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Who are you looking forward to seeing during Pats-Redskins? 8-7-14

Aug 7, 2014|

Christian checks in from Washington and the guys discuss which players they are looking forward to seeing in tonight's preseason opener.

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Getting in touch with MMV right now we're loaning 48 and business on the go. -- -- Hello I'm thirty. Seven WEEI events overloaded now being joined. Like Christian Fauria who is awful spell check time. Down in DC really go debut two nights between the New England Patriots and Washington Redskins. Christian was doing some TV work -- -- Bill Belichick I imagine he told you everything you need to know for not only tonight but for the sixteen regular season games as well our Christian. Are you at a very forthcoming gives away everything that this is the way he is you know you ask my question if you would direct answer Daschle wasn't too bad today. Talked a lot about you know bunch of different things much to players. But it was on the road kind of knows the answers he's gonna give soul it's usually softball type stuff for him. We'll let let's start off with. The news so you retreated up it was unlikely that Breeders' Cup legacy is confirmed now that he will not start a B Ryan mallet com what's your take on that. -- -- -- He played so much. The other day in that Tuesday practice they had over ninety snaps at ninety wraps. At practice and some of the guys the first to say that the main players and I had seven probably seven please each that's more than you see you know regular season game for a month of October along so it doesn't surprise me at all that why he's not going to play. And I tweet that out with and quotes -- official but the word is he's with a got to play. In after all he did in that game there's no way is gonna play mallet needs -- in the warm orderly needs reps and of course he. He's it is simply one great season game here. And there's just a lot of things. And improve on a lot of things that. But it did need to see him do with the first team group not about the second team off of the flowers being flushed out of pocket on a regular basis. He's a number ones up there. Did you find that is a positive just talking about earlier. If Geoff Pollard and Carol back to -- first pre season games and Brady's career. And for the most part it seems to be pretty consistent two drives fourteen to sixteen plays each and every year. For Tom Brady and and I look at that is. Again demean the practice with the Redskins obviously helps and practice with the Eagles love to see help and it's a more controlled environment she give a lot of time there. And maybe the fact he's getting a lot more comfortable may be with his weapons that's kind of allows look at it. We'll also here's a thing of the patriots have the benefit of giving Tom. A team like atmosphere game like situations real time situation -- -- with us. A competitive defense that he's playing against. Yet he has no risk of getting hurt. I mean there's a there's a good conversation that goes on between coaches and they say listen this is where -- on the practice and there's no there were no real communication issue but. He gets a game experience but nobody really can hit them pretty suspect there until the ball. A nobody -- plagues the same thing with the Patriots defense on Robert Griffin the third. That's just the way it works so. It makes no sense for him to go out there. And and risk getting hurt in the pre season games so we'll do it this week. Like you do -- against the Redskins the next the next week the Philadelphia Eagles come out we'll do the same thing he'll probably playing that game. Just -- really you know. Get a get a feel for real scheme type experience but there's no need for him to play in this game none whatsoever. -- I'm getting -- deal out of it. Myself but I action by the -- Lou we start up program went back report with the with the caller too as well. When it comes to Brady is playing time tonight nine times at a ten I had the exact same reaction about most good starting quarterbacks especially guy like Tom Brady's been there done that a thousand times over much bigger situations than listed but just because there's so much uncertainty. At the tide in position after gronkowski because there's so much. Still to be done in terms of navigating through how it's gonna use all these wide receivers many of whom were question marks last year and still need to develop the ability to see how far they've common this offseason which has been such a talking point. Since the end of last year and even used in the backs of the backfield in the passing game. Was there more and inclination was this a harder decision than other years to not have him play in pre season game number one. -- -- -- -- Because all about a dozen -- because there is several years are different rate it is trying to look at what goes on with the other guys economy can a decision what they were what they. Decide to do. But he does not guilty they need -- erupts and Brady got a ton of reps of two games were some release of a pre season's worth of -- in the Tuesday practice. And he looked beat melted. But that kind of situation is Terry I mean across not there but the whoo man he didn't make the trip DG Williams has been hurt. He was -- practicing and David you didn't partake in the walk through. So at tight end you have Justin -- -- Watson and jeans Devlin who was a -- -- gold a year tight ends -- are felt from last longer they -- As it gets except those that Jones kid now I was kind of hype them up. You know it that's exactly the comparison I gave what he's this year is that sort of felt but you know it seems late. He's got a great opportunity right now to kind of -- -- dislikes acted you know he's just really brought did you play last year all because of that he was academically. Ineligible. 52 catches at east Carolina but it was like -- ran into crazy route progression you know he doesn't know how to get leverages -- know how to. You know change the route on the flies so I mean he's extremely broad not a big time point of attack type of guy and he's 68275. So. Is his -- to be an advantage or to be a disadvantage is depends if he gets is. You know his his shall pass underneath their past and it's a NASA that he -- stood up all the time because it can't Ben is at his hips. And it's a disadvantage so. You know -- sight to see them but I don't they're not banking on him being a Tennessee they call it in this we'll. So they regard try to get somebody else then they gonna try to get another tight end to help out because they try it would buy and we got here four days is -- balloon back company called equates. So they're obviously trying to maneuver their roster bits of the gas more patting. At tight and that didn't work out the first time they revisit that. Not I heard form of multiple sources that. They were looking at other tight ends inquiring about their contracts trying to figure out if there is another guy that they can bring in here. Because if you look at it -- -- I know -- and resign but DJ Williams doesn't really have a lot of reps under his belt. Rob is still. You know not a 100% -- and that's just the way it's going to be and can you count on him for the entire season. So they need somebody else and then Dustin Keller they're kicking the tires on him for awhile. I know it looked at other guys around the league that are currently under contract and guys who are free agents. But it's made it may be a week and seat have a situation but. You know I definitely think that's still an area that they may address. Either one camp ends or during the pre season. Let's go to decade for a big appetite and but they -- Detroit that all of the profits drop him down net debt that poll right there why not let's get -- -- I oriented group doing all join us on Fridays and Mondays during the season not clear that they are just thinking that patriots Friday's patriots Monday double the -- -- double the fun. Other spineless and it's great as nasty cellphone and here we go back up to Matthew Stafford showcase Ryan mallet traded to Detroit I mean I've got the whole thing engineered are -- -- Should. I do you are my heroes. Listen he would be such an. So great in this -- it would -- that ridiculous and you know when I sat down with. Where -- that he was asking me about them and I was like after the interview was over I was like you know it. -- the -- you guys need to do is go to might go get my nephew he's got -- -- eagle my nephew. But what a they need to Eagles get a it it again getting back to get him back to hold the court Vick situation I do think this is all about -- do we those final year of his deal. He's not coming back. Right I mean that I can every sign this guy to a deal and have grapple with a draft in at second round be the third string quarterback for the next whatever years I mean. He is gone whether they just don't resign him or they trade Campbell whatever they planned on doing so. Get in the starting back up quarterback. The scene earlier Christian. We've seen I think everybody on this roster play except for Ryan -- you know probably we have seen you know we've seen back up at the bottom of the barrel corners in the linemen -- -- games and linebackers didn't games. Right now it only gets the play in a pre season. So it's it's it's that it's time now Odyssey. How much better he's gotten from last pre season. Today's pre season all practice regular season all the offseason workouts this is all about him right now. Yet I really think it's more more than just his. Ability as a quarterback -- it's more than a it's more than just his physical ability to throw the football like I know he can throw the football I know he's got a rocket arm. I think there may be some maturity issues I mean I think there may be some just general how he carries himself issues you know we had issues back in Arkansas I just. Doesn't look like he's carrying himself frank doesn't say the right things now. But -- well -- what he's saying wrong let's say Israel gone away is that the one thing the -- any article I don't read. Yeah I don't I don't think so -- like a note -- short I talked to one. The first and ask them when he sat down to solicit. Dirtier in the offensive. You know what are some things that you need to work. It is said nothing battery to work on and now you say -- -- I like last -- -- that you know I can the US same question to Tom and he'll say this this I need to work on this week you better at this. I still haven't perfected that. I just think if you're a young quarterback -- you and you you just you need to carry yourself as if you're the CEO of the organization but that's WR so. People look at the way you dress that looked the way you -- that the way you talk. If you're looking at a quarterback like mallet was in his fourth year will be free agent and you wanna make another investment in that quarterback. Based on -- -- All the things come to play it just can't beat how article author of -- ball every great quarterback than it ever played with. They've always had that CEO mentality. You know the dispute they've had it and then it emulates from them and people -- it and people draw from it and it's. I don't think he has it. So what it's -- it's going to be curious to see because he's been more vocal. About practice he's been more. Aggressive with the young receivers even though he does not like he has more playing time -- them he they've played more than and they've done more than him get. You know that's a step you know Matt Cassel for everything that he didn't do he never played at USC. He wasn't playing here he was terrible and he was just up and down like crazy. The one thing I'd say about that about castle that Cassel got the huddle. You know was his total you need to shut up. And you know he didn't do anything to respect the fact that you're the young kid that hadn't done anything for ever. That he had a big -- set. To command everybody else now let's talk about rookies is but we'll meet -- fault. Toward brown Ben Watson I mean did Graham he did he give -- all these guys who were established. So that's the mentality that he needs to have it can't be fake either because they're gonna see right -- you. And he's in there to see it when you walked the meetings and would you -- Blake do you bring your playbook do you sit in the front row. These are all things that you're starting quarterback has to have now if they realize that he doesn't have that. You know then his personality. It becomes a detriment and it is. If his physical play doesn't -- -- that more than let's sold the door. -- patriots fans what are your thoughts Brady not playing tonight our whole -- Ryan mallet what are you expecting to see out of him 6177797937. When we come back we'll discuss what this means for -- drop below plus there's another former back up quarterback that's making big news like. Huge news -- that is we come back -- -- 37 WEI.

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