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Tony Stewart strikes and kills fellow racer Kevin Ward Jr on Saturday night, 8-11-14

Aug 11, 2014|

The guys open the show on a Patriots Monday from Gillette Stadium. The biggest story, however, was an incident on the track in Canandaigua Motorsports Park in upstate New York. 20 year old Kevin Ward Jr. was struck by a car driven by Tony Stewart, and died from his injuries. MFB discuss what happened that night.

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-- -- really upset big Christian. Is in here with us today Christians on the road in New York hooked up -- Via satellite link is Eric Christian you can hear us right now I have world locked and loaded down here OK but Christian can't see what we saw we want to Gillette Stadium. A mere few hours after the country music show and phone I'm like -- -- -- -- models place is a mess. Christian it's like a hurricane came through here now it's my first time being in the patriots studios review patriot Monday and we are expected to hear from Julian element Chandler Jones. A little bit later on -- -- first patriot Monday but as Joey I walked in today. And we open the door this sort of a door before you get to the door for the studio and there's a holding area. This was Luc Ryan production. Room well you are Christian are right. And empty bottles of tequila and linemen. All cupcakes strewn about. Well spring water bottles that are half -- which Shaw and -- they. I'll read -- man everywhere. Still treat people still smoke Camel Cigarettes like you really about a late last night this is not a left apparently -- -- -- smoke it's gone there was a that's the most in the two Lima -- may want back the -- a big city girl I think you hear that you know -- -- -- gated off the year a little bit but I actually didn't already when it's out there there's there's a -- -- his life by the way if you want yeah there's a contract. For folks are big fans of the show Nashville. Expecting Luke prying cameo appearance. Comes we'll read the contract they left it behind it was sick out there for us to see. What I say for us to see I mean how much he's -- 3000 dollars a day. All sorts of personal information elbow and it's yeah. Security number get the -- right now could be Luke Bryan by the end of the show. We can borrow on his name for credit. It leaking well there are maybe a nice mansion somewhere out -- -- created up boys don't wolf that much this thing up it was just sit out there chilly across. The -- says oh my god look what I've got. And it's got everything you need to know about the pride in morsel ladies. Don't be if you wanna know Luke Bryan lives I can sailors Alice's and I can be bought for that kind of information. That is fabulous I tell you what you are obviously I live down the street always -- from the from the stadium. And when I was leaving yesterday. There is seriously I've I've never -- so when he trucks and jeans and cowboy hats in cowgirl hats and -- it just littered. Does that the highway 140 going up to this immediately it was like amateur hour at a truck rallies where he. At the strongest days and any city are -- the big country music show comes to us into this place although most people here with the guys a smaller venue. You know in this place is jam Alec. We walked in and it was -- how many people deep -- 56 people with lost and found. I'm sure it was very important stuff. Like purses wallets other personal information. Contracts yet -- contracts in a given that we just announced in a radio to expect a knock on the door from the maybe his people say I'm -- we to just got to go back in your clean this up yet that the cleaner -- -- -- threw everything away all day. Well like I think that would trustworthy people. I don't know what everybody else around here you know me immunize you give out contracts and everything else -- good -- and he's information at those humors yeah but I would want then hands of anybody. Any any special requests you know -- you know green Eminem's you know take out all the they'll be you know. Analysts and that's not warrant -- -- out of need ESPN on every other channel wide. It's pretty standard right Joey a pretty standard at one of the biggest request was mixed reviews available by his phone. At any given moment in time during the during days is both beyond said also the writer and there was shooting can be interrupted for personal phone call. So and that's why it's open was on the contract. Yeah we should we need to call his cellphone and -- -- call him what we call them right now today. Just curious like I've found this like -- you guys lost the wallet. If you were looking at all nobody we should call right now with -- lavandera that -- now but it's due later on this continent. Luke you can either come on the air with us or we can -- but it resources yes or if -- if I hit I. It. It's immensely Maloney Christian Fauria middays with an FB here at Gillette Stadium -- -- until 2 o'clock as you point out war. Chandler Jones and -- elderly -- -- little bit later on in the program likely in the 11 o'clock hour. Quick thoughts guys on the pass before against the Tony Stewart news which is the dominant story of the day at the Christian. -- -- be taken away from anything that you seen -- fallout. Since that first pre season game that we talked about at length for the pats. I think most everybody I think -- has the same -- Lisa that I had -- you know after the game on that Friday just. You when you look I look at a team at least three times and initially after the game you couldn't find anybody in that stadium that had anything. Remotely nice to say about right -- I mean there is silly names being called about this -- it was ridiculous -- just. Has been washed up never is never going to be you know -- -- things I can repeat. But when you look at the at the film. You know I have my third -- of the -- it played terrible. And he didn't do a lot does he get any help to get the run game support he did have some crappy passes. On that we alluded to but he did did have some really nice passes. So. You know couple that couple that with you know that you're not getting any help from the defense either Washington running all over the place. You know I just 'cause I'm stay with my evaluation from -- -- republic breaks a little bit wait to see what happens this weekend on Friday. Against a Philadelphia and if it's a repeat performance and then then -- think I'm gonna have a different you know way of looking at it. Sicker -- the -- I look at it is. To me. If it's not about Ryan mallet. You know it's about can Jimmy drop below maybe work his way up here and show leave. Better earlier in the games it any proof to Bill Belichick and his staff. That maybe he is capable mean you. This today that the the second year that Ryan now it was just two quarterbacks you know you're one -- Brian -- and here's the back -- and after that. They're fly without a net I mean Ryan -- you're two back up Tom Brady out again but -- he was ready for that either. So they look at Jimmy drop below it's a you know what he is doing the things that we like we do think much like -- this year to. You know that we be in trouble if if Tom Brady went went down we've done that in the past week for golf which is two quarterbacks and if he can continue to show. Even if -- has a better week I don't see it really about him I -- you more ball drop alone have a conferences we can move forward with just two guys. Yet I don't know that the whole thought of Jimmy -- will be the backup quarterback with no experience no live game regular season game experience a much -- Boy but again. Great point but the fact is that at least she has years army as -- in the offense. I mean this is really mean this is so four weeks of doing the Patriots offense like he's gonna know what he's doing. And a second half performance which was it was nice he was going to get second. Second tier type players on the defense. Made a couple good passes snuck out of some some little situation we should have been sacked. But it's that's it every so. I think what we were all surprised that he played the other better than we thought he would and rhyme played so. Much worse than I thought he would play. That -- you put those two things together than you have the rest before okay. Did you drop low can be the backup quarterback there's no way I'm combine that right now no way it -- quite frankly. I still think it's going to be I don't think it's gonna happen I think Brian -- Fades out -- they bring another veteran quarterback in here and look up with a tight ends. They did big arrow zone Qaeda and the brought in three older tight ends and one young guys to older guys and one young guy but there's no way edges he's not going to be ready and then -- And gives us a Matt Cassel type situation this is this is this a situation where you would need an older guy maybe it's a 1011 year guy. That -- you're you're sure you did you in and out of the right place you know and that citrus that's the most important thing forget about him throwing it in a jam you put element back. There. Are imported the patriots in the 11 o'clock hour but we do you wanted to dive into the biggest story in the country I think we could say right now not just the biggest story in the sports world announced Tony Stewart what happening candidate -- New York. When he hit a driver -- was walking on the track after his car following a wreck between the two Kevin Walsh. And as it turns out we will have Mike McCann legal analyst and Sports Illustrated joining us at 1030. To scout award of that right before the show began. To give us some legal. Discussion on this front and is it fair to say guys that were at the point right now where that can be the crux of the conversation. We've moved beyond the why did it happen we've moved beyond the shocked that video we've moved beyond. A visit. The obvious need to point out that life was lost here and now were on the portion of the the the discussion as to what happened what took place and why. Yeah I don't see as far as criminal investigation. In a good luck with that and know what they're talking about you know we wanna see. David knows he's doing individuals or given ward junior was your relationship with Tony Stewart before was there something going into this race if you got to try to prove. The Tony Stewart went out of his way to kill this individual you know or what kind of negligence he had. The reality Cam Ward junior twenty year old kid gets an accident comes out and attract. I'm watch in this thing I'm not an expert short track but these these these cars -- fish -- all over the place every single turn it's a short track. Summit -- of total control of it maybe unlike a NASCAR we on the cement and all the turns -- the I don't see how you can look at that he would be a total control to be able to avoid this guy. I don't think that I don't think Tony Stewart went out -- saw the individual and that yeah I'm gonna hit this guy knock them out and kill. Is it actually Munich in criminal investigation against him I don't. I don't think that at all even given Tony Stewart's reputation your nickname of smoke you know everything that everything every talks about this guy. I just find that hard to believe the mistake was twenty year old walked in the middle of -- track with these cars going as fast they were. I don't know how you could prosecute this without having some sort of video from the other side of the fence. Because you can't even tell from that video whether or not. He was. Taken into the wheel well because Tony Stewart fish tale into him. Or if he walked into the tire himself and Stewart kept straight line you don't see the car. -- or wobble until he's already under the tire. So I don't know how you could prove anything. If I'm the district attorney I don't take this case there's nothing that I bring up and we'll talk to Mike -- more about this. And he can lends more expertise on it but just looking at from another's point of view an admittedly I am. I don't know how you would try to prosecute this criminally civilly may be criminally I don't think cell 6177797. 937. Yet you know when you think about Tony Stewart Lou you tests on just a little bit. Mean there -- he does have this reputation -- the same got to get out of his car through was Hellman and another guard during a NASCAR race so he has that reputation. And -- you if you think that that he had any intent to to perk does daddy decrease I don't think that's even possible. May be you can sit there look at it because you you look at all the all everything goes on the Internet you look at the video you're trying to you know figure out what the heck happened. Will he tried to scare you this -- getting out of the car first mistake don't get out of your car that's one of the questions on -- is there any rule that mandates them. These drivers staying in their -- apparently unless it's on fire army obviously some fired at -- out of there but I eat it just doesn't seem safe. Period in the cars are still racing there's no you know delay there's no in a caution. Like this post -- senior call resonated here until it did. You know although the the wrecked car would have you wanna call -- no no ruler fine -- suspension. No no prisoners are talking about sports general data next morning that was the focus their conversations what do you do to keep people in the Clark. Whereas I think the bigger issue that they missed was what exactly went on here and I felt like ESP I was afraid to cover that part of the story line but. They harp on whether or not it was wise to implement a rule that calls for suspension or fine should you get out of the car I think that's a no brainer I think you have to do some. Like a lot of people feel in the up text already -- rid of this call -- he sped up -- tried to scare negligent homicide right away people going. Talking about it and and you see the video that we -- a lot -- -- rev the engine mean. But he's he's -- he's bracing what I do know is she's under caution at Ebenezer chance that he saw the guy down shift in -- and and that caused the rebels and engine. You know is your chance of of that actually happening at the guy earlier DNC that seem pretty knowledgeable of it. Talking about in the other -- on dirt there on a mud in the windshields covered with dirt. Nearly hit his advisors covered with dirt it's not the seeded duke ran out there in all black. And you turn in these corners -- thinking about the -- -- you know you looked up in DC some Dudamel the track. Point -- you people say any rev them up to stay Arum right and then and then that's added defense of this guy deserves some blame because he tried to scare -- -- things went bad. I think that's gonna be awful if. -- approve all give credit to -- for this and he stole the words right out of my amount -- the in the same thing last night reading Twitter. You talk about that this morning in DNC. The reaction to this story it's similar to what we have guys that day that we first came on the air after the Jerry Remy situation or you look at the text machine. You get one checks coming in that says you're an idiot if you think Tony Stewart did this on purpose. The next -- game and you're an idiot if you think that Tony Stewart did this. Accidentally with the same stuff with Grammy you're an idiot if you think you should be off the -- you're an idiot if you think that he should be on the year. And the only people to -- or idiots in that context of the people who insist that it's that black and white. 'cause it's not it's not black and white and anybody who suggesting that it is is missing the point especially what it comes to criminal prosecution. Criminal prosecution it has to be black and white and there's not enough. The video is practically black and white and from that standpoint I don't think they can pursue it. 617779798%. Yeah I don't know alarm are -- they're gonna go with this semi Tony Stewart to me immune lessening the question too is a lot of these guys. You know this is like a hobby for Tony Stewart as such as -- in NASCAR a lot of these guys do do things like this short track right to get away from. The stress of of the big race the next day to bring some attention and help these -- it got to get a big name to draw more people. It was it was almost a year ago reading a year ago today where he Tony Stewart caused a fifteen car accident took blame for that. And there's as a result of the nineteen year old girl. There -- compression fracture in his back. But it that doesn't stop and that was a year ago in an accident like that and it's he jumps right back you know a lot of guys do this broke his leg and it dirt track that was a year he did -- thing right compound fracture in his leg and missed the second half the NASCAR season. This is just what they deal with -- -- -- do things like this is just an accident twenty year old it's unfortunate never -- out of the car. But I think it's can be awful difficult to do anything legally to Tony Stewart right now. Who would you guys think about about the in the initial report. That his camp sent out saying that it was business as usual and that was going to race -- that -- -- -- itself out as these are mind. That was what he's about 9 o'clock in the morning great zip -- Delhi is -- a competition director for Stewart Haas racing. Pass yet the automotive business as usual. I mean it's it's it's amazing that -- and -- a half later that change our as far as that goes to if it becomes a business as usual. It's a lot of negative reaction as a matter fact this woman was that Kerry Kerry are. She's a senior director of communications. She said that there was nothing to preclude Stewart from racing today. And it they would stand by his decision there what -- and a half later -- c'mon they say the same guy. Exhibit -- holds a press conference as Elena batteries aren't happy talk about getting negative of publicity solid ally that this that this -- go on and change your mind this. The one thing or the one area right really do believe what came out from the coverage on ESPN yesterday I don't know why it's so far -- for him to think. As he goes to bed at night this was something that happens in racing and any wakes up the next morning and realize guys guys. You actually hit a guy in in any -- else they say it. I don't know just bad job. While some who say oh well let's say business as usual bad judgment wrong to -- William yet and you know what -- -- -- It reminds me of you know I mean obviously not the same thing nobody is losing their life but. I mean I guess you can't like when guys get hurt. Like you know career any type injuries and back you know 1015 years ago if you really -- like your New York coming back in six months -- you're you're out a year and a half to two years if you came back at all. And guys who get hurt during the drill right there in the middle of fifty yard line and the coaches say moved to drill. Act like nothing happened -- -- lead them there let them get up and go on result and you just had to kind of I guess compartmentalize their thoughts in just get all of that or you're gonna get anything done. Do I think that has there's an element of that with Tony Stewart and his decision because ultimately his decision. Yes I think terrorism we did did you know the guy died I think that's just part of racing and I mean listen to people get hurt if a dangerous sport. But the way it happened and how what happened. I mean just in you have the visual in the indicated flop around up in the air -- you seem lying just motionless you know off on the track in the rescue. You know truck comes and it just doesn't -- Leave a suddenly feeling in your gut. But I can't see how they're -- they're can be. Aside of insensitivity. Towards this just based on the profession that therein.

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