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Aug 8, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

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A crowded headlines is brought to you by AT&T to cover more than 99% of all Americans building a better network. -- to get better security -- around here a little concern for letting Clark just wander -- mystery I came back smoking what happens. A kind of -- him and -- -- if you go. To Mass. General use all these people outside smoking group mail that they're scrubs on. They're in the health care while cigarettes. This is that people take off from Haiti -- Incident. Is eligible. That's just admit that it doesn't look at -- and I haven't thought of it I know about how -- packet you'll pots and yeah that he did. You ever give blood. Just donate to electorate trust senate because there's a quiz that you have that answer a survey right out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not directly but what -- thought about -- you know what I thought. About. Are a follow -- -- you are married York papers. I have been here that no matter what. I've never had sex with an animal but if I didn't Doolittle -- -- when you're done you have a ride home and it's true. Easy transition year. Forbes magazine listed the ten highest paid actresses all that I make is -- -- this calculus on the big girl you know one. -- -- 51 million I -- -- you know -- yeah well. Given against them against young and he gets in verbal yeah that's I guess that it's -- on the atlas America. It also bigger -- number -- had -- -- made 51 million blaster Schmitz nearly a year before she took -- back and gravity personal front. San Tebow yup yeah -- yeah. She's amazed everything she's great I -- are we did a movie. Up in Canada years ago. It was a low point in my life and that is obvious is one of the bones and bullet -- -- -- it was amazing -- She drank what she potty yet sexy with the movie now now now in real life did you know all know is why -- she want him OK he's got outside a Chevy -- -- pragmatic guy yeah yeah sexual connection yet you yeah yeah the damn shame that she's letters -- go. It is now -- -- -- chilly Sydney underwear on -- thirty raggedy ice on the big screen -- long. The big fans physically of -- I mean she's not bad period but you know on this year -- -- got it sensuality about her in real life that she's just really nice to you do the dirty -- all of America and I would -- payments. I I don't the field I really what -- partnership with hepatitis yes all -- Australia like that Tommy I. I like the dangers other diseases she had killed hepatitis cholera ward off the yeah but we're coming up that Tommy that's that's tough factual. The capital from U2 for one they like Roland now a target the Yankees stayed yeah I saw that the big screen but you know. That. If this goes into an -- Parikh. She says it's actually used like this -- my husband is there and I will monitor. I promise I promise you know -- guy is somebody who doesn't believe. Idol is meet you yes big crazy by these odd people sometimes -- -- -- -- Frankie. He's my guy you are experts put -- what is what Richard welcome. Expects it broke -- pick big sports fan you know pro gay it was really and it would seem progressive time's man of the year. I was out yesterday and tell the kids 50000 German kids stop with the Internet. Stop the cellphones. Are paying attention god. Now do I think pitched a -- but no two I think is -- she got the cellphones yes yes yes sell sell. If if if President Obama burial himself came out today it's that I am banning cellphones. For America they're gone I I would say disguise for skipping these guys have done that it's cellphones -- the take mine from between my cold dead fingers like. If the Pope said in movie theaters. I absolutely support -- -- I'll be okay -- be BO OK we're OK twenty years ago. There is an addiction. To this in this country analyst Alex some sort of hope when a case I don't think you passed for one and I and I and I've. I told the story on the set of The Three Stooges movie right. In Atlanta you -- a lot of down time yup and and and on a movie set they're probably fifty or sixty people on the perimeter the up and the 23 principal actors onstage to a neutral stuff. Then as soon as there's down time I looked around. 100%. Of the people run their cellphones doing something the opera I just just wasting time. God forbid you have -- on. And you only reason I get a ring a whole new -- if I want to get five. Did the Pope say AJ Pierzynski -- to stay up in his cell phone to record -- at least apparently that was his greatest crime with the Red Sox had a problem with the problem with. The pulpit where -- kind of fraud. It's a big social media on Twitter yeah ordered several languages now. No we -- as a -- after that you have to look in my language it was a it's principle and practice and get five yes if that's indicated -- speaking of not back what is this opal well. Nobody -- -- -- American English word would gotten without this -- out instead grammys tender my book is every right until -- Twitter followers does pull out we know over a three or four million really I could write a library gaga. -- -- partnership has 22 million. That's. Extremely purple for four points raised by the cat that yeah well my -- -- -- -- -- this -- was torturing protectorate where. Francis looks up at monopoly I couldn't stop doing it the big scandal in the Vatican now is apparently he texted Aaron Hernandez 31 times. -- That was all it -- -- prior to the upside -- is Dallas you know those liter of my other religion other. -- Serious story Robert Downey junior's son charge of felony drug possession after California cop allegedly sought to brazen it from cocaine pipe. In broad daylight Indio doubt that he never actions never felt that. -- on felony count of cocaine possession and one misdemeanor count of possessing a smoking. Device obviously his dad said some serious demons so let's. A sad story you know but twenty years -- -- the thing you know is somebody used to. Live in this world sort of -- this stuff yes it 2014 is amazing to see the people still do -- -- cocaine story. Talk. The golf I get the job at the golf you like about. I mean -- -- -- to -- -- and he beat Coke through golf -- and that's how we played like 36 I yeah I used to play 72 rounds of 72 holes when I was. -- I. -- -- -- -- -- A bloody east funniest lines was we played. At a golf tournament at -- -- moment ago in this is when you were. Larger gallery about three day yet and we -- -- and I was let you Dennis and we what did we won that tournament a month to right and it's a hit too funny lines. And and it's an Olympic green one can heal and when he's gonna Swinton in Rutland and Wii's biggest. Says this is what must've felt like for -- and the and it's like yeah. And I value life. And we got like a dollar -- -- five -- five dollars and ultimately it is up. Glad should they got hit and it definitely looked at the audience that -- the I. -- a -- guys -- Joseph. But we want. Restoring your post today that John F. Kennedy like prostitution. Story -- right there -- -- -- years. This is from me a lady ran a prostitution ring -- a million clients according to RJ FK Marlon Brando. Adopt the you said she liked out hookers who looked like Jackie Kennedy by -- Hot back then that's where again and and a filthy dirty. That they used you know I. Went but you don't think about Kennedy. As opposed to the Obama administration he paid his voice because if you remember what we have thought about is. If you're gonna have checked it was pay your lawyers don't go. Don't have a good talk that a yes I think the Secret Service like what. Secret don't you ideas that. It all up prostitutes are going to get a title yes I think it'd turn to the prostitutes slightly up to six just -- an argument -- I'm -- yeah and don't you. Hey there and woods a few dollars. I would get. A prostitute that looks like your wife that's meant that sets it up that's that that's the that's dark threat. If you're gonna cheat wouldn't it be with my physical opposite is true story my brother used to work what a guy. Who got caught cheating with his wife's twin sister. Bowl like what's the point well why not just. Sleep with a wife and pretend it's the system that would before I get married and blamed -- system. She -- to me it's true -- -- -- have always felt threatened at this is a hot woman yeah yeah so. The act at the -- like stylish. Now six foot OK First Lady -- yeah exactly the -- I mean has there been up. 01 lady who in her class Dolly Madison. Knology good underrated -- rose remote show what was Calvin Coolidge is why court because he was always taken that this must have been a bank and heard I got -- -- as -- okay I think TM. I'm going by Laura Linney in the John Adams. Many Syria she will have a doubt -- -- Obama and you're already up and I'm gets and she probably didn't have teeth and Barack Obama just carry -- looking. First lady of the television -- Like bush bush bush that's that's Bob bush library I thought that you have you -- -- Mary Todd Lincoln. Hideous (%expletive) like. Took off like yeah -- the record I didn't like I was acting you know it was a better looking -- she got you there was no oil paint no eyebrows. Trying to -- anybody else. -- Laura Bush I think is all Barbara Bush was pretty pretty hot if you go that way unpopular -- -- heroic moment that is just a failure they really stuff you must be good look at my putter on the one dollar bill right answer that's true. Well let's head lights brought you by AT&T let -- putting our -- not -- Op -- giggles tonight one show 830 would ID January I'll pop it up and placed bombs and Bobby Slaton the public comedy. As well liked him his PPP haven't seen this guy you've got to see in my own Bobby did five years. He's unbelievable -- tomorrow night we have Christine -- like really think. Is the funniest female -- in 3437. Years have been doing -- since Rosie said she's amazing five kids marital firefighting -- she's Incredibles or Bobby Slaton and Johnny PG tomorrow night at that two shows 715 tonight there is excitement. Musical summer for something was an herald which -- The talks come home. All they talk a bridge just randomly talk about that today to November and right to regard said yeah we get your twentieth anniversary it's a big names dominant. Jimmy Fallon Craig Ferguson bill Burr. I said the check to live on top -- Because I don't think we're gonna cure relish with the ice overhead although it -- so. I had brought attention to -- -- And and I'm thrilled to be involved what it. And I gotta tell you it's. A dumpster it I did write -- let the judge do for a minute back. You know Tracy Morgan yes I don't he's doing. He's still engaged or -- and he did comments from rats are -- you know that was -- that was bad that -- anyone knows you know the other you know the other guy in the I don't know I didn't know I don't died and all of them are what Joseph tonight -- showed tonight to tomorrow night till tomorrow night -- giggles 712339950. -- giggles on the at the web in the and I don't wanna get off the pulpit it's like yeah are it's two shows he'll have a ball you -- and Pristina early on January and Johnny please let me just you. That's fattening and I don't I recommend Ehrlich is a blood covenant. And I'm gonna try and do his they sent me an invite to the Brad Faxon. Golf tournament that's a primary night so I'll probably are you gonna do that's golf and I know I gave it up again yeah it would. So I don't know during a golf yes they have a terrible terrible golfer unlike the it'll. I've made peace with the fact that I'm I'm -- I didn't do ya I second wildcats are satisfied actually Dick -- highlight what I said you know what forget eighty. Just shoot a hundred and smoke a cigar and I are again should not -- we'll be right back. That was great --

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