of our I mean. Any any pitcher coming. Getting traded to our organization. It was three years ago was -- think. Public I -- -- -- lost -- Georgia 2012 -- -- right yet this it has worked very very power and for not having. Plus fastball or post curve ball. This kid comes up the trick pitch which of the knuckleball. And -- a -- now you guys don't like well except for -- and you know last year it was so good and hundreds -- it it was so good. Guys contention. My catchers have trouble. And I had to tell -- why don't we slow it down and make less movement and make it a little bit more tasty for the -- -- -- accurate you know these guys are taken these tensions. And -- -- they're moving its -- and so much -- that was no. Actually make it look a little bit more tasty slowdown we're going to be and so little bit longer so. And I think Quechua a little bit more. Easier easier chance of stretch this thing or two. You know I don't know what he did he came back this year and it's been fantastic and really get it down in the zone he commands that. Very well this year. I can go back and look at almost as restart cities had an 81 but he -- but I can say -- -- Denard maybe -- guards charged. Ten starts even more. She commands remarkable and that's something that you know it's very difficult to do. So. Adding to that command the fastball about 85 miles an error when they look at for the knuckleballer they'll speak fastball by. That's up and you're going to -- zone and this year he's done. We've heard from -- of more about the merits of having had Rio and then AAA for some seasoning but what about the other side of the equation. To answer that will check in with 24 year old Anthony Renato. We're not open the year by going twelve and four with a 2.4 when he. He impressed in his Major League debut last week and tossing six innings in which he allowed two runs against the Yankees to earn the win. -- was optioned back of socket immediately after that game but with a somewhat different outlook regarding his player development in what he needed to do going forward. After 27 outings in -- prior to that big league debut how did the opportunity to pitch for even just a game in the majors. Impact -- not as understanding of what needs to do going forward. The other of a lot of lessons you know to being able to work with it was Ross on the -- -- all these judges. You know seeing how you go after Major League hitters in the starting report and and and that sort of thing being able to throw the -- -- -- different -- -- And and not necessarily doubled up all -- pitches and moving the ball in and out not out I think the biggest thing ultimately this thing gamers just you know. The level level of a town of little better in those guys have. Much sport there approach would not -- You said in the in the post game conversation. After after you after you picked up the win you said. One of the things that did stand out as being different was that the strikes and was just different at the big league level. How we you know how well how do you what do you take from that piece of information and how do you apply it to what you're trying to do going forward. Well you gotta take it for what it's worth send. They also realize you're facing guys that are that are a lot more experience a lot more servers on you know in the Majorly. So unnaturally the rookie straight -- -- be a bill little tighter. But you know I think that was one of the biggest things I noticed opened from from irate that double double and triple just. You know expectation of the strike zone and and that the pursuit of now. An and I think that's just something no one of the person that John told me you don't people agree offered as a young who's going to be straight on so. I'm yours are figure sort of work and you just got to just uprooted you can do -- round was known enough you know we're umpires pummeled will give you don't -- or called and those digitize that you'd you'd blow it. So you know obviously Derek Jeter was a guy who you who you followed growing up you've got you have that thrilling experience of being able to punch him out. Giving him that nice two seamer coming back I come back back door. With regards to game planning for Derek Jeter what was that like just thinking ahead of as your as your sitting down and going through hitters with whip David -- -- is pretty period you know just just don't know how we're going to be how we're gonna pitched as -- -- it was a little luck. Well look great but I I knew that you know rockets it's against simple all or you know -- And behind played against them or its -- side are you use be well prepared and I would just -- which -- -- that you all the and and he gave eerie lighting what was certain pensioners in -- so I had all the content the world that you have up to be successful -- -- -- that -- -- work. Based on based on the ones -- -- you've had in the way in which you kind of process to you know processed it and it's it's a good one to process right it's not like you debt by by no means to you thought your face quite the contrary. You end up picking up a win against the Yankees and your in your Major League debut. Six innings probably giving kind of length that that was satisfying to you. In the MF first outing. When you think about that outing what's going to be different about the next time you're up in the big leagues. I I think -- -- -- do what personal automobile would complement my curve ball a little better ball speed that you little better more consistently. You know that first go around with the adrenaline and a lot of -- -- being played that game and and the new ball you know I mean obviously it sort of forestry train at different points but. Had been thrown my early ball no excuses but it just a little -- for peel on for certain things I think -- better of understanding what to expect that. And how to pitch certain guys so I think is going out there be -- -- the strike a little better you know and and control my emotions a little bit more. Or -- I think those would be you it's just government. Now there there had to be great satisfaction -- to finally getting this opportunity right Hewitt Hewitt earned it Hewitt Hewitt over the course of a lengthy period of time 21 plus a twenty plus starts in interplay dating to last year you'd performed really well and especially. Over the course of multiple months this year and touch it you kind of got in this really good place where you know where after struggling with their command a little bit early in the year. You really locked in had a bunch of outings in which you weren't watching more than you know maybe one or sometimes two guys and an outing. Over the course of that period of time those couple of months where you were where you're kind of producing -- consistent results. Did you feel yourself benefiting additionally edgy did you feel yourself kind of developing in progressing as a pitcher. During the course of that period where you were enjoying this kind of singularly successful run. Or did you feel like you're just spinning your wheels waiting for that opportunity to pitch in the big leagues. -- I tried not to think like that you know there's you know you hear a lot of things that a lot of distractions but it might say that but. Ultimately I was just. So much so that every game out situation every day out there and every so it was it was just another thing to get a better more prepared for all those what I got all the -- I believe that you pulled out. I don't know how long or what what what -- W -- on a book about -- -- position that it would be -- by him. I'm not all are focused on are not heated -- up a lot of in Belmont on I got -- daughter -- experts though on that in mind that on the so things like what are they not respond in. Not understand authored by the dealer and ultimately you know work well close I just you -- -- -- not until -- that. A level -- not getting battered vote on you know you can vote on you know they do that. You were successful in your in your first exposure to -- last year you had a sub three ERA over the course of those. There's six outings at the end of at the end of 2013. You know it wasn't it in another organization and I'm in another situation where there -- perhaps you know less built in veteran depth you might have already been position. But to move up to the big leagues just just curious if you were to define. The ways in which you've -- you've developed this year over the course of those -- anyone's heart that you hadn't AAA. What are some of the things he would identify in terms of the improvement that you're able to make whether mechanical or whether something else. Did it have made you a better pitcher now than you were a year ago this time. Local person that would political adjustments it that allowed need to do the things that I think I've improved not -- You know I think. Watching Major League -- being around lately -- and and having stardom and one you know stressed the importance of -- 678 innings almost every time. Was one of my biggest -- -- to try to get many innings mechanical and as you can pretend every demon. And and ultimately to do that yet to be efficient and and so that -- the strike or an obviously all the strike zone with all that is. And that are trying to do and whether or whatever that you want order per striker XP you'd go about my ability and being able -- fishing gear -- out. And contacts so that way you know like if I could -- I got to go to seminary in. Yeah last year was out last there was a kind of eye opener in that you were able to leave behind an injured 2012 season and come back with really good stuff. Really good health really good power. Has a would you would you characterize it is it fair to characterize last -- having been. A year of regaining your strength and power this year is having been a year of your kind of putting a lot of things together in learning how to become a pitcher. Absolutely I think I think it doesn't thirteen blues blues. You know -- pesto. How -- back bounced back in and audit my stuff and everything like that now the culprits are getting to make them healthy and able they all agree that an announcement vehicle lecture but I who ordered the inning. You know that we'll get a good position to come back this year -- 17508. Hopefully I mean. -- -- -- And then. You know. Being able finish up your strong because I think -- sort of grows stronger and you know what -- were pretty good -- in the year you know I don't know what's up with that earlier this Christmas my body feels good you know -- it does this I can't remember last July and August that I hope that it in -- -- purposely use think block foundation. -- that. Bill last year. Do you think you would have been ready for a -- last year or you know in retrospect. Was it was a right to kind of like end your season where where it ended as that really great foundation coming up from 2012. And heading into 2014. All of I think users. -- the ball side -- mean. Obviously -- -- player award yet called up and I think I deserve it but ultimately you know all like him is. Spoke with some things like control or not but I diplomats up opposition. To be into consideration and ultimately the front office there and the -- that it looked right on the you know a little disappointed and I think -- -- it those guys get paid that's their job is to make those decisions and I was on -- they're obviously out later -- -- disappointed I want you there like especially with a lot of earned their. You know and obviously are -- do well so I would -- on. And I'm obviously -- I would going to be getting a little experience Marino and being more prepared this year when I got all of that ultimately everything happens for a reason and and equipment if -- this year not all -- -- now. So now as you are back down you know you did you do to head back down to Tripoli after that one start but. You know it's it's not -- there I presume that that's not -- the last opportunity you have in the big leagues. This year going forward what have you been told by the organization about about. What to what to think about going for this year what kind of opportunities might exist. For the duration of 2014. You know. There's really have made and been any specific conversations about those things that -- -- Some people and I'm also losing not hurt the most is not ready to yup there's just. You know others and got -- -- here now and and they are getting their chance everything like that so market news just keep taking the bullet that they -- no matter what level of Matt. Just continue to try to improve and that way when you get my opportunity and a few first up in the dailies whatever whatever -- -- -- and I'm more prepared and and incompetent that I can you know. So vast -- ask Anthony how Mike Florio the fact that these trades did just happen. In that there's you know and if the Red Sox the red text big league rotation for the rest of this year and into -- fifteen seems like. By the by the admission of people like bench Harrington and John -- kind of an open audition period you know that there's an opportunity for you to assert yourself. I think -- degraded there's going to be a lot of fun you know obviously ability. Put my name and that I yet or -- you know buildup there's much of a lot and the other guys but. Whenever that opportunity comes that it should does that's budgets that make the most of it show that that I -- -- one at that level and -- part of a -- part of starting rotation. And you know I'm I'm trying to I guess when that date will be put whatever it is argued that that's -- -- -- Into -- great hearing from you think you so much for checking in. Obama. That's it for this week's show if you like to hear the complete interviews with both pulse -- pitching coach heard -- -- and with righthander Anthony Renato. You can find them online at WER dot com slash podcast in minor details. Big producers Saturday and -- -- telling and all of you for listening we'll catch you next week.

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