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Aug 11, 2014|

Jim Hackett and Peter Davidson host the fantasy football podcast and are getting you all the info you need for your draft.

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Welcome to the fantasy football our -- Jim Hackett and I'm joined by our fantasy football expert Pete Davidson. The chief Tennessee football writer for wrote a bond dot com that's the fast track this fantasy football domination are broadcast today. Is brought to you by draft -- the leading provider of daily fitness sports and trappings dot com. In by Clark Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in the the one nobody beats Clark deal -- Now nobody there nobody does welcome to the show good to have you with sub week one of the Tennessee football hour here on WEEI 937. We timed it well as a lot happening in the NFL glad to be god be with you here. Note out it's that things week one of the pre season things or Iraq -- no doubt indebted started right here in with the patriots game they had. A three day practice session in Washington which they were big glowing reviews Tuesday -- have Monday Tuesday Wednesday. Then Thursday came and it isn't such a great review. But that's okay I you and I were talking off there and timing it to me that game was the fourth practice. Yeah you know now but it was him and you know I mean I I don't think patriot fans really care about pre season loss on the off chance that they do trust me folks. But now is. You know if you if you watch the game you saw the pictures all three units were running basically the same exactly same exact formations. And I've seen a lot of this throughout the NFL I mean -- there they're letting all the different. Units played basically the same way so when they evaluate its apples to apples to the right very little game planning going. Or anything like that and I I actually thought the patriot offense that's some good things. A particularly in the second half and we're gonna get -- that what we're gonna try to do as you break the showdown at breaking into a few different segments the first segment to talk. About the patriots Redskins gain in in and look at some things that we saw that have. A potential fantasy impact at an -- you know for twelve team drafts for ten team drafts of the dynasty leagues -- -- a certain somebody that makes sense that we'll get into name -- drop below. And in the second -- in the second segment to -- we should maybe do is a kind of keep it -- -- the AFC -- -- -- but the patriots you can -- to some things. That we saw with the jets with buffalo and Miami and I'm gonna give you a really media hardy. Now look at Tennessee football just some players in the early start training camp in week one that Nevada really popped. The -- media party literally skipping breakfast at a and I can't wait to elected to dive -- when the show is -- I'm getting -- they we get a food sponsor. Photograph friends a draft kings are -- Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in the doing community -- and food and I'd be right. They can do it all if they can they hit every member -- running back breaks down. And you cover extent. We'll take care okay let's and while you're over their car fixed yet Nazis they're free Wi-Fi right -- Go make your waiver moves do what you gotta do what you gotta do Rodham arteries and Iberia Erica absolutely -- or shameless to have so -- I've -- so we've got. We've got a really come up a pretty heavy menu and I wanna get into the patriots game. Gonna cover also it's just yet it's just everything we -- yes but specifically what happened in the second half with young Jimmy rob below now. Our audience should know that Pete Davidson at Audubon dot com we're talking with here. Did scouting reports in the offseason of all the rookies. That we're gonna potentially make an impact not only in dynasty leagues and -- dar re draft leagues it depending upon where they fell. And a scouting report in early April well before the draft came out on Jimmy grapple low as one of the top six five or six quarterbacks to take a look at. And basically everything -- in the scout report. Is what we saw on on Thursday and I pretty exciting stuff. Available in July. I'd like to thank Jimmie personally for for showing all the different things we talked about it scatter report in his first pre season game I don't know if that was his intent but but it's very appreciated over here I mean -- -- I don't get serious everything we talked about and scouting report. Showed up on the on the game -- -- he was decisive right yeah and you could CBI -- gets through -- quickly to release its you know its quick tight that. You know passes are accurate the deep ball timing exactly what we -- you know college. You know and the things that patriot fans maybe don't see a pre season game. And you know and something that you know -- certainly don't need for -- drop below in the short term course -- his kids you know he's a Smart kid and the leader. So you know -- I really you know as a non patriot fan I gotta tell you -- I had this did this to bums out because I really think the patriots found their next leader. I mean I -- featured best hope they don't need him for a couple years but if you do -- I think you got a guy can take the ball right. Los speaking as equals and it was this is the yin and Yang for those who haven't heard this on the W -- Tennessee football podcast before that it wore on there on the local guy but. I I would love to see him get ahead -- it would agree and I -- a fat. Above the -- the torch passed. Specifically vehement about four or five years and after the early sack attack like I'm feeling comfortable. We're looking for patriot fans are looking for -- Rogers scenario absolutely. Although it in the end of it that we don't -- go to the jets I guess. Now know we certainly certainly don't but. This from a fantasy perspective there were some things that that I that we saw -- -- Rob Lowe. It very much relevant -- dynasty purposes but. That there were some some players that they made some plays there were interest you Josh Boyce is good to see him not involved. But on the -- could see boys involved Jim and it was good to see voice involved in multiple ways. Yeah for those who didn't notice he was lining up outside most yes and talk we've talked about that offline before and and it's not something I was. Sure I would ever see from him but he was there and done he looks a little bit bigger on the field tonight than I originally thought when assignment flashes last season well. Listen he's secure with talent I think he you know we thought we did think he's gonna be an immediate impact player but he -- with a guy who's got the skill set. To function in the patriot offense it's getting all the routes and the timing route adjustments but he is. A lot like the other picture receivers that I think we're we're seeing a pattern develop here and I don't think it's an accidental -- the patriots like guys who -- diverse who can line up anywhere understand their relationship you know -- of the offense and voice hopefully -- developing and that kind of player. And I think the important thing is. -- from what we saw last night that's what they're trying to do with him. And yet he's he's he's another guy were at some point you know if if they -- -- -- things up again he could start making -- -- Have to keep him out of the training room and does -- against you can see that diversity. And then it and it hearkens back to what happens in the backfield and they put gene green everywhere it again. Another guy who needs more time on the field less room in the tub time a chance yet how many pictures that we've seen. Of the multiple. Locations that they light up from its marine officer and as a that's Welker that settlement. And you know voice and all these guys that's with the patriots what they want you to be diverse they want to be multi bright and -- fantasy perspective. You know that that the key people obviously Brady rock element to all of these guys can help you down the line it's a long season you were right here in week one of the pre season. We've got you know twenty weeks of football. Ahead of us and done it's it's not static it's a fluid situation so we're gonna try to do in these broadcasts is inform you what a week to week. Basis of who's popping whose trending so that you can act appropriately when the season is upon you and whether it's for your draft of the waiver wire pick -- that come around. We're gonna try to hit as many players we can each and every week and hearkens back to repeat does at wrote upon RO TO BA HN dot com. With the articles that pump up in terms of right now. Rankings for tight ends coming up soon rents for running backs quarterbacks receivers are all there. Next week and W the Iowa are tied and ranks and then once that's up. A will tear him just legitimate quarterbacks running backs receivers and that at that point will start working into a you know articles that are more about. You know how to draft this year specifically. You know players' relationships to eighty -- a -- strategies. For various types of drafts in from various locations in a draft for example if you got an early papers and the rampant. -- good stuff it's it's all important in existing understanding your lead. Understanding how you draft rules work and we're gonna give you as much armor as we can get you ready for -- dressed in summer happening as early as today. Now I've I've spoken to some people in different channels and -- coming to me for -- it's like she's the first pre season weakened field until bad because a lot can happen. And as -- Apogee she's talking back outdated and -- excellent excellent. Now speaking of things that can happen I -- diskette to the patriots in one specific player. Which is Aaron Dobson now he's he's a guy I know you've been high on for a while I -- to be shown flashes and it is also there's been some. Some some fallback when he's been on the field but right now is not in as I can tell you as someone who follows the patriots. A lot I've got some concerns I wanna see this guy on the field I'm sure he's itching to get on the field but what what do you see from within a from a football perspective first. And how back in impact Tennessee if we get the guy on the field. Well Dobson should be the X receiver for the pats he should be one of the guys who doesn't move around -- whole lot. Although he showed the ability to do it last year but I think they want him lining up where Boston's lineup. And Nokia gronkowski can represent assert the power element of the passing game. -- on the left side of the field. But yeah I mean until we actually see there -- running from -- uneasy. You know until he can push that foot. You know every day. Out early in -- but you know because it uses I've heard it's a fairly. It's not complicated surgery right arm so it's really just a matter everything coming together it's similar to what broke through went through last year in terms of getting that bone where it needs to victory. You know it's it's similar to what with Julio Jones has gone through it -- So. I think for Dobson probably weaker to start seeing him in. You know obviously it's fantasy values gonna have a lot to do with how much we can see him before we have to draft and how much information in the patriots NSA operations -- to put them beat -- at which we generally absolutely not exactly what he says could be less than nothing he can David find a way to actually confuse us. He has a body injury. You have you know one -- and got to -- -- lower leg injury it was like well they were little more specific without exactly. I wanna get into mommy pop into the next segment. Some of -- nuts and bolts with Tennessee but one thing about the patriots. When they do lose a pre season game and I don't want to ever see them lose but when they do. There is a little shrieks her -- people have a twisted sense of humor like me which is the Bill Belichick. Press conference when they lose and -- on the line because it's brilliant and it's a is a pure comedy show and a night of watching him -- a press conference. The battle to sail solo spots it's great. It's not just say is that what you say -- means nothing to its. You -- -- -- economy but also you know content economy expect north to say little and nothing at the same in any great and it doesn't matter if the answer has anything to do at the question that you -- -- is that he's a genius it's somehow turning the same standard answer in two. Nothing that has anything to do with the question that the reporter asked. I don't know if you caught area of foster's press conference like last week gave literally the same answer like seventeen times there -- no matter what the question was how they tried to Parse their words I -- would be a better teammate would be good -- months ago while this guy never actually played for Belichick equipment. But he sure has learned something I guess -- O'Brien has brought the belly check boring NSA. Contempt for the media attitudes at the Houston. -- I'm glad you brought that up because it it's it's a good tees and I'd like to bring into into the break and we'll talk about as we come into the next segment which is. He put up an article of Audubon dot com about coaching changes across the league in doubt and that can make a major major impact. On the players that you may target for the you may target in a tear for draft purposes. Now because it affects the entire scheme of what they're doing and what that specific player in that specific scheme can do. So gonna talk about that a little bit the article about coaching changes and how can affect your fantasy roster. Right after this day witnesses the Tennessee football hour on WEEI welcome back to the fantasy football lauer on WEEI Sports Radio. Pete Davidson and Jim Hackett alongside him were talking about. All the fantasy implications and opportunities coming out of week one of the pre season talk a little bit about the patriots and a couple more things -- should get to with the pats beat. Is there -- it we -- -- show elected and actually really good but they're the other Redskins actually without Brady without growth and yeah a bunch of new element you know but -- on the flip side of the ball and -- -- to play at all that he now. Yet but -- -- I notice him and on now on the flip side of the ball the Redskins there's a lot to talk about on that side of the football. Particularly in the running game they ran the ball well and -- know there's a rookie that you didn't scouting report on in depth. Is a -- he sees strong -- looked really good. Yet though he he looked like he looked when he was terrible college yeah typical typical Aussie stroke and you know obviously all the questions we have about him in terms of the finer points of the office passing game pass protection gotta gotta -- that's stuff is still out there it's unknown. But. You know that the running style -- great -- the -- agility of the multiple cut ability. It was all there that mean and I think patriot fans were probably impressed with what they saw. On and I think on the positive front things that maybe we didn't always see on film from him he showed some nice some nice vision on a couple of those bounce out so yeah a lot -- is a guy where. You know he could be up. His his his rookie year to be anywhere from a red shirt to a role player to a guy comes in steals the show you know we don't we don't know what's gonna end up happening because obviously resolute junior who also looked relatively good. Is there and they've got you know a big dagger in the starter spot without reports -- also looked pretty good against the patriot did. And and that goes to I think. While we're on this let's get some. Credit NG group. But just when -- -- as we beat him is to be teased the coaching changes across the league. In the last several campus yet and that did this is a big one did you know and I wanna I -- -- talk about the whole universe of coaching changes but. What's happening in Washington because of the skill players that they have and what gruden is going to do with the some complications there and you saw. You -- really good production -- a lot of people were actually competition with each other we don't know what's gonna happen with gruden over there. They were there playing against the patriots and playing without their top skill players right right you know no cars the -- There up there assent to laws and you know Robertson guys. And they made it work the running all the running backs could Silas Redd was picked up a couple out there. So you know the fact that that office. With a whole scheme worked it was was so solid I think that's a testament to grow and I think it's a pretty good harbinger. For the Redskins offense for RG threes. Outlook. And obviously even though of course on and he -- play the fact that they've got the ground game console is obviously good news for them absolutely and who did play. In the in in in. In place arsenal in DJ -- was altered Robinson looked really good. Yet we always like altered in terms of his upside ability and yet that just underscores. The depth they have the skill positions not just had running back with -- got. A whole massive vote but at the receiver position as well and lets you know while we're while we're talking about that the skill positions. Kirk cousins. Yet -- act on top and a good guys act as a quirky and NFL quarterback that period. -- which is in the wrong team right now RG three there wouldn't surprise me if you start Sunday if the jets had him I would feel pretty good about the quarterback situation in New York but we don't. -- is that -- idea yet at the economic from the -- which we appreciate of the year but and the -- yes and yet as the quarterback situation there isn't. I wish my -- -- agree or disagree -- -- but fortunately there lockstep. All right so now nothing surprises and no and nor should it but you've seen enough but. With you know I've had enough of people talking about the patriots using tablets side -- I. Like it's some sort of like it's of sort of new technology like that like the patriots haven't NASA of football on our tablets people I don't know if you saw the the president don't bother you that really doesn't decide to Presley's on the jets that they were using the commodore 64. Of course there over a no idea they got a by the chief Jack is. That many pilots get into some of these other coaching changes of the big one okay. With with the Redskins -- they had a good system there. With with -- and right -- you can count on absolutely right and done and and the relationships were bad -- you know so now you've got a guy who. You know it's note a little bit as a quarterback whisperer who's you know got two really good quarterbacks. You know Jay gruden with the exception of the -- Snyder issue I think that's a pretty good spot. Yeah and and some of the what are some of the other coaching changes across sleepy that you think. Can have a positive impact on the on the Finnessey atmosphere with the specific players that would -- there on what what strikes -- Has there been a lot Nazis obviously the Redskins are importantly there's so many coach. I think the titans made a good one with with you you know certainly Tampa Bay. Whole scale changes in terms of what they're delivering it and that had happened magellan's and -- -- she got to where it came to area. A -- ending. But yet -- going to be interesting Jeff tempered. Ex California head coach and he's going to be put that office and that's gonna be a little bit interesting to watch we're not sure exactly what you can and yet. But I really am excited about him his defense and they've got the personnel. And you know obviously it's a fantasy football shows I'm not really talking fantasy here everybody knows what Smith's defense put experts scared right past. So that's some watch. Excuse me the giants are bringing in the Green -- system with -- back -- -- got to be very interesting. I think. That's when Manning hasn't really -- never operated in the form -- always he's pretty much who has been in the real bright office and -- as -- -- some new. For Eli. Obviously a patriot fans know about bill O'Brien in Houston on but I think to meet the coaching change that really. The one which screens upgrade is what's -- what's happened in Minnesota the I you know you you may recall we talked about them right when I got back from the Columbine. We talked about -- And I was a little concerned about him back then because he just looked. All the coaches were there. Hubby Kevin O'Brien wanted to be there at the east season -- it was really obvious and their answers their body language. And I missed -- so he may have taken it obviously intelligent and terms of showing you openly how much it would be there is among the best -- -- but December. Is starting -- start to get a feel for him like you know what. It's a good thing waited as ordered either he's got you can tell he's got high standards that defense I you know that the feds could get good fast. Executives and Bartley took topped it he has -- players -- so I don't think they're gonna mr. Allen that all. And but but more importantly is -- defense which I do think -- gonna have fantasies. Impact and it could be this year -- effect could be earth in a year. So Minnesota lately you know scrambled for defense of the big -- lately they might help you. But Norv Turner is the thing to talk -- not Norv Turner can really transform that office. And you know even last year although we did love the quarterback situation we felt like they had enough talent to do a lot more than they did. Now they've got turner coming with young quarterback that you and I both like up -- water. Yes and and coached her -- are both very high and Teddy. Turn are really can do a lot -- office because the skill positions are rated the offensive line is underrated you've got to exceptional. Athletes -- Paterson and obviously -- and now you -- quarterback who might be able to make it work. You know at this honorable thing so Minnesota is a very exciting team and it kind of end their two. -- yes absolutely I think Kyle Rudolph is a guy. Who you know at the fantasy world seems to be up -- -- it's his his draft position is reasonable but yet he's a guy connect greatly outperformed draft position. If he can stay healthy. And if if Bridgewater wins the wins the job which we saw the suspect he will. Rookie quarterbacks have a tendency to lean on the tight end specifically. If it's someone productive big strong good target like Rudolph that's absolutely but even if he doesn't -- lean on the tight end or after it's gonna tell took -- -- turner. You know is a guy who always gets great production -- -- -- and that we feel we -- to look very -- just -- -- Jordan -- last year -- and you know what -- to -- Is some. IC Norv Turner in Minnesota as an opportunity it's an opportunity opportunity to unlock a player like Cordero Paterson who. Flashed the brilliance that use off really early scouting him back in 2013. Coming out of Tennessee. But it took awhile for Minnesota to get into that act in I think. Thought I was gonna want -- fast as coaches aren't there anymore right it's one of the reasons. It is a reason why NFL network is is showcasing Paterson and commercials they see it and again was saddened to see it I have to think that Norv -- will see it do. Yes and I mean for all the people say you know its routes -- this and that which you know quite honestly we never really. Bought or totally understood from the beginning we thought he actually was running some routes and college that would sort of impressive. You know I mean he's a young kid he's inexperienced he's that you -- guy so yeah he's he's he's still green he's got some some improving left to do. But you know that's always a glass half full half empty kind thing because if somebody's got a lot more learning to do that it's they've got -- export upside right so you know that you can take it either way. And if you if you watched Minnesota this week their first game. Paterson was was actually making downfield plays. Hold that stock is I wanna get more to Paterson whereas ADP is -- where you value right now as a receiver it's the Tennessee football hour on WEEI. Welcome back to the WEEI Tennessee football our Jim Hackett alongside Pete Davidson. Talking Tennessee football week one of the pre season wrap up. And before the break we were talking a lot about quarter all Paterson on the Minnesota Vikings great player. And we're excited about the fact that Norv Turner is in Minnesota because it it has the potential of unlocking this guy the question I asked do you are the break -- Was. Where do you have a ranked. Vs his average draft position right now. Once either average draft position really float anywhere from the mid forties to mid fifties depending on what's later on. OK so you know at -- in that area of the draft I have -- 39 overall. Which is a pretty aggressive break yeah. You know an -- -- if you read his right up -- basically saying this is you know. I will preface a lot of stuff with you know this is a pick for the risk takers. On an in with when it comes to -- Paterson I amorous taker. He's a guy that ideally economic team he I'll definitely targeting him. You know the keys -- with all players you don't wanna you -- -- drafted before you need to. And you don't you don't -- reach forums so badly that even if he has a good you're you're not getting much upside relative to talk him right but you know at the same time. You know I'm a big fan of trying to isolate players right and get them. You know couple rounds into the rafter in the -- you Italy. Who have high and upside guy right and get in the fourth fifth sixth and he actually has the ability to former first round -- right that's one of the things about Patterson is the guy erupts. He could be the next big thing so if you can get him. After you or have a couple studs up. Now you're in a position where maybe too Little League so you know that's -- -- -- like to play so you know the one thing about Cordero. You know there is. Something to the criticisms that a lot of people have a and that he's still green -- he's got some some growing to -- I got off chance that maybe he doesn't get out of the box. You know. That quickly you'll have some depth that the position and you know wrote about it you're reading it if you read UWB -- articles that we post already high value targets -- Horry got a whole bunch of guys going in the middle -- that you can target just in case you need to put somebody of record earlier. Yeah and I think that that's a lot of hunters an example yen. And there's a lot of them so recently on WEEI dot com Pete has put up a few articles. On the top fifty. Running backs the top fifty receivers the top thirty quarterbacks it's all there. And then if you go to -- bond dot com in that university correct me if I'm wrong all you can get all of the major content where that comes from. And all that content is free so go grab at them we're gonna try to do the best job we can here to give a little bit more in depth stuff. Like this detail on -- Paterson I wanna get back to wanting we didn't get to the last break. Was the AFC east and what we seen so far. After the patriots Thursday night we -- the jets buffalo Miami all played. And I'm just curious I mean there were some there are some people who actually performed really well in terms of potential fantasy. Opportunity and production. Interested to see what you think. On the Miami Atlanta game last and about -- -- Illinois game. -- any candidates and there is one drive but he didn't really make any mistakes use multiple receivers. It it looked good. Miami is definitely. I think moving in a better direction than they were last year I had no need to get into the ugliness. Miami's. 2013. But you know getting rid of Mike Sherman was a step in the right direction. Bring in in the Globo gym -- Laser in Italy is there if that's offensive coordinator I think. You know it. It could be anywhere so Mike Sherman's office for that right now are very disjointed lasted I didn't use Mike Wallace at all. Been doing incredibly stat yet they didn't move anybody -- -- through -- through almost every count was just so predictable and I think I think -- -- got that we too much. So yeah I think that the fact that -- you know they look a little bit more like the patriots this year there's more emotion a lot of guys -- -- different spots you don't know exactly what's happening every play you know. The you don't want the defense just again bright and you know feel comfortable and I defense is comfortable against Miami last year aside. -- heard everyone's fantasy production. Yet everybody who did you wanna Miami for fairness nobody should nobody so bright -- like maybe. You know Charles -- But yes so the dolphins I think definitely. Probably headed -- a little bit more in the right direction you know they're still over paying for a lot of the things on their roster right that -- definitely have some Spanish options down there now. The interesting things to look at obviously the got you got a little bit of -- camp battle out running back. You know as far as Russia Marino now it's finally back practicing again so that the notion on the Mark Miller battle will be interest in -- in a -- the rest of training camp and then I think there's an interesting. Group of players. You know with. With Gibson and with sharp Matthews and out with -- you know the rookie that we like Jarvis -- out those guys are all battling for time really in the slot. And for outside rules. You know. Back up roles on the outside Miami suddenly has more receivers in the need. Write it up in some weapons there and debt and Lamar Miller is a great example of here we are in question what's talk about our -- he's someone in my as of anarchy really. But. But it's interesting about him as its early August and he's a guy who could move in Marino too for that matter. They can both with very fluid in terms of where they can be drafted now and towards the end of the pre season before we get into the to the regular season because who knows. -- -- -- Yeah I mean I look I don't think Matt Miller doesn't get much higher our board and is right now and obviously Marino starts to and I think he's in -- -- -- sixties -- -- -- You know obviously any arena -- -- anything electric he's going to be playing major snaps of those -- looked good that's obvious -- Miller have to pull him back a little bit under personally I can be pushing -- up high no matter what. Because this is the injury. That well. The injuries yes but also just because like I mean that what he did in the -- last year was impressive -- -- year given credit. There's no way he gets that platform perform. With the dolphins you know if you get what's blocked it only lets clock with the dolphins are going to be averaging three point eight. So that that's just the reality and you know. I definitely not primary in this year I think if there is an upside guy it's definitely Lamar Miller. So it's gonna be interesting to watch that camp panel and I wanna get into a couple more than our of great interest to you and how can impact Finnessey. Couple more questions on the AFC east buffalo is an interesting game something I saw last night in the buffalo game that very much interest today. Was that Fred Jackson -- its pre season's first pre season game Fred Jackson still has the goal. Yes I mean I'd I'd I'd imagine he's going to have the Golan especially in the getting tight yeah on the goal line although you know look at -- Couple things first of all they are not gonna put CJ Spiller at risk. Any time they don't have so I think you seem very Vanilla. Usage of Spiller in the -- yeah that makes sense rent once they get in heated up. You know CJ Spiller can be very good at the bullets that don't be surprised if CG does get some goal -- lots of red -- love. If things start going well buffalo yeah. They're run heavy team. They're always -- run the ball lot there's enough in that office for Jackson and Spiller to both be fancy viable. The key thing for Buffalo's quarterback. -- yeah you'll get it -- and Manuel looked a little better this debacle that aren't dumb what your impressions of the one draft picks him reluctance. They haven't gotten the ball that much yeah Watkins is complete player but by. You know by all the film we watched -- pretty much NFL ready. It's going to be a question of how much to have actually manufacture stuff for him. He is the kind of player -- you can throw him some sunscreens and some different things just to get the ball in his hands because what has the ball. Dynamic dead he's he's dynamic playmaker. But to really a -- to make him a star. Because he's not quarter Paterson with the ball in his hands. On you need to be able to use his route abilities he runs a gorgeous out this is a guy with NFL round ability. Today right now but he doesn't evident -- the quarterback so that that's gonna be worth watching and you know look if if Manuel gets hurt again if things get really ugly out there. We will have an actual situation of our guy just told -- we think he's an underrated guy yeah. Well for those who don't know young Jeff tool who whom the patriots. Almost face in week one last year opening game 2013 you might remember. EJ Manuel was hurt whomever the other guy is their. Right and it pretty much every almost hard and Jeff tool was almost the starter is acute it was like vying for the third string quarterback position on the second pre season game. Jeff tool goes out and goes and correct me if I'm wrong twenty for 22 with two touchdowns holds it it was unbelievable. Do you correct you like that but I numbers but he was a -- that wrote a -- to -- -- report on. And -- all these buffalo fans feel -- the Internet whose job to viral -- twelve my idea was great you know usually someone like Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady would create a viral. Environment up -- but it was Jeff tool so just -- We're clearly the only people in the country road -- to scouting report I'm sure of it. Among your outlook he was a guy or we felt you know everybody saying there's no way gets drafted and while they were right but we we felt like he was a guy who should sneak into the into the draft because. He just got. And I think you -- the effect on but. You know he's a kid where if you can get them fully healthy. He can play in the NFL maybe he's more backup to starter right but. That we like -- tool I think he's under he's under sold he's got great mobility. People don't realize that he's he's cute you can avoid some. So trapped in the pocket and make makes yardages with his feet when he needs to excellent. If if if nothing else involved we wasted enough oxygen and -- if nothing else in buffalo one thing that really struck me in the buffalo game. Against Carolina was who -- playing against this is Kelvin Benjamin the rookie who didn't Carolina. Desperately needed to get someone of that pedigree to -- that wide receiver role. Those massive openings. You look pretty good and a touchdown and that I yeah that was that was impressive in that he's a huge body who got downloaded -- that -- night that was impressive. You know anything you wanna know about Benjamin go to -- bond. -- -- -- -- bond check -- Kelvin Benjamin scatter report -- vary. Long in depth report on him we called him mr. upside. Any any is I mean and he's one of the few rookies. I mean there are there a few others but it means he's locked into a major role. He can beat the number one receiver on his team. And you know with Cam -- throw the ball that's that's connection to last for a long time so. You know dynasty leagues and -- draft leagues this guys somebody is known about for sure witty take a guy like that -- you know Kelvin Benjamin as a as a really nice -- to take the first round right maybe the first -- the first round. You know rookie dynasty rookie draft in an NFL -- draft com fantasy draft I mean I've got him around -- hundred. OK so at a twelve team league you're looking at probably in the -- -- about that. And I think he's worth the risk. Especially if you're you know if you built strong running game looking to build upside you know maybe you've got some good receivers but you like to get some guys who could be great. You know that's when you start looking guys that pension you know Justin hunter Mike Evans. These types of -- sure thickened it the body guys yeah if you've done a good job. At the front of the draft. You know targeting key players like an anchor your team you're a better position you can reward yourself. By taking these high upside guys in the middle rounds and so -- that maybe aren't on all of your legal -- radar screens they should be on yours. Yeah I mean I think killed -- should be and anybody with a clues radar screen but yeah I agree and before we get. Forward finished with the bills out there have been pinched in camp battle which I think is crucial for fantasy purposes and I know I'm rooting for Robert Woods just I think he's a young. Players got tons of upside I'd like to see him get there quickly. But they you know they they've brought in Mike Williams from Tampa -- guy. -- and he's playing good right now he's -- a woods on the depth chart so you know that's the thing to watch I think woods is upside. I'd definitely get captive to the third receivers so that's a big camp out for this purpose is Michael Adams for Robert Woods looks so good so -- let's talk let's among the camp battles like what are some they're they're all over the place at 32 teams in this competition across. The league and all the positions what are some camp battles right now that are striking. And it had a couple. I think Minnesota last night was good game to watch I thought. I've read a couple things operate what are struggling to get a couple bad decisions but I actually thought he looked like he was pretty much. Pretty much not in control but he had a grasp what was going on I thought it was actually pretty good outing for virtual water if we see improvement each time out I think he's going to be starting week one orders soon thereafter. But -- the backfield of Minnesota you've got -- vs Matt Hayes got up. That's an interest on the candidates and I really high launcher which -- and Canada and southern. Very talented back I think he's gonna win that job I I don't think. When it comes down to it maybe they both have roles that they -- a pitcher that can involved -- office and obviously you don't get a ton of opportunity Peterson's. Sucking up all -- of course but you know McCain and I think is probably got a different handcuffs in my opinion on computers and vs he's got -- and I think ultimately went that now. If you are a large lead. The -- handcuffing a -- if you're a rookie to Tennessee football very critical for your running backs if you're a large lead the -- roster ring a lot of players. Get that back up running back. For your starters so that if pepper if you're starting goes down unfortunately. You have that solution already on your bench is gonna take those carries a guy like McCain it showed die in his first pre season game that -- some juice there. Yes definitely it's nothing we had seen before we really like to tape. Is College Station. We think Minnesota men agree move gravity in the third round. Some other camp battles are still let's have capabilities I think -- -- running backs crucial that's a big one down here around that one. Obviously all the guys up are listening area know about Roger Williams from Boston College you know absolutely any big power back where's he can keep his shoulders healthy. He could I mean I was concerned about him and go to the NFL because I think so many you know so teams on systems that are very unfriendly. For his skill set right to the giants are one of the teams selectively use in the right way. He landed in the one place their kin can you can flourish in because. They've had a history of -- like Brandon Jacobs for instance -- -- -- -- back there is obviously the new office there ought to see what they drafted -- they must have an idea that that they're gonna continue some of the world concepts you know let me be the 49ers would have been a better landing spot for him that would would have it may be perfect but you know. Let's not decree and and they got an even better back and Karl -- yeah I can hide looked really strong on their high school counselor like Carlos. Yes I think the giants' backfield so keep an eye -- and then another one I think it's such thing maybe his bid into the last we'll get into a lot of camp -- next week for sure. On but that your boy converse the font atoms and with the Packers now boy can ask to be the favorite guy -- the system at a Goodyear last year. But -- -- a guy I really like on film. He's you know -- card big -- yeah and if if that kid gets the system down he could surpass Boykin at some point -- boy. Aaron Rodgers took about that has to be a lot of fun to watch for a long -- would've gotten obviously carbon Nelson -- not receiving corps. We talked about the slot receiver position repeat. More on the outside. Well you know the the pact is a little bit like the patriots in that everybody needs to be able to play everywhere but it's Adams can play inside and out they've been using a little bit in the slot but. His skill set to me screams outside. That's why I ask because and you know he -- yeah you know Cobb is you -- -- -- standard had been moved Nelson around two in those positions those curious to see. -- who wins that battle where they might end up. Well it's I don't think I don't I don't really think it matters a whole lot of trips inside outside I think it's just a matter of getting on the field they play ought to realize they don't play obviously. You know anywhere near as much for -- of you know becoming a third receiver. It's you know again we're talking about fantasy football yourself. You know for further for the third receiver green data have value he needs certain he would dedicated third receiver that sort of sharing it. You know the way driver Cobb did when -- First breaking and yet so you know that's going to be key content can. Can Boykin or Dovonte Adams grab that third receiver role and become a fantasy factor either one of them in the role its offense fact right. So can they throw the ball so effectively and so often in green band yeah yeah I'm going to get their points and three receivers it's almost their -- office right oh. That it's just it's a battle that's a battle watch and if it becomes a thing where they're giving them both equal time it could kill that. Position process. Where you have to gusher in the role and so neither -- nor defunct adams' it's predictably good week to week now and we're just that's that's really -- to watch. I think it makes sense in the device as Adams brings up the good segment that I want to get into which is. He aware we're looking at about. Eight minutes left in the show. So I wanted to just kind of pick your brain and just askew in a global university talk about some guys who've popped to who've shown. I'm a little flash or flair that could maybe make an impact across the league get different positions have some -- that. I'm one that I know that you scouted in the off season and wrote a bond dot com that we really like. Based on our conversations of the podcast I got eyeballs on the other day on is Brandon Cox into wallets. Jack -- I haven't actually seen all his receptions from the game but I'd execs complex statement -- -- as a monster. He's an animal -- Pakistan so these hypocrites that. You know I've already got locked in as the -- retreat for -- -- so yeah. Draft -- exceed. He can be your third receiver. You know which which which coach you get priests -- it's it's it's good gate for fantasy. For fans you guys obviously in dynasty -- long term format on top six. But yet there are a lot of guys who look at this weekend obviously were recording in advance. Final couple pre season games this -- -- -- -- talk much on football until next week we'll get to a -- will get to -- To Terence west and all the other good stuff that's happened. On but yes I mean we've had the bulk of the game Torre played and you guys -- -- -- Carlos Hyde. I thought. Not that we didn't expect it. But we thought you looked like keys or in that office for a year to I think he's gonna do very very well right from the -- it was -- too good to see our guy. Andre ellington's cousin Bruce Bruce Ellington -- same roster Aronson of Cisco and a cousin precede it at a -- -- about that -- it. On the so yeah you know I thought he was finished -- player and it's going to be tough for him to really make a movement that depth chart. They've brought in Steve Johnson area emboldened area Crabtree but if there are injuries and San Francisco keep you know keep that name your -- Bruce Ellington got a lot of ability. He's basically. He's a lot like his cuts and Andre you but he's a receiver. So he's he's a guy that I looked really good. -- Davis once again looked really good. The chiefs and let's finish let's not make sure our audience knows well these guys are coming from because we could have some young novice Tennessee football people up there -- so Carlos Hyde. Number one draft pick for the San Francisco 49ers the likely successor similar yes it's our second rounder with some of Frank Gore now Frank Gore still the main back their Biden is a lot mileage on him so keep an eye and a guy like I've been Pete brings him up. Also in Kansas City. Nightly gave us the the primary backup to Jamaal Charles -- Jamaal Charles a monster in Tennessee but Davis has got to keep and I am for a lot of -- -- the handcuffs you're talking about before and I'll davis' he's one of the guys who you know some guys aren't worth it tough to -- back up isn't any good so what you want for. But yeah if it -- some apps to Jamaal Charles -- something happens to -- Charles davis' gonna be a monster numbers of potential -- he could replace everything. You know he could put the same numbers -- -- -- know he's a big back he's Agile fast. -- and he looked. All of that the other day. Another guy we like Casey what we're talking about them is undrafted rookie Albert Wilson -- who had a couple catches a couple of returns. He's got to keep an -- because there's there's there's a vacancy there'd -- At it at the right receiver position opposite to him borrow right. Again while lowering Casey and and that's an office that. You know because -- such good coach coach because -- schemes so while I think this this tight end mr. Travis Kelsey. We were really high on last year if you injury wrote about last year but he was out for the entire year before the year started with micro factors micro fracture surgery. He caught a beautiful touchdown Chase Daniel you know we lined up on the winning a little bit offset in a bunch and he came out caught the ball and didn't really just took it. Seventy yards to house and and I think the thing that really jumps on the -- is the outrage in the defense is coming off a micro fracture surgery so. I think Travis tells tight and achieves -- guy. You have to be -- for fantasy football this year he can be steel at the tight end position he's got tight and one upside. And the tight end position is one that is has a lot of depth in case so you know the top twelve if -- twelve team league all of those obviously are starting. -- capable. And quality tight -- Right after a year I think Kelsey could be in the top twelve that's on -- so front but from like twelve to seventeen there are really. That it in terms of their ranking their average deposition now. There's a lot of talent there that's a got to keep an eye on it brings me to a theory that I've been talking about. In these circles for a long time which is when you have a quarterback like an Alex Smith good quarterbacks mark guy not a great arm. It is. I think it over -- and it values that tight end position even more. On the young quarterbacks lean on tight ends in tight and in quarterbacks that don't have that great arm strength of like -- -- Aaron Rodgers for instance will lean on that tight in quite a bit so I see upside their two. Yeah I mean and I think more importantly in the case -- office it's just that they don't have a lot of other options right. So you know even and interpret it Leno on the tonight and yet that's great. But in this in that this is just but it's an office who desperately looking for places to throw the football. And and your right Alex Smith is not a guy who's gonna make a lot accurate downfield passes so you know the rookies like Anthony Thomas who also popped in and out at eighty yard punt return. Where you ship where he showed off his speed. For all those people were worried about is forty to become -- I think we can put to rest. The Anthony can flop that dominant and he's a guided Andy Reid also could. It's injury could do a lot with a guy like -- Thomas. And so he's got for fantasy footballers to keep -- especially. In -- -- -- dynasty leagues you know this guys probably going to be. In that Dexter McCluster role and he's a better ball player clusters so he's got to keep for sure. And you know -- or at least a lot of time to hit all these guys out you know Tre Mason. He got some action in last night's game for the -- Mason got it took early because good value Shura and an. Could start taking carries away from -- Stacy well that's that's that's -- that's and that's that's a camp battle to do with -- BC intranet in a winning battle because I think Stacy the starter almost for sure M but it's it's definitely something where you have to think about. Market share snapped -- what do you call it. But it was later in the season right -- going to be a guy who challenges Stacey because they're both good backs it's not about -- not been it's about now he's got another guy with -- -- ability in his backfield so. You know. Don't be too confident it's actually she's gonna -- huge workload all yearlong and if you're looking to back insurance. Get an insurance policy for Stacy. I think it's probably the guy Smart. Well there's a lot of there's a lot to cover and you have the opportunity to get so much information from the content that he will be putting out. In articles forthcoming on WEEI dot com they'll be coming this week a great article about the tight end rankings at this stage of the game an August will be coming soon. I'm also pat wrote a -- dot com there's a ton of stuff is -- its top 400 players. Excuse me players that are ranked and down that's up that's a fluid situation live updates all the time. As a listener or you like to get involved in the show send us a tweet sent a tweet competed at wrote a bond where can someone to be an -- -- hacksaw. About. Draft questions player questions whatever you want animal integrated into the show -- happy to do that. And I think that's a good way to wrap it up beat the wrap up this week's edition of the fantasy football our. It will feature our weekly conversation without fantasy football expert you heard him for over now earlier Pete Davidson. The chief Tennessee football writer for Radovan dot com public to give a big fixed our sponsors draft -- They're the leading provider of daily Tennessee sports a draft kings dot com am by Clark Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in the filling. Nobody -- o'clock deal. No body. You wanna thank you for the time great job a lot talk again next week thanks --

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