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Bill Madden on Tom Werner 8-14-14

Aug 14, 2014|

Bill Madden of the NY Daily News joined the show to discuss Tom Werner and the latest on who will be elected commissioner of MLB.

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Bill Madden and the minute first -- -- callers 6179310937. Right now with a pair of tickets for patriots safety Patrick Chung. It felt teammates at sunny the second annual Chung jam session benefit John changing lives summer music academy for real teens. Musical showcase will take place at the hard rock cafe in Boston's starting at eight 66. Starts. Get your tickets they -- changing lives dot awards to be in -- right now. 6179310937. For that joining us now the -- hotline. Is bill mad from York daily news bill how -- you this morning. I don't. Good I took questions first or try to figure deal about when black should be announced today it's my first question sec what is. What chance do you give -- actually being named commissioner. Well let's say your first question. I. I'm not sure exactly when they're gonna start at in the vote but I would suspect it'll probably be sometime late morning like eleven. Because. And as you well know they owners' main agenda and all these meetings is to make their flights out of town. So I suspect there. The final announcement on the vote will come sometime around 2 o'clock. That'll give them at least. 23 hours. Now -- I don't. I don't expect that there will be -- -- collection of anybody on the first ballot I think it's a couple well at least. And what what chance do you give -- -- Very little I can imagine that. Cinema at that point -- you know will -- -- Tom Warner is efficient and -- or even though he has one of their problem. That you I wonder I know they -- one of their own. To oppose Manfred but weren't weren't there other candidates for for that to play that role wanted foreigner. Get chosen for the role of the the the chosen one and the underdog at the chosen one of the owners. While that when I can't. You know I don't know how they ultimately came up with the name of and the factors. Maybe you like the most neutral. As far as almost. Are all the other all -- on the well we're not quite sure what he wasn't credentials are on the complexity than. Successful TV executive along time ago. But rather than Matt. I think they just want a guy who bomb. Will do what -- talent. That's the only explanation like in different. I know that there were other owners. Were considered. The Milwaukee -- Mark and that's you know open it would be a good commissioner. He was told by our other executives and owners that. You really believe that we keep -- away were electing a second owner from the Milwaukee Brewers city Commissioner of Baseball. And in that respect I guess she kind of backed off a little bit but I think he still considers himself. Viable candidate to -- the commissioner and that's why he was also. Interviewed by the committee and that's why is also in the air -- camp acting Warner. As he does it feel the possibility he might be an alternative candidate if they have a stalemate on the road. Does it -- do you think Selig feels this is. And disloyalty on the part of -- and Henry because as you point out the the you know was a bag job they were awarded this team essentially. By Selig even though Dolan was offered more money than they -- they got the team you think Selig feels like they're stab in the back here. How can -- not. -- not these three guys. Werner Larry Lucchino. John Henry really also. World where essentially. Out of -- meantime -- it was only the Miami Marlins but he was drowning out there. There was a Florida models at the time because. Miami bureaucrats in the Florida bureaucrats were all. Mounting a war against him as far as trying to get in the stadium on the taxpayer's dime down there. And he was vilified by the fans and and that and the bureaucrats. And was desperately looking for a life preserver which but for a warm. What he arranges reaching swap in which John Henry wound up with a Red Sox. Larry Lucchino was not based fall out there having a falling out with John Moore is. In San Diego and -- it was not a baseball after running the Padres into the ground in his brief term ownership there. So there's three guys looking for life were asked them about it in the greatest of all like where sitting in the in the Austin -- Bill what do they have against rob Manfred and you look at -- And that has been fall on baseball knows the name rob Manfred he's like the Roger Goodell to Paul Tagliabue for many years silver what's wrong the lieutenant. Well. I'm anxiously awaiting the answer that question because I -- the people who are opposing him. What they've got against them and they won't -- other than the fact that. -- and when they told me that when this is all over you'll know. Okay so we'll wait and see when it was all over today hopefully it will all day and we'll find out what -- exactly what they had against him because. You know when you look at what credentials you would want and a commissioner. I can't imagine anybody having more hackable credentials. And rob Manfred who has decided that Bud Selig number two guy over this unprecedented. Twenty year period of prosperity in baseball. Not just the game itself but for the owners themselves. Well you know I I don't know what I don't know what they have against them and I don't know what. More than they would want to commissioner but you know on the -- certainly it can't become more. Male bill every time we ask somebody what is Warner bring the table they -- that's missing NASA NASA -- Isn't -- the television figure over rated this entire. Whole thing we make the case form. I agree I mean what does that got -- there was anything I mean. Supposedly because -- -- successful TV executives that suddenly translates into him being the right guy to bring more young viewers. And more young fans and to -- all. Part of their television sets and into the ball parks are thrilled to see how you can make that connection. Telus. For the listeners can you explain the the deal the Red Sox get on the valuation of nest and they paid less. On their TD TV deal on revenue -- and less than the pirates -- Padres or other small market teams because nests in his. Artificially. Valued at that forty million dollars is that which are reporting bill. Yes I mean this is the crux of the Red Sox trail silly. This is this this whole thing in a nutshell right there. A few years ago. When all these things started to be buying Iran of creating their own networks are getting fantastic. Local television deals. -- -- had to come up with a formula. The basically. Figure out how much these -- Neither the -- in revenue sharing. To that they -- And -- you know because it was so -- cheat on giving example in the in the Yankees on the yes network. And they can pick up any kind of remember they wanted the -- than that yes network is paying for their rights. And you conceive how easily this can be manipulated. And and he's achieved on this so. The way to get around all of this was there decided that come up with what they considered to be fair market values. All of these television. Field whether they owned. Networks individually owned networks or.

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