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Julian Edelman After Patriots Practice, 7-25-14

Jul 25, 2014|

Julian Edelman joins Merloni, Fauria, and Benz after Patriots training camp.

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I got -- eliciting a standing right next to be. Julian. You and PayPal air to battle beloved match you go to little seven going back and -- they are trying to -- up they're now you know censored that's a great year last year. And I just two guys being competitive and -- -- just trying to make it to the better so you know. You know goes as a competitor -- is trying to get out there and improve on their stuff and he trend is now trying to line and we just we competed. So -- last year courier for you -- state -- to play and every single game. Got to set the bar kind of high for yourself how tough was it for you to. Are all you going to try to match that award goes into you know you look in foreshadow into the future for this coming season. You know and have been last year what happened last year. Happens in the future happens in the future you know I'm just kind of learn about present right now. Taken advantage of coming here each and every day in and trying to improve and more come on fundamentals and the other miners must. -- -- -- liberal audience in -- up top here at the blue level. There's so much attention so much focus being paid on the other guys in the wide receiving -- talk about the development of some of your peers and how they're shelling. Some guys getting healthy some guys getting more experience out there. With Tom Brady. You know the everyone's organ hard. You have to ask them on that you know -- as an individual I'm trying to. What their work on what I have to do and you know I can assure you that they're doing the same thing in. If we all you know improve each day. On on ourselves it makes that the unit a cohesive unit what feedback a given night trying to help. I mean I'm helping them their help the media any if they have a question. You know where to go you know coaching going on. -- certain route you know I have the same thing with them you know world's working together you know asking Tom questions you know hanging out. Just trying to get to know each other in you know make that they unit. As cohesive as possible. You're -- this offseason -- lot of talk W quarterback Tom Brady and nationally people try to say you know he's not -- believe these knock down a -- got one does wonder like coming into camp even in the spring. Because it's here that you guys talk about dead at the quarterback talk to you guys joke about it as far as -- that -- nonsense talk or is it talked about it at all. You know around here we ignore noise and we don't believe the hype. And you know you'd have to ask Tom on that I'm I'm sure he could answer that. Terry -- I'm glad that we have twelve is our quarterback. You know -- one had any other guy. Are talking Julian -- right now. On at Gillette Stadium and Julian -- and all these young guys boys Dobson Tompkins. Else has some new -- and senators do you feel for the first time you've been in the system long enough. What we have seen so many people come -- the system and fail what's the hardest thing about this system and playing with operating. Through my experience is just being consistent. You know you you can't make a mistake twice. You have to be able to take things from the classroom. I translate that says drill translating that to. You know practice and you know when you and you don't practice becomes a game excuse and so. You know you just going out there and being consistent not have an up and down days. You know staying on top you're stuff. You know being focused in the classroom. And you know your consistencies pretty much the main thing. Join a jolt they came for all patriots fans across New England when it was announced that gronkowski would be able to participate in training camp. And was cleared to play it was tangible for us in the phone lines mean it is lit up the -- as soon as was mentioned by coach Belichick. What was it like for you guys as his teammates and how is he then upon his return to playing. Anytime you see number 87 on the feel -- -- -- a big smile. Yeltsin's team. Big. -- huge amount. But you know I'm sure he's in -- oh yes do. You know. In order to make him good I gotta do and I have to do an -- do it they have to do so -- -- -- -- you know my job and -- -- and -- working -- -- -- his. Obviously last year that did a great year and just wondered did you. She difference McGraw wasn't there it -- a few slow games there where it when he came back but. That that Denver game that he used to get did you see it different for you as far as opening up space metallic -- isn't there. You know what happened last year happened last year hopefully this year you know we could see what goes on and hopefully it's its -- other years zone would you know be able to tell you hear first pre season game. Artist Julian -- is gonna hit the showers two showers kids get a good practice that goes they go apologize countered in a hi guys so all what do you -- to color it's a little pushing balcony. You know the couple guys over real aggressive competitive guys you know collared to its funny you know when your guy like vineyard Julian element and you have such a great year. Natalie you know guys to Matthew and they're gonna be a guy elicit by if I do a good job into an element. You know again I can make it in this league so some dazzle China you know challenged ago like that just to see. You know they can hold up they can stand up with them. Christian what question I have early you while you were up here we saw during the drills it like receiver carted off the field without looking at numbers -- -- who was and obviously was Danielle Campbell Tompkins we saw its -- you confirm that was it Greg Orton I believe. Nine I cannot confirm or deny that for you right now who wrote it I can't affirmative there are a lot of kids out on the steal the now. So a lot of the yellow pages of the pretty busy during their offseason where are you a hug. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Here tradition -- -- -- us political dirt off. -- -- -- -- You know I could -- from here by the way so I saw the fact that he wonders back on the field for the first on allowing just more straight back into -- cover up mode I cannot what is hard about or deny -- it's it's -- it's right back India are a lot. Not all of -- bases loaded its customers yet the casual Italian president is the president of we know that like. What did you do it are you irritated by no you're not -- anything in and I get their tired in the while the last thing they wanna do is sit here and talk to anybody. You know paper radio T view whatever. But it just did -- something like that you want and yes like basically drink in water with no ice every single day. But we will find sword for you guys that was I was -- exactly that between two firms Julian Edelman was no this is nice yeah here's the thing you know it's got a personality you know it's funny. You know and you just wish that he was he was against. Had enough I guess Kirk it's really the going to be himself Howard I'll go alone I heard at a novelty of that's what I today.

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