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Steve Buckley gives his thoughts on the new-look Red Sox 8-3-14

Aug 3, 2014|

Buck starts off Sports Sunday solo and runs through his thoughts and analysis of a mega week for the Red Sox.

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So it works is the beginning of the year you sit down boss to get a schedule your map but you vacation time 2014. And I say -- -- in October because the Red Sox could be in the World Series I need. So I can't take that off. I need to be on the docket mid July because I always like on the all star game we can't take too much time off and February march because of spring training. Need January because the pats could be going deep into the play us in the Super Bowl. May and -- get really hard because you have to assume either the Celtics for the Bruins the Bruins in the Los cup with three years. That they might be going deep into the cup -- so you have to pick your spots. So earlier this year I picked late July into early August figuring that would be great time to take some time away. What -- Sucks to be competitive -- probably not gonna make a blockbuster deal with the trade Nomar and so. Long story short I've been down along down like three or four days. Blissfully ignorant awhile what's going on and I -- would they trade Lester Matt. Yes something like that I guess in the end and Lackey. I guess -- -- still here. A lawyer go somewhere with. What butch being not now on delegates which in a minute but I'll consult the Webster's I'm very up and reading all -- -- now among -- couple days and it's been fascinating reading. And I did manage to sneak in a journalist to column on a boat somewhere. But it's been asked -- -- reading what's up with days to. Try to put all this together. And what's gone wrong with the Red Sox what Michael Wright and I was -- and Alex of the year few minutes ago and like. Even something like hatcheries exe is is it as it is what -- quite hard to talk about what rate -- that's cute as. It is like virtually no -- I -- Pedroia at second base here. But you want you want sure -- at the shortstop because they treatment Brooke goes back third. I guess -- -- Allen Craig in the mix. I assume says this plays right field as I would jets a 380. Is go on and it is just so difficult. That to gauge where this team is going next year it's gonna look out there -- some stuff but don't like get that right away no one. I don't like west leading. Major screw up whether it's -- I liked the idea of going with the kids excited about it -- I'm excited about Henry -- I'm excited about having his young team. Moving forward. I still so you need a horse cup that rotation in the ports that they gave away gave away betrayed assessment. The guy that gave away. Jon Lester. Pitches his entire career. He thrown a no hitter. He's won three World Series games. It it just goes on and on and on. It just goes on and on and on the Jon Lester I like to talk about the Boston baseball experience. How hard it is to play in Boston. That guys like Edgar Renteria had difficulty playing here. We'll Lugo had a hard time pulling him we -- know about Gonzales and Crawford and wind all the way to Los Angeles. Domestic and kitchen Boston. And has pitched in Boston at the highest level. But the Red Sox heavy philosophical. Viewpoint on this they've made a decision. It's going to be over the 2:30 -- 31 during this offseason and moving on from Jon Lester. And I do agree with is on the scene below this morning is no way they don't -- that the Red Sox are going to magically re signed you know Lester in the offseason and bring him back. That's not going to happen. Don't Lester is going to finish up the season the Oakland -- he loved to see open go deep into the tourney win the World Series he Jon Lester on the mount -- going to be great story locally. He's not coming back I agree with it. So is the deal op Butch Stearns will be here shortly -- at a charity event last ninth on Kate is on his way back up now. I'm monastic at a -- the shot peer into which gets here and what's in Iowa has some good counterpoint by the way techsters right. Butch did say that. July 20 would be John -- his final start I did mark that. Which is right I was wrong we'll talk about that. Sorry is Zeta Bogart playing shortstop -- know how I feel about that I don't like the idea Bogut hitting shortstop -- don't work with script. I don't get in line with what everyone else says my viewpoint is I don't see Borger it's as a shortstop if -- problem that call talk about it I think he's going to be very good third baseman. -- -- This thing about how now these that shortstop Michael Solomon says well now he's its what's the outlook for him to start hit in the pleased at the bubble for when he was the third base. It again. We look at a year. Before you start pulling -- up what's up what days. He had this to it is to it as one -- -- was hitting the ball. When he moved to third. When he moved to third base. Earlier this season the first week so he did very well and anyway so. I don't buy the business that that Bogut fell apart -- more the numbers don't bear that out. They should take the generals that long view but many brits and the third base he did fine in the last week or so he did fine. Always defense was porous so we'll talk about that will talk about. Actually. Take the long view again take a step back look at the Red Sox as they currently exist look at 2015. That there are there are so many. Corners we can get down here so many -- -- them some -- different places we go. And just just off the -- just a few minutes ago. Talking with Alex it's like is -- Vazquez and -- -- both of them. Is this some kind of -- next year. Where is is a very athletic kid he has played in fair territory before court he placed somewhere other than catcher. So that the may have -- its commitment to bring rice back -- with her now maybe have basket everyday catcher. Maybe a roster as your backup catcher in maybe Swire cart somewhere play place somewhere in the field. And you find a place for him as a as a sort of second third catcher. Is Tammy Owens on this rotation excuse blogger at the shortstop with a little -- that third. This has put us in this is a passing this -- right field. We're juts out the 380 -- the apparent while by the bullpen. Lots is that the talk about I do wanna hear you viewpoints on this there's a lot of ways we go at this one so -- give -- -- call again waiting for -- Stearns. Let's go first with -- Jim and Peabody Jim good morning you're on WEEI Iran's Sunday morning you're talking with pocket which is on his way you don't. They've been -- what's going on but before record but the record and a question but that was Bobby Cox means that the quality human kind of rate of fourteen straight pennants and five. Five division -- -- the World Series between the bridge the dynasty. Say that again. We didn't have a great advantage in the on you know dynasty thing is in the -- to be -- yeah. They won one World Series -- he beat the Cleveland Indians they came back in the ninth inning game seven Tony Fernandez made a -- That helped set up the winning rally that's -- one World Series yet reported. So the question the question that would put to use. When you look at the Atlanta Braves you look at all those great seasons all that great pitching from from Maddux and Glavine and smoltz and even Steve Avery while. And you see one World Series. You know do you do you consider that the you consider that the -- Now. That's only put a tournament so it's OK so where wanna go at this is you look at the Red Sox. You look at all the moves they made happy sad satisfied. Concern. What do you say about all. I needed -- -- but glad to get some offensive weapons that would just put this -- Reagan. In the recent election last month Vietnam like given up hope they get most effective well. Now I picked. An apple and don't giving up it it it's about giving up -- is hoping a realist yeah right they they made instituted. You know people ask why the US to camp didn't make a counteroffer. Well. I say you make an offer that's so bad. It's so incredibly bad. Why even bother making -- counteroffer it's like you're on a house or your house is worth 1000 dolls. -- is on the market I offer you 45000 miles you -- bought accounting -- just say that's just a waste my time. Didn't think right exactly Jim I appreciate the call up but let's go to Brett Rhode Island -- good morning you're on Sunday morning -- yeah I don't. So doing great what's up. I agree that election is not coming back here's the thing. That's -- You don't lit agent. -- no assessment it's his agent is. No I don't. Michael Gordon bonuses to -- Boris he's not coming back. So the thing is to get this straight for a year what's. Ear I think there are -- play the same thing -- -- via eight Eaton now out of the same thing we elect legal legal pain but we just let him walk -- that you look at this. -- -- You know you just not. The Olympics are if that's -- there -- -- play it. Do you feel that they're really gonna make -- on missile threat is it that it did you know he really does well lectured him policy and you don't want him back into that part all the -- now. -- wanted that collapse there. Offer for openers Lester I am guessing says this isn't going to command the kind of money and Lester wanted. Let's series is a top of the rotation guy is an ace and let's stop payment discussion -- -- in a season days. He he's not up there were Kershaw but he's in the top 45 in baseball. And he's a lefty and he commanded a much higher price then then says but as we get more I assume says that I'm not really salary guy. But no I I I don't see says it's getting that kind of money. And if he puts up now I mean the big thing with him in. Kfar may have mentioned this morning maybe it was Michael's movement -- by two papers that that lets just as does. The remainder of the season is going to be very important because it will give the reds like some ideas. Moving forward not just for 2015. But moved beyond 2015. Incest that his beer guy. -- -- beer guy who who plays comfortably in Boston. That he enjoys that time here they like strive to the ballpark he likes being mobbed everywhere he goes. And out I'm a little concerned now Brett you -- sexting alive. Yeah OK so let me just say this I I get concerned. Any time I hear the following all you put this guy in Fenway and it'll hit sixty home -- I get -- hearing that because. Robby is our history Fenway Park. The Red Sox have a quiet right handed hitters power hitters pull hitters who in the command here they -- -- -- freaking Peter Beck in 1970s they treated Sparky Lyle. All you put the -- -- communicated with the -- this guy's not gonna be a bust of those epic proportions but. Guys who commit they said it about Jack Clark twenty years ago -- Jack Clark -- perfect finally swing. Well guys often screw up it's incumbent at Fenway and in and you need to keep them let's say this is gonna happen assessment -- but I -- -- -- you gotta keep -- -- What exactly light it if he had a really see an election year. Exactly what you -- I don't know he's obviously part listen. From what I understand stand is not going to be available for the Marlins they are going to re up him keep him long term. Somebody mentioned one of the papers this morning that he owns a house down in the area that he that he liked being in South Florida. That he needs to get an indication from the Marlins. That he needs to get an indication the Marlins that is serious about moving forward putting a winning team in the field. And and by the way. Tony Fernandez that was the Marlins. World Series with the youth with the unions -- screwed that up. Couple people texted my mistake. But but moving forward. You need to get a handle on this team and win this team is more influence our assessments those. That's put us our guest plays right field bowling forward Alex even suggested he might play center field. I just see their -- and I think he's going to be great Red Sox right fielder but they have to gauge moving forward this season and next season if he's the right fit for this team. Power hitters do not grow on trees anymore. And Stanton who would have been the perfect guy we -- had this fantasy that when a trade. So why right no one now preferences that a Major League ready player to get Stanton could mean here. And he was an immediate thirty comic -- -- six years what doesn't seem like that's gonna happen now. Well and if they're gonna take. And is going to be there have all they need to not be the highest priced ticket and all they. Excellent point Brett I'm gonna be talking about that terrible the next couple days I appreciate the phone call it and since you brought up. The Red Sox if they indeed have a philosophy -- this out. If the Red Sox -- do you have a philosophy. That they're not in a -- big bucks six years seven year contracts. To establish players who were getting old. Well then why they have an ice ticket prices in baseball if they're gonna go low budget low payroll. And have a nice team of young kids coming in an exciting and guys like -- bets and Jackie Bradley junior -- -- ardent Christian Vazquez. And -- these young kids playing. And they can't have the -- ticket prices in baseball that's on the pick but over the next couple years they're jacked on the Cate Jack and Bruce you know this morning. According -- really enjoying this Sunday morning show hearkened back to many years ago but. Wanna know we're doing things are very good exactly I have to bring up the hang up. What what is your opinion on the future of -- brought to definitively is key in the picture at the out of the picture. -- -- I -- 53 year old -- -- yep and I just I always liked him like the way he carried himself I know it's goofy. I can't help myself I just thought he looked like a Major League ballplayer -- can hold down the sport for ten years so what happened. We got hurt number one means had a couple of serious injuries municipal at a time now US me personally Alex noble -- -- I don't know. I've I've seen him helping and hit home runs. I seen him not help -- and sit around ousting him on the field struggling there have been so many different versions. A will little Brooks I can't properly gauge I don't think they know. So -- -- you're allowed while the jury's out this -- and there at about two months remaining in the season the bit less than two months. And they have -- Borger -- back to short for the time being. Middle Brooks is it third. And this is prime time -- Roberts to prove he belongs in this team. And this this is his chance it's right here for him. And I mean he certainly in nice kid he's a pleasant kid he he seems like gay a good fit on this team right handed power hitter. Power being a premium Major League Baseball. And I would I would love to see him produce and put up numbers and be a solid Major League third baseman the next what 56 seasons but. I think I hate to put it the Ocala but this is an addition time -- him. Like no I understand that aspect of been around a long time. And the one last question any word on what's going on with Kevin Youkilis in Japan because. They talked about Lester leaving in -- Omar leaving -- all these guys leaving no Lukowich was. The folk hero around purity and dropped off the map I know that happens when you go to Japan but have you heard anything you know and optic you're it's brought that up your -- -- All right Jack appreciate the cause is I don't know I mean I can look it up during the break I do know that I ridiculous her. Because it is. When they had at 2004 reunion at Fenway Park about a month ago -- nonsense would -- mean. You'd as a conquering hero which the -- going on that. It was was there. He was that he was at Fenway. A month ago with the team I believe that was because he was -- That he wasn't currently playing but I know he's in the contract in Japan we go to a break Ochoa looks and numbers up but obviously things things. To a -- carping and after you -- the Red Sox went for the White Sox little bit the New York Yankees on. It's not a question of him stop not being good player anymore it's just he's older hurt player. And -- just because he's an older hurt player doesn't put up the numbers he once did. Was that obviously is this guy's -- great cult figure that period with the Red Sox but again I'll look up those numbers during the break. 6177797937. Let's go to the phones again Matt -- river -- morning Iran WAI. I don't but welcome back worried not -- philosophic. Sony now is -- both actually. You don't you know while witnesses and those Davis but things -- the regional plan was to go down and go to second -- which is Teddy Roosevelt's house. And it Oyster Bay. I've been reading Doris Kearns Goodwin's book on. I called bully pulpit on the Roosevelt William tapped in the -- -- in Europe nearly twentieth century. And we are the -- -- to mine too and so so. From that I get this thing where I have to go to secondly which have never been to before -- even though it's right outside of New York City. So a plan with -- with some friends to go to secondly hill and then and then. We say it was since -- down with little Mets games that the wages we're gonna do that go to the cemetery in Brooklyn. Which we did the whole thing was built around secondly hill the legal online and find out -- and it was close for the summer renovations. -- and so we made the trip anyway we just didn't go to Roosevelt's. It's not that in -- who will place but is it to the fact. I just radios -- offer on the link let's go back this Oxley you guys did it just quick bullet that -- heal up. I get a -- used to like to watch before the line come in. Every night before he went to -- -- brought his rendered with one doubts -- which I would get a kick out of but. Again got back to baseball yes he was Margarita and yes at. Two quick points. Wonder the follow up we talked about what to do about cheated three time that last week and I also called in on been acting talent when you're -- you're talking about them. It would attract players wearing number to prop up this is a possibility and you can't -- you make it to react. Let me just jump in that would that was not in a position and advocates in my part of simply offering like. The discussion streamed. The threat that goes -- -- listen elect whether it's that's gonna do in -- -- final game if indeed he's playing shortstop in his final game at Fenway Park as the Yankees close of the regular season. -- -- what I do bring a caveat to that though. And like final or they're not the playoffs. Might not they have his final game at Yankee Stadium Indians hit him in that Red Sox series there is historical precedent for that. Mario. Rivera pitched his final game at Yankee Stadium closed up the season Houston he didn't pitch. Ted Williams at the last moment at Fenway they get on the New York to close out the season. And Ted Williams didn't play in that series -- so go ahead. I just think you would talk about the winning numbers. How about just you know getting -- one of those -- that they used to retire the numbers for Red Sox hall of famers. And retiring the number of for a day you know painted Eton collar. Maybe even put it up on the and he had been you know we're -- just being nice gesture. It's the fact that they you know great marriage start during the -- Boston marathon bombing thing. Not -- I mean any anything is in play here I also talked about the the -- deer them putting a big giant like -- uniform number -- feel for one day. All the Red Sox players wearing number two for one day I just hope they do I need some of that is over the top these are not my ideas are echoing the sentiments of others. Com right I just don't wanna see them do something lame with a -- rocking chair I mean I -- -- and be more creative and. Given up special and that is that especially since we got from the Red Sox. And I think I'll let you know getting nobody out there -- lol we played with. In the Yankees system and I know he was. Going up you isn't a big animal bond having him involved in the presentation by one last quick point before we real quick break coming up go ahead. -- -- -- You do plan to replace lest you think -- -- -- to create Iraq to get to know that Beijing it picnic on the issue of the need to give everything they've got in terms of prospects. -- somebody off the wall like you know making. You -- bid for Chris Sale or for the picture from Miami that won the rookie of the year. That that would Tommy John you know to get the young started to approach -- that. You know and it can leave Iraq the other pitches they'll like take. At a time appreciate the cost excellent 77797937. And I go to break we come back. I'm gonna return to that your over the of which -- is gonna sit here Willard who and so they would.

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