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It Is What It Is Cast: Gronk will continue to smash and dash

Jul 25, 2014|

WEEI.com's Mike Petraglia and Chris Price discuss Rob Gronkowski's meeting with the media on Friday. Gronk said he doesn't anticipate changing the way he plays, noting that he wants to "keep smashing and dashing."

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Welcome back to Gillette Stadium everybody my name is Mike to try and joined as always by patriots expert columnist for WEEI dot com Christopher price. All right -- -- number two of training camp and the media availability was the one and only Rob Gronkowski grunt delicious. The drunk. The full gronkowski are you wanna refer to doormat he was back in a rare form. I had a chance to sit in on the scrum that the media of about fifty I would say all told. In and around gronkowski any takes the stage -- That the little platform where he was standing in front of the offense and says whoa I didn't expect all of this it's been awhile it has been awhile for Rob Gronkowski that. Get out there and speak in front of the public. Your thoughts and watching him day number two and the fact that he says he's fearless zinni's when he gets back on the field he's gonna play the way he knows how. My favorite quotes are gonna -- smashing a dashing I think that was the phrase he used today. I'll locked -- -- it's the second day he is building to a point where he wants to be. Come Labor Day weekend -- the first weekend of -- the NFL season. It's encouraging to this point what we've seen to this point from him is encouraging he's cutting he's getting in and out of his roots very cleanly. He still has -- knee brace on obvious I think that's going to be fairly standard for the rest of the way with him -- he's also got to brace on the on the on the in the arm. Other protective brace on the arm -- wells off form exactly left form so I I don't think that's going to be much of a surprise and again that's what we're gonna see from him. You know from here on out but he's looked good to this point again you know you want to temper any sort of at dues yet and I think that's -- having to -- to the other day it was. Look we're very early on the process so let's just gonna take this day by day in over the first two days he looked very good. And that's certainly Tom on Thursday did say. And that we need everybody to participate obviously Rob Gronkowski is a huge part of what we do he does make things easier. And a margin of -- I believe is the phrase that Brady used. Goes up when gronkowski is on the field because he can do so many things. He has the -- is a tight -- he's got great hands. But if you're wondering -- Rob Gronkowski feels at all close to a 100% he admitted Friday to us he does not he's not he's obviously if I were a 100%. I would not only I'll be out on that field I'd be doing a seven on seven drills I'd be doing eleven on eleven drills which again on Friday he was not taking part. Even set on Saturday he'll be in pads. As the patriots take full pads for the first time in training camp but he will not be at full speed. I think it was interesting -- to see him working with Brady and we could hear it from where we were sitting in the media work area sitting in -- tent right next in the field. You can hear really -- getting in and out of those cuts. I think fitness is still a question mark obviously it's going to be a question -- with everyone at this time here in Billy says several times -- to just general letter -- -- ruled -- -- football. You know it's only runner on the track a couple of the good or everybody be able to do what exactly did you with delicate the dispute -- we you're gonna need to get after it. Over an extended period of time before you are where you need to be physically I think -- to work. All right some of the other notables from out Friday. Day two of practice again shorts and shells. The first injury -- training camp wide receiver second year wide receiver. Greg -- he was just signed last week it's a terrible. Story but it does happen it's the NFL it's football. He seemed while he was carted off the field. Midway through practice with what was all of lower body injury some type of leg injury when something like that happens Chris you and I were sitting next to each other we see it. We see the first thing we notices all the players all the teammates go over there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I just you guy gonna like that in the big thing for me right now really was the fact that it wasn't -- which means it did probably some sort of severe leg. Foot whatever injury. Injury or something like that factor drunk for a moment I think that most lighthearted moment and gronkowski was asked about this so we're not really issuing any trade org. Unveiling any trade secrets but gronkowski. Lined up in the quarterback position under center -- Tom -- Brady went out for a pass and caught it and -- -- -- -- to all of us yeah I think I might need to work on the path a little -- there you go there's your back -- quarterback controversy right it's gonna be gronkowski -- drop below but it -- get to get the majority of snaps over the course the -- quarterback and I can already see it that offensive formations simply known as. The -- something you wrote about in I'd like to switch gears a little bit to the defense of -- ball something you wrote about a WEEI dot com Chris. Where does this secondary have the potential. And potential being the big word of ranking an all time patriots secondaries and certainly those secondary is under Bill Belichick act. I think every patriot fan. That values Super -- thinks that 2003 secondary was pretty doggone good and you wrote about. Exactly it's tough to be able to have measured just pure secondaries because they're no really secondary specific numbers you can take a look at -- about but looking at pass defense looking interceptions -- it touchdown passes allowed. You have to think that that 2003 team really a lot of -- set the standard Ty Law Tyrone -- Rodney Harrison in young Eugene Wilson. Really starting to come into his -- that was a good -- also of society singles -- well when you look at pure pass defense and you look at the numbers they were able to put up. That group for me remains the standard. This 2014 group I think an approach that when you look at the fact that they have some star power Revis and have some depth and Brandon Browner. As well as kind of an all purpose captain back -- guy you know you wrote about the other day in -- according guy who's really important to the overall development of that secondary I think this group can approach them the right now on paper for me the 2003. Secondary is far away the best group they've had -- to Bobo checked. When Bill Belichick speaking of home hands out praise either does that intentionally. Or with a purpose and I think on Friday morning he did both when he talked about. One Jerod Mayo the L linebacker coming off the torn pectoral muscle midway through last season. He called him one of the best team leaders he's ever been around -- mind you this is a Bill Belichick who is obviously seen the likes of Lawrence Taylor pepper Johnson Carl banks. Harry Carson I mean -- in the great ceasing Rodney Harrison like you said one of the big reasons he was brought to New England. What does that do what do those kind of words mean. To you when you hear them about Jerod Mayo and what kind of pressure does this put on number 51. Well I think mail is always be in the centerpiece of this defense in that none not a direct centerpiece they should -- that a little bit he's he's he's always been one of the most important parts of their defense beat all the points you raised it at least in my opinion. He's not the guy who weighed in he gets killed based critics have -- say well he's not Patrick groceries not Ray Lewis he's not the overwhelming got. But he does a lot of hope he does a lot of things really well he's not a street eighty student. But he's a B plus student across the board he does a good job with I didn't he does a good job in run support. Plus he is a leader as bill mentioned today he's the guy with a green Donna this'll -- he's a guy -- Belichick tries to have that green dollars moment he's a guy who holds everything down there in the middle. What Vince Wilfork decides to move up in the next 2345. Years whatever that is. This is going to be Jerod may use defense they think that highly of him here in doing that he's going to be the guy. Obviously Bill Belichick act can all he does pretty much and -- a spare time in between games in the regular season. Is watch film I think Jerod Mayo unfairly gets labeled as a guy who is not a typical NFL playmaker but the ballot -- knows differently that's the thing he used it again he's he's not great at one specific -- You know they bring -- spikes was great being a one stop for you know you'll find -- back it up there were great in coverage. Mayo does a lot older than a the lot of the lot of things really well again he's not a straight a student across the board. But he gets at least be pluses in in most major department which puts him ahead of most linebackers up there again. He's not the top shelf it'll lead level linebacker from perform what they ask him to do when this defense he does a better than -- All right -- we are finally done for short with shorts and shells have for the time being for the first time. Since they lost in the AFC championship in Denver at sports authority field in January. The patriots will be on full pads. And helmets so full. -- works if you well on Saturday morning so patriot fans if you're looking forward to coming down here to Gillette Stadium to -- in training camp. -- you do have that to look forward to the first full prep pads practice scheduled for Saturday here outside Gillette Stadium he has Christopher price Mike petroleum. At Gillette Stadium WEEI dot com.

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