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Meter's roots 8-14-14

Aug 14, 2014|

The guys opened the show by discussing Meter's upbringing.

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I -- you know you know that. Some to -- back. -- back yeah Monday I believe this is posted yeah. -- premise presents is trying to get out of this awful winter weather and it announces somewhere more so well. I'd stay away from Fort Myers it's a game is. -- Someday I would like to go in the summer -- mature. In -- -- to see it just for dated to see you know what it's like where there at the -- true. Every traffic like this at three light cycles you know every restaurant lineup that -- and I mean it's it's. Business is good and February march yeah what's it like now. -- I can't imagine anybody in any restaurant accustomed to the locals actually noted they go to these the Pepsi buffet and they have to think because it's so hot. -- have to go somewhere air conditioning so that probably do little lunch or dinner but. I don't think you know spent a lot of time outside not a lot of golf a lot of you know like writing dollar running drills now -- to -- -- -- You sleep right now is that sweet tomatoes at eleven total one you know under five in the and we'll do a movie rob us and do a movie that's true -- Yugoslavia Dino as the mastered fallen one of Mike the -- rules from fast times a ridge mine used them. Mike the wrong. Like the -- rules for life on the wall my apartment. Years ago when governments wherever you are that's the place to be because. In and -- the moments ago. This instability. Whoever he is that's the place to be well today Boston would you agree yes that is it is good attitude it's a good way to look at life. Review are in but that's that was the -- that he wants to get somewhere else. That's like it's like he likes that want to stick which you know retirement it would not is not would wherever it -- -- him well yeah this class immigrant attention span. Remarkable. Am I what are your goals in life when you were tired of I wanna read which are never read -- every -- -- think about -- -- says it'll take me. Six months eight. Why am I gonna hate you it's a hybrid for now we'll we'll find out -- are our enemy. I don't believe you're -- I don't actually -- -- Mexican did you go to the bookstore -- with Obama and pick it up I did last it was a -- to gain a couple of times again -- since the possible miles Davis and ride -- pressure tactics that the -- it was a great night but got -- article that you -- -- -- -- album right -- -- -- overall I'm. I'm -- team of rivals. I guess current again yet so they did was he scrap himself with -- Besides its Brody is in and I everything she does it is the best. It is. Kick enough almost like some -- road it's so fit the job site expression especially that Kathleen Kennedy book regiment. I read that somewhere else. Should do our list of you know those things those are the most things opposes things could turn -- and are important things that you do not as she wanted to do them like. And the best example is Obama going to the bookstore on Martha's Vineyard and minus buying back. Novel. Act like he's ever regular. And shown it to them you know meal lap dogs -- the Arnold in the New York as it always and he he's Smart he's so bright he's on vacation you've just play golf. And he ice cream beats -- back I hate people that do that. Let me just mention I'm going to John Waters Belfast high you -- -- -- -- -- and -- and a lot of all you know. The -- if you are you are guilty of this at times. In my regard. Certain films that's unsure that's like document and you don't like you know what you coach locked cars smaltz the movies that I'd like me deliberately knows. You know some people feel that the did you like hoosiers -- doctors usually mostly like I was all jewelry. Of course human that's more just like field of dreams -- is just like Jack. I didn't like Jack you know like this votes so I like to establish multi. -- in my case over smaltz to -- this amount smaltz is a great move. Verizon gets in the -- crying on that bench not -- re all it's laws it's it's awesome the last movie better at the end. No -- and millions speakers each. I like that are you. It's the best leagues get carried off and they say only player ever -- in history be carried and I'm here as he shot them in between season obesity -- recipes and there's us and a Bronson -- like -- part of the film the only -- easy win. Killed. A pedestrian with the -- that if you're okay and that but. You know it's on is that the -- -- the -- events on the dumbest scene in movie history when he decides to have backpacks. Just to get -- back on the field. I went back and read the book to make sure they made up right because it's in some silly but I -- weakness I'll confess to them I mean I like the colored Brothers but that doesn't but now that's the rest of your answer. Simple question Coen Brothers -- fairly bros. It's it's not if you can't make this you know can't we pass this argument everybody on the area and even though Peter fairly lives on that -- out Coen -- even though it would only ask you that the people it's available fight global -- not -- -- -- a Democrat votes available. Since I love it that way too if calls abroad that would. You have to pick as Bob Arab company when he taught me how to score fight I would take -- -- -- -- -- today hole. Of course Farrelly Brothers sold in the first took over for -- I mean as far as now where Barack others it's they have some bad move out of our -- guys too at times which wasn't posing on an art house -- -- like the -- off the chart what's allowed you are donated to the -- sort of significant market Q I know you got all of it at all. We're both losing -- by the time out you're. Number of men and likes to think he's a little you know a deeper more -- -- cracked CM ever pretend that's why I love I think is the people. 20 this is -- and when -- left. It's a story about yourself and Michael what I was very from a credible. The least phony person -- -- -- -- that's probably -- the least phone papers in this business jets in this you'll definitely is not at the close of the -- you have never pretend to be handing the job you I tried not to did you appreciates and and you know say that you know that it be to play -- girl you know it -- -- -- -- -- all the necessities -- -- -- And that ought to fight now guided on. Those two way. Took a -- I crisis. But you never in at all you never tend to read things you don't agree I don't -- I don't care watching digital watch it's true as we -- -- -- people even people we'd we'd love you know we'd like like like -- to -- pill pull this -- the reads the the clip plus. A lot of money she apparently had lots and lots of like what pieces like Beowulf. And I just couldn't stop laughing. That that I've ever professional life -- them differently when you just might be active in the year ago I was up -- guilty of the oh. You're talking about -- -- -- that's a good seed them what you like to think we have for now I do like. It's. Lazard -- -- about a bat -- pitch a good movie that was about SSX. -- was a great movie. Yes. Actually my. Race. Is on you -- Remember. The funny part -- and you. Matt Damon to -- it is the cells each that the glass. It's not this. It was a bouncy in their sort of a three stooges actually US. News. And you in talking directors. -- Enemy. Stuff I only do that. At the time what's in the left -- what's left because Lendl in the lost I -- because stumper. That's my 11. Opera. And she's only novels and little children. Read bad haircut -- and that haircut is. The I read that -- so much my story public. In my age grow in the seventies and he has. Shoot baskets the driveway in the went on the ball counts right. Just. Life. Read that there and a top -- and yet they do a competitive I haven't read the leftovers left -- to reach. Ace stuff and what is. Out Tom price secretive guy capturing pulls. Space aliens immediately. Religious important not drawn through space. On the mean I'm usually not use the movie is. Reluctant to watch might be public. War in the world -- -- the first came. As. Two things. That. Creepy girl. You know present -- girl. Dakota Fanning -- -- for. So little more on you Sharon Watson -- like you know like America. Like when those those he's guilty like ours real excitement -- -- exiled Iranians that are close to be in. Least at least phone let me use the question is. Competition in poses less. Like it was all work. No I don't. -- picked up. -- -- -- -- -- His art is you're never -- and like drinkers now senior immediately after him oh right it's like Ohio wants -- finished. Action will be a -- one half Niger. -- getting older although there are all as I've got older. About -- he was and that's one Manhattan's private phone number which I thought I might need a minute he's an obvious on a lot of down -- managers like what you do due to pretend to -- up it's been to a date. I even like that to me like you're semi retired. In its people often in our business and we we can get it. One of two of them as a way for our very insecure in and they they heed this constant. Affirmation. Is you'd use he deserves to be like I don't know in the hall of fame you deserve to be an -- -- -- -- We want to way -- you know nobody walked -- just walks -- your head -- says just let the bill that's that's it and done that like 9 o'clock last day I didn't write this they -- get -- the -- that these guys and I was suitors until -- Nice I like the last thing. -- if I did not want to leave this meted out. He didn't give them -- little Booth and duties of the said her I didn't build the walk up to add to what did you. -- big it needed to do. Not know it was like the final discussion and managers. OK that's it. But that -- -- -- papers. It's nice that some of the players was run -- upon a time. That's like the -- changed. -- -- it and based Orlando that is present. It -- you make good -- the fine -- or demeanor to pick up I think to a critic -- but a fantastic job. And coach that it was a -- deal that's important and it's. It's. Because one meter back to -- that -- the road at the Oprah. You walk away from that. Large rather large contract it. NC couldn't which could Jamaica's much money. So you can really. NB exploiting it is time to come back here and I never ever talks later blows brains enough talks about how we worked in the coal mines are on now. All the toughest job ever it was a western recreation -- -- Fourth graders. -- -- It costs. Hard job. I think you got the black line after. Almost. Gazelle the common you know print and be from the mean streets -- a lot of people come from that. One time do you own course and guys. Prominent businessmen locally and he and he was systems heartland has grown up and said. Grew up -- record as we can have running water. Broken Chelmsford like a model. And there's nobody. And he was. Older than analysts and I went. I mean -- from -- that much and she was tough grown up just a they had one bathroom for six people let's that we had. Did known as 209. Million -- -- -- running water in Winchester. You have to -- America votes to end the day when your own not have running won't know there was there was ever -- water -- what happened in that right now and that's true imagine this beat out of touch. People trying to embellish on a flight was on the side I I eagle all of that is he accuses. One of the -- data -- what it and who haven't like twelve people. That was tough -- Absolutely. There's -- family. I'm and I. Stores all of them. You know my father -- -- com. And yes. Brag about it which is this what they did it one of those things if you really had a tough you know like. I also like now it's like the people who say that they're crazy. More -- stark crazy less crazy. If you're aware of crazy. And I'm -- In the sabotage a topic growing up as a lasting force it's luckily it's accurate so -- was it's important. Oh you're running water Weston you ignited yet but the hot -- -- share up from my sister accurate witness that's awful it was just a new system as soon as people one -- as two people sixers Celtics Obama -- It was Mario you've had -- -- -- so difficult. Jews like have to take ownership here which is off that's it's that's rough that is. I knew I knew that's -- that aren't that showed up as expected at the -- you have your own bathroom now share. This year. Don't. Want to -- every ideal but I'll wait -- -- -- because it's it's it's it's -- you work you work you work. In the opener Batman. -- she gets a room chipped it up your room a picture. And the extent of us to pull this off -- -- international job isn't there. What's it like you say now I'm just around the I. I'll probably do what she does she's there for the trial period -- coming up right September to April. The kids go to school right yeah that's true when they're in school what does she do. Not -- shopping. Stores -- your home and she's home uses -- -- you hang with she's in her eyes to the back at you is which is for an you're like why shorts. The eviction if -- creeps around. -- home. If you American. Now she's Brazil nights in -- -- -- -- she -- -- -- and she does and you kidding me I've got no chance again. On the track that's how you're way mix of and so it's only and its search it's like not like you know the atmosphere -- -- -- can do it in the book. Like that at all and I think it should you should look at -- -- dare you -- a real hot one. And a guy. -- been guys on our guy is gay can that be cool. As when you go to your art house films and you -- Frieden in. Wolf or read and Steinbeck yeah. You could talk about how you argument to -- should win. In where you run like in Lexington all of torture would win. In Lexington. I have negate all prepare all you. To a -- might be in my gave up her -- David Lynch film. You're -- that that's it was -- this week will also. Do you prefer to fly in the ferry equipment market it's -- it's a tough one. It's it's the toughest question is that Hillary ultimately ideas -- -- I'm very very. Last -- to talk about our our blue -- tough guys you care and glass. Tom John -- Wrote a factory this -- Six what 77797937. Issue number effort I think to get mad that we should do as we. We haven't read it which we've got a couple ties the column Google -- and if you think Tom Werner has the chance -- man's column that it is to me it's one of these. Hosing things. Red Sox ownership -- -- -- -- on the gonna try to raises that your gonna say he'd be good commissioner. -- enough so much and it should be an awful commissioner but it's not really. -- it does because he's not gonna -- not a but he's going to go far he knocked it out of the park the presentation which beverage ethnic of artery in the Boston Globe mortar park network -- more. Now and he's got quotes from anonymous donors supporters. -- -- supporters assume it's Larry and John -- sent Tom Tom was great. That anyone raise their hands and tell us again you -- them. Hundreds in the ground -- teach history it is that's this -- that he's -- -- a couple of episodes Sox appeal. Work's done -- on Tom -- group in Manhattan new upper east side that he is running water. Well absolutely not. That now called that he had his own ego numerous chief U one of those -- -- one I'd definitely yes yes one point most believe. The most elite private schools in the Brock. -- -- -- Good times are cute would. -- -- locker is that. And but today we find out the -- Medford is the medals from past that it just seemed like that was always it's like -- woods who was the guy -- know the attack in the -- if there's someone wavering you know who is he is gonna make the best case in my opinion for rob Manfred. -- and so. It is one that worked pretty well is passing it to the next guy in line now. Things are good circuit built to -- could help point could do good point I mean and also. Close your eyes and picture. -- commissioner. From central casting. No more have any of the characteristic you imagine in a mission but normally -- I applaud that it's a good thing you want an aunt who votes out -- right -- now. Again -- easily explained why words as happened. And I think Lucchino would be good candidate. He wouldn't get elected -- yet the polarizing. He warrants to two holes. Holes and Werner holes you know is that you have seen young view. Yes Larry you'll Larry works is -- some -- these are these these great old Smart and he's -- polarized so that might be a problem you would ever hit point three votes they're not -- -- was right admits. That to me is coach -- would have no -- so today we probably fund -- -- -- but tonight today tonight from a park bigger. The Red Sox hall of fame class finally gets inducted in shrine Nomar Garciaparra. Pedro Martinez Roger Clemens all three of whom by the way we joint and -- -- today believe in the first power program -- and I sent us. Question. They kicked it down on the fourth one. Gentleman to me is the story -- joked yeah that's about the economy gets them. Plaudits was treated properly by -- respects idol the voice of the WB dot com website rob -- read some of his tribute. -- -- -- --

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