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Roger Clemens, Red Sox Hall of Famer 8-14-14

Aug 14, 2014|

Roger Clemens joins MFB to talk about his career. his relationship with the other inductees, and his chances of going to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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Red Sox off production day here at Fenway Park Tim -- -- Maloney Christian Fauria Jokester -- with the call he's a Red Sox hall of Famer as of today and the man that authored that performance is a Red Sox hall of Famer. As of today as well he's joining us right now at Fenway Park Roger Clemens. Roger thanks much for joining us and -- street actually asked this Nomar when he was on a few moments ago first reaction that you've got when you were notified that your tournaments optional thing. Well you know when you when you have a ceremony like this. And it's you know really. A place you know obviously Boston's a place I got started in and got my nickname in in relief. You're going to it's for me I reflect on -- a lot of people that I need to give thanks to. You know that's what I you know I've always thought about -- -- goes scalp it you know the other signed me put my name on his sheet to say draft me. Number one here in Boston in -- Way back when when I came out of the University of Texas of course so. I think about the and more than a handful of times that I had Ortiz it now -- jockey. And different functions we had in Winter Haven Florida or here at Fenway Park and just how great she was to me in my family in you know again I was 2122 years old so. I think those -- things that when today's over -- -- we're gonna. Head off to Chicago tonight to go watch her youngest but I think when I make my notes reflect on that those people that you know thank the most that. Really took a chance on me you know I think -- -- noses. Little bit of the pressures that go with being number one -- and things like that so. I knew what was coming to Boston. I didn't see. You know when I was at university takes a number of release all a lot of Boston's scouts always on the Rangers masters and I think that year. I think the Astros. Who who were playing tonight the Sox plan nine I do little work for the Astros had. You know what the Rangers had a third pick of the country that year in 1983 draft and there masters and the fifth that the Rangers took I think the shortstop named Jeff comical. In the Astros to catcher and Hammurabi lines so the only thing relation and I knew that. And it you know was in the draft was the Dodgers and I think did the pick right behind Boston so. Again I can only know what I know now and looking at scouts and doing things and watch our advance scouts. When they have to continually put you know come up with the number one -- and put their name next to get that -- it is the minor leagues and on the big leagues. You know I think and for -- And you leave here right -- to Troy Loney went two cy young's and then you go to New York you -- -- those pinstripes you know people appear -- -- -- proposed pinstripes and and that did the -- coming out. Did you ever think that this day was gonna come given how -- kind of went afterwards. And I never really you know again I didn't really even know that the -- the the Sox had their own -- -- know we have done. Some really cool ceremonies before but -- in knows that this this magnitude so. It's it's really it's really Odom. You know -- just feel very thankful I mean now again. I did today I did take two years off to Toronto fighting go like some guys and jump right from the Sox committed to the Yankees but. You know I look at that suited I was so fortunate especially with my boys here and run around home in Houston. And you see the black and white film doubles fortunately with the two most historic teams ever in pitch in the the same thing goes with the ball parks that I pitched and so. You know you turn TV on you see children round or you see -- geared where he was in his speech -- -- right there and worked my tail off them in both those. Both those cities and in those ball parks but that. Just so rich in you know so the the histories -- you one -- too big of a dose of a lot of people look at NC he chose New York he chose New York what was what was going through that time there's talk W Boston New York -- in New York. Well I didn't -- play first of all on that you know -- -- at the right people -- call. You know I just -- more of the players I think in new York and you know knew Brian -- quite a bit I was actually in my garage in the forming on that -- and it was. -- pretty comical when you have one in the manager did GMs they would go on right now that's why I'm just kind of watch it just got swept in -- somewhere over there rat now they go quality you're ready was -- next question you're kidding me. And I says it that bad miss -- what we need in our fourth or fifth slot but we need more in the clubhouse or bouncing pays me Wales so. It was a lot of work to do a lot of work at night and in between all the other stuff my foundation everything else that I am sure in the busy with in the offseason so. It was a lot of work to do that to come back and feel like you know you can. Be a little bit of what you were before -- year get advanced in your age and that you -- you know hold appearance of the deals so it was. It was a lot of work and thank goodness my body still responds it's very well. So you don't know page -- no one Josie saw her story. You told you'll see awhile back I'm sure it was about the back in 1986. When you're trying to do here in 86 at the Seattle gates C 86 right. We get stuck on store drive. And the end of throwing twenty starts you kind of just you know. Tells that story can do it's it's crazy because I haven't trying to go to Gillette Stadium went on during a snowstorm I never thought this parked my car does well there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah all right so first of all let me say Nomar and Pedro that's really cool I get to go at them but. Joseph Castiglione and I think -- scene and called every one of my starts on on all of I know every win but every starts I think is really cool that. You know we saw each other in Houston and he was excited about that the story you're talking about is. I left for the ballpark like I normally do I'm not one of those guys to get here to a clock for 7 o'clock game but I like getting there a couple of hours before and -- and egotistical about story going into that mode in. Start stretching get ready get ready go so my wife and I -- are driving and in our car and I guess there is a either operator concert on store drive there at the in the concert area. But I could see this it to a science I was I was. Well within my time to get there and then after we didn't move probably four car links and half our start to panic I had a golf shirt on and jeans and boots and now. Until -- out I go look. This is arms dumps -- -- a little bit here and so I popped the track to go get some running shoes on take my boots off and as -- in my boots off by here -- for you know siren of what I thought it was a police car. It was a motorcycle police officers civil what's to and then as soon as I turn -- hold on and I just called up. As soon as I turn around and he saw my face he is -- on tiger yes -- Eagles are yes. And so thankfully he kind of split the C with his bike and we stayed right behind him. I get to the clubhouse and it was like one of those things we knew what the door open all your teammates are looking -- like you got three heads. My pitching coach bill Fisher was panic in and they call me right into the manager's office never gonna scratch from the start us -- please don't do I don't have to answer these courts like this do this and I dressed as quick as possible we sprinted to the bullpen. Extremely. And at temple -- -- what you don't believe I don't think that threw a strike at my thrown. 20/20 530 pitches maybe and bill Fisher was on the phone a couple of times I think used to -- some might get ready to go this is going to be short lived. And the rest is history as they went out there and. We did put your shoes on -- rusty I thought you got a car to your boots off put your running shoes on and just got a nice little lather wallow in it before your parents. Well I should go up front and try to help the knocks them in jail but -- it into the parking lot and gotten injured just in time -- in scratch me. And you punch out to one in after the game that the team -- bill Fisher tells me get here whenever you want to. I didn't and the thing that he -- like the second time I did it be in. Bill Fisher minority about him yet he still holds a Major League record for not walking I think it's like 89 consecutive innings. In both those games at the high rated Speedo was on him walk anybody in those games and that's what they remind me about Roger Clemens -- So when we come up with a list of all time great Red Sox pitchers who should be higher you were the guys you're going with today and Martinez. I don't think you want publicized deal love it because Cy Young -- -- -- -- because I -- your essay that I -- -- this site and should be I was not well that's like why it's a collective. Again you know to be able to win the award that's named after him and he came through here. And two. You know -- -- the questions from the the big historian it you know you had a 192 when I'm tied with teams but I just think that's really cool and I think there's a reason for biko's. You know side holds schedule please and and my arc and my -- -- -- moment -- with that guy in. When I see -- numbers their mind boggling -- force Pedro goes had a chance to talk to him number of the few times. One in particular I think we had a hundred year deal. And it was great -- to it to him in understanding. You know I think the thing that he talked about the most was watching my mechanics and thinking that. You know that no one really yeah I was pretty fortunate I don't know about him coming up because and in no young Pedro in him when I got -- really watching when he was in the middle and on top of -- game. I was -- was to watch how he was able to keep his mechanics together albeit regenerate the ball. You know get the ball that plated. The thing that makes him great with the other guys when they have this but electric -- -- -- purple Pedro is change it was Tuesday. Dig back 03. Pedro buzz is Kareem Garcia. The whole thing happens with him everybody regrets rest his -- great man. When we we sort of sat there and almost waiting for you to -- somebody who almost waiting for you to get -- like -- -- -- -- -- he's just trying to get everybody out. You came up in a Manny which will be wasn't really that close I -- well what what exactly where you can post Alter that dugout compared to what we are again. Well first of all it was a it was. In pretty intense that you know at first of all you have to have both teams are very competitive. Tell people they say about the Red Sox announcer at the Red Sox yankees -- our rivals the Blue Jays and yankees -- any good. Then it got competitive I go over to the Yankees in both teams are going for the same trophy in and both teams are stacked with great players. So you have the great rivalry coming back in the intensity is there. Pedro goes up and and I guess -- Horry threw behind -- like you said and so then you know winning games like debts are happening you have the magic bullet so you can just sit around and wait now Manny he wants out of the game -- he knows he's funny on so he wants out I'd throw him high strike really if it's six inches -- strike. And he goes crazy and next thing you know we see this. Bald headed man across the field we thought it was David Wells -- has but yeah. Excuse me so but it was them in you know. Really -- drew just -- oh late in little bit like bull charge union and but then from the rest of the game if you know the guys are swing in terrible because like generally you get the magic bullet and dependent on how the game goes like I tell people. I played 24 years. And I tell kids pitching inside I learned how to pitch inside here at Fenway Park and do it against the guys like Don Baylor in -- and skiing in Kingman and fight didn't get the ball in there when he won it -- a long way over that monster. -- also -- that you pitch inside not to hit people you pitch inside to make a seventeen inch plate a 24 inch plate. Now having said that over 24 years -- In twelve games that where you got out of hand in this somehow fell in my lap which actually like a couple of pitchers here we have some. Heated conversations that. During the game where the score need to be even if you will even it up. And they didn't do it if fell and in my game the next day which I really didn't lie because you know they can handle it the day before. But in those games and I tell people into your use this year intimidating intimidating you win if you don't win you know very intimidating. First of all so you have to you have to be winning in in my job really as a pitcher with my mechanics and keep in my shoulder closed. My job is when you're hitting off me on what you feel very uncomfortable to play that's pitching hitting at the game within the game. And so that that's part of it but. Again there is games that you had to go out there and cleanup and has yet to address with those guys are part of your family and you know years you were trying to achieve. A common goal with all those guys so. But. You know sometimes they match me up sometimes I would. Be pushed back even here to pitch against Randy Johnson just keep everything obviously went through walk -- -- while some that are one get away from there you keep the -- keep the score even. If you wells but now. Roger Clemens -- this you're going in the Red Sox hall of fame today do you maintain hope for Cooperstown or do you see all the PD politics preventing that I can't control any of that all's I can do is what I did and not prove my case what the facts and and everything that I need to do there I can't control. I find it come. Kind of words that people have to vote on how good you worry you more anyway. And most on the never have played the game so I don't really put a lot of stock in it either way until people. I know most the guys at the hall of fame in Cooperstown at stake in the boys do it play and they have. A bunch of mighty. Memorabilia there that we going Jones I have a great time there anyway but. If that happens great. I still owners and that. You know was when he's in Jim Rice but I called him -- in. He -- in it -- game -- I don't know how many years in an 810 years I got it right right to the end pretty much -- fifteenth so I had -- I called him -- -- congratulations I don't know I got better in ten years but that to get in I don't know if you get a bunch of home runs in in -- pick -- semi pro -- -- -- but but congratulations. Like I said -- year be enough to be in or you're not I don't I don't get the punishing again are making a -- waiter visa visa. If they think he's all of famers you should be in amazing thing they did with Biggio Craig Biggio is a hall of Famer should be. Well -- bags Bagwell piazza isn't out of blows my mind and have him on the record saying I think that you deserve to be in all things. Is that every year at that Sammy -- of eight years left right to cut it down ten whatever it is but going through we talk hall of fame voting your name comes up you know the discussion. You know what is that like for you ever reaching the you know kind of come enough. Well when you don't pay a lot of attention to this is not an departing family kids we know his. -- -- we don't we don't go we don't worry about that day at home we're so busy and you know -- hall of fame dead to them in and I'm not the rocket and that's just the way we go about life the hall of fame and even today. Like I told told -- earlier that I'm gonna give you know I give thanks the people. Of why I feel that I -- where was that I'm a strong willed mother and grandmother my father passed when I was young so. Today I'll reflect that those are things I'll reflect on as my mother. Pass and wave them disease -- my grandmother things like that. I have no control hall of fame is not gonna change me as a person are highly in my life. I will. I will stop people from saying things that are not true about -- and things like that and people that are just trying to make money off -- And like us an idea -- facts and we deal with Faxon and I expect and I look for the good and people wanna look for the -- in -- more than they're coming after you for one reason the other so. We don't spend a lot of time and dwell -- to be honest with you so it's not against not gonna change.

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