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Red Sox Trade Deadline Tinder 7-28-14

Jul 28, 2014|

The guys swipe right if they think one Red Sox player will be traded and swipe left if they think the Red Sox will keep him.

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-- -- -- Last time -- Friday. There's different history oppressive Thursday he got slapped. Join -- hung around for awhile he brought up Conan O'Brien hit it on tender. It's shown these guys yet you later I haven't showed them it's hysterical that you just to look forward O'Brien tender. Yeah you've got to watch it David Franken at James Franco David Franco. They you've seen here together and they get matched up with the same girl of course knows when he -- five year. -- -- You'll quickly see who would. Hook up with their first -- -- a race if you answer yes -- shockingly -- she answered David -- -- -- Conan O'Brien what we're gonna put the trade deadline talked to the -- days -- -- test its trade deadline -- We're gonna give a bunch of Red Sox related names and we will swipe left or swipe right on whether or not these Red Sox players. Will be treated left is no right right is yes correct yes will be should be it was just will be will will be will they be traded. I've got. It's eight names here went to figure out if they're all going to be traded or not literal reading start off with Jonny Gomes swipe right. For yes he will be traded swipe left for no he will not be traded Lou -- first. All that's why Brian you golf anti -- Jake -- He be one of our team would just. Would really want -- I think you know that could really help I mean you know take a shot and look at some of the guys -- probably -- about to mention here is just two levels of guys. It was their first little guys I think we'll definitely go and I think he's one guy I think a lot of teams a look at. I left fielder against lefties struggles man in the presence of Jonny Gomes eagle. I'm gonna say swipe right specific unique skill set being able to hit lefties. Probably can put him in any number of platoon situations wouldn't cost that much to get easily tradable commodity I say swipe right. Dallas what -- also overall batting average to 42. Best batting average in the majors against lefty at 356. To one about a personality guys like that. Seemed to invigorate certain ball -- just brochure here Tom Beck gets old after awhile but initially. It's it's a nice little infusion of just personalities wiped right. Swipe right or swipe left Lou Mike Carp traded or not all no one -- -- He's gone -- yet he's gone to them it is no reason a lot of my car. For the rest of the season if there's a left in his situation pinch hitting role. You know or -- phenomenon that's no reason. Again these guys in these guys right now I think always against lefties will her obit but -- copper -- -- would even notice right now. Policies swipe left is I don't know who's gonna take him. The lyrics -- I go to the point CB LBA. Player to be named later that's as you do. IndyCar art cash considerations. Played to be named later in return that but it was always to keep them get those at -- some real CA. This is -- why Brett also. Amiss in the guys missed 33 games has no home runs I mean he's a there's a back up first baseman. I mean. Again to your point what do you get -- -- but at this point I don't think. Matters Felix too -- loose like right swipe left the golf. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Good and do a lot is he gonna crack me up -- a lot of just into this thread. I don't want I've messed up although Allred because -- a feeling users that he got home. -- I think cities he is. It's time it's ever change now. I think keel I think he'll go but if not the egos in the offseason I just don't see him in the future right now that the of wanna give up on anybody but. Everything it just. -- to -- to be falsely declared a category of it's time for change and let go somewhere else and CP can become what the Red Sox thought but it's just I don't feel it's gonna -- All swipe right on hand is that that you can move demand for as upset as he is about pitching out of the bullpen in this situation maybe if he goes to panic container he can to sort of by his whipping get through with four. A little bit and come out of the pants that's for somebody knees or somebody's a fifth starter because somebody's gotten hurt recently sell all swipe right on do you bra yes this traded. It's a swipe right -- -- doesn't wanna be here so. Let me accommodates you messenger brought like we don't want to hear either now because. Listen this can get a lot worse this this whole club house to get a lot worse you're gonna start hearing. The egg hunt the pace coming out about how people are unhappy so the best thing to do the guy isn't happy want to be treated anyways and you could find a place replace them get rid above. They have a great career -- later. I can't have you go first missed and I can't that in the next when you can't go first and -- -- Stephen Drew Lou swipe right or swipe left percent. Okay this -- my boy. But he -- I. Lead previously in this -- like right now you're nine you're no longer the president of the a borderline club night -- to -- a championship caliber team that that player he has both on opposite is the that I favor to him yes just like it to the -- -- -- Google. We don't favors Boston College right now it's Stephen -- -- the beauty of you don't favors to the guys you don't hear anymore because it's just. Stephen Drew was the one year deal guys could impact the team next year and I look at rose to Kendry Morales was treated. Back to Seattle last week from Minnesota -- Seattle looks like you know what. I'd go I want Morales at the -- the three months no have to have -- a month or so month and a half with the Minnesota Twins and always hit into their earnings. But obviously sank get more comfortable place will take him now get the best of Kendry Morales and -- will get the best of Stephen Drew. He's been Serena battled better the last week ten days two weeks whatever might be it's like. Whoever gets him now will get the defensive shortstop -- a much better offensive play in the Red Sox have gotten because he actually you know had spring training with them percent last month and half. Now are you ready gulp like art come real contender he's gone into -- and and move some guys around maybe as Bogart who know. Ago also swipe right he's gone as well because. There's got to be a team out there as one to take on some of the salary the Red Sox take -- a lot of it is not a team takes on some of it. Middle popular backup shortstop or shortstop but they. Just need a fielder they've got enough bats to be in the race right now all say yes Steve I must say this -- If you play left on the swipe left out that partly at that -- -- colossal mistake it was first event. All the moving parts are gonna have to happen now okay so this is that a -- going back to shortstop is brought Coca play shortstop. What I thought well what about middle will -- middle Brooks I think there's too many unanswered questions on the on defense and size does not left side of the infield near -- go into how. -- to keep them swipe. Left I'm -- swipe left on our next guy Andrew Miller I think he stays I think they've got plans for him beyond this year swipe left on Andrew Miller will. Yeah I think that they have -- and as well. But he's not gonna enter territory to they could be data and comfortable this offseason. Meaning it get a five year deal or not Jon Lester. Three years Tony Miller is what it might -- if on the Red Sox and listen to what a gift for him and I deal him as well. I'm dealing pretty much everyone if you only -- -- -- on an -- all right Andrew Miller could be. Yeah you get out the you can get a lot for Andrew Miller I mean right now lefthander -- -- marketer but look for those lefties. You know -- guys getting Scott Downs Easter deadline a lot for him is a one you left this deal he goes to free agency. Three years 67 million dollars of that that's an -- with a Red Sox are extremely comfortable angle. If you rob Miller but it's going to be the same situation right I mean if if if you keep you TV get a map to free agency after the season's over then he gong. Last two Koji swipe right swipe left Christian. Coach these -- -- like price or sort of wrapped sides right -- lefties and instead like lefty state he's not going anywhere. They don't like him yes -- -- will somebody -- but like you always say attempt. Relievers like running backs you'll find another somewhere else little trade it. On LeBron I got a character a doll may go to a -- I'm striking writers -- they can get some informant a ticket they needed to they wanted to they could get him back next year or not they maybe can stick around Andrew Miller gave him to be closer. Lastly Jon Lester swipe right -- swipe left -- Eagle on. You go on a you know. I don't want to say it blew said he -- -- every adult person is on a missile yes he's got good alone they could sign him now. Every single one -- on its -- could be in the together you know to mean I mean you can definitely easily throw win. If you don't and Andrew Miller ended Jonny Gomes you -- you know -- throw in a in a remote jungles Mike caught whatever you can tote to a three these guys in one deal right. But Lester to me it's just apparent that. And extremely disappointing. That the Red Sox aren't willing to go in a certain area and for him. And I think that they will two months from now go even higher. Is unrealistic. -- they are if they are at this point. -- there at the Red Sox refused to give him what he's worth. The nation trade in which -- huge mistake in the Barton issued receive huge criticism for doing it. I -- -- bright as well promoted those comments -- something's gonna happen here akin to what happened in Dallas with Jerry Jones like Jerry Jones came out his comments do not close or was giving the Johnnie men's L card. Up to the commissioner something like that's gonna happen where if they decide to keep Jon Lester they don't trade and you're gonna find -- done a -- what they could have gotten for him at the trade deadline. And people are gonna go through the roof what are you -- I sought to write off Saudi in his pocket assign binoculars I'm exposed susteren do that now again. He still be a free agent if you if you still had a chance he still wanna sign W can try to play that card after the season is over. You know put up same numbers that you would done during the season. But I think we've seen the last of Jon Lester we've seen Jon -- last start Red Sox uniform. I -- I don't think he -- on Wednesday to deal. If -- -- team I don't -- pitched well Wednesday that trade deadlines on Thursday -- to start Wednesday you know if that's the case it betrayed in the not -- on Wednesday. I want him fresh as I know I want him traded Wednesday I -- in my rotation. Thursday night if Obama team Red Sox fans -- yes. -- to straightaway eight Boston Red Sox players they might not have a team to field. I keep I got a couple Lessig -- they're not going to be able trade as Sid Miller they're gonna keep. A Miller was the only one you kept right little seven -- trot right I did for a minute ago all eight. We don't have it seemed to take the field after the trade deadline and. And Boston -- deadline. Or August. -- that kid played to disclose some elects Stephen Drew money that he has left. Could have allowed and it may be clear waivers or team could claim don't work out a deal -- so if not done by Thursday all eight. Then maybe 45 done on Thursday may become more active.

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