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Joe McDonald joins Danny Picard 8/4/2014

Aug 4, 2014|

After a night at McCoy Stadium, Joe McDonald of ESPN Boston joins Danny Picard to discuss Henry Owens' AAA debut, as well as the Jon Lester situation.

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Welcome back. On the host David got there on Sports Radio WEEI. Our number five. Got six dollars -- and I handled midnight. Yeah me applause 61777979837. Take all the calls on Henry Owens if you at McCoy we hardy got a good amount. Lot of people excited to watch him pitch and right now on the AT AT&T hotline at. I bring in the somebody was -- McCoy cover in this game tonight Joseph McDonald. ESPN. Boston joins me on the AT&T hotline eighteenth -- build you a bad enough where Joey Mac what's going on. There were going I'm not much so would you see every Owens tonight everything you expected. I didn't do a good precedent as Albania I get a guy I mean he he came out. Right in the first inning and you were -- I would be able to -- at all pitches it's all the top and out there. I -- or you know 1990 pouring it. Its current bowl it was -- -- you -- to stick in and you drop and then two -- and mile an hour. Completely -- Columbus hitters out the entire night. He might strike -- and I. You hit. Yeah I don't that are going into line you know to sit inning in the what it -- have been sealed it in the hole -- -- third. What the -- it was really impressed I saw a little bit -- spring training what. I'm not in the game situations so I was excited to see what that it was all about China. Or his first triple -- start here but not that he was really impressed. Lot of people Joseph Colin and talking about his Bugs Bunny changeup. Is 68 miles allow it to me sounds more like -- like a hook like a curveball but it's not it's a change. Yeah change -- immediate. -- that's the date change that it is kind of break bread and water you can really work on the curve ball a lot this year and and even joked after the game saying. You know he's really put a lot of time and would not pitch this season and saying that you know people and they got -- curve ball well hit spirited way you know yeah. And Dillon is pretty new it is that you -- -- it's not all are comeback and you know ninety and Scott all. He was real really cute guys. Off balance on and the one thing that I was really pressed it would. You know -- mound presence is always you know even when I showed up earlier today. What in the club house you would never have known it was going to be -- -- start triple -- because what -- called our job boards and made -- -- -- well. You know as you know coaching you know manager Terry -- -- on him and -- Originality are the volatile art and you know what he get -- very old -- -- -- competitive edge while. But he was really concentrating. I have for what. You look at the -- everything that he did -- Double -- Portland now up here and that they -- in the first start at triple A you know. All our our -- Terry Francona always had a great lie that a -- of -- a prospect was doing well the Red Sox organization you don't. You know what I put it in the OK just yet we do here. I -- to date but one thing that -- could be able to do. In his career -- lucky and interest in and Barrett is this season and they were able trained for that -- -- -- but it's not the target and you go out and. And this wasn't an average dot. -- I mean this is. Given the circumstances. In this organization not just the fact that it was his first -- Stoddard triple -- debut. Did must've been some pressure on this -- tonight right which makes it even more -- I don't candidates against the -- lineup. What the circumstances and it's organization they trade to the top pitches and then even see what puck Colts did last night. -- every Owens isn't stupid he knows what's going -- I mean it is it even more impressive to you that he pitches like this given. You know the other stuff that's going on its organization and him -- that the spotlight is on him even more. But in -- and it right yeah I think there are some of that but I think that's the personality and it and it poised. Really helped him succeed in the court situations. And limping they have -- Bucs niners. You know recollection -- -- and here I peerless are an -- rod director of player development a crock to hear Libya Ellis. I'd Ronald and I know golly we -- eight that were here watching. Like. Every pitcher in an era -- they are not happy they have a lot of young. Prospect at a at an opportunity immediate potential to pitch in the big league level whether that -- bought rotation -- at all and that may be creating. All these guys -- there's an opportunity going your -- here and everybody right now. Should be focused on hey I need a consultant Pete in here and whether or triple -- double late. You know eight ball whatever -- is the gap between a strong because going into spring training next year -- great. Pitcher is gonna go out and they are here and he's gonna act bettering. Current pitcher. -- wrote me and a walk. It and what Henry -- did tonight. I think he did open my quietly had a triple -- level because. You can -- -- double -- level but you know when you -- you know we're gonna hear a lot better -- you know not. It just for a lot better at this level and they aren't dog leg in and Owens came out hit nine -- like that they're used very important. And you can hit it in everything that he was able to do tonight you proved that he can handle a double but again. It's the first out here -- yet he -- -- you don't but. Sure what I or again I mean I'm on what it can do to their gainers here going into spring training and and possibly our -- -- and so. -- Red -- you know. There -- very fortunate twist or an elderly young pitching prospect in the organization. But I like it yeah I mean there's not. He did not speak like Bob are you can prepare -- Very well polished here at age 22. And surely hit it on the -- Yeah upon -- to get to see it and -- pumped up just lodges radio on Twitter the entire night there in the Shell -- -- -- -- people who are there. But you mention you know reconsider mention -- -- out o's and the -- as -- on that bonds and and the and the pitches. Of and -- -- our commission Manuel any of them but there's so many of these pitching prospects in this organization. Even the guys that have already worked their way -- like workmen's and the de toros as we can talk about them only one. But we don't -- I mean. Always is -- guy out of all those guys right he's the untouchable. All. No you don't think I mean given that you know that they had. You know -- The minor league level and then it almost becomes a charity they did against the Columbus Clippers why don't. Yeah not Howard babies he's untouchable but you know the way he pitched tonight. You know you certainly say that -- -- a bright future federal and you know and it's tough you know and -- -- and I would. -- I can't really get a sense of what he's like you know just his personality after the game everybody's been -- don't worry every night. Now there are not a hundred yards went out there and I blew a call I'll lose -- I got it up -- competitor and I go out there and you know I knew I had to do it and the call and -- and I think covering. Know that the plot arc of the slope for a long long time and a lot of -- a group. I had never seen. -- -- -- For a year in triple a debut like I thought and I had eight out of what you are quite -- and we can't -- tomorrow I'll. In the seventh inning when he came out everybody you. Around that beat they were cheering they're able doughnut and he did but little -- you know at that you'll. And it was they would get the exciting night in Garrett and of course being in the that I do I am I'm I'm Paul Hewitt that you can do -- organic. Speaker John McDonald ESPN Boston he joins me right here in the AT&T hotline is Donna McCoy. Rob Henry owns AAA debut tonight which was a very successful. Debut but chill with all this said. Not ten can always do anything. To make that next jump -- Arnold this season. While the one thing -- -- an illegal about Red Sox is that. Can I get prospect they really can be in that over the years. But that didn't get. But not a broad -- it don't need to Russian. Could the other thing you're. Yeah they -- get a look at that it worked in the -- -- in the Webster's in other bottle at the big league level you know I you have a guy. The transition from double A to triple -- it really brought him. Maybe there's an injury and they need help in September. You know or any point during the month. Maybe -- create you know you know know what kind of particularly gonna make -- next two months. Like the way he pitched tonight. I would like -- into the big league level again. Yeah they've added. Now all it is because they're not going to rushes kid in the big -- yet let him have it back here. Senior that heed to what you wanna do it stroll up big league level. I'm get knocked around in the may be elusive cup and a little bit but right now it kid is confident I'll make it he's pitching well. Let you can and you Hitler -- And I so I guess I was just can't do you know what at what point do you get to. Being rushed to just being ready for the Major League level regardless of one it is and you know if there's ever a time that the reds are actually have. The opens bought it to wanna see that. You know they have their pets that is season 'cause there's plenty of open spots but Joba probably go I do. You don't -- make it such a big deal out of Henry Owens not just because he's one of the top prospects in this organization. But because -- organization just traded to their best pitches to get up mentioned retired so all the game plan moving forward finished the fitted for bench Jared and needs to be. You know add a top notch stocked kitchen dominance dot pitch -- what did you think of the moves then Sharon to remain on Thursday. Well I'd send a -- -- treated any of that. I don't think you can ever trade away guys like Jon Lester who -- a reliable pitchers. In all of baseball. -- he's been on the DL one kind of my career with the exception of the delicate earlier in his career in IE retreat routinely get that 200 innings a year. You only get stronger and regret your progression he's a big league pitcher. I expect Leon they get beat this guy won it all comes down to pitching and I don't think you give up. I. Her back like our pal obviously you talk knowledge well he's gonna reach a -- during the off. I'm. And I'd be surprised that that happens but. -- I look and read our players this weekend. Irons and eight -- and and you will sign and also which is on injured beating -- I've given everything that it happened over the last week. But you actually believe that is not a million -- Obviously I would look. Like each of the ball and I would look -- Igawa come -- -- still Beckett and say yeah. Actually you know I -- I don't think that happens because even in a -- I give him what he -- You know let -- -- what he's somebody else at the morning you go out there aren't the opera I thought yet that you won't get it. In -- rec -- play -- -- that it doesn't matter how much more another organization. Will give him. He still wants to come back and pitching bought. I hope that it a Red Sox and but realistically. Hope that happen. -- bench charitable look like a genius Joseph I mean you recovered professional teams in multiple sports for a long time have you ever seen a they front office with the philosophy of yeah we love this guy and we wanna try to bring him back. But we need something else first we need to improve another piece of a team civil trading him. And then try and take a run Adam and I just think that philosophy while. Well if it works redshirt -- which I did genius but I just don't feel I feel like their philosophy just doesn't happen in real life. Because aggregated. And ordered off a good am I but given the amount of money that -- don't get Lester. Will get on the open market I don't think the Red Sox are going to pay that. And let maybe there. I haven't had that you've got to come back you've got a car and we'll direct our whole. Well paid sport is sure. What again realistically I don't see that happen but it is hard. I mean think about it and then obviously truly up and greatly what eat it and then you bring back laughter. You know you have him you have pocket he can get it. -- got together and mentally physically and yet and we're coming -- look at like those spots. You know in the rotation. You know that our 2015. -- real specially if the reds -- but. And we got to get her I mean at Oakmont and it all play it well at all he's a worker and has a lot of work to do and you know it. And will -- main priority obviously it's all -- -- go depiction and it won't be putting a veteran presence in cadaver it is. -- you imagine buckled so just one more before early goal -- It seems like a long time -- all one Clay Buchholz was the dominant guy in the first half of last season. How do you go from being that good to be this -- Well you know the one thing we know about -- any year that you beat. It up and out of the -- career and you can go back and look exactly. What he's dealt with it mind -- to see that. In all the struggles that academy and eat the big and I'll get back and I'll talk to somebody today you know pretty well in. And you know they really believed it not that are all. You know even now a part of that is is what he struggle with because again. He had the struggle when he came -- the DL and it looked like it would be turned around and then also blocked well -- You know he. Goes down again and I -- I had been covered -- You know and you know he was a prospect in the organization and I had never seen him. Reject that flooded out the last split Indy only -- I was in 2008. When you -- Feel like or -- world there aren't there a public arts and he got it a lot they decided that we're not that I'm not a trick play went -- got a double. Anyone want that feeling. -- turn things around a little bit. But. When you look at Buchholz. Either on a guy EE. I -- I mean all above average and when -- at bat he got inaudible a starter. I -- last year when you LP -- certainly he had more. But I just think you know he's still trying to figure out. You'd like all the power guys anymore -- B yeah I -- fine line between that -- come warm and a pitcher. I think maybe he struggled with right now but -- some -- -- I don't. Why is it for a long time anemic in any more Reynard you know I think back. Once you straighten that out in the economic basis it toppled or Asian guys being number one no I don't think number one. But he -- into the wind helping and I think that they are the Little League and to get a right again. I think that is it gonna eventually. You know he turned to what we've seen him when he -- -- Joseph he's got the fastball 9394. I don't know but I'm concerned about that you know maybe some location with that pitch. But when he was dirty the first half last season. He had that changeup gold -- -- nice city to locate that gone away to a lefty put where he wanted to almost you know on a string that things dipped down and away. And that change up almost every single time he throws it is up in the zone. Added to because -- doesn't throw enough but that's because every time he throws it it's up and is all a matter how we can fix that I've seen it for a full season now you just can not. Debt that changeup we're used to be I don't know why. Well when you wouldn't try to win it'll rehabbing. That was one thing that you really need to work on and work with -- with. It'll all sort did you coach rich or down here and make that your alchemy me he -- be able to -- a -- Japan. Effectively strike low straight we want to look but you're right and I didn't really pick up his -- it out. And execute like when he when he's thrown -- pitch you know he's harper creek which we as in the past. But they obviously know that that affecting. -- -- walks and affecting his ability can be successful as point and I think that once they. He figures it out and -- -- -- again need to clean that out that. Okay I can throw this pitch and it can be effective I think we're gonna see eventually see the -- that we've seen before when he is. That's already an obstacle right now. Being political about that -- went -- he doesn't have that -- -- now. And let her get back this year during the offseason spring training next year he's going to be an important part of this rotation -- need to get him right. -- conviction it's a word that's not in Clay Buchholz is dictionary right now but it seems to be maybe in Henry Owens is. Dictionary -- all our great stuff thank you for the Henry Owens update. And we'll -- he's shown thanks a lot. I'd Joseph McDonald ES PM Boston great stuff right there a lot of them from McCoy stadium. -- and Henry Owens AAA debut was a go to 16 and two thirds only allowed two hits struck out nine. All runs on a hundred pitches Sammy in those four strikes. I'm not put -- at Cooperstown on just talent you're given what we are looking for him out this Red Sox organization. Dominance dot kitchen you should be excited about the untouchable on. Henry Owens what he did in his AAA debut taking your phone call 6177797. 9837. Odds in apricots Sports Radio WE yeah.

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