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Kevin Millar, MLB Network: David Ortiz not afraid of David Price, 7-25-14

Jul 25, 2014|

Kevin Millar joins Merloni, Fauria, and Benz to talk about David Ortiz, the struggles of Dustin Pedroia, and the Jon Lester contract.

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As promised joining us right now -- 937 WEEI your home for the Red Sox its capital are former Red Sox champion -- brought to us today by heiress restoration specialist and -- and smoke shop Kevin. Thanks much for joining us -- innate football day largely but obviously a lot of baseball to make San. -- an hour talking a little bit earlier on about the premise that some people have a don't wanna get your opinion on this right away the premise that some people have that. David Ortiz. Faked his back injury because he doesn't wanna go up against David Price what do you think when you hear that. It's funny that it's. -- -- Are -- -- -- cloud right Mexico at that you know we ought to highlight but that's that's you know. Mean gene hears in his make up let's get this straight they went out they Ortiz. That's not his make up this guy is not gonna break entered because he -- somebody you've been a bad man in that batter's box from day one. When he joined Red Sox notorious stepping up taste but that's funny that this Q you know put -- -- it you know I. Well but but believe me price prices probably just as happy in that -- Yeah yeah well I'm with the on does that mean there's no way he would ever do it and it's politics with discussion of all the hype maybe go into the game right because that. Adding that -- -- price would do anything -- either one of these teams went there it sucks now but especially typically they're playing in the can afford. Anything happening tonight David Price. Yeah Lou I mean let's -- some straight David Ortiz and David Price have been a great ambassador for the game -- a year right I think he -- I think we all this happened. A couple months ago was wild you know you don't rarely see stars. Laughter. So. I think there were an. These happen they're all professionals. There's no more tough guy stuff. Lot of emotions and last time you know it would go deep in the playoffs also -- a couple times we get all that that's okay. But -- -- happening late but it throughout I've thought about media why he hits it. You get the long lines all followed it up c'mon guys it yeah if you don't ever been around David you know. Saying that like. And so there's this there's this great little article the Boston Herald and Scott -- does a great job of using the analogy. Other movie trading place here to see -- trading places which are multiple times. Yeah primarily and of trading places the movie where. The Randolph and Mortimer duke or sit there they're yelling at their broker to sell sell sell complete that bad information about. You know orange juice futures. Avaya we are we at that point now with with with the Red Sox is is John Henry Tom Warner. A -- -- jelly at bank -- did just now also also well. Did you know what I'd really intrigued to see what really goes on behind the scenes I've never been behind the scenes that they're in front office but I think you're at a point -- and I have gains that up. -- By any means can make your run out thirty and five but I don't know there this keeps cable bill -- so I think they're basically. You know he he can't sell out -- plan. There's no team gonna come out saying hey we're done we're we're raised that red group are the the red flag. You know. Source the end of July you're never gonna see their but I think they're writing on the wall. They had a great run lately they'd be shocked the world last year answer and a policies Super Bowl champions it's the World Series champions it was a great run well right now -- things just haven't come together. They've had a lot of injuries they've ally announced production. -- from different players they tried the Sizemore situation now he's in Philly. They -- a lot of different moving parts but it intraday actually yeah you get back to -- -- important figure out what's gonna make art scene better and able to repeat. Come 2015. I think that's what's going on. Here's another movie analogy who's playing the role of Kevin Bacon at the end of animal house yelling all is well as a -- to Jon Lester in his contract negotiations. Boy I don't know you know whatever but wanting to know one thing we can't take aways tortured and an actual horse -- -- -- -- -- years. You know I think we get spoiled. You know promote like in that New York Yankees premiere tomorrow where trot out all that Jon Lester credible by basic matchup -- every single race. Since he's been a part of threats such situation is we're not what some titles. What film and I think that you know every single contract negotiation when it doesn't work out never and funny -- but anyway. And at the end of the day the Red -- -- America we want -- -- last year or this X amount dollars but. The bottom line electorate it's his butt off itself if the price -- gone up and that's why you sign early expansion. Because if a player goes out there and produce the way to Jon Lester past. And he's it's like what David Price you dislike -- call am hoping that I would have felt as if -- -- and I'm I'm -- property that he's in the big league all. And this is what goes on so I don't know you know -- about the contract negotiation and no regrets. And Jon Lester you know the electrical. You'll -- -- where you're at as far as you know when you rate announced he would play the kids right bringing kids up. -- the polio or break it up that's fine if he's ready to play in the big leagues and I think that there's a big difference sometimes. How do you feel -- team is out of it you call it up was not ready then take his lumps that make him better in the future. Or does that maybe make him adjust the big league level eightieth year -- too -- it may -- should have you spent enough time in the minors. Where you make a great point that he's right appointment he's got no problem you -- -- but I can't stand there were gonna go ahead and get to see you at the big league level. And let them you know let him learn how to play at this level in February play in the show the fans pay a high dollar for tickets. They play -- pay a high dollar -- C a productive team on them out Graham field. And I think you can't take away perhaps Jonny Gomes are veterans. -- in order and guys like that. And -- think we're gonna start rebuilding other situations -- not really what Ryan Howard. You know and you know we got -- and hours and -- -- sixty million dollars and he's been benched. You know three -- -- -- -- all star break at the end date about producing that level. So maybe young accurate for the privilege of a problem that will no part because corporate -- -- felt as -- we were all young. We were trying to get our feet wet but on the flip side you're not -- when they please don't take away at -- some veteran guys figure which answer at least. At least give them some at bats put some numbers up in the wallet there -- you beat him you're not worked out well. That makes sense -- -- things really go Ronald Dustin Pedroia I mean or worth thinking that he's hurt I mean the production has been just been I guess nonexistent. So we're thinking that he's heard you think there's it's it's it's an injury issue that he just doesn't wanna come clean and discuss our -- More him just got to needing to get his -- back and just finding his rhythm again. Now I don't think we can make an excuse for best in the drawer space you know all year -- -- -- here that this will be immediately they're great restart. We can't always look and act as an injury. -- -- an as a crutch and I thought that Pedroia that the what they're cracking -- -- and does not stop this year it that -- peel or come up at the collected. But I haven't seen -- it that I don't want to use your hair out. But it productions now all the underground. The average is down and that's that happens like it is now I get all that but it's also OK you have or not you're in in in baseball basic level. Get a cup yanked its cup games spent stop -- -- not. Haven't got -- You know in early on they lost a lot of games and it's it's it's never never -- going out there hasn't been a lot but -- -- -- -- -- it's not you know I don't think. You don't think there's an injury at all Kevin -- couldn't it be both. Couldn't be struggling and also trying to fight through some them I'm not saying he's on the verge of surgery on to say what appease you know 7580%. At best. You have to ask him I had no idea I'm -- around the clock doesn't Droid in -- about the facts. I'm just looking at straight up -- argue that show what you guys I'm looking at production now audit these play every -- that means you know it's like I don't know what 758%. Guys. You take it feel that -- -- greater role I think you're -- and and that -- at least a quick exit deal on Sundays is 758%. Know about the like. They had just came out mommy or I have no injuries and no aches and paint everybody as a if you're in a lot -- -- apply -- they would use trucks to say hey that's been hurt for -- -- and what they uptick remark but so they have been out. You look at with a lot of expectations at and a -- festival we -- not Tolbert and even guilty of myself coming year what I thought like we can get out of him but. Does the reality is that he is at 21 year old kid and has been a struggle he had a nice three week stretch I think it may. Is that the biggest thing the Sox need to figure out Santa -- here at the rest of the year in and what does it take to get it to that next level. Yeah I I think you'll hear listen you went through a lot of stuff well they're handling the situation at shortstop. Yeah I think the greatest young Vietnamese clincher or it could intercept -- a whole lot of Niagara beat it would like eat it once it. We see some elaborate is out there in the big leagues -- guys play. Seized upon by young 21 year old -- it's carried himself like a professional I think we we we we get so -- numbers and we get -- -- but his work habits Brian Butterfield. It got to work hard they bail out any -- now what about all the way through than even current situation happened and I get in the Pittsburgh that we are seeing uniform. So it's almost like -- You know since that point on the hill you know in a position changes you know laughing all your mind check them out laughing -- -- out. So the prices of of the big league level production and as a young kids. That we go America Regina lineup card it's a big -- world like it but I think it seems that went on. -- -- shortstop situation were a little bit on also form. Kevin thanks a lot -- knowledge as we appreciated skip and a mix in some baseball there or here -- training camp thanks for doing it with us. -- operator error as good looking young man Olympic corruption. It is our Republican column -- and let let's hit the clintons and an implant that's not been real nobody knows that. That's credible are from the Major League Baseball network and intentional talked joining us here on night 37 Debbie another reason why I love baseball. You're you're allowed to have an off year glad you wanna -- could suffer year after -- go. Like Brady. Let's -- -- -- -- -- these are better the good looking guys the guys a little little swagger that you have off years it was gonna come out to the spring training that they bricks retreating come back -- -- -- is casino Dustin Pedroia is getting better every and a year and how about -- we -- -- a movie reference to -- that's got nothing. From a boy -- -- three -- overall would be a little -- that little bit rough -- guy guys stole my attitude you came voters opera the top so -- kudos to you Lou to see. I believe that it does have to pass.

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