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Kirk Minihane on what motivates the media 7-25-14

Jul 25, 2014|

Kirk breaks down the media criticism he has received.

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The final hour DNC. Jerry's mysteriously missing today. -- hands auto pass to get into the building and all the security and how has been. This. That's not so mysterious self one against the -- read between the -- add me to probe is in and he's got a little smile on a space worries me victimized outlook and dangerous -- -- -- have the longest shelf life of the following three things you can -- another and the ballistic you liked. The Lester contract -- situation. Rocks status on a day by day basis how many plays when ball to -- good one prop up this Kevin love the Cleveland Cavaliers. They're all going to be around for a while on. You're yeah. Especially now they signed -- of thirty days to trade him recant betrayed candidates for thirty days the result we at least have a month on the Kevin Love story right right where it doesn't everybody who has anything to do with this thing it's a done deal. I think it is. You know -- coach -- He's still my heart to prevent said that Kevin Love for Andrew -- as an ad know you love -- it's an absolute steal for what you're -- -- you have to do an -- means is gonna be really good balance I know of Israel can with a chance to guaranteed 23 intent and he's not he's a 31. Was that omission on purpose by LeBron when he wrote a letter and said looking forward to playing with this guy this guy this guy and this guy did not -- Wiggins for last year's first round graphic. Anti Bennett and but he Bennett mosques and suspected that he's gonna go with weakens and another first round draft pick. For Kevin -- I think LeBron might have known this was come. Open. The Celtics often looks. Now I mean is that is analyst who's number one overall it does make relative to Bradley we get this who you know I think could be a great NBA player and another it will probably will -- -- -- -- from Minnesota you know you're not gonna get that guy back. It's almost like you know through the Red Sox though guys like -- do something right no love is gone. You do said the gain -- weakens back you can so you might have a future superstar -- yet -- they're Lester did. -- trade him now gets something form thirty days thirty -- thirty days. Singled doubled -- behind the scenes. Of course a powerful people bright people I had tentacles -- bringing you straight -- album right now. I don't know freighters and dead set on that as a as of this hour that. I I -- yet he lands there -- that's probably 6040 right now. To go to based on -- health. Digital not just wanted to play two people don't. Some people and people are incidental to people that are closed -- Two. Is big article but I have printed out here this from WEEI dot com column to column on a modern art gets film -- When I -- I I I write policies so film is to movie what columnist article correct OK correct at. So as I said at the end of last hour I screwed up Titanic we using a few words last week I've taken. You know on -- criticism deserve for that have apologized for many times maybe not. The satisfaction of some satisfaction this. So I decided after about it. But the people individually you're taking shots at me being critical I think you've been faring good and I applaud those people some I think. Well I want to what's going. And out the boston.com who -- I think -- one point yesterday six different stories about me on the website -- 66. And I began to wonder. We talked about in the show yesterday John. They have four people. We're being paid by boss knock on the the glow about him bureaucracy must -- dot com Boston simply seem. -- on a secret gas for Tony -- Rabin Adam -- all four of them. Are paid. By ninety point five and by the Boston Globe they are business together -- 98 point five is Boston Globe radio didn't think very large and and the employee none of these people. So if something happens in ninety point five is boston.com going to be as strong. Against them as they were. Against me if something good happens -- editorial about it or you know about -- Not with us they're not because I think they are partners they are in bed together the lights are off. The sheets are down and its lobby lovely time yeah Dhaka to face with boston.com about dot com radio which is over there which is fine and I get it. It's a good available there'd be columnist -- and Chris Gasper. What I like both of them while Chris. Personally both of them like Chris. And I think that there are a protected themselves by having the two because you'll never read negative word about that station from either one of -- -- they are. Should you mean they are paid by those guys -- their bread is getting word right of those guys and matter Roddy is now boston.com guy so was boston.com -- the treatment as a -- If he says some gas and if Fred Rogers says something now for a tortured Jupiter's. Tim Tebow to not see -- get a read about that now that's not going is ever going to happen -- -- that's fine I think that should be known. But the we've done a lot of that at that we should do more -- that. But the Arab by the way is no better this Jessica Jessica. Kessel yeah. Writes that our show which you wrote about me I spoke after she was five she doesn't think what I said was right she doesn't mean that's okay that's -- that's fine. Jurors were getting trounced in the race -- that twice yes as I say this is what. I'm upset this affliction that's the wrong yes and I think that if you're appeared if you're Jessica has -- I think you should probably if you're gonna write that. Little research may put some numbers on the call Merrill. The reality is that we can you know I'm -- facts get in the way of story I think if somebody says that we were losing in the ratings that's I think a fair statement. We're getting trounced the ratings I would suggest you take a look at the numbers and continued take a look at the numbers because that is simply John you know not the case. Our show gave nearly 30% in listeners in the last book while the other sports station lost nearly 25%. Over the last six weeks the 2 shows morning shows have virtually be in -- and in fact he -- look just a little bit deeper. In the last weekly. Our show was easily the highest rated show on either station that's in any day part track Corretja that bad. Up to me doesn't qualify as trounced I don't know I don't understand our show you were trapped in that. -- get that weeklies are variables and whatever but I mean last week our show of last week -- show was the highest rated show period and any show in the city. Any time slot but that's again I don't read that ever. Anywhere and sometimes that gets a little frustrating but if Jessica has -- session abuse certain work that's OK you can -- for that. But get your facts straight you're supposed to be journalists I don't really consider one but you're supposed to be journalists if you're gonna do that. Do your god damn job I don't think that's so much to ask if you get -- right numbers. Put numbers in there because they would get trounced. Give me some proof she has no -- -- that same kind of page on that same kind of docket. To understand in reference to Perkins would would acquire. A Google search or to what I mean obviously this this this girl that Sarah suddenly ladies woman's is embarrass yourself terribly spent the last. Couple of -- the editor of Boston dot beyond a Boston Globe employees. Infusing -- -- Perkins school with a -- great place one of the great places in this great state. With Perkins restaurant and then getting mad at us for not being more clear about that yesterday spend a day taking victory laps over things she perceived as our. Failures or a bad day for us it's supposed to be objective. Person who works the -- -- what we know that doesn't exist the globe we had that can now be sure we were short of talent -- is that work. We are now more sure than ever at the -- and collect call right the globe hates us Boston -- which is the globe hates us but then you think about it. Well the Boston Globe. -- Boston Globe radio. Which is the competitors they work in are in bed with the governor. It's not that complicated. And and for you got to pay for you get what you pay -- if you if you if your on the dole. Predict in my from somebody yup and you expect service it's exactly right that's what's that that is what's going on so I had Hillary sergeant veteran. Yes I'm sure -- I'm sure she needed to -- -- sure she's a nice woman. I get all that that's fine but she's rooting against us and she's trying to troll and be funny in -- that -- can. Hipster on Twitter and we'll just leave relaunch doesn't exist to go away should go back to a relevant she's a nice day at our expense initial go away drifted to -- -- And getting a laugh out of a little note that she was forced to include. In -- subsequent posting about you yesterday. That would be this note. In the original post we posed the question of whether the Perkins mentioned was a reference to the Perkins chain restaurants for the Perkins school for the blind. We have since been assured by WEEI listeners that meant -- hand was most definitely referencing perkins' restaurants and their waitresses. Not the school probably. Wow wow that's what's got cleared up this and I thought I was confused option. Waitresses. Perkins school for the -- and is a mere mention Keith Olbermann. Mimi is -- worst person in the world. Did you sign outside that's 200 all outward show on the world. -- a person yet you did to personality to prison -- -- right. Which is again I was this is fantastic morning still like you. He was agitating that -- -- -- his night for pride that liked him. And it took him is called the worst personal -- not really because you know -- without accident question expert on the subject it's. What are what are -- Made a name. Who is apparently a derelict of some kind who appears on a Boston radio televised car wreck called the Dennis and Callahan morning show. Evidently in order to make host John Dennis and Gerry Callahan seemed less psychotic. The words coincidence and irony are often mistakenly used interchangeably. Let's see I think this is ironic because after WP EI radio and NASA television after fire this guy. We can't go ten seconds after apologizing for making a sexist insult before making another sexist insult against the same woman. Which they now have to do they have to fire and you'll be lucky if he finds work. At the Perkins. Out there on every road accident Hampshire. Current Medicaid and soon to be ex broadcaster and a complete embarrassment to all of us men. Tonight's worst person in the sports world. I -- it's -- at that point of reference. Well mr. Olbermann I would say take DR Goldman. As that because you know this is a guy who once referred to Michelle mall open as quote big bash that mashed up bag of meet with lipstick on -- in tweeted an SE cup is on so many levels a perfect demonstration necessity of the work the -- parent does call. Instead -- and Coulter wants to live his life as a woman I'm going back I'm going to back his choice up 100% plight she's a transsexual you know. You know we obviously all the stuff he's been in -- is strange for me it is always strange for me and I would for for those things by the way I would never -- should be fired I would never say. If they should be fired for something they said. I think all of those things that he said are far worse the used to. I mean in in -- if you don't Michelle Balkans is a big mashed up bag of meet with lipstick on it. SE cup is on so many levels a perfect demonstration of the necessity. Of the work Planned Parenthood that you figure out that yes not treated at a Texas ice and and Coulter if he wants to live his life as they woman I'm going to back his choice 100%. -- pretty bad Seattle's. All I mean this is all that awful human being Olbermann if you read the writings ovals. -- zero point he obviously hates you guys and that's long -- yet sort you'd ask you what people miss and perhaps don't want to be -- like people. And he knows of -- fired I mean -- been fire more need to get fired again because. Not because he's not like the lead us because he's one guy tells the truth these TrailBlazer. Because nobody watches shows because an undertaking. By all accounts is absolutely miserable traditionally of garbage like treat people at garbage that's fine got -- swing and that's okay. In my final probably dad's been you know again Keith Olbermann dad's been give me moral advice yeah. It's been of course the company it is made a lot of money off of penis pictures that's how they got famous that's what some are bad people. I listen I applaud I would never criticize them for that I go to it's been by. He'd be lectured by -- it's not it's been gives me that the penis pictures of Brett Favre. They were by the way the people linked to certain people video involving somebody which was a terrible thing and I'm glad that person that -- jail it's a violation that's terrible -- they did but they facilitated and they didn't get away that they were happy to find appoint people or that. And you you -- degree besides most of that Glen Rice story that they did with Sarah Palin and -- course and niceties. Glen -- up a -- -- reported it -- with these quotes are pale that were. We're not even attributable it's -- so. It just gets frustrating I don't -- people tweet me listeners. Say hey that was stupid hey I'm disappointed you hate you better than that don't use that word again rate among board it was a colossal mistake by me I'm happy to admit. I'm not gonna take boston.com I'm not Hannity Keith Olbermann I'm not gonna take -- and I'm certainly not good idea to clearly boston.com Boston Globe radio. Who is in bed -- dry up and away with 95 I just. I'm not gonna take other people can take it a market -- 6177797937. Fault lines open will talk with you and don't forget on the AT&T text line. Answer the question Kirk had a 1234. Are really good ones. -- -- to three or four morsel text us any question you want minute and.

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