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Ben Cherington on Lackey's desire to stay in Boston 8-7-14

Aug 7, 2014|

Red Sox GM Ben Cherington joined the show to discuss the Sox contract talks with Jon Lester and the teams deadline deals.

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These front office report is brought you by noon turf care to shoot a business solutions and the New Hampshire Motor Speedway joining us on the AT&T outline. Manager Boston Red Sox bench Harrington the bad. But I'm reading a headline in the paper this morning and I know there just wrote appellation of what the articles both to be about as bad. Colin no ace no problem. Hey is that accurate and beat your philosophy regarding the need for an ace on a staff to be championship trip. I read the article. Yeah I think I think I would say that we're we're trying to build. The best team here. I think if you. They're out to do that in one particular way or Billups or the same. You get Serbs locked into a in into what happened and he -- on the other opportunities so courts. Any team would benefit from having. You know a true number one starter in particular -- that we would -- -- seamless so. That's that are desirable thing. But I just don't think you can. That out only pursued that would just Wear it -- missed the boat 45 minutes in Maryland games. You're getting out there is it. If you look at prostate law. Answers. Kicked out. The starting pitcher's -- like that -- here and that is certainly there are some who have been doing it. For a little while there are recognized me and remember there are others too. You know murdered Edmonds a couple of years ago thirty years ago and -- oh though. Where those aces come from. And and who knows maybe in we have one of those guys where -- somewhere in and Bible Belt so it. Of course we're better off -- we have. True number one starter. Or try to do purses. Though the best we can't win as many years. You -- I really am not a big test this guiding get the trip they do understand not. Signing classroom with -- one with Henry you guys that it would not give a guy in his thirties big money that makes sense to me but -- he was on here yesterday you said June 28. You guys made a final offer to Lester six years a 105 similar to Homer Bailey. Only says they came back to have a since simply want the Cole Hamels deal which is around 140 and for six is that accurate because we read. There's only one offer to go here is that 605 million dollar offer is that Hackett was at the final best offer even -- Lester. Let me get in -- you know that -- over every conversation I had. I -- to set. A lot looked a lot about a lot of things that we talked throughout the year and so we a lot of conversation. Think yeah. There's an understanding. I think there are we -- we both understood. A lot of things how. Look we have all our records aren't aren't trying to find a way to keep in Austin. I'm jarred. As you said publicly to our -- about current season and we. Didn't expect -- desire. On the and then you know then and we -- -- as -- -- -- Released before the deadline that unit a unit. And you -- that he was there was this. There is that it lets hope our studio -- -- possibility that we're a phone call and a aren't beat her or. So -- you know I just I think that. When they're as him. And me and as we. I think the problem was that as there that it doesn't it hasn't. It hasn't fully captured third didn't fully capture. -- conversation so I'm not Arab. At -- this year and then. And that by the fact that you know what. He's he's. He's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Then we -- John -- on the show yesterday afternoon I posed the question about winning games is second with what remaining time there is. And I'll give you the same disclaimer I'm not suggesting you're not trying to win games that the focus isn't there whoever. Do you not have. Liberty's too to use guys in certain situations that you might not otherwise used the men because you wanna see if they can handle that situation moving forward. And if you agree with that are their discussions with John Ferrell hey let's see this guy hit right he's let's see this guy's face lefties and so forth. We do our find. Are -- things out about number guys then. An and I don't know what the matchup question that this is more like the picture in Europe or an arm for the guys -- to play him and mr. Walk through and if we built for a reason then. He's figured I would create and so. So that -- -- -- you know he has vehicle you think about using -- -- personally. I think. We have an and that really sort -- position players and it sort of more straightforward -- -- -- -- hit the start its literature that are. There's simpler side I believe that. You know whoever's out there. There and I is. Try to help us win games but yeah we are -- color. Out there. But like you think -- confusing to me in in in this way first you -- a couple of weeks ago and he said you know we sign a contract he's an honor that contract and Lucchino is on I think dean of the week after it and he said now we know what the downward a sit down we're negotiate this deal. Now we hear that may be for from a couple people that way Lackey maybe one other talent to -- force and with mystery because he wasn't going to pitch here. Next year for the minimum what happened with like you would lead to this deal. Well you know it is. What little also it suited it yours or your cursor and you are he'd need contract and and his. Sizable routine like the Cardinals who understands. Understand their value understand. After a guy loose it all the sort ethnic and the middle of next year's I let out so there'll mile. There are we would not have been able to true wouldn't trade both Lester black you have sitting. It neatly -- back immediately. -- -- That that that that was certain standard. I think I think we -- the pro game. An. -- interpretation and so. I can't comment after you're used him. We -- about it. For a certain. -- the end of the -- him. You know amount berth in the World Series and so I I certainly hope that. You know. Red Sox fans that are on around Boston's. Lasting memory is down black is. Well certain WWRs. With 81 leave. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Interesting article -- in the Saint Louis post dispatch today that says Craig's left foot tells detail and talks about the injury that he had. Last year and going forward how a perfectionist has dropped on a long term view is Allen Craig's left ankle injury or ankle or foot whatever it is. A an ongoing concern for the Boston Red Sox now. Belly you know we as soon as creative as he was ready traded access to medical problem we went through. We knew exactly what we're we're doing is when it betrayed him news something. He would they'll let that -- You know probably would require some additional men and they just happened that. You know the first -- and played like you have to back our effort there and Eric tweaked it and so because of that in the history were just. Very cautious approach. But the long term prognosis is very it is nothing that happened. What is I don't know last December or. Last Friday. -- is going to. This should be an issue for the long term -- term picture. We get this straight now. You're given that history and given that you know what. Hitters. Rely on their base and their feet a lot. And when they don't have that they certainly do it and and -- -- -- certain hitters and and you know maybe Canadian -- after the injury. Coming in this year. Did it bother him a little bit but it it's not -- or worried or other or. Granted that Henry Owens has made only one started AAA but we -- I guess officially say he's been successful at every level of this organization. EST on an innings limit this year ban and if the answer to that is yes does that mean we will not see him. -- with the big league club in September or Rocco was -- Yeah we had a haven't had any conversation about him missing and they lead the series. Is -- our roster yet and you know and and I just I just didn't like but I think there. I think the triple A season and the minor -- he's them. Hate to set examples Serbia and natural. Governor or an inning. You know a great way. You idiot you know they'll who were in it and we're trying to win them and have a chance the -- it and knocked over them. Some of the sort of cautionary. Rules that are listed -- when it comes to young players deuce. Has become all about winning but. Maybe. We will make it miraculously on that if we're not that the listeners. You know that -- looked -- it less likely consider it. So bad when a candidate runs the president of the United States he is given a Secret Service detail. To protect him in case anything happens and so forth along those lines of one question in a serious question. Number wonder Tom Werner have a Secret Service. While he is a candidate for Commissioner of Baseball has he divorced himself every day activities with the -- Suggs who is still involved in the day to day stuff. On the on the former. You know -- and it has a lot of a lot of work before this. You know ultimate. And and do a lot do a lot of things for eleven days -- you know so -- people are on the latter absolutely not he. This is actively engaged in all. We have. You know we have our are currently Mike -- -- All the include him. So happened the lap they go out -- on -- Whatever is your fitness it'll work its senior citizens return make. You know as I do it. You know every ever -- there -- sisters. -- changes you know as a -- -- is it that there is a daunting the year in the 41 in the cafeteria Fenway Park in the sky could be the commissioner of all baseball and a week. Well I mean look you. I hit -- then and though. You know all of that goes into that. Because earlier and -- you posted period but. I do know that. Look at me what happened there -- -- he's been highly successful and everything done from. Speaker that. To -- also being part of our ownership group computer replaces. Part of our success for. Both thirteen years or longer than two World Series. President elect are also dropped out he's involved in any inning as well what's your favorites on Lincecum. -- really yeah. Right here in -- that I know there's a lot of a lot of the credit he's put it right lecture. At about 2000. Day out there there's there's nothing out there and like it again. A bad final question. It's seems to me that you have organizationally a logjam in several areas -- catcher. Shortstop certainly in the outfield currently sets but this Jackie Bradley junior Allen Craig Daniel -- moved you better chance of victory and also on and so forth. Would that indicate in illogical mind that those kinds of log jams we will give view. Opportunities to make trades to bring in whether it's the ace or somebody else to help this baseball team next year and going forward. Well will be open any opportunities that tomorrow latest -- to get better. I don't know what -- we look at thing about the year. Because -- struggled at. We throw it out are all here. I don't know the idea of adding humidity that simpler. I'm -- and me into -- we need. Mean -- in London and -- aren't all you are possible match here at. Thirteen position players are contributing and -- apparently. We need Lotta options though. So it it. That particular problem right now but it. You know what -- opportunist correlate to make -- better than syphilis or or Julio. Thanks for the time been the talk India. And sure that it Red Sox general manager joining us on the AT&T hotline the front office report brought to you by noon turf care. The -- business solutions. And the New Hampshire Motor Speedway quick quick take -- Emery to break cryptically from the finale is that -- definitely yes there's no question like yes but yet there's any mystery -- Does not answer which need to up our four D&C. We will talk about the fine line between. Clubhouse report Scottish and developing. Sources within that roster.

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