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SoccerCast MLS Latest/Transfer News 07-31-14

Aug 4, 2014|

Ben and Russ talk about the latest transfer news and the current state of the MLS.

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Right -- -- I -- you died missed you too. But I you were just in Jacksonville. I was what's very first of all who the hell goes to Jacksonville. Second of -- Hello union Jacksonville. Well first of all the while the was terrible I got I got detail that it was. -- if you think it's humid here you try to go and on the Jacksonville it's it's pretty humid down there I was walking around. I was there to see full and play on DC united first time full had been. In the United States since 2000 -- who's kind of a big deal. You have units a year club. Very happy I got to law I have to go up to watch the match from the press box -- -- -- field and it was it was. I guess you could say quite a thrill to be there and and also cover it and and meet the owner of awful football club shy kind and talked to him about the team that was. That was pretty amazing ten minutes of talk with the -- that was fun. OK to tell me a little bit about that conversation you had it -- I'm only gonna con -- because who doesn't love Star Trek to -- Wrath of -- Well in on I actually met him at the hotel for for about ten minutes and I you know I was -- from a brown what am I gonna ask this guy and basically. You just talked about above -- football club and beyond the year that he had you know the the transition of all last year going into this year looking forward to this year and the big talking point for me wanted to know from him as would -- be the owner long term and he confirmed that he was -- a for the long haul. Which is important to many fans and and you know again he thinks that the future's bright -- football club basically. Kind of starting over -- to the Jacksonville Jaguars up he -- comparison. Except that in the case of full -- with relegation by that you are starting over. Starting fresh and building from the ground up so it's actually a pretty exciting time. And it was what it was just really nice to talk to my -- throughout a suggestion to tone as well. The ball bring him back a former player to you know maybe -- an advisor to -- -- Murphy and I. And is it division is you know again it was just nice to be they're -- actually. Talked to you know it's an owner of a football team was pretty cool. Owner of football teams. Yes and Jacksonville Jaguars get them. The while Jack goers -- worst well let me tell you something about the -- you can laugh all you want about the -- I will. Thank blood but I think he's doing a nice job their -- at the quarterback right. If you look at their roster what what he has. Brought in that it cuts in town they're now but if if he gets played -- right -- -- build something. I think portals as though was the right pick for them don't really do and I don't wanna go too far down talk NFL you know we can both to an all day long -- wanted to do. But the jaguars just looking at the jaguars game. It's you know a lot of the times -- -- -- you can telecoms doing witches. Dismantling to rebuilt permanently to rebuild in his vision or while whoever -- as their -- So I can see how that can translate and get you excited for the prospects of Fulham moving forward. Obviously you have to battle out of the second division there and correct and get back up to the Premier League. But I'm glad you're excited them I'm glad you had a good conversation with -- -- you've been excited. Up after awhile so but yeah I was -- was -- it wasn't just even out then and another thing that happened. During this trip was after meeting mr. -- I got to go to -- and meet up with full support is all over the country. And also in England set up by former Florida and that's a support this group and I got to meet fans from everywhere offense listen to my show. It was actually pretty cool. To hear fans tell me that they listened to -- talk on the drive up to Jacksonville it was really cool that's awesome and they also wanted to take pictures and they sell. It was if it's kind of bizarre to take pictures with. With other fans -- but it was you know again it was a it was very humbling to talk about my show talk about the team. And this far this restaurant. Almost completely packed and doctors -- -- voters know wasn't it was at the on Jacksonville sports covered. And defense -- -- for a little bit of the surprise because up to about a half army be and I knew this our show -- showed that. And he walked in like Jon Bon Jovi he was like a rock -- was it was that caused that accident in front of Andre -- I know I've I've been following all that stuff for -- with the Buffalo Bills football when he walked in the door resolved. It was pretty cool to see him interactive pictures and talk to the other supporters. That is. That's really cool thing for an owner to and that shows the connection. You know a lot of these owners don't understand that I'm some of them get it Jerry Jones gets it. As weird as he is he completely understands. The situation. Kraft sometimes. Doesn't understand the situation you know he's a very good owner he's very good people person. But there's moments where it's not like where's the disconnect here. But I'm glad that commented that and I'm glad that you're happy and excited for the prospects. So. That that's critical trip man. It was you know you don't again for me it wasn't just about go to -- phone when I was about meeting all these people. And the amount of people because there was a huge amount of support as they came from everywhere it was very strange -- to be driving around. I was dropped off and deceit people tailgating with -- -- shirts on -- doubt that he was unbelievable. A public what country in my hand and it's funny because it's been -- There's been some talk about how many how many actual fans were at at the game because this is also. And a veteran of I Carrie Underwood concert afterwards so it was it was showing up these new video boards which are huge are bigger than the ones in Dallas. Arm and -- and the full national you know again it's funny it was about half -- the horrible sights of about 125008. It was reported that there were about 50000 but I am taken that was more towards the end of the match and the concert coming up on. But when I was there as was about point 15000. Is pretty good number now and end it. And again it was just a really it was a cool experience in the and the funny thing about being in the press box was talking to. People covering the game and them asking me. Questions about fall and then and then not really understanding and knowing knowing the -- its own soil I was the expert in the room was nice. That's pretty cool -- euros expert in this room. Wolf of course when you deal with deal. That's let's say you're the expert in this room for -- -- exactly on the new. But I let let's let's actually stay in northern Florida come. We're gonna talk a little bit about Orlando city. Not the actual city but the newly formed soccer club. As you know this on -- that which is an interesting move and itself recent reports. Had them negotiating with -- being you know. Apparently those. Negotiations have kind of fallen at an impasse right now and some are saying that the deal might be dead. Which you've got to know in this world no deal was never dead until they sent someone else except the so. What do you think about the prospects. Of -- of two new teams starting New York City FC Orlando city FC. New York city's get David Villa and Franklin hard since. Orlando's got Kaka. And potentially -- And so it's incredible. You know like it's a great way to start to new franchises and you know again. It'll be about the pieces that they surround them within and I really hope for being you know comes but but again it just it just brings more notoriety to the analysts. Hopefully will be attracted more pars but it's not gonna be just about those players it's gonna be about building around them yeah. And what excites me more about the -- New York City franchises that connection to Manchester City I was watching. The match between Manchester City in Liverpool. Last night and not just bits and pieces of it and they -- maybe there might be a player to that might be coming here may be on loan. -- to play with the new New York City franchise. I think again it's going to help and the loss in general having. -- just -- city connected. Two and the loss do you think a basis that some of the distractions. I'm from. Bringing in these older big name players is obviously okay he had spent much moaning. You could potentially financially crippling U. A lot of the NAS out of court -- today you know they've brought in everyone they could who is older and a big name you know pales CBO -- if everyone came over to play. But they're past their prime they're making huge box and a crippled the week. -- I don't see this happening with the analysts seems to be a far more financially stable league on the NAS analysts in a -- you know in the cosmos were in their prime and they're getting forty plus thousand people every game. Do you think that the fact that Manchester City is locked up with a New York City that. You you've got these -- big name players that are going to be making big bucks but you think it's supplemented very well. The thought process that -- -- he's gonna send over maybe a couple of the young players that they want alone I'll get personal experience. Do you think that kind of offsets may -- the that other. Trying to follow up there. I totally think it does because you think about it this is going to be great experience for those young players will listen over and and when they -- have the under -- in the under twenty ones. The academy teams but think about the type of experience at the beginning come and over here playing -- men. You know I -- I write exactly your plan what you plan with -- all the players experienced players in the league. I think it's gonna be valuable for their role. So I think it benefits both sides you know and again was indicted you and I've talked about I would love. I would love to see. The New England Revolution. -- some kind of agreement with the Boston Red Sox ownership at SG to do that with Liverpool I think it would be. Tremendous. There was that the economy as well here because I think that might be the future -- if you think about these partnerships. Can benefit both sides build up this league. And also have the ability to have big names still come here. But it but it's also about the younger players. And you know and again. Building up younger players also from here if you have all three worlds connecting together -- you have your all the players you have your young players coming safe from. From a Manchester City and you also have. Analyst players coming from the EU us. I'm telling you it could really start to build something that's that's to me. I liked the planet I would like the direction it's going it's not Colonia and cancel route when it's just about the big names you gotta have your young. Established players here from the US. And also these partnerships that. There could be huge. So. There's another big name free agent out there. Pretty big -- maybe once upon a time -- the greatest player in the world. While ago -- awhile ago and probably thirty pounds ago yes. Many narrowed decided that. They're not gonna be signing a new contract with Ronald. Any chance Ronaldinho. Ends up in the MLS. I know that there are many here with a -- see him come over here I don't know five -- Yeah because I think that he's I think he's a typical past his prime past his prime can't really fill up the seats anymore. -- -- -- yeah easy could be bad influence yes yes yes and yes did I just talked myself out of born Ronald junior in the -- no. Well you can mama I'm against I'm against the move on not against someone like Franklin park coming over here I'm not against you know like he said. They didn't -- is the youngest of the group yeah. And the still upsides still has been accused link yes we just on the champions league final last you could still play that doesn't happen. And that's a huge coup for the -- -- Bigger than -- or -- in my opinion cannot pick does not go far behind not that far behind Bly. Com. V is the best player of the group debt Kaka has a lot of drop to not a ton but more so than David Villa. So it might almost balance and openness open view puts a little bit over the top is still a stop on a hollow very very good. So I mean just today this is uninteresting time right now for the analysts -- got new franchises coming in you've got big name players some money's being spent. I'm the success of the World Cup ratings wise. Every once in transit -- transit. Trains added that's just not how it works now by. Is it gonna get maybe not sure a million people. Watching. An extra 500000 people watching -- and that's a good start. Yet but it's a vocal in the week you know it is and it's about the reputation of the league I was watching. ESP NFC there are talking about that's the respect that. The US has gotten across the -- I told you -- the respect that they've gotten around the world. Is more than maybe even here. Well I'll I'll I'll piggyback ride off of that. Our favorite coach now she's -- manager. Diego. Diego Simeone. Came out and I don't know I forget which website it was he did -- but he picked his World Cup eleven. And it was mostly I think there's only one player that wasn't on either of the final participants. And -- medal from Chile he's the only player that wasn't. That he slipped that wasn't on Argentina or Germany. And so he picked two coaches. -- -- Blow up and Clinton. And he went into this whole thing about Klinsmann and talking about how Clinton's men. You know he got the American fans into it. He got his team playing together that he got them as a unit. And striving for one bowl and he talked about how hard that is in America to get people to pay attention to soccer and he really applauded Klinsmann for that. So there are a lot of eyeballs on America right now soccer obviously were very wealthy country we know we can spend money if we need to. I hope this is kind of turning perception around the world. Of everyone not just the older players that are Preston prime -- can't get champions reaction anymore -- just -- -- -- a couple quick bucks in America. I hope this is turning the tide do you think it is turning the -- I guess only time will tell but it could end up like this that the perception around the world is changing. And here in these guys again on the show I was watching. And it does you know it's funny go back -- Clinton I think I think Quincy and actually shows how things are changing. If you you know if you listen to local shows local around here you know again that they'll tell you that the house and changed how much. But op -- are looking around the world them a young Republicans social media it is changing. You know long -- and unseen people in I guess you could say the UK watching and the last. And and big numbers now I mean that's me estimates in a few years ago. But it's it's happening more more not now does that help us may be not because again these fans are -- across the pond. But again it's perception. It's perception. Like is that I think. It does help. -- and I'll tell you why I think you know sorry to interrupt you but I think it helps because if hands in England are watching the MLS. That means some kids are watching him right that means the next big star could be watching me analysts and kind of follow along with. And decide as the analyst grows and as a kid grows it could be the right league for him. Well -- can be an example of a player that they can hope that they can follow. -- to one. Placement for all for sporting KC and again they have someone to look up and it's not even that it's funny because. Because there is an analyst UK. Twitter account and you know -- these fans they know that they know of the teams they they all picked teams remember a few years ago. Some Darby county fans were like trying to find its emotional sell them on the revolution. But with -- but they were there let's see Al Saunders because of because there's a connection here yeah. This disconnection with the Saunders would without actually one of their announcers former announcers as a former reporter of Darby county. But I think it was even more than that there are some players going back and forth as well so. But on you know -- gamble what. When it's their offseason they're looking for a week to fall and that they go to -- they're not gravitating to resemble us it's actually like a set. It's a good thing like you said the younger kids. They might think of instead of instead of playing city league to rule over enough in England you know what maybe I'm gonna come over animals and wouldn't you rather play in countries. Their biggest lead. The league to. I'm just I'm just order up there we wander. Or you know again if they're good enough for the championship -- eight day stay -- -- -- your plan and one of the loyal leagues may be you decide you know what. I'm gonna come over to America. -- Let's. Let's get back on the analysts here -- let's talk about some some of some of the revolution. Let's talk about the revolution. The Eastern Conference right now. The -- have had a really bad -- lately yes hands. They do not look like the same team from my picture of the team that was very young and exciting it was breaking a really legitimate push. Yet they still remain in the -- Good day 26 points right now they don't and there's like five teams five tied for 25 so there. Third place in the Eastern Conference right now that's right at at a Powell. It's great because you stay in the hunt which kind of gives you a little some some. Where -- we look at the Red -- are now not in the hunt -- other women and the only way lower right but. The -- somehow all of you continue to stay in the hunt. Which I think is a very positive exacting to seems about to really turn it around and actually make a push again to I think they're one of the top teams. In the league no but I think they can get back into the playoffs and maybe do little bit of damage in like saying that they can win and all know I'm not saying that. But they can continue a playoff streak. What are your thoughts on -- I toys that they can. What's funny after watching the match last item taken. All they needed was a victory than they've they've got the victory in the after you losing it in a row eight overall it's. It's very demoralizing it's funny because it comes that are very bad time if you think about it we're coming off of the World Cup yeah. And there could have been you know again a push here. For the revolution you know it's funny that two more shows on the revolution that does now. You know a post game show which is wonderful on Comcast sports net and it's all portion to really promote the revolution. And Elaine and neck. Dale we're really going on eight game losing streak. The last night was a little bit different and -- to see them basically lead from the beginning and control and that they were in complete control this -- and you know again it should have been more. Our blog but three out of three -- any day of the week. But watching the -- and taken all of the need is one. And they could go on a run again because they started the season slump that they -- on a run. Then they they went through -- losing -- it's been this year's season -- wrong it has really has been fractured but. Maybe -- what do you blame for that that. Who who to blame for the fact the seriously pretty well I mean. The -- pike and Goran serve western go to the players that you put that on -- he would still. A little. Of it from cutting a high that's why. His is not the biggest cities -- I would say me. I don't know. It's maybe the front office to look at more of the blame pie and young core. We don't add to a really you know really that well this is throw -- Saddam. And in the rest of the majority ruling goes the players and they're the ones on the field of the ones that have to play the show questions that they have the town to do this right pom. Tactically do I think Judy's been screwing up no I don't. So what he's actually been making adjustments did you know again you know -- and he's been trying to do things to get the right said that it. But. The most them when those players in this. Thought listen I agree with you because. Again I know you know again fallen. Find a different team not I know I know where the blame would would why it would it would why with the manager but in this case and and I'm not on matches. But it is it's a pretty good supporter of chiefs. To what -- need to really like him I think Jay heaps. Is the right man to Andyaat do I think that there might have been things that he could have done possibly of course always it is the right reasons but he -- -- of hindsight right. But he was trying and and that's what I wanted to say is he part of the the play -- of course he's part of it. But I put it more on the players and by the you brought up the front office because again. I still think that they need that signature piece which they don't have that one piece to put them over the top if you look at them defensively -- Look at them defensively they really are -- yeah absolutely. You know L -- you know Kevin Alston fills in last night for Q and Ebert I -- -- tyranny in that position. You have AJ soars in and consultant who's been actress it's a little up and down. But then you have your Andrew -- you know again about foreign Bobby shuttleworth is is solved you know. You know he has his detractors but I do like him. An action -- -- he said of last night. Just -- friend of the station -- nine. It's good he's speaking you can go we go -- -- like Brett he's a really good. And as flooding because. Who's good goaltender and he has if you play fifa. -- plan the revolution. You've got over nine cook he's an Indians have been a defective starters and then while. He actually develops really well it's funny because. Indication you know -- play fever for like. Four straight hours randomly just cause I don't know if I'm bored or whatever you know like reference don't often and I'll play with the revolution not play with the national squad brightening ends up becoming USC's. National. While -- -- pretty -- that's pretty crazy since we don't know video games translate perfectly to real life are of course then obviously he -- up the goalie equipment out yet. All book Pope listened. I've got nothing against Brenda and I just that they have to be goalkeeper that you can go we go -- -- salute you all understand -- Bob shuttleworth you know he gets a lot lot of stick but I think you know I I don't think he's as. His dad is on people thinking and he's. That don't and don't forget when they went on the winning streak -- shut out after shot. So is a very good players they're both very good players I think the back after the field was pretty much locked in. Now what's government -- What are you like and what he don't like right now but the. While. A lovely way. We went I think is the most underrated player I can remember and soccer anywhere. We went is is basically. Carrying the revolution this season they're pure yeah. And I'm not saying he's -- nobody saying they're here if you watched the last night I mean he was a one man I hate to put away not a one man team but he was really orchestrating everything. And involve all three goals and really just controls everything up there. And what I what I truly believe what was going on he is the key other managers -- this. And I think that he was being roughed up in a good amount of matches during this losing streak yeah. And I think you know again I think especially in this game usually had. He really have -- free -- on -- you know elegant to really control the match when he has that when it when he is able to really play the way you comply. On the revolution really can move. Armed if you wanna if you wanted to give some some serious some constructive criticism. Got to throw it at the -- for goodness yup. Diego for goodness hasn't scored since -- And I think Diego Fernandez has a chance to be a special choir. Bottom. Recently you know now. He's a part of it can score goals and it and I think you know he goes through these fox. And I think you know he did last year to cadet. He -- I'm not trying to put all the blame on on and on Diego via. For the problems for the revolution appearances. There's been played on our. I will tell you that that some changes I can see a little bit of of a difference for the revolution. One player that it is gonna make a huge difference that you might disagree with me is Charlie Davies I think is -- making huge difference from the revolution. And has shown in a couple matches and nothing -- Patrick Mullen -- Patrick molds as a rookie Charlie Davies is shown that he can hold up the ball in play that. That target men up front and I think you know again if you're asking me I think -- needs to be starting reservists. And use and moans as maybe a super sub deaths and let's talk about the Eastern Conference -- some of the teams so right now if you don't know if you're not following it closely off breakdown. What's going on in the east here. -- defending champion sporting KC is atop the east with thirty points. DC United's right behind them -- 37 points in third place the revolution. With 26 points but the huge drop off -- But there's three teams tied -- 26 points the revolution. Toronto. And the Columbus Crew. Now is the fact that Toronto only is stuck on 26 points. That they're seven and seven. They've got five draws but they're seven and seven is that the biggest surprise in the MI us. I thought they'd be first. Putt that the -- is that they be a runner at first. You've got to follow on paper on paper but they don't play matches on paper it island -- You know again it's funny you know go back to my brother got my -- Michael Brown. I don't know -- you all know I really have an issue because again I wondered Michael Brown -- to be via. Beyond the captain for the US men's national team I've I've changed my mind and that. Because. To come out as strongly as he did that after a match about a refereed. So are you just don't do that -- -- that does not show leadership that chose the exact opposite. That shows sour grapes that shows. Someone that that is not putting his team first be a leader of lead by example. And he should ease showing a bad example for. Four Toronto I'd sure you know again I was very disappointed. When I -- I heard these on these quotes once sought a close to like you gotta be kidding me what are you doing. You know take the loss. You know look at yourself what that your team. And you're gonna go back to a referee's call ends and and talked about that focus on that. Focus on your own job. That's the way I look at it don't focus on the -- and -- him you know if there's someone that should be don't know what the meant to do that let him take the fly if he wants to -- You're the captain you more about your team to more about the refereed. I completely agree review into -- because to frozen playing well -- he's been scoring goals so. There really is no excuse for that -- to be stuck at 26 point and they have tell fourth place they have talent beyond. To follow Bradley. And and the goalkeeper they they have some serious talent on the team there's no reason why they should be where they are. At the bottom here you got the Columbus Crew up and also times point six points then on the outside looking in. The New York Red -- 25 points. Now. Since the rebels brought teary -- over here. They have not won a league championship. -- Is. Does that make that a disappointing silent. You would think so because all yet it doesn't doesn't know. Now because he sells tickets he's he was a draw he was David Beckham to put them away he was New York's version of David back. But David Beckham brought to an ounce cups so until -- Gerry Henri. Brings him -- -- cup I would say who -- it is disappointment I also don't like the attitude that I won't play on artificial turf I don't like that. You know to me you're paid to play it again the point was that. I can't stand artificial turf I am. Livid that I watched the match last night on artificial turf I think it's horrible yeah I don't like it at all I think that you know again it. The owners of the revolution -- I've said this. It's money right spend some monies for six months to put down a surface I you know again. -- about the revolution I know it's all about the patriots for c'mon. I'm watching you you don't have to bounce back and it's it's like that in Seattle it's not as bad important it's important to. But the turf at Gillette Stadium on telling he's an and the ages we did it it's horrible it really as I feel bad for the fears that the watch that. You don't get your flow of the game when you play -- that service. Well when the road I would like when I like watching revolution matches when the on the road because a -- to see that turf. I'm sorry I'm I'm sort of diesel outspoken about it I understand where on re scum with no one to play on it but you're paid to play you play on. Yeah it's not that big a deal it really isn't yet does change the physics of the game a little bit -- does for the ball yet but you really doesn't it and -- Did to go out and play just play. I agree. Philadelphia Chicago Houston Montreal they round out the Eastern Conference Montreal coffee -- And believe that at that so in the Western Conference it's a much more competitive race. Seattle's of the top with 38 points. Real Salt Lake 33. Galaxy thirty Colorado Rapids thirty FC Dallas thirty. Seattle's kind of running away with the development nineteen games -- -- -- thirty points. Which accent and 125 and two. Seattle and they just gonna runway -- this -- at all. -- still have a good time to go here we do we do. It's it's funny because. Let's watch highlights of them -- match against the galaxy. Galaxy beat them I believe three. And a so they can be -- -- filed briefs him. To -- Keane scored twice. He did not score in this match actually he has -- this match. So I confirmed this yet if you scored because the revolution toys. I don't know man and -- little confused that's it guys but on but there was an incident in this national on the I don't know if you're aware of it. Where -- where on -- Andrea Boland who got into it with -- you know again all margins night he'd be he he had a player you know again just just just -- just apply it over just. Just it was probably a fall and Omar Gonzales got a ball. Clint Dempsey got involved. You know again it it got a got a little heated between three three members of the US men's national team and a few. Saw that or heard about it put -- it was actually pretty interest there. But if you're asking me Seattle's probably the best in that they have talent all over the place that they can be beat the revolution beat him and I decide to -- out to -- So they're not a -- to the RI I person in the best team in the league as is sporting KC by far. And that the most complete. You programs. Mama I'm not a huge frequently touched it I thought -- -- immigrant whose attitudes like I just you know again I elect elect and make up about ten days. They look at they could repeat. But. -- some of the top fifteen story lines here in the analysts and I wonder your thoughts got. So obviously DC united does big comeback for them deaths that we are to conclude talking about the use but with celebrities united -- quick. They were absolutely awful last year -- they finish last in the east in my to finish last in the entire analyst. Is this a comeback story and it's gonna last or is this just kind of one of those one year flash in the pan. I think it's gonna last I actions like -- DC United States on that they've got some talent -- even though and the biggest fan of Eddie Johnson. He scores goals on and they have a really good midfield. Listen -- saw they have a great goal keeper. There there may possibly for the long term so I don't think this is off of one and done for DC united. And they have very good coach so I I think you -- -- DC united beat and be in the mix for a couple of years at least. Okay Red Bulls. On the outside looking in of the playoff picture do they turn around make the playoffs. And they're only one point behind. So one game changes that hole. I would say yes I would say yes because again it's a talented side. In a lot I I say yes I I don't you know again if you're asking me I don't think London's status. Interest and trying to move through revolution I think the revolution though. At what spot third I think I. Truly believe that the revolution I'm gonna go around and you know I just talked about it I'm like what sometimes you've seen it with the reds you know the score -- flood gates open. And that's a whole thing they have the ability to score goals and -- we saw that during during the winning streak. Listen the revolution have talent. And it just needs to rise up and it's funny to -- it was double bit about the eagle for goodness but he actually played very well last night. And how did it and he had a great chance to -- last night he has the ability. To really just light up and go on a run at peace -- is one goal. I think he's gonna score quite possibly seven rate. So. It's about getting off on a roll and the fact that leeway and played so well last night I'm telling you I can really see them going on around. Time. Big -- there. Jermaine Jones -- Chicago fire. To see that happening you want that. Yes yes and yes yes and yes I would rather see Jermaine Jones play for another team. -- I I don't know what to end up wiping blood -- others see him play for a team. In our arena blood -- -- but if he's come back to the analysts Chicago's good location. On got the mission of the -- that just recently came back plane for the Houston Dynamo is demarcus Beasley. Yeah yeah I was gonna get there but about it right now just started talking about it I think it's remote. Do you think it's great move for both parties yes what do you think about messing about the -- -- what do you think about comparing. You know Mexico's league and the analysts. How do you think that compares. Is is Mexico's league -- deaths is it that much better. I don't know if it's much better -- but I was soon whenever you watch. I guess it's the CONCACAF champions league he did the de Mexico the Mexican teams are always always there yes the wrote the -- The MLS teams have been in contention to win it but who still winning it all the time it's it's the Mexican today it's. And done they have a little bit -- I guess it's that they have a little bit more to now. Com but it's funny because remember a few years ago when the revolution played. And that turned the government doesn't always be at Gillette Stadium they would always beat the Mexican teams but. But I think overall. The Mexican team to have a slight advantage. So. That's -- smoke and. I actually kind of disagree with you but -- I think that their league is and and shifting league. But I think. Our top teams. Could be theirs -- I really do I think Seattle could kind of beat anyone down there I think sporting KC can beat anyone down. He -- talent. But I think the style plays a little bit different. It's faster down there but here it's -- physical physical stops speed more often. -- Such as much quicker. Bomb that was cork that was very quick. I brevity is my strong so strong suit. Let's transitional bill don't talk -- internationally. We've we did a little bit of transfers last time we're together knowing your thoughts for a quick. We think some of the bad v.s single singular best transfer. So far. Wow what a great question and it's. Who have to think about this. How about Alexis Sanchez -- arsenal. To file -- that. I'd I honestly I don't rate the war on the one that everyone's probably gonna say what about Suarez go to Barcelona. I don't know I don't know I don't know where rate that. Now as -- I don't retirement as myself I. I wanna say Sanchez going to arsenal I think I think that's huge and analysts and there are good amount of sun institute's front. Because I think arsenal's one player -- from from from really I mean really contending for the -- and stitches is a huge move. It's a good one but it's the wrong answer okay the right answer presence in New England Revolution loading amateur events includes an. Well that's -- great moment. But that's an agreement no I actually do agree with -- -- I do agree that is that is the basement and let's talk about forests of Barcelona -- Brenda. I love that move to get rid of them from Liverpool. And to use a little bit of that money to bring some players back in. Now. Think about Barcelona's. Front three you're gonna have Suarez up front name -- left messy primary appearance Mars. Scary. Dangerous. But. Doesn't make sense I don't know. I guess I guess only time will tell I was gonna say leaders are gonna tell you it's gonna work for them and it's gonna turn them around and they're gonna -- loudly again all war. The given current. Have too much of a good thing in the distance. Too much of -- -- I think it's just not gonna work. And Real Madrid are going to be and it's funny because I know many are down on. Atletico Madrid. And shouldn't be and not I'm not done enough and -- between. It in my opinion the best coach in the world. Right and and and that stands for a great deal and it's funny because. They've made some signings and I know that the trying to make a few more sons and I would not count them out. I can remember who was on ESP analyses that said that that they could still see them being I don't know fifteen points behind. Barcelona and on the trip and just don't see that and I don't. I don't get we were you know again I understand the loss of -- the losses that they've had. But they still have a great manager like him that I love this if he's my favorite you know he really -- -- And I just think that he will have that team whatever that team is ready to compete. And they're gonna be in contention when -- Will that he is taking the court together quite yet they lost their two forwards but they kept the core of what -- that team so good. Together right so. -- they lost some players we don't know that but it they've made some moves to bring some players back in. It it could really work for them. I don't think they're gonna win the league again. I think can though be in the thick of it I think they'll be with the in the top three teams aren't Real Madrid. I think there's no better team right now in the world to children. I -- review and you don't and I'm a bind. I know you're a -- guy and they're gonna have a tough time against Real Madrid this does such -- -- that I think they are -- is heading in slippery slope of direction with. Too much of wealth to. But we're talking bar it's funny we're talking about the best answers your forgetting one huge transfer. For -- music. That well I guess you could say it is it it happened a while back but it's still -- -- -- yes. Yes. -- I got huge bad idea to bush. I think. It kind of gets you to a point where you might have too much of a good thing -- kind of what we're talking -- Barcelona -- You too many pieces when you too many pieces that are all very capable of first team action. Is. That now you're gonna get some disgruntled. Was gonna split its charitable. Now possibly now let's look at the World Cup what happened. Mueller was a dynamo. The -- lost in the shuffle. You mean you have art and Robin you have front bribery. You loaned out ski. You -- -- you've got all these players they'll that are playing on the upper half of the field. You're gonna have star sitting on the bench not to mention you have. Julien green waiting in the wings who we forget about and who in EPO teams have been clamoring for to get -- loan. And financing now he's something special we're keeping him here. You stunting his development. He should go -- when I'm sorry he should go lost -- should go I don't know he's not gonna get any time there and barring injury. -- benefit by iron NCA year it is so why not piano I don't get that but that but that brings me to my point of -- that too much yeah. And that's a good point that's good point because when you go back to Barcelona when he made that comparison. That maybe they have too much but it -- they have too many you know players want the ball instead of instead of instead of more I guess it's a core team guys that are just there for the team instead of your superstars. That can be too many superstars that can really. You know it can go back to the Major League Baseball Leo -- I -- -- seventies New York Yankees all stars in are going to bring in all these you know high priced free agency does at all. Shelty that's what they did would teach him World Series with them did they did they did. -- -- -- -- Hurt the you bring in -- you bringing -- Rickey Henderson you bring in all these players it just doesn't it just doesn't work at it actually started working. In the ninety's but the but they had young players to -- to work around -- -- -- -- don't strong core strong core. And that's a whole thing Unita strong core and that's you know again going back to work at atletico Madrid you mention. I liked him to have strong core two and the you can build around and you know it's all we're talking about transfers. Give your name over transfer and now it's official that I think is huge and I don't understand. I don't understand Chelsea. Little -- Going to -- to huge huge great for Robertson is fantastic for Robertson. I am what the hell it was doing but you know what they're doing -- they could be doing and I just complained -- iron not -- Game at a summit there while the town. Coca. I think it's the wrong move in this case in this case and I think he's on the wrong move that could be the mindset going into them move. What's where you you're running costs of he still have Taurus. You brought back Drogba. You brought back -- -- which I do like to get my. They've got to get her Taurus we know that's the -- Torres. And you keep or cocker I agree but maybe they just can't get rid Taurus and figured you know. Let's cut bait and get this guy get some money back in. And then -- best. Who will caucus the real deal he he is the real deal I agree I think it's the wrong move but. What I was saying was. He could beat them trying to get rid of their wealth of talent and bring an actual well. Cost is their guy for the future right right drug is a short term action. But think about this we're told -- -- is he's incredibly. OK I. I'm stumped by him. And I'm happy for -- It's great for Armitage really really is and I'm really happy for things I would like to see them make a real I would so that's why and I don't have any allegiance to them and and other Liverpool's rival but. I don't either but -- for the Barclays Premier League as a whole its rate. It's great and I was compared you do and you know and that's -- we -- so that's may be very sad because of I'm I'm friends with he's he's been on my show many times he works for the press association he's a huge fan. Is in -- PH is a huge fan of Southampton and what's going on and who's mentally. -- Hampton -- feels about my friend here because it is. Our whole dismantling and you know it's funny I dishonest or the Morgan should not only and you know he wanted to move to law to talk and it and that's been that's been I guess you could say proved brutal all that's gonna happen. But the player she is keep weaving. They still have talent there but how many players team they actually just brought in the obvious happened when they brought in -- -- -- Burton which is a positive move. But look how many players have left Southampton. -- -- the -- is when you look at that that team and you think Shaw alana Lambert. You have a team there. Relatively -- obviously nineteen -- now 125. I know I know you're not huge on what a lot of but he is equality for. He's yeah. I'm all right with him -- I've kind of changed my mind a little bit on him. But when you look at that team in the way it was built with that young talent he taught him this -- to -- team that could make a real push in two or three year exactly but obviously they don't have that patients. In. European soccer that we have in. American football -- basketball baseball whatever word you get to really see -- develop and become its own. You don't have that anymore I don't use student and have been recently looking. I don't know wives and Esiason -- like you know on top football -- -- time. And I'm watching these quick videos and renewed borders by whoever wrote these things and am looking of these teams like. Nottingham forest seventy to eighty. -- like that you'll never see that again yeah that was excellent doesn't exit cared for them you just won't see that again. From blower teams are. Poor teams except that's what I mean poorer teams. Not -- -- deliver breakthrough again not the PO though it's a listen it's all about the money. Who has the money you know what and then the if you owned the poor team and -- -- this town lake South Hampton does. -- just take the cash program. And you know and again it's just. It boggles my mind that all of these players it wasn't just one you're talking about you lost will shock. We'll honor Ricky Lambert okay he's he's all the -- fine. They just lost a player to Liverpool. On the young defender -- my point is it is a -- -- -- on -- you know they just lost ten to. -- chambers a young player that Boston leads to arsenal. Wanna say you are wrong. I believe he went if you left as well. So the Iran again and and there are more players rumored to be possibly sold like -- -- -- when wants to move yeah. You know what it's like. I understand at this point when you. When you've been rated like this every one them wants to move. But I feel I feel bad for the supporters of someone like Southampton that try to do with the right -- the manager leaves and everything falls apart. The manager race. You know in Oregon the following a small public and feel you know I I could you know I remember when Roy -- -- how much that hurt. They'll lose in the manager who who who got them where they were he goes now the talent cops they have so much more talent -- -- never did put. That's immediate it's just it's it's horrible I don't like. I don't like -- I guess you could say the bigger clubs just stick you know just reading stealing rating what do you wanna call it I know they get money back. -- What you you're getting money back that you really. You have to be incredibly. Smart about how you reinvest it right because you're not bringing over big name players you can't do that because -- economy if they're dead. Say you're bringing a player over from Lolita. Who's gonna go to he's gonna go to Liverpool is gonna go to arsenal Manchester City Manchester United. Might go to you for one year and then he's gonna move maybe yeah. It happened was Swansea you know Swansea I don't want Republican on the prior. It's elegant it does happen. You know. They do get big names put -- end up losing them because they do wanna go to the bigger clubs that are going to be playing. In the champions Italy I mean I get it but it's very frustrate its mobile money then it's all about money you know it's it's just let us. You know clearly forgot to mention hope simulate so. We talked about it euphoria. Well we haven't talked about today now that happens. When a healthy component I don't know. I don't know. Could that be he had said. In the past we know he's not been all about the money that's why you end up in the Russian primarily is gone everywhere. But recently he said. I just -- one play. It's not about the money anymore compare. Compare. -- needed dynamo here. And I hear you mean. -- -- I can't help that man and I want to see them outing in a huge player that I wanna see it till it happens. Well again own nonreligious ownership group I don't think it happened. This this is what what you've been told what I've been told you know again through through the media. If it's the right place. If it's the right planner well who is that right player that you -- tickets and they can build a round hole is that I gotta tell you. David dot revealed was the right plan I mean that they want gonna get done -- -- but they're they're you know there are players that could be downright plant and these guys -- playing on that. Surface that we talked it goes back to the surface while it does it's funny it's funny -- Syria Henri is not the only one that's complain about it. And you know right that's good point they're not gonna wanna play. On artificial tar. And that's why it boggles my mind that that they still you know I have a crazy idea and and you're gonna -- I think it's crazy. -- Why don't the -- why don't the owners of the revolution again this goes back to the partnership that I've been thinking about with the owners of. -- -- Of all of the Red Sox Red Sox. Play Fenway Park. Play at Fenway Park when when the Red Sox are out of time. Non permanent basis but whenever their at a time you know rescheduled but there one up play some games and -- -- One interest and wants. Why would that be such a bad idea the Celtics -- three years ago with the Hartford Civic Center we'll be quite that was out of necessity because. Obviously it. But again this -- -- and this is just me thinking out loud -- on. I agree I don't talk a lot of problems in this city it's publicity you could you could get people there yes. Damage it would be our they would be on a natural yeah Brian below on custom that statement. Now now I know that you know I know that the size of the pitch could be an issue for I don't know if that would be an issue for a loss. That might be the only stumbling block on S. Analysts -- city you know if you're gonna put butts in seats. On an attention to. I'm telling you I think it's natural it's not so much of a gimmick that. It's kind of a black league it's a gimmick that connection helpfully. I think you could tremendously hopefully. There could also help the revolution. And also like I say it helps -- I think it's a win win yeah. But he too you know -- to -- -- -- thought of that before well if you think about you know again watching the match. Watching the -- -- the recent Liverpool Roma match you know and you see the experience again you talk about two top flight teams play. Why couldn't the revolution. Get 20000 someone par the cut I think it -- Hero thrown out of the box idea that outage. And congress for having him play battery -- Oh I would be there and I would be there like they put newsstands and about it all the levees built like plastic but -- -- -- scandal there -- I'm done without that they would do it but I -- don't crush my dreams Russell well. Why not to like -- US open cup next -- This is -- clearly the part of the show were recently to big fat -- -- come with crazy ideas. -- small -- how long we are having fun but this includes. Another episode of WEEI soccer casting yet again for listening really do appreciate you supporting us keep listening. Cowardice -- -- and these are little more regularly if we can. Any feedback on Twitter is welcome we're gonna start taking questions off of Twitter from the next episode you know -- greeted me. Act young men WEEI -- -- freedom -- at -- underscore Goldman. Make sure you check my cottage stock as well. And patriots fourth and two. Yes -- if -- fourth and two remembered -- remember thinking about that and you can also check me out on the data he'll show. I do boxing. That as well while you know and that's wonderful because -- Framingham all openness spinach that's great is seated it's the premium -- them. It really really is thank you guys again for listening to another edition of W the guys soccer cast.

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