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How big was Minihane's childhood home? 8-7-14

Aug 7, 2014|

The guys opened the show discussing the lavish upbringing of Kirk Minihane.

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OK I hate to admit it I and Warren and I am confused. I am wandering aimlessly in the wilderness. -- Steve Buckley -- Dino -- Erik Howard you. Fine thank you -- well you say that'll have many good skill sets but in terms of just about you say I'm I'm. Fairly decent at op would say. Sexually harassing interns can we beat you one of the greatest -- that was gonna go we show prep but our children don't -- that I. What I would say the view when you get into the radio hall of fame guard had to adapt and advocating for years you know HOF 2009 when -- or when Abu -- at Cooperstown yeah I think somewhere in there has to be. The man knows how to begin radio program is well that's all like -- and have no no no he's definitely not apartment and out so it's it made it just gain. On that I don't know that up -- that up. But what I love about how I feel like I'm about to fail miserably in that particular job. Consensus on a wandering aimlessly -- that. As they say Pittsburgh humans -- Decide which are weak commands this for our exercise in futility to write her. I don't know what care. Today in an -- her body in general but today on this particular day. -- is -- August 7 August is over it is over fresh bullet to third so we drove in this morning you're doing so so dark I got warning it and not now. -- yes park at 745. That I got it out why get out at. I don't have of opinion and at that point yeah all right are you -- -- like six minutes of light today. Not yet excel. It probably means this happens now and I can yield winters aren't -- sort of creep into the start a knock on the door just a little. Can you those 22 degree of you being a runner yeah. Thought that I went into bullets America you've done over to -- this business of running in January when it's minus twelve on. To prepare for -- race April is the sweetest thing in the world into special shorts and my portrait 75 degrees. And then you run America in it and get on a accidentally burned. -- because of the ring installer that should have something should eventually accomplish something that'll slow down puts them in and bought yet they should invest some sort of credit does not accurately don't -- and I went on to god and apple and -- -- -- -- -- that day I didn't -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- this morning. On. Three on wrote on enormous. Do my morning run this more couple days a week him again up. The dark in the morning Thursday to get the 318 and admire -- for -- -- what does -- Wear. When he runs in the dark in the morning. And kind of reflective. Of -- -- -- again no I did not see a person driving I don't care all this it's idiocy. It's idiotic. Erotic. It's it's reckless opposite by the way it's selfish because when you -- to a road pizza. To get junior wide while happy your departure randomized support remember that will be left without a bread -- here's the cubs out first -- it does very well. Actually his big reason why aren't you went and loaded with some -- -- a -- of economic well -- -- like CEO -- on the station they invent. Gary Player rolls right program so I notice when I listened analysts are you being. Unfathomable wealthy. I don't know what that's just restricted to design a few more people across -- was somebody what you don't actually. Just a broad regulatory economic times I'm an average of Springsteen Eric an average regular -- Winchester which is rather Tony. It's fine -- it's -- and it's is your dad do at the peak of his career what was his title. You mean that there are out of 200 are fresh. Doesn't that they'll mumbled yeah the question was you know congress and asking what that might affect on what -- -- that my father my father I was the Chief Executive Officer the company believes if memory serves that we've heard of this company. I don't know was it would steal a dollar and it was Kim's computer stuff yet he still I mean you know he's working CE well yeah yeah. He artwork how she grew up in this and have open links. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're wandering -- I got humans say it was about. Thousands of law or are you serious think I don't know oh all right into the building that big -- high school protest -- Now I despite the fact that ball just -- -- with this. A little overblown but at their I was lucky enough to grow grow up without having to -- financially I don't apologize and I asked the question -- was this year. Support staff. Mean like help you can't it's a question. Bradford. It like melting on the stand like Corey Butler Horry made Horry mammy yup. All four Larry Craig color Craig said yes tool yes all of those all of those explored. Different times you know but what are dead after -- local 25 Teamsters oil trucking felt Boston -- that was a -- As a great -- I mean yeah -- -- on Google thought that you might -- down there that yeah. People aren't -- special days and I was a kid my dad would take in the truck with them when I was like five refusal. And it would ride around Boston with a big red oil trucking. Truck that's pretty cool and I get to write up an account with. That's pretty good now announced that would do my special. It was like the best place your folks ever took you in your siblings on vacation my father would drive a cab. Instant sterling -- save money for a year. So we can rent a cottage or one week either and Green Harbor him to beat while. Well he's going to Lucerne Switzerland that that's not true the candidate that best of all that was gone that was nice yeah short it was. Pretty much a regular. -- and think it has -- in any way. Perverted view yes yes one perverted and why don't work when you're at work it's results to -- doughnuts in not for Google. I know bill very well summer's work. I didn't not. I've never -- Paris is because I used as -- allowance once once when I was secure don't -- -- swept out the back of that yeah threatened company they've -- And I worked at quarter of my dad's my dad my dad's at Atlanta but otherwise I am I -- that was push. It that summer who -- summer -- the glossy and it was Gordon by the way in particular that I doubt that -- And and you know -- Grandmother as a housekeeper if you bought houses and we just as a my dad. It's like you -- well I mean Adam -- Michael you just we're just establish a base and I think I'm like me who. For some reason as the two I'm sure you know that means to an end -- wandering aimlessly wandering a summer print -- but because it's very easy to talk to receive might get -- I actually don't get that sent a I'm probably should this asteroid -- you're like you're. -- -- pointing out the obvious why did you get we come from different financial background I would say this I would say that if somebody spent some time with us and it's which one of these two guys. Came from money they would -- you. -- you give up your -- -- sort of you your cop opens things change. I'm. A message euphemistically. -- -- you know I'm. It might one of the great things about me never met in the tournament there's no shortage is that I appeal to the -- I am you know I put on the boots here -- coming every which lies the phrase of where -- from. I'm from the I can't say -- because I was out there -- three teams. Yet today it was a it was a great what a great morning. Great run -- -- Nazi single car. But -- -- one runner for the first animal early Miller FEMA I believe you gentlemen. L in pinkie in British branch again. Now do you give the runners -- -- yeah. What's the what's the protocol and that by the way I am I'm never first to miss out if Hillary's. -- -- -- -- pisses me off is that I'm jogging and I make icons like mile runner and every once in awhile I think the eye contact suggest that I should. Like waiver not -- And I do that and they keep running right by me like I don't Dane named return -- -- from CU past minute hand which did oil soaked wood down -- first on -- and I come up poignant. And we make icon and it does give you little wave or not you keep running. If we don't know which I give either the thing -- -- what what what is it saying explicitly yes yes. That it would take dismissed what I don't get is when you make that contacting a little nod in the person. With they had a little bit and Mike you're not a real runner over and over and get that definitely. There's definitely -- jogging in the there's some liquid -- an accent on just actually finally -- having a heart attack I agree is if you were just saw them out there are some board the CIUs so the whites differ when you're doing this thing -- -- get the sense I get is that what they are saying. And I would just make in the -- the sense -- -- is that what they are saying is Miami real runner yeah. That's you you're hobbies is that superiority that's what sets your sense that's what that's what they think that you're correct that's I -- about one runners yet see. These guys who was burned by you know on the discount given that I'm here says an object it's also -- experts say Heidi you know I get it's they have. Oh slippery slope -- true at the same thing exists with cyclists. People -- just kind of we usually vs the guys who have the -- you know -- for -- whole outfits on account of exactly like pants -- shoes shoes -- that -- the thing they look like somebody like me -- -- like pick it right. Like John Kerry but. Good -- it. -- It's a good point assets a very good point you gotta buy and now we have so why would you. All run at night without some sort of what side -- -- so that's the same thing at all. -- -- -- I'm just excited about what are your are gonna fall down probably. An -- -- debris likely do that yet triple person. Maybe I'll start it just another thing. Have here's a hole to do. A bunch of other things that you can number yourself with like the whites for your black on -- that's an election gave them running pack. It's what you went with it and -- you never know yeah I did well and hinted that it won't. Anyway guide -- sub -- the -- it's your first question I'm the man knows how to starship yes but but not this morning as you can tell -- and are rather. I'm enjoying this heartedly -- -- I did -- one more running thing okay go ahead. You know too early by ancient Iron Man issues yeah -- the charity -- as I was supposed to meet her in. -- -- You know the big pond there on the stone -- -- -- yet so I was supposed to meet two of ten mile run and then at some point she was gonna run the other way. And I and I was -- up a -- and we gonna meet Angela Moore chipped -- we telling right but I came up behind what I thought was her right. And as I got closer and closer -- at all wave -- that I stopped. And then I realized that's not sue because sue has a much nicer behind. In the woman I was coming up upon. You again. -- servant. And liked doing and when I haven't had a and went right to this later on. I thought she would be offended but it turns out she relates the story and tells it to everybody to the question America with a -- -- -- the other -- had much much about what's it like -- Yeah. That'd be the other way around or you pulled it always shared -- got your butts much one -- would not -- well right and just like my fortieth. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But -- did you notice when -- running sell off if I've said -- into the public at ten care half marathon and I find the girl with. -- legs nice bottom -- I mean yeah I would still be 56 miles it was violet -- second it's distracting yet yet she's going you know. If she's faster than its troubled but you hang on when I used to go to hell that's why rim behind you for the marathon and others. I think we'll have that extra. But as you can put it behind got to go outside the building and luckily you don't. It'll ever. And -- point there was a woman when I used to leave here at 10 o'clock and go to help point. Who would command and she's actually married to -- famous person. Would command and allow. Sleet and called the optical. While tackling in over a year -- -- -- advocate naming it as an -- now. And there -- three should always be in the second -- I'll always pictured below are sure. The watch ESPN. Out more -- that -- And it was a -- It was an athlete's -- of such as you'd care to share -- no I don't tell us the woman to -- the Adam. What output -- later -- get punched in the face a nice -- where you've brought exactly. Are right so I present to you this morning's wondering in the wilderness aimlessly menu. You think people. Would be interested in hearing -- discuss. And to get involved in the conversation. 66 manually almost Clarkson in those six. And pop Warner's accelerated candidacy. Or major league Baseball Commissioner the -- -- Baseballs he need the story simmering with people -- their pants waiting for Tony -- to start naming names. Joseph and sells. Inability to impress his Cleveland brown teammates so. Patriots and Redskins tonight engineer the Washington football team. Eight Tiger Woods went up to -- I brought to market basket and not to a -- -- -- -- market mask on and it's not only do you even managed to be a jerk and tees yesterday. Of that. And we'll be talking about the Washington football team all the Redskins are sitting there. There is that I heard that Tiger Woods wills himself to the scene this morning at 835. And journalists. -- relationship. With players and sources on a particular team. Somehow painting. Or coloring. Their report harsh of sent athletes and said team or six. I would say personally -- mean I 86 Warner. Terrible that's -- -- at just that doesn't but there's some there's some infighting how to get into it like not our -- I would say. The problem what Warner news that. People around here I think have no idea what he does either so they can't really get worked up you -- -- your organization -- the commissioner I don't progress experience abuse. Carol let's go. What is your observation of what -- Warner's contribution is this organize station. Well first -- -- He can't be as non contributory as we think because. Listen he's the second guy yeah. The second base of the franchise if you will like that based on the investment. Yet -- actually from what I understand he's not even the even the second. Biggest donors at the way to put via via the -- percentage -- to hear what he does not have the second biggest ownership stake here's what 10%. He's more than that but you've got John Henry obviously it owns more than 50% the second guy is the guy yeah. Albert wrote big forget -- -- -- out for big piece on this guy who had never heard of right but I find out he has the second biggest ownership. Stake in the team to give us -- Brookline very involved Philanthropic -- very very private and I can give his name but I. Remember I'm looking for. And but I'd I believe. That is isn't Tom Warner involved in the television side -- outside and so what shall we think -- right. So he's the guy gave -- Sox appeal. Be next commissioner -- -- Is Amanda Davis carries reserves and race went on I was a day and I thought I want to -- our data pronounce his name prop up enough the worst. Would you rate yet there. Let's let's let's let's -- I guess I guess something looks wrong or I I think sometimes he becomes day. I think it's beat up a little bit because he he's not for senate and that let's go Red Sox thing and stuff like that but but. Wouldn't you agree that aid. Harvard graduate who was produced. Like for the top ten succumbed to what time is not qualified to be the commissioner yes I would I would semitism and no I'm gonna go -- no it wouldn't wouldn't you. Think he has the ball well to do some stuff. If if what my perception of him is I see us Rosie and the crisis I bet that I had my point is -- seems to be on the marketing television broadcasting. Presentation. -- presentation literally but in one pocket right. I don't think that's qualify as UNE when its way back to back commissioner Major League start mortar strike you at all those guys coming in the drastic on future -- -- -- But right but it will allow you 64 years old. He's he's an old baseball guy basically but after twenty years in the fact that he gave mr. Bork in. Does not mean to him that he was more ready to a legacy that Madonna wanted he was the creator deputies reported Garry Marshall. I think he's part of the show begins with Arab summit at that. Yes -- more amok again. Points ahead of growing religion out of it Auburn -- -- -- -- -- go with that were created you know Roseanne -- -- -- Crosby show -- three. Third rock from the sun and that's great but I mean what does that -- and that seven each -- is right for big what does that mean we did more pressure base with Garry Marshall. I think he was -- public. Coach on them wire it's now interested no usable -- I'm. It is it is there in some fashion which by the way I never -- now and and it didn't do for you didn't do it now. But the big rumblings that that I have Robin Williams is comedy. Now Robin Williams in with the -- game and could go I guess. First as a as a as a -- yeah actor yeah he's off the chart but the whole -- -- on the Tonight -- only be expanding and is in the -- to -- another. The -- it trying too hard for you to trying to trying -- Wally BC. Word is partner Marcie Darcy Darcy saw rob -- the comedy club and watched more in. Which became a huge hit. Great so that the baseball what -- what I'm saying is that he he he strikes me as a bright guy I've -- -- I've looked at that. Yeah that's true mental note that I like about Warner is this goes back to Indian tonight coliseum and I argued about that's the biggest. Go right by -- the bookie with Francona. In opinions listening is gonna roll his eyes. -- the -- is Terry Francona. To decide who loves baseball doesn't. He looked at that was his big page and happened I think they like baseball I just don't know they love baseball. Because Francona grow up and club bosses in right over his -- was -- we -- what the city was like a little baby. He literally grew up in baseball. And Francona has got this misguided idea that. He gets to decide loved baseball he doesn't have been fighting has an opinion based on conversations best based on. Relationships based on things that he has glee cabinet thought you know this guy like I managed opinion sucks it's it's one of the dumbest things I've ever heard him today. It is beyond dumb it's still -- in its stupid I'm telling you is against -- -- baseball you're right -- -- -- -- right. Listen we better call by the talk about Tom mourners look for baseball very different corners steep. You know we love sparkly and all -- -- -- more time -- -- you have. You know you don't you don't (%expletive) Francona rough because the owners would bring celebrities and sponsors -- -- -- -- the club laws to meet people. Guess what. When you play for big market team that's part of the freight I don't think Francona late this season two finale -- -- never been denied there was evidence that that is out of a job in which are not a -- now. Now my daughter up. -- -- -- gore as a freshman at Harvard -- did this documentary on Fenway Park which may seem -- you are that would subjects they love baseball dating back to his early years. -- baseball you're right and connect to those who loves baseball but baseball. I like write articles culpable thing that would -- Warner and Henri while baseball. Yeah that all of thing I apologize Hoenig Terry Francona has more insight as to whether that's true or -- saying and you announcing it's totally wrong as these misguided by his prejudices because. He didn't like Warner bringing in. The CEO of you like him bringing -- dad in the clubhouse because he's a -- -- and why do you think that's why he based they'd all love baseball. Because that whole book was about settling scores -- -- now by ethnic he cast workers the -- -- yet to sign Crawford I've firmness of that big advocates and that is -- good for sexy right now it's perception most people have -- order yours that you think order you think that's right I -- -- first of marketing guy that a baseball right so what that means a bigger commission. Because it's going to be. They're trying to block Manfred -- -- 61777. -- 7937. Bench Harrington 845 and our talks and patriot redskin football which is one of the six. Items on our menu Johnny -- Zell has not impressed his teammates tiger. About two hours and ten minutes from now wills himself to first tee at the PGA and that journalists cozy relationship. With players and sources and teams. All that's on the table. I think it's the magical day for us the end of a remarkable season. I don't dislike it started here let's go Red Sox -- -- red. --

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